The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

How do you like Agwe @sleepyhead? I’m out of projects and working on Danzaburo. Don’t think I’ll ascend him for now, but he’ll get to 3.60 soon. Agwe is also at 3.60.

Does anyone here think I should work on a dupe Mist or Wu Kong?

@Noble_Weasel … I read that even if you finish all 50 stages, you end up with 98 or 99 coins … which is just shy of a Ninja summon.

So by completing the Ninja Tower, no free summon. Ergo the complaints …

I have not done the math, so I don’t know what’s true.


@akionna I haven’t really seen a use case for Agwe yet. He’s OK for farming, but so are many others like Skittles, Little John, Jack O’Hare, Hu Tao, Li Xiu…

I’m only aiming for two good mono teams per color in War, so he doesn’t make the cut. In Raid Tourneys I usually go 3/2, so he also doesn’t make the cut.

I think a dupe Mist would be better. More reliable than Danza… and Wu? Only place I could think of for two Wu Kongs is war. Maybe Ninja Tower, if you care about it. But Mist will be more useful in more places.


I for one like Danzaburo @akionna and think he is worth bring to 3/70 if you’re messing around. Don’t get me wrong, he is not in my go-to 3-2 yellow stack, but I use him plenty for fun. He was in my team for final stage of the gem quest today. 2 swords, no freezes :+1:.

One aspect that’s overlooked I think is his survivability. He has 5* survival stats. He isn’t great as a 4* in general, but if you look at 4* yellows I would, and did, take him over Chao, Hu Tao, and Li Xiu. I took him over Wu too with the exception of titans. He is in the top half of 4* yellow heroes IMO. Again, 4* yellows are not great. ESPECIALLY vanilla ones. I don’t know what yellow did to the developers when they were making the game …

@Noble_Weasel can tell you more as he had Danzaburo up to +20. I am assuming he isn’t too mad at me for making him feel like he was doing something wrong for not doing 4* only in the emblem quest today :rofl:

@sleepyhead I would say go for Magni. It appears you are a mono-er and your best blue snipers are Sonya and Triton. Magni fills a role, is a solid sniper in the game regardless, and is significantly better at 4:80 over 3:70.

If you do get Glenda you’re still fine. She can hit, but brings a lot more to the table than Magni, who mostly just hits. Glenda can still be a game changer on one of your mono teams at 3:70 more so than Magni could. I don’t think Guardians has any blue heroes off the top of my head either? Unless they’re getting new ones too? :man_shrugging:

I do see the other side of the argument and would say there isn’t a wrong choice, it’s just what you would prefer to do. If I didn’t draw Glenda, and we all know those odds, I would just feel like “I could have had Magni maxed by now …”.

I agree they are both better than Richard on offense.

Agee could be fun following Isarnia with a Kiril boost … but that falls into the for fun category more then a go-to team.


I assumed you just had made a hideout and didn’t invite me. :rofl:


My only case for leveling Agwe was that he was my first and only 4* blue for a long time.

He is okay for farming. But otherwise…


How “funny” is it that most of the first heroes I got in the game are heroes that are shall we say “less than good”? I made the mistake of feeding my first Bane, after that I worked with Kailani. Kailani.

I believe the first 3* team I rocked for a month or two was Prisca, Kailani, Graymane, Isshtak, and Hawkmoon.

Was every day grateful to have Hawkmoon. Talk about a hero literally saving your ■■■. :laughing:

UPDATE: Nowadays, only time I ever use Agwe is for emblem quests and stuff like ToL. Doesn’t even make my top 30 war teams anymore.


My Kailani experience was WAY different. I couldn’t get a healer to save my heroes life (literally), pulled Kailani and her Spirit Link got me to the second to last province in S1 or there abouts.

All these heroes are viable, they just need to be compared with the heroes on your roster. Not every hero ever.

Atlantis was not kind for 4*. I got Danzaburo and Ameonna. They are fun to bring out, but definitely more a “making the best of” situation. :joy:

I don’t regret having them though, I get my kicks from them. :+1:

Agwe can’t be THAT bad, right? I recall a high A value, AoE, and boosts green D, right?



All the F2P Rebellion guys are very active in our Discord group nowadays. You are always welcome to come and join the discussions. You are already a member of that group, so why not? :slight_smile:


Oh so our secret hideout has spilled out for all the world to see…

Can we make sure we hide the secret plans. Like the one where we invade SG headquarters by stealth. Thx


The plans were so secret I never saw them (smart on your part by the way).

I am the perfect decoy! Send out the idiot to distract them (Muchacho :laughing:)!



We don’t talk about the plans! And we don’t talk about them so @FrenziedEye won’t realize none of us have read them :stuck_out_tongue:

Kailani was my second Yellow after Bane. Definitely helped out a lot in the first few months, especially as Hawkmoon and Belith took their time in coming! I still use her occasionally in ToL, Very Fast 3* tourneys…

Agwe’s not BAD, just overshadowed :slight_smile: I don’t regret maxing him (I had excess mats). Same with Gobbler - and in fact Agwe could be considered a bit better than Gobbler, considering Gobbler’s main use is vs. minions but he;s took brittle to face most minion summoners

As an example. If I had to build a mono Blue raid/war team, Agwe won’t make the cut. Even if we restrict to 4*s:

  • Kiril - heal, buffs
  • Sonya - dispel or cleanse, and with the meta now I always need at least one
  • Grimm - defense debuff
  • Valeria - especially when enemy has 2 healers or more; or a particularly annoying wing healer
  • Triton - combos well with Kiril, some extra snipe

Sometimes I bring in a second Sonya, so I have one cleanser and one dispeller. That leaves Boril vs. Agwe. Boril more likely to come in if enemy has a lot of damage dealers… Poor Agwe just doesn’t make the cut, though I suppose could go in in place of Valeria if enemy does NOT have healers. Or maybe if I’m facing Almur, but that’s really niche.

Except… I usually go 3/2 in 4* Raid Tourneys and Challenge Events, so that restricts Agwe even more :slight_smile:

But don’t feel too bad for him. With Red it’s Kelile and Colen who get overlooked; for Yellow it’s Hu Tao; for Green it’s Kashhrek (though he’s gold in class trials!), Gobbler, Gadeirus (too slow, rather have Melendor costume), and Little John (now that I have Hansel), for Purple it’s Cyprian. But each still gets used sometimes. So no regrets at all.


@akionna - all great points about Agwe here. I don’t think I can add much from the perspective of Agwe’s usability.

So, here’s another perspective: How are your warm cape stocks doing? Are the stockpiles overflowing with capes? Then go ahead and upgrade him. At least your kid will be happy. (I know he likes to see Agwe’s special. And so do I, for that matter. :grin:) I am guessing capes should not be a problem for someone who has a bucket of scopes.

However, on the off chance that you’re running low on warm capes, then probably not a good idea to ascend Agwe (considering all the points above). :slight_smile:


In my day 1 experience, I got one ninja coin for every floor completed, but that might climb higher as you progress up. Still, the coins are so rare, and the event only comes around every couple of months. Thinking this could be the worst portal in the game - worse than ToL even! At least you get a couple of pulls per event if you finish that one.

I can’t really make the case for Danza ahead of a second Mist, primarily because I don’t have Mist, but I read that she is great. My main case would be variety; I like to max one of everyone I have eventually.

This is accurate. If you can stand the randomness, Danza does survive well and has a very useful special 2/3 of the time. I don’t have him emblemed anymore, but he’s still good enough to make my sixth war team lately and perform well. I suspect he may get even more use when I pull Chao’s emblems for Lianna soon.

Nah, I get what you’re doing. I just enjoy finally having landed the heroes to make it easy to beat a few of these quests. I’m not necessarily looking for a challenge. I’m looking for some emblems and to not waste WE! LOL

:face_vomiting: That’s some serious icky-poo right there. Glad you’ve outgrown that lineup!

Gotta agree with most of these. I haven’t used Kelile (my first four-star) in ages. Hu Tao is the one that gets me, though. He was among the last classic four-stars that I got. When raiding, it seemed like he was always a challenge because of the blind to all, but the boards kept trashing him, and I was like, “What? He can’t be that bad.” Then I maxed him, and I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve used him for absolutely anything. Seriously.

Colen still gets out in very fast tourneys sometimes. Kasshrek with costume gets new life. LJ with emblems is quite viable. And Cyp has been part of a mono purple stack for this week’s buff booster tournament that has performed better than I expected. Still thinking about taking his emblems for The Mighty Thorne, though. :laughing:

This I agree with. In every case, I had enough mats that it wasn’t a sacrifice to max the hero, and every once in a while, they fill a niche, and I’m glad I have them. With emblems becoming more abundant now, I’m thinking I might go back and emblem some lower tier heroes at some point also, just in case.


Are any of you F2P folks playing the Ninja Tower? After two days, I’m already thinking it is the least fun event I’ve ever seen in E&P, and it’s not even close. Maybe I’m using the wrong strategy. I’ve been trying to use my leveled but less used heroes to get through some of the earlier stages so my best folks won’t get cursed early. (Danza, for example, didn’t even finish one fight before getting cursed.) But I’ve lost three or four levels, having only reached a mid-teens floor, and a few of my heroes are already cursed. I haven’t even finished day 2, and I’m already tired of it and planning to leave my tower energy on the table.

I don’t feel like I can properly strategize because a) I don’t know the bosses’ specials that well yet, b) they fire randomly because of the new charge mechanic, and c) I’m always worried about the next stupid oni gem that will come onto the board in the most inopportune place, so I can’t even focus on setting up combos. Seems like I’ll either need 75 maxed healers, or I’ll have to invest a ton of resources into producing items to ever progress very far. And for what? A few emblems and a long shot at a ninja hero 3 or 4 times per year? I’m sure as heck not going to be competing with the P2W and min-maxing crowd for higher reward tiers. The garbage rewards in ToL don’t even bother me as much because I enjoy the strategy of it, but this is the first thing in two years of playing E&P where I’ve just been completely turned off so quickly, and that makes me sad. Somebody show me what I’m missing.


Oh yes I agree, Danza is great especially for parts of the game where the freeze effect isn’t so deadly. I don’t use him in Raids and hesitate in Wars, but in quests or the world maps he’s good! Definitely sturdy enough.

LJ, I agree, very viable - I liked using him with Li Xiu, they make a great combo. If my two Hansel weren’t around, LJ would see a lot more use.

Kashhrek - I usually prefer all-healers, but he impressed me in the class quests I used him on. And I’ve been using him to great effect in Ninja Tower. I just need to get used to the idea of him only protecting flanks (so my wings will be disposable, eek!)

Colen and Hu Tao - Colen I use relatively often on the map, as his burn helps finish off pesky mobs. Sadly, Hu doesn’t do quite the same. And if I have to choose, Danza is my preference - sturdier, average mana, also has a chance of blind. Lady Wooly and Li Xiu and Chao are more likely to get picked as well.

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My sentiments exactly. ToL I enjoy because it’s challenging enough without feeling like a second job. But Ninja Tower? I hate it more than Challenge Events, which felt like a chore when I was seriously competing (all those darned replays).

Ninja Tower… I just beat Level 24, honestly only doing it for the emblems. Those oni curses, most of the time I can manage but sometimes - even with tornadoes - that shield is nowhere near anything that I can use to match.

I definitely don’t have enough healers to make it all the way, and that’s coming from a bench with 2x of most 4* healers (2 each of Boldy, Kiril, Mel, Sabina, Rigard, Lady Wooly). But the bosses are so tough that I struggle without having two healers along.

It’s not so much the challenge that annoys me, but the tediousness. 50 stages of the same thing, with really tough bosses? I mean, ToL and Challenge Events and even Seasonal Events can be tough too what with the double/triple bosses, but they’re not so darned long.

And yes, I play this game for fun - not to min-max and “use ONLY THESE HEROES”, that takes the fun and soul out of the game!


I am playing it but I just started this morning. I didn’t study ahead of time for the whole flag per day thing to see how that works so I likely won’t finish. That would assume I have the strength to finish, which I likely do not.

I am only 5 or so levels in so it’s all been easy so far but allows me to understand the mechanics. I think the concept is neat. I haven’t been turned off yet. If it gets to the point that each level takes over 5 minutes, etc. that will likely get old.

So far my view of this is the same as for ToL. Cool mechanic, keeps it interesting, so I will usually play it. I have skipped ToL depending what else is going on. That being said I am not a loot chaser. If my main goal was to focus energy as efficiently as possible to maximize loot based on time investment then this is a poor quest.

As someone who has a back log of AMs (exception being scopes and tonics) and a lack of heroes for them, I am just playing to entertain myself and have fun, which this does for now. If I get bored, I will stop. I certainly won’t waste time being mad about free content not being so amazing I change how I live my life. Besides, emblems are emblems and you can at least get those. I prefer that over my 5 thousandth common herb or whatever.

Cyprian +17 is already cursed out and Kelile +18 has 1 :joy:. When I was using 3*’s no one got cursed, so I thought this isn’t so bad. All 3 of the 4* curses were on the same horrible boarded level :rofl:



I do not enjoy this event. First, the oni curses. They distract me from focusing on setting up my board…and … Anyway, I’m not enjoying this new game within a game. I miss ToL… and … Meh :slightly_frowning_face:

EDIT: Sorry, not very articulate today.


Oh it was absolutely awful! :rofl:

But that is how I learned to play the game. So you all must excuse my occasional bad habits and occasional bad attitude. Because I learned to play with and against the best, coming in with about the worst. Underdog from day one.

In some ways it was a good thing. In that it forced me to try a hell of a lot harder than everyone else. I was forced to learn everything the hard way. Very first lesson I learned was how to lose graciously repeatedly. :laughing:


So, my FTP brethren and sistren, the last round of costumes has entered beta:

The thing that jumps off the page to me is the elemental defense down for Leo and Marjana. This has me seriously reconsidering whether to pull in the Guardians event in November. On the one hand, the odds are way better to get Falcon and Jackal (although you couldn’t prove it by me) than Leo and Marjana costumes; on the other, if you landed Marjana, especially, you’d basically never use Falcon ever again. And I’d really love to have Hansel, or even Gretel, so I could save my coins for the next Grimforest instead (and not draw another three Guardian Bats). Plus, Glenda doesn’t look like a must-have HotM, so missing a few pulls toward getting her this November doesn’t seem so bad. What say you?

Other observations:

  • Kelile will be a beast in costume form if nothing changes.
  • They also made Gormek great again. I think he’d be a staple on my anti-Telly teams while in costume. Glad mine is still at +20.
  • Thorne with costume (whether in costume or not) is starting to look like a viable flank for a green tank. I told y’all I was gonna make Thorne fearsome. I would love to land this costume just to be proven right (I think).
  • Chao’s costume could be downright scary also, at fast mana.

Right now, I’m sitting on 71 costume keys and 5200+ gems. I’m thinking about burning them all on costumes when the new ones come out, because those are the most reliable pulls for improving a F2P roster. If Google Play credit from surveys is cooperative, this could be my first 30-pull sometime early next year.


I’ve been thinking the same thing: summon for costumes instead of for Guardians. I have Marjana +7 and Leo at 3/70, and if I get their costumes, I would only use Falcon and Jackal for 4* events/quests. Marjana features on my defense team though, and I can see Leo making it into my mono attack team.

Lots of exciting stuff too, like the ones you mentioned. Costume Scarlett and Sabina also look pretty good, and even some 3* (like Gan Ju) will get some new life.

It’s really gotten me thinking.


my current ranking is 21000th something, so in the bracket with 20 emblems of loot. i’m ok with that, and i really doubt i’ll be able to jump to the next highest tier, so i’ll keep playing just for the sprinkling of emblems that i can get

i don’t look forward to it, but i don’t loathe it either


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