The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

True. I’m just a crazy woman maxing out most new 5* as fast as I can. I wouldn’t recommend my current method. :rofl:

On another note, I’m glad Costume Chamber is back next week. Good luck to everyone summoning!

PSA ! ! !

You may want to save your EHT pulls for the new Kalevala seasonal event. I’m glad I heard about it before using EHT on Sand Empires.


Here are some examples how you can do it faster. Of course, using heroes like Proteus and Gullinbursti is more reliable, however I prefer actually working for some additional resources from this event (mostly ETT):

In addition, a few important tips and tricks (from Russian streamers):

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Beat epic. Thanks to advice here I knew to drop the purple guy first. After that, it was time consuming but much less threatening. I think CoK may have felt harder to me because all the ailments become undispellable. Here you trigger stoneskin on purpose as convenient.

The team for legendary is Leo instead of costume Chao. I am half way through legendary now and I think I need to drop Ferent. His special in later stages is rarely worth activating and his A value is not great. Next level I am going to try Seshat for a 3-2 and add her dispel to the team.



Nice thanks for sharing @Sam-I-Am !! Strategic triggering :slight_smile:


I am unsure. SG have not added more HoTM costumes recently to Tavern of Legends.
We will see.
If SG wants to keep Challenge Festival every 2 months, then we should see the new costumes in V50.

But I wouldn’t expect it this soon.


Thanks for the PSA!! And yeah, great advice to save for the new event :slight_smile: am stocking up on EHTs now

And costume chamber is always a treat.

Hoping I finally get Kiril’s costume…


I don’t exactly have the ingredients to stack a red team but I think I’ll try a somewhat similar lineout with Kornel instead of Wilbur.
I miss Lancelot so I don’t know if it will work, but I’m curious to see how effective it is if the enemies don’t split damage.


The shared damage is one of the big things for the score so if don’t get tiles under right hero can still deal the damage. Other option I’ve seen a lot is blue with a LB costume Gunnar


The most important aspect of Wilbur’s shared damage is undoubtedly the ability to “overload” the Stoneskin bar, charging your heroes on the second mob wave and finishing all three of the mobs with a single 3 red match aimed at a green monster, thus depleting the Stoneskin bar before it has any positive effect on the bosses (trick shown in the third video above). Otherwise Kornel should be fine, however it takes far longer to charge him therefore I predict you will not be able to effectively compete with him. Since cColen deals equal amounts of damage to everyone, it should be the same without Wilbur’s ability, moreover Kornel’s debuff can reach to -65% for far more damaging cColen hits.

I don’t think it would be that different with or without Lancelot, given the fact you preserve all of your mana potions for the boss wave in that case. You will just have to spend more time charging cColen with 2 small + 1 medium mana potion compared to 1 small + 1 medium under Lancelot’s acceleration.

Other option in Red to accelerate + buff cColen is Phoenicus. This will further decrease your tile damage though.

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Common misconception here.
He goes -68%.
And you can see the difference because 35 to 32 is actually an additional 10% :wink:

Unfortunately I also lack C.Colen.
I could field a big Scarlett but I don’t know if that would work.

I just received some lovely and much appreciated :roll_eyes: work to do before Monday so I might end up not trying anything.


I will say that timing stoneskin intentionally is very beneficial. Epic would have been easier if I had this aspect down sooner. I was more concerned of not filling it at all. Legendary is going smoother. Even though I beat all stages in epic on the first try, I am not going to replay them for scores. I have 3 more stages of legendary to complete and then I am calling it. I am skipping rare.

One pro to this event is it has taken very few battle items to win, it mostly just takes time. My gripe with CoK was how many battle items I had to blow thru just for completion. Gargoyles takes long with less items. CoK is faster with more. My preference is Gargoyles.

When picking teams avoid riposte. It is not worth the stoneskin activation. Riposte damage is crippled by stoneskin boosts. Ferent would take a special hit and reflect like 32 damage, nuts to that. His mana slow was negligible and I had better controllers. Am argument could be made for Elena as she does damage too. Otherwise do something else.

I also avoid Wu and Ranvir if you’re going mana control because the risk of missing controllers at key times is too high.

Good luck! I hopefully have legendary completion photos later! :crossed_fingers:



You could theoretically copy that tactic with your red team, however it would be very hard without cColen.

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Apparently there are more than 4 seasons in a year now? Heroes sure put SE heroes to shame, even with costumes.

Maybe this eventually replaces them? That would be fine with me. I tried so hard for SE heroes multiple years and still can only get 3’s. If they don’t want to hang out with me, I don’t want to hang out with them! Same for Wilbur, Proteus and Devana, I don’t even want you anymore. Jerks.


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This is a phone game. Real life comes first. :wink:


I have both of the 4* and Hisan. I think I use Gafar the most from those three (once in a blue moon). I feel that I could feed all of them away, and not most miss them… It’s definitely better to get the hero and have the option whether to ditch them or not!

Also, I think you’ve the right attitude. If they don’t show up for you, why should you prepare a welcome for them?! :crazy_face:


I made a couple tries.
Honestly Kornel kinda frigs up damage distribution which is, and I can’t stress this enough, bad. I’ve been able to deal 5k of damage to an enemy and somewhere around 35 to another.

It’s a good way to close stages, but too many things need to fall down perfectly to achieve a big score: all in all Kornel works better with close to rainbow teams.

I would have really liked to have Treevil to make a couple attempts but… you know :woman_shrugging:t3:

I’ve played around with my team a bit and I’ve found that you can Kornel+Wilbur to push scores. It’s crazy difficult getting timing right because it’s basically summer and boards can be beaches and to understand which of the two to fire but it can pay big or be extremely time consuming.

Please note: you can fire Wilbur and then Kornel. Damage can spike brutally and be shared by the enemies if everything just works.

In case you wondered were the 500 breakpoint is…

it’s on Queen. :rofl:

I’m calling it an event for me.
Too much time, the usual problems with boards, cast and the frigging monkey… playing this event has been a great reminder of the reasons I went rogue: where is the fun?

I have to say: interacting with you people here keeps being way more entertaining than the game itself :kissing_heart:

Apparently my colleagues’ real life comes first since they made a mess and I’m the one who has to work the weekend to fix it :roll_eyes:
I have a feeling it won’t be neither a great fix nor a permanent one :smirk:


Got a few more Coins from chests and was able to muster another summon. Dropped them in last night. Richard… RNGesus did me dirty again. For odds improvement, it just had to get me to the 1.5% pool for vanilla 5*. Same thing happened during the first Ninja Tower when I pulled Lianna with 100 Tower Coins, I’d liked to have any of the 3 4* Ninjas at the time. Same thing here, would’ve rather they gave me the 3* or 4* Gargoyles. But, no.

Streak of the game not giving me new heroes on the first press (besides HoTM) continues. At least between the 2 5* dupe from TC20 and this Richard pulled, I now have a guaranteed play at tier 1 and a possible shot a tier 2 for SE end of the month.

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Completed Epic 10 on first try. Thanks again @Harlikwen for sharing your team and strategy.

Since there is a purple guy to watch out for I think a team including holy heroes such as yours @Muchacho could be “better”.

I tried to minimise battle items usage. However I ended up using five bombs, two axes and two arrows to finish off the bosses. I also used small mana pots to help charge up Proteus and Sanngrior. Definitely worth the battle items used.

I still have Rare 10 and Legendary completely untouched.


If we both beat it on the first try and are just going for completion, there is no better. We’re both just “done” :laughing:.

Should finish legendary tomorrow and am skipping rare. Not worth the time to me. At least I am NOT burning through like 300 antidotes or something dumb (CoK :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :-1:)



CoK is definitely something else. Alliance Quest where none of your alliance mates get to really “help” you through the quest line. Auto DoT every 4 turns, elite mobs that hits unreasonably hard right from the get-go and where one of them contains riposte that you have a hard time countering on rare, and then after they wore you down with the mobs, they swoop in for the kill, ignoring that they should be fighting against each other. Gargoyle and Slayers were manageable by comparison.