The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

I really enjoy starfall :innocent:


wishing everyone more costume luck :slight_smile: have patience my FTP brethren


Kid: “Time to use our costume keys!”

Me: “I want Domitia’s costume.”

Kid: “Yes, our first five-star!”

Me: “I still want Domitia.”

Kid: “Lemme try again.”

Portal swirls purple …

Kid: “Yes, a new one!”

Me: “Domitia?”

Kid: “Oberon! Isn’t he great?”

Me, muttering: “Not Domitia …”

Kid: “One more, one more!”

Me: “I can’t look …”

Kid: “Yes, Kailani! She’s new too.”

Me: “Hey, where did Richard come from?”

Kid: “I collected the training camp, remember?”

Me: “We have too many projects now.”

Kid: “I know.”

Me: “You blew up my roster space.”

Kid: “You’re welcome.”


To y’all’s Rigard costume…

I just want Boldtusk’s costume!!! Please please RNGesus, just give me one. :cry:



I am picky about roster size and hate buying space which is the main reason I don’t have interest in Jahangir. I have 7 red 3s ( not all maxed) and I feel 7 is probably enough in any colour at that level for my playstyle given they only see action at tournaments really. The only hero I could do with possibly adding as an extra option is hawkmoon whose costume I already have, but ate the hero because at the time had enough other projects (and still do) and will get her again when time to work on her. I’m actually pretty OK now with my 3s once I level them all up.
Edited to add:

This is what I have now.

Keeping around 7-10 also gives me space if any new 3s released eg in season 5 that I want. Vollermork is on the feed list for this along with Morris, Jack, possibly some of the dupe yellows and Hisan/ Arman. The rest of it gives me a solid core I think to work from based on how I play, and that I don’t mono so most of any one colour at a time is 3 ( except challenges where its all blue allday plus Bertulf)

As far as the new challenges go I really enjoy the refresh as the old ones had definitely got a bit boring for gameplay. Rage meter and starfall definitely keep things interesting even if not going for score.


I feel you re roster space, it gets so expensive after a while.

And at the 3* level, there are so many alternatives that it’s not necessary to keep one of each. Especially if not mono-ing.


Yep a little bit of variety and enough space incase a great new one is released. By-ulf if I hadn’t got him before Grevle would have likely been eaten. In green I’m probably a bit overloaded in support heroes, but once sort Noril, Gnomer and Mnessus it should be ok

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I don’t like some of your reds, despite having them as well. Ei-Dunn is extremely disappointing except probably in a Rush tournament cheap tank option defense. Then again, you have Bauchan who is arguably better. Squire Wabbit - mediocre, I prefer cNashgar instead. And of course Vollermork whom I consider nothing but food…

I understand your sentiments though of cJahangir having very narrow application, that’s true.


Yeah some of them are easy replacements for when get better reds etc. Eg I had ei Dunn before I got Bauchan. So do now have a better option (however I have been toying with a Bauchan, Rudolph, ei Dunn middle 3 for a VF no blue tournament at some stage as a no mana for you kind of thing) I would happily replace with something like the red 3 from Magic etc for some variety.

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Absolutely true, however here’s what I found out. It’s better for the majority of your 3* and even 4* to be heroes that get wider application than one very narrow no-red rush war defense. For example, my rush defense for almost any rush tournament is always one and the same - depending on the color restrictions, includes various versions of 1-3 Jahangir (c), cOberon, 1-2 cUlmer, Gunnar or cGunnar, Sudri and recently - 2 Treevil. However all of these heroes aren’t good only for raid tournament defense, they are great for the offense in same tournament as well, which widens their application and makes them more roster-worthy. On top of it all, some of them like cUlmer and cGunnar have challenge event/other event/3* tournament applications which makes them even more worthy of space.

So what I’m saying is - yes, you can practically find an aplication for almost any 3* in the game where it shines (for example By Ulf in 3* no red buff booster tournament defense) however the narrower that application is, the better is to get rid of that particular 3* and replace it with something better.

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Yep I think we are definitely on the same line of thought. My 3s are only for variety and replacements. I don’t mind feeding a maxed 3 away (looking at you Vollermork) if the replacement I get is more useful.

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Got valen and chao so the list is getting shorter

Missing Season 1 costumes:

3: Gan Ju, Kailani, Ulmer

4: Skittleskull, Kiril, Sabina, Cyrprian

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Toxicandra gets my vote. Dark lord and crystallis would be immediate leveling projects. Neither of those are game changers to me and more upgrades if something else. Asterius would immediately get leveled too and probably my second favorite. Isrod I don’t need.

I don’t need any of the rares or epics. So I’ll be saving coins. Slayers will be my top priority for the near future until I see whatever the next new event will bring.

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Take anything I say about 3’s with a grain of salt. I rarely use them and most of mine aren’t leveled. That being said I DO have a maxed Hisan and was really happy with him as a hitter and DoT is nice.

If have both maxed and to be honest if it isn’t res reflect they are combined on my quest teams to control mana. They pair really well and are really effective at it. Sometimes Rudolph is a third. I know we play differently, but those to compliment each other well IMO.

I should have kept reading. This is the bulk of a quest team for me. I usually add Grevle and Hisan. Last CoK I needed more health and dropped Hisan for Kvasir. Worked well. Best rare with no issue really and no replays.

That is a short list, congrats!



Muahahahaha at long last ….

Paired together they boost D via family. Both went HP/D path. Probably shouldn’t have wasted Hansel 19th node, but I have a surplus of cleric emblems. Not sure Elkanen or Vivica need them they badly.




Did a Valhalla 10-pull with gems, got Mist!

Only useful hero from there, all others were dupe 3*

Pleased though, she’s quite an upgrade to my 4* Yellow bench (Have costumes for all the vanilla yellow 4*, Lady Wooly, Jackal, Danza).

No Almur or Grevle or Gullinbursti yet so will keep trying Valhalla in future


Congratulations on getting her.
I have two of her maxed.


Thanks @PlayForFun thats a good endorsement for her usefulness :slight_smile:

Congrats on your Mist @sleepyhead! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

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Thank you @SamMe :slight_smile: pretty happy as she was one of my targets

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