The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

To be honest I don’t want to save diamonds again. That last summon result drained away all my positivity about the game. If I get another bad 10 pull I’d probably rage quit lol.

I’ve been playing for almost 2 years now (it will be 2 years in december). I wanna keep playing for another year if possible :sweat_smile:

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Hope you get some good luck to balance it out @SirGorash . I was close to disappointment, but a couple of lucky EHT pulls in Halloween saved my spirits.


Same here. Saved gems for a 10-pull in January. Only Guardian Bat.

Saved 12 coin pulls for June - nothing.

Saved 14 coin pulls for November - again nothing.

I totally feel for you.


I keep thinking I’ll save enough for a 10-pull. I get so close, but it’s like the kid has radar.

Kid: “One more summon!”

Me: “We’re out of coins.”

Kid: “But so many gems!”

Me, grumbling: “Not that many.”

Portal shimmers. He’s so excited, then … “Aw, Renfeld again.”

Lately, we’ve been checking the shop, looking at backgrounds and pins.

Kid: “I like this dinosaur worm avatar!”

Me: “No.”

Kid: “What about this creepy tree guy?”

Me: “No.”

Kid: “This mage pin guy is cool.”

Me: “Stop it.”

Then he figures out my brain doesn’t work at 6AM in the morning.

Kid: “New backgrounds! Ohhhhh …”

Me: “I’m sleeping.”

Kid: “But look at this Teltoc one.”

Me: “The green one?”

Kid: “Yes! Looks good with Francine.”

Me: “True.”

Kid: “Let’s get it!”

Me: “You love it?”

Kid: “I love it!”

Poof! 200 gems gone.

But the kid is happy. And it ain’t Renfeld, so why not? Gems are worth nothing until we spend them.


awwwwww :slight_smile: that’s great @akionna


I cannot save up for 10 pulls. Don’t have the patience. Besides… as pointed out, if I saved for months and months just for a 10-pull and got all absolute crap, I would be beyond pissed off.

I can handle disappointment. I’m used to it. But I prefer to take my disappointment in small doses.


That’s so sweet.!
And yes, Truer words have never been spoken. Money means nothing if it doesn’t bring joy. :smile:

If I had a kid who likes to spend gems on the Avatars and backgrounds… I’ll probably strike a deal with him… “You can spend 200 gems for every 400 gems you save up.” :laughing:


I’ve been a very vocal opponent about the prices and summoning odds in this game, but ironically, I have also happily spend money for silly cosmetic things in games before. Because at least then, I know exactly what I’m getting for my money, there’s no gambling involved. Nor does it give me any actual in-game advantage.

In a few different MMORPGs I’ve played, I have spent money to buy armor skins, unique mounts, houses, guild halls; upgrades, decorations, and NPC merchants for those houses and guild halls, etc.

Just silly, stupid stuff. Right? Except that I knew exactly what I was getting when I paid for it, and I got to enjoy looking at it every time I played those games.

Whereas all the Dawas and Priscas and Renfelds and Friar Tucks I bought with gems in this game… I don’t get to look at them and enjoy them. Because they’ve all been eaten up by other heroes in my roster. Those purchases, to me, were a complete waste of money.

I did at least buy one avatar background though, and a few hero roster expansion slots. Those I still use and enjoy every day. And they didn’t cost me hundreds of dollars. :slightly_smiling_face:


So Khagan just popped out of TC20! Any thoughts from the community on using him to the fullest? I have 11 Rings now, will get a 12th from PoV, so Khagan will likely get ascended after Christmas.

My other Reds are:

  • Marjana +7
  • Elena +7
  • Azlar +5
  • Boldtusk with costume +18
  • 2nd Boldy with costume +4
  • Sir Lancelot +15
  • Gormek +14, and dupe Gormek no emblems
  • Scarlett +12, and dupe Scarlett no emblems
  • Shadereave +4
  • Colen +4
  • Keilie, no emblems (stripped her for Francine)

Khagan is my only defense buffer, so he could come in against… idk, Frigg or Kunchen tanks. I use Lancelot to counter Telly’s mana slow, but Khagan could potentially do that too - though he’s Slow so I doubt he will be able to do it in time.

and of course he will be good for war depth. Some synergy with Scarlett and her defense debuff for survival.


I never ascended Khagan @sleepyhead. But I’ve come across him more in Diamond recently … and if he goes off, he hits hard.

He’s been buffed, right? No one seems to like him, but I think he’s fun.

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I’m sorry @sleepyhead, I don’t know much about Khagan except he’s next in line after Tyr. Though I don’t know why after. :slightly_smiling_face: Who’s better, who’s not? Questions, questions.

Probably, I should level Baldur or JF, but I want Khagan. When I go against him, he hits like a freight train, especially emblemed, and everyone (all 3) go tumbling willy nilly. Can be very difficult from which to recover. Plus, I like his artwork. :wink: ( Not emotional at all.) :upside_down_face:

EDIT: I hate Tyr’s artwork. He’s ugly as hell. Somebody referred to him as Bad Santa…I agree.


@akionna @amrath thanks for your input!!! I agree i always try to kill Khagan before he fires. funny how vanilla Reds have so many slow powerful ones like Elena and Azlar …

and yeah Tyr just looks like an angry old demented Santa lol


My (long) story about Khagan:

Khagan was my first red 5* and even first 5* ascended.

The alliance I joined at that time was on red tanks…so he even became my war tank. Took him to +4 I think. When I maxed Athena and alliance changed tank color he got stripped…and lived without emblems for a long time…

He was useful in events. He helped me even to complete my first events in legendary. His main role was buffing (defence & mana) Proteus to keep him alive and load…so Proteus could deal with the bosses.

I remember one war…I put Ares and Khagan next to each other…wow…all my other heroes were dead but together they were pretty sturdy…(defence, attack, crit, heal, mana buff) all you can ask for…and I won that fight.

So I put that combo out many times in wars and buff booster…esp in buff booster I could get insane tile damages with all the buffs active…but then after a while I refrained from it as I did not win consistently…average & slow mana speeds were simply too slow in todays fast and very fast meta.

So with ascending more heroes I forgot a bit about Khagan…even did not use him in wars any longer.

I changed to an higher alliance (top 50~150) this year in june…I was in the need to build war teams facing all this green Telluria-tank-nightmare-stuff out there. He became part of my red 4-1 stack (together with Ares). With his high health he manages to live a while. Though he is my only slow hero over there…he is always behind the others. His best purpose in war is now finishing off 2 adjacent heroes which are below 500 health.

With the recent emblem increase and constant use in wars I gave him his first emblem node back.

Khagan is probably the most hated hero over here. I think people don’t like him as he is really more of a buffer than a killer…and they don’t understand this part. His recent upgrade +40% damage for his skill resulted in like consistent 50 points increased damage per target! This helped.

Khagan on defence? Sorry but no…he is no threat facing him on defence.

The thing is…the more developed your roster is the less you need Khagan.



@Vikingblood80 thanks for sharing these great insights and great memories! you give a great picture of what Khagan is like and what his role is.

maybe i’ll use him in a late war team to protect Azlar… and experiment with him on Titans protecting / buffing Wu.

thanks again :slight_smile: good stuff


I forgot to mention: of course Khagan profits a lot from defence down-3 heroes. For me he works great together with Athena. I use both of them on ranger trials. On events RichardC kind of replaced Khagan as beeing same color as Athena.

Khagan was on my autofarming team together with Athena for quite a while.

On reds he works well with Gormek, Wilbur and Falcon…as they will increase his damage.

The defence protect might come handy for Wu. His mana buff even works on titans when drinking mana potions. … to be honest this was new to me and I just figured it out last week.

Protecting Azlar? Well kind of sceptical if this works. If you are able to fire Azlar in wars…you don’t want the fight to last very long still…just try it. :slightly_smiling_face:


that’s a good one, mana buffs also buffing mana potions… kind of like how Triton’s heal buff also works on healing items!

re Khagan and Azlar, I’m just thinking about my Red bench and how to shuffle my team around :slight_smile: Marjana (as Rogue) and Elena (as a riposter) may not need Khagan’s defense buff as much as Azlar will. Though Elena can benefit from the mana buff, but I usually pair her with Sir Lancelot for that. but I’ll probably come up with better ideas once the next war actually starts.

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Congrats on the pull, @sleepyhead, and sorry I’m late to the party. Like @akionna, I have Khagan, but I never pushed him past 3^70, and I haven’t actually used him in ages. And like @Vikingblood80, I don’t really fear him when facing him on defense. When I’m raiding in diamond, if he becomes a threat to my attackers, then something has already gone horribly wrong anyway. He does have the distinction of being the only legendary I’ve ever had to pop out of the same TC20 on back-to-back pulls. I can tell you that, even at 3^70, he was really good on the one ranger trial - I forget which one - that only has green enemies and bosses.

If I don’t pull Reuben in December - and I’m actually planning several pulls in December, depending on whose costumes are featured - then Khagan is probably getting the rings. I have already maxed Azlar, Elena, and Marjana, and I value variety. So that would still give me a bit of experience with him before you had to make your decision. I’ll try to remember to tag you should that occur, but I’m really hoping for Reuben just to have another fast red option.

Oh, @amrath, let me ask you to reconsider on that one. As you can see above, when I made my push into the top 100 a few weeks ago, JF was one of the heroes I feared most. Maybe it’s just my team, but he screwed up everything I was trying to do. You have to bring a cleanser, you can’t bring a def down hero unless you can time them just right, and stacking blue is dicey, because they barely tickle the opponent after JF fires. He’s like, really, really good, imo. I don’t have him, so I don’t know what he’s like on offense, but I find him to be an absolute nightmare on defense.

I always think of him as Old Wolverine, like from the X-Men. It’s the claws, I’m sure. But since we’re talking about Santa, after I drew Ranvir, I thought his thumbnail looked like an evil Santa Claus for the longest time. Apparently, there are multiple heroes competing for the title of “Bad Santa” - in a game where Santa Claus is a very real character! :smiling_imp::santa::laughing:


thanks @Noble_Weasel , appreciate the insights into Khagan! good point re the Ranger trials. i sometimes struggle with those

Wolverine is definitely a good comparison for Tyr considering the revive and the better fitness (compared to Santa) lol


Also name of the skill…adamantite claw.


Very true. He manages to fire just before my def down hero… everytime.
It’s so annoying… :sweat_smile:

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