The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

I already responded on the Quest thread my opinion

I thought about moving to a bigger alliance for this event, and decided I just didn’t care :woman_shrugging:


I guess it depends on how casual… despite the amount of resources/items you use, your score isn’t going to dramatically improve… at least sufficiently to make the jump to unlocking legendary if you have a small alliance.

Then again we need to define small alliance. What’s going to be the average score after the Epic tiers? 800-900k? That means you need an alliance of at least 11-13 active members who can complete those tiers to unlock the Legendary. Personally, I think we’re going to be pressed in my alliance, but it’s early yet. Maybe it just means we’ll have to be more active on recruiting to prepare for the next one.

Another interesting side-effect of this event are those who don’t have much in the way of 3* heroes because they don’t bother with keeping them around. They’re going to be dependent on the other alliance members, although, can you do the Epic tier without completing the Rare tier if your alliance unlocks it?

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Oh, bigger alliances aren’t all bad, I’ve seen a few 30 members who have not been active for months… Oh, you mean the active members, not just body counts, right, right. And I do see the sentiment you have expressed in your opinion piece, and while I think it’s wonderful that alliances can do more now than just slaying Titans, this locking access behind payment/resources driven participation isn’t what I had in mind.

My alliance is about 18/30 full, and little more than half is who I would consider active. We just pried the door open to Epic tier this morning and judging from the scores thus far, not everyone have started hitting or only did a few Rare stages. I am about half way through Epic stages, and we are a bit over the half way mark on the score needed for Legendary, I believe we can do it, but this whole setup will really test our resolves.

One of the benefits of having an alliance of long time members is that the core active members kind of knows each others’ playing habits or style and what drives or moves them. While I am going to try to do my best toe encourage people to get their hits in, I still have to prep myself for some damage control, if needed.

Sure, it is a 4 day event, but unlike individual challenges, this setup will have to hinge on members being able to handle the stages with relative handling. But the access to the bigger and better things are now hinged upon other members of the group, so this timed event while still early, would kind of put a “breathing down the back of the neck” or “someone watching you work from behind you” kind of feel, because other people might be waiting for you to make your hits.

Suddenly, this 4 day event may not seem like a very long time because people often times have businesses or scheduled events that could take days. They may as well put this into like a Seasonal calendar, but then again, what do most people do when they get more time? They typically take their time and procrastinate (guilty party here). I have already finished Morlovia even though there is still 3 weeks left to go, difference is of course, I finished on my schedule, not dependent on others.

Hence my observation being there might be quite a bit of address changes in the near future.

Very interesting observation. I think since progress is tracked as an alliance on a whole, once the door to Epic/Legendary are opened, it will be accessible to everyone. With this setup, I would say people who fed off all their 3* will have to kind of sit on their bums and wait for their alliance mates to open up Epic for them, and even worse, people who has fed off all their 3* and 4* will have to sit on their bums even longer and wait for their other alliance mates to open up Legendary to allow them to take their first whack at things.

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Yup, normally I complete these challenge types after I complete other daily events, but since it requires the alliance to unlock, it’s the first event that I was working on today.

Hopefully they lower the threshold. I thought 10M was a bit high when I saw that coming from beta. If we want more participation, I’m thinking the 5M mark would be somewhat reasonable. It would still require around 5-7 players to do it.

Yeah, I wonder if people will reconsider their advice to always feed off 3*. Ah well.

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I’d say, depends on how big and influential the Alliance Quest format eventually becomes for E&P. I’d like to think majority of the players will still hold onto their 3*s rather than not.

In my mind, there is also the scary thought that this becomes some kind of “entry test” or “rite of passage” that certain top leveled alliance might impose on their newer, maybe more 5* deprived members, is that they will be relegated to some kind of door opening duty to help get the door opened with their own rosters, for their more senior members (who decided to keep more 5* than 3s and 4s), and if they don’t, they get kicked.

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That seems kind of a perverse type of Alliance… I mean really, you don’t need that many 3* heroes, but more the merrier.

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I also don’t feel particularly motivated to complete this quest. and even finishing all 3 tiers only gives enough coins for ONE summon.

Leave it to SG to create yet another kind of summon currency too, so it’s ether that or gems. Meh.


With the change to formations rules in ‘hit nearby’ and this quests for wales only I think soon I’m going from FTP to no play. Arggg enough SG. We get it… You’re greedy.


It is very frustrating. I’m hoping aethers become more common soon, the way emblems did. Getting tired of getting stomped by limit broken monster heroes, and at the current rate, it looks like folks who can’t compete in the Knights quest might be lucky to limit break one five-star per year!


related to that…

MORE new heroes, and more costumes for non-S1 heroes coming lol

Oh, and Ninja Tower will now have the same number of floors as Magic Tower

:rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:


Three new ninjas… all five-star. Two new gargoyles :confused: (?)… both five-star.

SGG to FTP and light spenders::fu: :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu:

UPDATE: One new Christmas hero… five-star.

Merry Christmas! :gift: :fu:


also SG: see, we’re going to require you to reach a certain point Threshold in Rare for the challenge event, before you can unlock Epic. and again with Epic, to reach Legendary.

Also SG: but, no new 3* and 4* for you! nd the existing ones won’t ever be in HA!


Sorry to hear that. I know how you feel since I dropped early out of 4* and 3* tournaments in which I thought I’d absolutely make 1%. In the current one I am currently 13-2, with an A grade defense, and that only 4* heroes all the way. Only met one Alfrike though, and it wouldn’t last if it wasn’t for the Mother North bringing her back three times in a row. Certain rare combinations of heroes, namely Alfrike + 2 resurrectors are probably unbeatable for the f2p roster, still this is the power of money in its true form, represented in the current game. I simply killed Alfrike and another hero for the fourth time and ran away hence still getting some points out even out of that impossible match. BTW I went mono yellow with double cChao, sadly MNorth resisted their ability multiple times…

So I thought as I kept squashing their premium A+ defenses over and over with 4* mono teams. They just don’t care. They don’t even care about the food and iron lost, because for them those don’t matter - they will anyway buy whatever they want for cash.

You can look at this event at another angle. Say, you are a member of a small alliance , or even have a solo alliance. And you don’t even need 3* mats that much. Just join the event, complete Rare-1…and then wait in the alliance for 5 full days to assemble your complimentary prizes, which include four Aether rolls. The real bummer for me is that neither of them is fixed to be a guaranteed 3* aether, because the 3* aethers are IMO the most valuable, given the large quantity they are needed for absolutely each and every Limit Break there is currently.

My alt alliance could serve as an example. It was relatively easy for each of the alt accounts to reach at least 450 000 points from Rare - and most did go near 500 000. So with, let’s say, 10 active team members, you get 5 million or even more from Rare only. First eight stages of Epic are worth a similar amount, and frankly it is quite possible to complete them with a 3* monoblue challenge event team. So with 10 active members who have only access to a 3* blue challenge team and a sufficient amount of items, unlocking Legendary isn’t a problem.

However again from my own alliance’s perspective - the sheer fact that your alliance just unlocked Legendary against the odds will not propel it into the top 10 000 alliances (where you get the reward increase). The reward increase is also pretty small - only +1 Aether and +30 emblems. And from what I see currently the fight is fierce, yet the real competition has yet to begin - Challenge events become more competitive in the holidays, since more people have the time to play. This one will be no different.

Currently my own pocket Alliance has a score of 14 277 301, which puts it into the 14059 th place - and as we speak, it gets further pushed back. Most of my alt accounts have the ability to complete Epic, but not Legendary, which will result into my alliance getting pushed further and further behind.

So to summarize it - a lot of expensive items used from all alt accouts + the two main ones, and the Alliance score will probably not be enough to make it into the top 10 000. The rewards we all will get from the Alliance part will be just the same as if our main and alt accounts only did Rare-1…

I will push on to collect further data during the next few days and then decide for myself is it worth it at all to force the issue of competing when the next Alliance challenge event arrives, or am I just better completing Rare-1 with everyone and collecting my easy-won four free Aethers + 10 free emblems per account at the end of the event.

Yes you can. I can confirm that 100%.

It is a five-day event. 120 hours. Which makes it rough because the people that merc can understand what a huge food loss that is, staying fixed in an alliance for 120 hours.

I met numerous 2-3 and 3-2 formations after the change, and managed to beat most of them. It just requires getting used to it. Nothing more. And as I play mainly with hit-3 on the offense, I can tell you that these heroes (Grimm, Scarlett) are still powerful enough.

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This is an important observation. Thanks for making it. I have yet to play a level yet, since there are only 2-3 active players in my alliance, but maybe just doing rare-1 is worth it.


I got trap tools from completing rare, so at least that part was worth it in my opinion

Though @Noble_Weasel i understand now that the loot is random… some players only get farmable mats from their chest :frowning:


I got an orb from rare, but my ascension item from epic was a chain mail shirt :woman_shrugging:

Our little alliance (with ~12 active players? @Quinn3 ) unlocked legendary today

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Congrats guys, I just got tall boots from rare and epic, SG does not like me really, I do get 5* and now I do not even get AM.

The only thing that I do not like about this event is no AM guarantee by finishing each level but we will se at the end how do I do overall and as alliance


Commiserations on the bad RNG loot drop @egeovannyam :frowning:

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Our alliance unlocked Legendary sometimes last night / early morning because we had some players living on the US West coast that were a few hours behind us, and some living in the UK who were ahead of us by a few hours got their hits in while the rest of us slept.

Those non-guaranteed, non-farmable AM is something that will be taken into consideration for players to see whether they want to continue to participate in the future. But at least the regular challenge events are still there, let’s hope the completion rewards stay relatively untouched.

Rare I got the 2 Alliance Coins and Compass
Epic I got the 3 Alliance Coins and Gloves
Legendary I got 5 Alliance Coins and Shield

Definitely not on-par with the completion rewards of the single player challenge events. You get 2 3* Mats, some random items, and sizeable amount of emblems in the regular challenge events. There are also no suspicious chests that hides the Alliance Quest Coins to try to farm (and essentially better the scores) in these quests, and I can only say going through all 3 tiers, the most dangerous elements are probably the Incendiary Traps every 4 turns that debuffs Attack and DoT and the mana wielding enemies (Red Knight is the worst if don’t have dispellers, the Feral Wolves are too, those bleeding bites hurt quite a bit if you allow it to compound with the aforementioned Incendiary Traps). I actually used more items overall during the mob portion here than the regular challenge events (antidote is very helpful especially if you have no cleanser around or ready to go).

By the time I got to the bosses, especially on the latter levels, I am already not wanting to deal with them, I started popping in battle items and most of them don’t even get a chance to fire off their specials for me to see what they do before they died.

Will see how the rewards pay out when this thing ends. But if the rewards aren’t worth the effort, there may not be as much incentives for smaller alliance members to try to move to bigger alliances, especially if they aren’t willing to move out of their existing setup in the first place.

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Basically from our alliance’s perspective (as @Tess_01 pointed out), we accomplished with 12, but based on the scores, not everyone completed both rare and epic. Likely you can complete with 10 as a bare minimum, but reaching 1M points each is a bit tricky, so 11 provides a buffer.

As for the alliance ranking rewards, I’m not going to be fussed over that. Having everyone complete all 3 tiers will give a decent ranking, but it’s more about the individuals getting the chest rewards and a free draw.
Then again, when it comes to chests, I got a pair of gloves with rare and scabbard with epic. So no luck there.

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