The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

Welcome aboard Mutant Ninja @Muchacho

Would you like to join our rapidly-reducing-in-size hideout? We might be able to squeeze you next to @TGW’s kettle…


Indeed I do! :wink::blush::hugs::vulcan_salute:

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You’ve been invited I see…should be able to see us…

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Did you forget a word? :turtle:

Wherever, I fit lots of places. Super comfy here …


I didnt want to assume you were a teenager lol

I was at the same time they were originally. Does that count? :rofl:


Loooove it! :hugs:

2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits a dollar…



If you like I can give you a title and ask the Gatekeeper to add you to the hideout…


Just let me silently lurking here :sweat_smile:


Currently going ftp, and I’m a rebel by nature lol


Great! Let us know if you want a title and want to join the hideout :wink:


A title? Sounds important, I want to be important! :rofl:

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You’d get along quite well with my SO. He’s also more than familiar with logging from the ground up and reconstructing buildings.

Also my BFF, though I dont tell him often enough. :upside_down_face:


Is the same with me and eagle. We became best friends before we were a couple.

The couple thing was my idea. “Hey… we get along so well… and we’re both single…?”

8 years later and I still couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. :heart:

Logging I’m not familiar with. More in the “material handling” business personally. Moving stuff. Putting it on trucks.

Reconstruction? Well, I have experience with basic carpentry, painting, flooring, stuff like that. Lots of hard work for oftentimes underwhelming pay. Sometimes really bad hours, poor working conditions. Breathing in all sorts of who knows what kind of dust and fumes that will probably end up killing me some day (hopefully not today).

Actually been a while since I drove an excavator or skid steer, or even a regular forklift for that matter, but if it’s anything like riding a bike - I could probably jump into the saddle again without skinning a knee. :grin:

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We’ve been together 22 years…our daughter is 21. I was 36 when I had her. We’d known about each other for about 6 yrs before we got together. He’d dated many of my friends before that. We became great friends over that 22 yrs but fell in love quite early on. :purple_heart::green_heart: Weird world, isn’t it?

He can handle lots of those types of equipment. Jack-of-all-trades really. And no, the pay isn’t good from any of them. :woozy_face:


Dear Leadership of the FTP Rebellion,

I would like to formally offer my services, in the service of the cheap, frugal, and masochistic players of Empires and Puzzles.

My full name is Clever Cyan Gryphon, and I specialize in aerial reconnaissance, unexpected naps and stealth emotional validation.

As a fly boy, I would request the title of Captain.

@FrenziedEye as speaker, my hope is you will be able to confirm this request.

As for the rest of the rebels… Dare I ask what’s been going on in the hideout that you haven’t been out here in 2 months? And are you going to shower, or should we just burn it down and start a new hideout somewhere else?


Join the Discord Server to find out :wink:

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I would love to Guv…but I can’t find an active invite link.

Would you please hook a Gryphon up?

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(OP also updated)

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Captain (First Class Honours) @CCG, welcome

There is also a secret hideout in addition to the Discord server - if you would like to join please ask the gatekeeper to let you in

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