The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

I personally fail to see a scenario where Gadeirus would be considered good, however at least it won’t cost a ton of mats and feeders to ascend him. I wouldn’t make him my top priority though. Probably if nothing better to do with green feeders - and that’s after maxing all of my green 3* I wanna max as well…

Triton is good. Proteus is great. However that doesn’t mean you need to pair them with a weak (IMO) green Gadeirus just for the sake of the family bonus.

I haven’t seen him in any 4* tournament, or if I have, it has been on the defense in really weak 4* teams which got wiped out easily. Even for 4* rush I’d rather consider heroes that charge in 6 tiles on the offense and even on the defense - like Skittles with costume bonus.

Kestrel isn’t half underrated, I’ve seen him in videos from Jo Seon korean top alliance where he gets regularly used on the offense in wars. A great hit indeed. Congrats @Quinn3 .


I find he can be used in mythic titan because he gives attack up. But I’ll never give him emblems and the moment I find I don’t use him on mythic titan I’ll feed him away

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Guess that’s an argument. I still prefer going with titan banners instead though.

I suggest you wait for the Challenge Festival if you’d like to try again for Peters. The pool of available heroes is much smaller, so much better chance of him.


That’s a small margin for bad luck, but since your S2 and S3 pulls haven’t gone that well, maybe you could still think about pulling here. Sucks that you can’t get enough pulls for the chest.

I’m super-tempted, but still resolved to wait for the challenge festival. I might be able to get enough gems for a 30-pull by then. :crossed_fingers: Hope that will give me the heroes to not be at such a disadvantage for the next festival.

Add the Weasel to that list.

Congrats @Ruskin505 and @Quinn3 on some useful pulls. Y’all are testing my resolve.

Wish I could help, but I missed him and Triton in S2.


True, I have been watching other pulls people have posted to compare them to my roster. Dupe rates on 10 pulls are about 4 of 10. There are some where it’s been as high as 7. Likewise, many that were 0-1. It’ll be tight on my 6th pull, but it is tempting for the fresh blood. My 5* extravaganza leveling is almost done already.

Side note, Marjana already +18. Nice hero. :+1:

I really enjoy seeing the odd combination of heroes people get on their pulls. This is really a great portal IMO and long overdue. Amusing to watch.

I am assuming Festival will have the same gem value. If I thought I would have enough for a 10 pull there I may consider waiting, but given I would be short still in all likelihood it makes it less appealing. The 20% dupe rate of 4’s for Festival sticks in my mind a lot too. I am also SO far behind on challenge event heroes I don’t know it would make next years easier as it would for you. :man_shrugging:.

I basically only have 3: Bauchan, Gretel, Jackal. Don’t get me wrong, all nice heroes I use often, but they are not a team in and of themselves and legendary level. I did consider Raffaele as my chicken healer because his stats are so big and his heal so big it would compensate nicely.

Love to hear how other F2Pers who summoned did.



Yeah, I’d be on the 7 dupe rate (slightly higher than the 6 I would have expected from the odds)… and the fact that I got 2 Vollermarks on the 10-pull was… aggravating. So if that helps temper the thought of summoning.

I was debating between the 2 as I had enough gems for a 10-pull. Probably lower dupe rate for me on the Festival, but while I could use any new hero, I generally have the heroes I needed (Bauchan, Peters, Hansel, Merlin, Pixie). While it would be nice to get some Guardian Heroes and maybe Shurbbear, I figured luck wouldn’t be on my side. As diluted as the BF portal was, it still had a bunch of heroes of various heroes of interest. Of course, the fact that I got Pixie and Kestrel in the BF portal anyways seems kind of funny. Also, I figure I should be able to get enough challenge coins for 2 or 3 summons, so I won’t completely miss out.


Did a 10 pull by mistake (confused it with next month’s challenge portal, first portal with no S1 my аss), got a Mist, an Almur (!) and a Falcon (lol). Some useful 3* and Balbar. Not bad overall but I wanted to save those gems for that portal, fml.


commiserations, though a bit of congrats too.

nice pulls @Quinn3 @Ruskin505 !


Dear FTP friends … it’s been over six months since the kid pulled Yang Mai. Since then, we’ve had zero good pulls.

Today, we had our first retrain from Hero Academy. The kid pulled this guy:

So we finally have a new project. Any thoughts on Captain Kestrel?


Congrats @akionna !

@Quinn3 got him in the BF portal too. Very underrated I would say. He works well with in combination with “silence” heroes such as Peters. He does the most damage when the enemy mana is full. If they’re silenced you can raise their mana without fear of them firing, but also cause maximum damage from Kestrel. If you use him with Peters they can a family bonus. Miki and others also silence though.

Hansel and Gretel may be somewhat effective with him or Zokk.

I am sure there are other combos.



Congratulations here too :slight_smile:


Yeah, he’s a new project for me, so I can’t say, but I am happy to get him as my red bench is kind of lacking heavy damage dealers.


Max him instantly. Reasoning: he’s a pirate. I mean, just look at him how badass he looks. An undead pirate captain double wielding flintlocks. Hell yeah.


Thank you @Muchacho! Don’t have any silence heroes, unfortunately. Don’t have any of the heroes you mentioned actually, ha.

Thank you @PlayForFun. Appreciate the double congrats! I was worried that Leonidas would go in … and come right back.

It’s the opposite for me @Quinn3. I have too many reds. But lacking in blues. Over three years of play, and the Ice Queen herself has not appeared. Isarnia is hiding somewhere … so is Magni … and Richard … I am drowning in telescopes.


I should mention that I do have all the S1 heroes… but for non-S1, my roster is a little mixed, and blue is generally my weakest color. The thing about my reds is that I actually have 3 other 5*: Zimkitha, J-F, and Vanda. They’re all good in their own way, but none actually hit hard. For me, Kestrel strikes me as a hero who could hit as hard as Khagan, but faster (and without the mana/def bonuses), so I definitely can use him.


Proteus could work too. Freeze their mana when it is above half/close to max and fire away. A little riskier if there is a cascade. That being said, you probably don’t need to pair him with a mana controller. That was just my first thought. Enemy mana will go up regardless, so just try to time it.

If you post your roster I can try to brainstorm some pairings. I pretty much memorize old events, S1, S2, S3. S4 and new events (circus, magic tower, ninja tower, alliance quest) those I have no idea. They came out too fast and I stopped caring. I still haven’t beat S3 hard, much less started S4. Oddly enough I did do an S4 summon from accumulated looted coins. It got me an S1 3* :no_mouth:

For non-S1 blue is my best color. Red was my worst. For about 3 years I only had vanilla 4’s and Azlar. This past year I got the balance of the vanilla 5’s and Zimkithia from HA. Still heavy vanilla though. My roster is SUPER heavy vanilla. Non-S1 5’a by color:

Blue - 4
Purple - 2
Green - :-1:
Yellow - 1
Red - 1

Probably means I shouldn’t be giving much advise either :man_shrugging: … haven’t been chased out of here yet though. :+1:



I would have medium excitement. Not the greatest hero, but a new one. I can always work with fast mana.


From my alts (all of them completely f2p), in addition to Kvasir, Nordri, Cheshire Cat I pulled some more. Results:

Guardian Falcon

So I think I am above the average here in usefulness, considering how many useless 3* and 4* there are in the portal. I would love Amethrine and Falcon on my main though…


Congratulations :clinking_glasses:! This would be a very welcome result for me too.

I don’t have him, but he several times destroyed my last few standing heroes, when on the point of thinking “maybe I can still turn the tide…”


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