The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

Is that what it is? I was under the impression that it was originally a scrapped hero and Bera became the end result of what Salmon Loki was going to be. And that “non-negotiable” bit was a little play on the Q&A with devs when they talked about limit breaker and costumes for non-s1 heroes.

But I guess to a certain extent, it’s probably because they already spent some time and resources on it, and SGG rarely leave anything unused… So in that sense, it’s probably still “non-negotiable” that they were going to release the Fishy Loki.

Well, I am finding uses for HA besides level 10. I’ve always stored Recruits and Food into my TC20s, but with the Hero Academy, you can actually use it to train Troops 1* - 3* (HA2, HA4, and HA6), which is pretty much the only guaranteed way to get troops besides summoning out of the troop portal, get them as random loots off of maps or silver tokens. With Iron being used comparatively less after finishing the building upgrades vs. food, I have found myself parking my recruits and excess iron into HA6 to train 3* troops, every few days gets you one to boost your troops leveling grind. Plus with HA, although not as optimal as the Alchemy Lab, you get to do 2 actions at once. So while I drop my dupe 5* vanilla in on HA10 weekly, my other concurrent action is HA6 with 3* troops.

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Ugh, unintended HA10 break taken again. Last week Elkannen went into HA10 and this week Azlar popped out, my feed dupes tendency had me feed Azlar to the almost maxed JF instead of throwing him back in. So once again, I am out of chips to throw into the pot until I get another 5* dupe and once again, food and recruits were all prepped and ready to go too.

SG says no plans for 3s and 4s this year

Nah, the big plan this year was for so many QoL improvements. Enter the generalization of the assault wave counter.

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Thanks for the tips.

Well, folks, I finally landed a five-star aether from tournament loot this week, and from a disappointing top 10% finish, at that. It was purple, a color that hasn’t come up in the rotation yet. The bad news is, my stable of purple legendaries isn’t exactly intimidating. The strongest hero would be C. Domitia +18, and although I like her a good deal, an average speed sniper isn’t a fantastic asset to spend these rare aethers on. Next would be Sartana, and she’d probably get them if I had her costume, which seems to hit pretty hard, but sadly, I don’t. After that, it’s just Zulag and Quintus, and I don’t really think either is a great option, although a fully blinged out and costumed Quintus might benefit from pushing his attack even higher, but I have neither the costume nor the emblems needed for that at the moment.

Just double checking my logic, but my safest bet is to wait and see if I land Victor at Halloween, isn’t it? As of this morning’s generous MV, I have 33 EHTs, and hope to be close to 40 by the end of the Halloween event. That will be close to the highest number of pulls I’ve ever done in one portal at one time - might have had more in that great costume pull disaster earlier in the year. Victor + costume would be a better option than any of these, right?


Doing my usual lurking and responding even though not really FTP :upside_down_face:

I’ve not seen how it works yet for cost of 5star costume side to LB as you need to LB both sides to do the costume side. But having said that I don’t think Domitia would be a poor choice by any means especially seeing as you have the costume making her functionally fast anyway the LB plus 5 levels would probably put her pretty much like Seshat without the passive/mana link and very viable to use in all formats of the game.

That said I do like Victor too and if you were to get him it would be a tough choice for who to break.

Also 10% bracket seems to have been the lucky one this week. I got a five star green in the same bracket.

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Great question. I’m in similar positions. I’d limit break your 3s and 4s and wait another 5 months to do the fives.

Either way you can wait for victor but I’d rather get rigard and tiburtus (both who I still use a lot) boosted.


I’ve been breaking 3s and 4s (out of necessity) in other colors, and I see the wisdom in that. The hang-up for me right now is the potential to run out of projects in the next few months. Would the potential to be able to LB my fives in another few months be enough to keep me hanging on? I don’t know. And if the game runs me off before then, I would have wasted the opportunity to ever break a five. Gut feeling, I think SGG has to make aethers more plentiful after the first round of Mirages, kinda like they did with emblems. They just wanted to do a slow rollout at first and make sure they didn’t break anything.

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@Noble_Weasel what’s your highest level purple mana troop? I have a level 5 on C-Domitia and she charges in 9 tiles, functionally fast. I now use her more often than I do C-Sartana, as her cleanse or dispel is just so useful now

That cleanse / dispel and the charge in 9 tiles would make me lean towards her over Victor

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Well, as I’m a completionist, I have a purple crit troop at level 29 and some change. That’s the one I got first, and by the time I got a purple mana troop, I didn’t want to switch horses mid-stream. I do have mana and ninja troops in purple, and when I finish my purple crit troops (my first level 30 troop! Yay!) I will probably start a purple mana troop and could have it to level 5 reasonably quickly, I think.

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If you’re possibly going to quit, I don’t think limit breaking a 5 makes a difference. I ran out of quality projects a few months ago. It’s kinda helped as my troops have been eating all of my food since.

I know I use Rigard in a lot of places. That includes every war. With the rise of purple tanks, I don’t use my Sartana +18 and Obakan +18 too much. If I got an extra limit breaker I wouldn’t apply it to them. Now I do have Lepiota so I definitely will LB her before Rigard. But that’s a much different category. I wouldn’t even overly rely on getting Victor at Halloween either. I’m not sure he’s good enough to warrant it over Rigard.


I don’t suppose you have maxed troops. If you don’t, then IMO the correct way to use the Hero Academy is to constantly produce feeder troops. HA 4+HA 6 will give you the equivalent of 3 840 of feeder troop xp every 3 weeks in exchange for a substantial amount of recruits and some iron on top. Of course, for everyone who wants to actually max on troop xp production I’d recommend HA 2+4 (1* and 2* feeder troops) for the total of 4 400 xp equivalent every 3 weeks, however the iron and especially recruits costs are much higher. This way at least you are actually getting something useful in exchange for your time 100%.

IMO no, I’d go for regular Domitia with costume bonus (don’t break the costume). With a 5 lvl mana troop she can charge with 9 tiles, making her a relevant essentially fast sniper/dispeller. Second choice would be Sartana. If you do that, I believe you will be left with enough Aethers to LB a 4* and even a 3*, although probably if you do you won’t have enough left for a 4* costume. I agree with @Ruskin505 on LB a Tiburtus with cbonus or cRigard (here you will actually have to LB the costume as well).

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Yeah, right, I can use it to make troops. But the fun of this game lies mostly in getting a variety of heroes to play different fights, not the same one over and over again. And troops, however useful to enhance the heroes’ impact, don’t really bring variety to the fights. Boredom, boredom, boredom.


completely agree :slight_smile: I also decided to use HA for level 10 in the hopes of getting new heroes… I also use it for the 3* troop training, and that’s enough for me.



POV titan challenge has star requirements again. I can do 2* by myself but I have to flask to get 3* and fuhgettabout anything bigger.

POV before last I did a bunch of merc-ing at the end to get to level 48. And learned… I despise merc-ing. I hate it worse than being in an alliance with (gasp) people.

So I’m looking for a low-key alliance that will let me in at least until I finish the titan challenge. I just don’t have the energy to go through alliance recruitment again.

I need high participation but not pressure to spend or perform, if that makes sense. Hoping my fellow ftp-ers might know of a spot. I like the low-key energy of this group and feel like I would be comfortable with any of you :hugs:



Lol. I understand. Sometimes mercing can feel like a chore.

I wonder if @princess1 is looking for someone like you atm. :thinking:

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Wasn’t so much that it was a chore. Just hanging out in global chat raised my blood pressure. Too much input, like being at a loud party with flashing lights.

If there was a way I could take a number and get patiently in line for the next merc opportunity I could handle it :woman_shrugging:

I would say us… Darkest Hyrule. It may be a little too low key. We’ll get the titan done in time, but usually with only days to spare since we’ll miss out a few now and then. You can take a look. We actually just finished the last titan hours after PoV started.


Yes, sometimes chat moves way too fast. And there’s rude people too. :see_no_evil:

I believe JekylandHyde bypasses global chat for titan hunts, and mercs dead alliances only. I prefer to help an alliance in need, but I do like JekylandHyde’s efficient approach.

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