The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

Captain (First Class Honours) @CCG, welcome

There is also a secret hideout in addition to the Discord server - if you would like to join please ask the gatekeeper to let you in

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time to bump up, now that the FTP 2nd year anniv thread is picking up steam :wink:


Can confirm… I came from that thread :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


welcome to the rebellion, Udee! Now you can pick a mean-sounding rebel-style title :wink:


Im just an oppressed peasant in this RNG land… I don’t deserve any title actually. All i do in this realm is just serving my Lord Gravemaker, the protector of my squad, the only reason I’m still hanging in this harsh empires…


I will be 2 years old 100% ftp during december. Man, how time flies…

Atleast my money didn’t fly yet lol :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:


true blue FTPs, both of you! with the spirit and financial willpower. Our retired leader @FrenziedEye would be so proud… :wink:

if you also want to join the “secret hideout” (basically, we have a private message) OR the discord server, give me a shout. (ie post here and let me know). After FrenziedEye’s retirement we’ve quieted down a bit, but we still live on :wink:

@udee @SirGorash


Our leader @FrenziedEye is still active in the Discord group. Here’s the link, come join us in the vibrant lands of F2Ps. :grin:


Hello, I didn’t start reading this whole long thread yet but is this some kind of a support group for people who want to stop spending money and motivate one another to not put a credit card details into the game for the n-th time? If so, this is a place for me :smiley:


It’s just a group of FTPs (or people who support FTPs), talking about the game and random stuff on Discord or our Secret Hideout, it’s anything you want it to be. Come join and cause chaos or motivate each other to be FTP


perfectly said - this is why you’re still the speaker of our rebellion :wink:


Vivifica disputationem!

Private discussion box got full again.

@Shohoku79, @amrath, @thepirateking, @Noble_Weasel, @guvnor, @sleepyhead, @Saphirra, @akionna, @Muchacho, @CaptainjaKCsparrow et. al (only lets me list 10 users in 1 post)

Carryover discussions to here now I suppose? If/until we get a new thread?


Tagging the remaining:

@Elpis, @FrenziedEye, @richter, @mysteryspin, @nevarmaor, @Saicheeze, @PapaHeavy, @PraiseGamer91

@Guvnor - please build a new den using your mod magic. :slight_smile:


my fellow FTPers,

What are your thoughts on maxing Magni now? Currently have 6 Scopes.

I was originally intending to wait until January (after Christmas event) as I have been hoarding EHTs - and we don’t know what Christmas heroes will be released yet.

Other considerations:

  1. I do plan to do a 10x-pull in November during Guardians, so have higher chances to get the next Blue HOTM Glenda,
  2. not planning to summon heavily in Valhalla if I can help it (alas, I am a weak weak man and often slip) - so not expecting any Blue 5*s there,
  3. I finished Atlantis long ago so my only Atlantis coins will come from farming - thus not expecting to summon heavily there either!
  4. But I do summon in ToL every month with the free coins…

Magni would be ascended mainly for war depth. My goal is two strong mono teams per color. As of now, my Blue squads looks like below, where I try to balance the team strength depending on who we face:

  1. Team 1: Lepus +6, Grimm +13, Kiril +3, Sonya +20 (costumed or not), one other depending
  2. Team 2: Triton +7, Isarnia +6, Kiril +11, Sonya +6 (costumed or not), one other depending

Rest of my blues are

  • Aegir +9
  • Valeria +5
  • Valeria +0
  • Boril w/ costume +1
  • Agwe +0
  • Richard 3/70, but I’ve decided to ascend Magni over Richard

As you can see, Triton is a distant second in terms of sniping prowess, though serviceable. But I have heavy competition for Ranger emblems, and in my normal raiding it’s pretty much always Lepus / Isarnia / Kiril / 1 Sonya and either a 2nd Sonya or Valeria or Grimm depending on my needs, poor Triton rarely makes the cut. He does see use in class quests and 4* Raid tourneys (usually buff booster), but not enough reason to heavily emblem him IMO.

So, what do you think?

Wait-and-see until January at least, or pull the trigger now?


@sleepyhead … I would go for Magni now. I like to play what I have. But I am the least qualified to advise you because I have zero blue legendaries … and a bucket of scopes. :grin:

If you can wait for your Guardians pull, that’s only a few weeks out. If you don’t want to do Magni now, that’s what I would do.

To everyone waiting on our secret meeting place … @CaptainjaKCsparrow, @TGW, @nevarmaor, @FrenziedEye, @Noble_Weasel, @amrath , @Muchacho … and other friends …

I think poor @Guvnor is busy on the Ninja Tower threads. Some mayhem in that part of the forum.


thanks @akionna . ThePirateKing and CaptainJack said the same thing :wink: best to wait to avoid buyer’s remorse, though Magni is indeed worthy of scopes.

I’ll do just that…

and yeah I’ve seen quite a bit of mayhem elsewhere. eek!


@sleepyhead, I’m in a similar situation with Quintus, and I’m holding off. I plan to summon Valhalla this month (about 15 coin pulls) to chase Gefjon, and that could land me Zulag or an S3 legendary purple, so I left Quintus at 3^70 while I level Prisca + costume. She may not be worth much, but it gives me something to do with my purple feeders in the meantime. If you have a similar three-star project - someone like a Jarvur, who is my next wait-and-see blue hero - I’d strongly consider going that route. Now, Magni is clearly several cuts above poor Quintus and imminently worthy of scopes. But if you think there’s a chance you could get Glenda, I’d hold off that long, at least, to make an informed decision. By the time you pull for Guardians, we could have some more info about new Christmas heroes also… or not. But I’d hate to see there be some butt-kicking Jack Frost blue legendary released in December and you have already used your scopes on Magni.

I was afraid of that. Ninja Tower looks like a P2W paradise to me. I burned all the ninja energy it gave me today, but I can’t see investing much in it. I’m sure that’s the tenor of the convo in those threads. Like you, I think we should cut poor Guv some slack for a while. We can make do in the light of a public thread for a few more days.


thanks @Noble_Weasel for the affirmation . my poor weak soul needs this kind of validation to wait :stuck_out_tongue:
Alas, I have literally no more Blue projects - I already ascended Agwe and he’s like 4/69. But it’s fine, I have 3 TC 20 going and the Blue feeders can go to Justice in case I run out of roster space :wink:


Pleased to help. I might still choose Quintus over Zulag even if I draw her. She doesn’t seem super impressive, but she’s a serviceable purple tank, which I lack. But I figured I should at least wait to see if it even becomes a question. On the bright side, even if you don’t draw any more blue legendaries, you can rest assured that you’ve got a straight-up cannon waiting in the wings for those scopes. I just maxed Magni recently, and he’s like bringing the heavy artillery. Can’t wait to finish bringing Poseidon to +18 so I can start feeding Magni some emblems. The Big Fish is still king of my roster, though.


lol yeah, and if I ever come across a defense that doesn’t have buffers and cleansers both… Magni can come in in place of second Sonya. I’m just drooling at the thought of Kiril > Isarnia > Lepus > Magni firing… BOOM!


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