The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

Hey gang, was no one a bit surprised that the Popeye the Sailor arms quest this month seemed a bit out of the usual Elemental / HoTM order, e.g. (Ice, Fire, Nature, Holy, Dark)? I was totally expecting this month to be a Nature Aether quest.

At any rate, prior to its release, someone in another thread did question on how damages would be applied on Holy/Dark line of quests, using the first two quests for reference, where Ice heroes got a boost in specials in the Ice quest, Fire heroes got boosted in the Fire quest, Holy on Holy and Dark on Dark are considered weakened damage. Guess we have our answers don’t we? Holy heroes brought forth will have Dodge and Mana boost. I suspect the Dark Aether quest line would behave somewhat similar when it shows up.

So that means instead of bringing mostly Holy heroes, I bring my usual Yellow Titan team (Tiburtus, Sabina, Sartana, Rigard-C, and Wu). So for the first two stages I had just let the fact that enemies are immune to status ailments slide and kept Tibs in on the first stage and Proteus on the second, sure their specials didn’t do jack, but these were early stages and at least they helped with Tile Damage.

So starting from third stage is when I took Tibs and Fishface out and inserted Cyprian (who had gone unused for a while) in their place, the enemies hit hard, and I have just the hero in Cyps to take the hits, althought I guess I could have also subbed in Ameonna (also unused for a while), but I still haven’t really gotten her Ghost form timing down, I will try next time though. Kept Sartana in because she snipes, and even though no DOT, the snipe should work fast enough. Sabs and Rigs-C were there to help heal/dispel/attack buff/cleanse. Wu is there being Wu.

The mobs are already starting to hit a little hard on the 3rd level, and without any kind of defense buffer on my side, it can be cause for concern as I worked through them. Fortunately, even if the mobs managed to fire and cast the Purple special reflect, but most of my heroes specials are passive (except Sartana) that damage dealt by tiles were not reflected, and I am aware enough to make sure that when I fire Sartana’s special, it does not go on a mob enemy that has the purple special riposte on.

So I made it a point that I usually don’t really care to go a little liberal on the item usage in these type of quest lines since the game has enough of an “off-time” for me to replenish some of these (and besides, since I always go for completion in Challenge Events, I don’t ever go overboard on item usage then), so I would drop a few Tornadoes, Scrolls of Alteration, or Timestops. So I am not sure how many times they actually got to fire for me to see what their specials do before they get eradicated by Quad-Purple tiles and Wu.

So with Aether acquired there is inevitably on who they should be applied to and this gets asked every month (without fail). My philosophy, and has always been focusing on who you have on your roster and who you use most gets any sort of priority. So trying to “save” the Aethers for a hero that you might or might not get down the line while ignoring the heroes you have now, I choose to look at heroes who I have and who I use frequently as the candidates to receive an upgrade.

Of the 28 5* heroes I currently have, there is only one hero that I would consider saving my Aethers for (Isarnia), aside from her being my favorite heroine in this game, she is still my most frequently used 5*. Most of my other frequently used heroes are 4*. There is essentially no hesitation on who I LB on Fire, which were Boldtusk and Wilbur, and same thing with the Holy Aethers this time, I wasted almost no time to LB Wu Kong and Guardian Jackal. I also already have planned which heroes I am going to break when I get enough of the Nature and Dark Aethers and all of them are 4*.


I kind of sleep-walked through this month’s aether event, I’m not even sure who I used. I totally forgot at first about the reflect until I think it was level 3 before one of them had a chance to fire a special.

I think I ended up with Heim, LiannaCB, cRigard, QuintusCB and another green. I think it was Bertila. I didn’t use much in the way of items, some mana and heal. Nowhere near the recommended power level (was it 4800?).

Once again, no idea who to feed yellow aethers to. If I had Jackal he would get them for sure. I use Wu, Gretel and Griffin on purple titans but otherwise very little. I still haven’t used any red aethers. Y’all know I suffer from decision paralysis.

Haven’t regretted my LB costumed Sonya, though.


I’m not using my TOL coins this month. I have the worst luck with getting featured heroes I don’t want, and I already have an Aegir I haven’t leveled

And you know I would get another Chakk :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I hesitated to pull. Evelyn is featured. But how much of a chance do I have, with only 7 pulls? Also, I think I can do without Chak, I am not sure he would get used, and just to occupy roster space, hmmmm… So I guess I will not pull this time.


This is the exact line of thinking I have. HOTM is essentially your highest odds so save for a good HOTM. Problem will be with this terrible elemental link, I’m not sure we’ll have a good one anytime soon.


Yep, my strategy since long :+1:.

Edit: I agree with your opinion about the hotms. Nevertheless, the next one (Alexandrine) may get some love from me if she decides to turn up, because of her possible use on titans. No news about the following ones, though.


I’m eager about this. Since I plan to summon during Halloween, I’m hoping for a bang-up red HotM in October. (Got another EHT from MV this morning; up to 31.) Yang Mai was a welcome addition to my otherwise weak red stable, but she works best in a mono red stack because of her element link. A not-slow all-arounder who can do his thing in a rainbow lineup would be welcomed. Of course, Vanda could also fill that bill! :slight_smile:


Personally, I got Chakkoszrot who came with Helo (not sure what to make of the fact I’m more excited over Helo than Chakkoszrot, but whatever), so that reduced the incentive to summon on the Legends portal, or for the rest of the month… even though the chances of getting another is low… just as low as getting another Bai Yeong. While I would like to get Evelyn (have Almur), the others aren’t really that critical, so I think I’ll save for the next one. Of course, it just means I’ll get a couple of extra Dawas next time around. (4 instead of 2).

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My chances of summoning anything in this game seems to be freakishly inverse proportional to my desire of them. I didn’t want a Chakk (mostly because already 3 ahead of him in line for tabards at the time) so of course I got him on my very first August summon. HOTM that I saved tokens for, and maybe increased my spending a little more hoping to get, I haven’t ever gotten.

Twice during Atlantis I have said "I want any of those 3 featured but not that one, so of course I got “that one”.

Mostly, other than saving EHT for seasonal, I don’t save coins/keys/tokens because who knows if I will still be playing this game next month. I don’t want a stockpile of summons to be the thing holding me back if I find something better to waste time on…


Mine has been a mixed bag. For the most part I’m happy with the HoTMs I got. Chakk, I can appreciate since I got a surplus of tabards, although I just recently ascended a second Domitia. The last war had an opponent with yellow tanks, so I could use another purple attacker. But for some reason, I keep getting yellow HotMs: Malosi, Devana, Uraeus, Bai Yeong, but they were ones that I wanted. Devana I actually got with the first costume summon of the month… literally the second after the month change. I did miss out on others like Telluria (yes, I still want her), Mallicna, and Yang Mai. But it is what it is.

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I have never gotten anything other than 3*s (and not many of those, 5 maybe?) that aren’t S1, so I’m not a great gauge of luck (or maybe I am?), but consider myself lucky because I really only “want” two heroes.

BK, because, well, it’s freaking BK, and that mana sea serpent thing from AR that everyone raves about, because he seems like he’d be fun to play with.

Of course, I’ll likely never get either of them, so I’ve got that going for me. :roll_eyes::wink::joy:


Same. First time I actually paid attention to the HotM was Onatel in January 2019. I thought she looked like a really good hero that somebody would be lucky to get. Then I got her, and that was before I knew to hoard my pulls to try for a good HotM. I was just doing Atlantis pulls as I got enough coins back then. That’s also how I ended up with the only HotM I have but have no plans to max - Ranvir. I remember the forum waiting with bated breath for this sturdier Wu so they could whoop big titans. I don’t fight big titans, so with was the one HotM I could definitely live without. I think it took four pulls for him to show up! :roll_eyes:

First time I tried to consider the HotM in my pull strategy was in Christmas 2019. I decided to hold my EHTs until early January because I thought Vela was better than Grimble. (And OG Vela probably was, although Grimble was an ominous foreshadowing of the minion meta.) Got her, and a dupe while going for Falcon and Jackal later than month. (Didn’t get either!) In hindsight, I probably would have been better off with Grimble, as my blues are so stacked and Vela so nerfed that she doesn’t see tons of use anymore, while my purples are pitiful and Bera and Freya haunt my raiding dreams.

In March 2020, I went hard after Telluria - as did most everybody, since folks could tell she was completely OP. Missed out there. Also went hard after Gefjon (not HotM, obviously) and struck out there also. Accidentally landed Raff when he was HotM when I did a glut of costume pulls. Although I thought he’d be better than most people at the time, I didn’t necessarily want him, but boy am I glad I got him!

At Christmas 2020, I was so hard up for a red that I did my pulls in December instead of January so I could try for Reuben! Missing there was a blessing in disguise, especially as I got Krampus instead and landed two Bertilas in the Great Costume Portal Disaster (for me) in January 2021 anyway.

My pursuit of Yang Mai in May 2021 was well-documented here. Came really close to missing out on her before an S4 hail Mary with my Google Play credit. And although I had no real expectations of landing Devana, I did wait to do my most recent costume pulls until July 2021 because I thought she was the best upcoming HotM I had read about for the foreseeable future, and she was kind enough to reward my faith in her by showing up on a very modest number of pulls.

Still waiting to see whether October or November will have the better HotM, as I plan to pull for Halloween, and if another HotM catches my eye, I can “make it rain” with almost $7 (USD) in Google Play credit! :cloud_with_rain: :moneybag: :laughing:


Krampus is a nice consolation prize. Despite having Mother North, a bunch of Buddies, and Rudolphs, I may consider saving my coins for Christmas again. I think the best chance for me to get a taunt hero is Krampus.

She surprised me on my first costume pull of the month… She has kind of displaced Uraeus if I’m only going 2 holy as I’ll take Malosi. But having her, Uraeus, and Malosi against a Freya or Bera tank works somewhat well.

I never really thought of holding onto coins back then to aim for HotMs. I figured, if they come, they come. But now, I figure I might as well increase my odds, as small as they are. I wouldn’t have mind Grimble due to my lack of Purples, and minion counters… at the time all I would have had was Gobbler. cGormek is my main go to, but Devana does help out.


I have been dithering about this for over a week. I wished for AL combine to give me wizard emblems (for freshly leveled Hel, thank you HA10) and yay! I got my wish.

Except… can I turn down a 4* mat for emblems? If it wasn’t a tonic there would be no question, but I have 16 tonics and no one I want to give them to.

:scream: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: :scream:


Personally I go for the 4* mats. Even if I have a surplus, they’re a lot more difficult to get and you never know if you get a run on green heroes or something. Emblems are nice, but a lot more easier to get. For example, mythic titan, or ninja tower are pretty good sources of emblems.


i dunno… Five scrolls of alternation is pretty good if you don’t need any of that other stuff.:.


I’d also go for the tonics. My maximum number of tonics was 19 and no one I wished particularly to give them to (Elkanen, but I was not really hot on levelling him). The general advice is to not sit on these things. Use them. But I kept on sitting them, and since that time came Bertila, Lianna #1, Elradir and Heimdall (and Horghall, but let’s not speak about him), along with several new tonics, so that now I can ascend everyone I want to.

Emblems are dropping here and there, tonics are much rarer.


Atlantis Farming… Sea Dragons were slightly more abundant today than they had been the last few times, but it’s RNG, so I was sitting at 96 coins this morning when AR started and waited for a few more trickle in to drop the coins in… Out came Gil-Ra. Way to mood-kill the feel-good sea breeze, $GG.

Back to some more farming for additional ingredients that I could craft or transmute with, guess I will have more shots at Them Abs Triton and Tony Danzaburo in another 4 to 5 months (I don’t really quaff WE Flasks, unless there is absolutely need to… There is no super strong Titan that needed additional hits to take down, I am less than 80k in XP needed for the next level up, so that’s something, but won’t kill me if I don’t make it during AR).

But yeah, this is what I have to look forward to every time there is enough 100 coins to use.


yeah i’m not even planning to farm this time, my luck has been so bad recently that I don’t see the reason


Since I had 368 coins this morning, I started to farm. But I was less lucky than usual, I spent 8 flasks until I could pull four times. I hoped for a repeat of my luck a couple of weeks ago, when a single coin pull produced Heimdall. I wouldn’t have minded Poseidon or Kingston, especially Kingston. Alas, nope… Although I must say it was a lucky pull by any objective measure. I pulled only Atlantis heroes, two good 4* ones (Triton and Proteus), and two Muggies. I do not have Muggy, but after a short consideration of roster space, I fed them to Marcel (a good 4* guy from the circus event).


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