The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

The one thing I learned as a no-reload gamer - prepare for the worst and make your plans how to progress even if given the worst possible option again and again. Also spend your valuable resources on the place which will provide biggest percentage results.

@sleepyhead I’ve only skim read it so far.

Re your hope for Almur/Candy: it’s a super small chance but you probably already know it’s possible to get Eve* from Tavern of Legends or HA10. Or maybe Fogg from S4. :wink:

I do know someone who got Eve from HA10 (unfortunately a dupe for him). :sweat_smile:

I sure wish I had some of @Muchacho’s luck with the ToL portal. :sweat_smile:

Also, since Candy is “only” a 3* challenge event hero, you can farm challenge coins (if you feel like it), and increase your chance to get her next time. :four_leaf_clover:

Then again, you might be like me, and use up all your challenge coins plus 900 gems, and fail to get Bauchan (3* from Knights of Avalon). :rofl::sob:

*I mentioned Eve instead of Almur, since you can definitely try for her through HA10, and completing ToL.

I honestly think you may have a better chance at old HOTM 5* Eve or even S4 5* Fogg, instead of S3 4* Almur, because it’s really tough to farm for coins during Valhalla Forever.

To be clear, I feel it’s a bummer that an already hard to get 5* might be easier to obtain than a 4*, but something is better than nothing for f2p/c2p.


thanks @SamMe , good breakdown of sources and relative odds :wink: sigh. but yeah, I’ve done more than 30 summons in Teltoc without Guardian Bat (but at least I got Jackal and Owl!)

I completely agree re not pinning hopes on S3… or even S4 and beyond for that matter. the game devs have already said as much, that they nerfed Valhalla forever loot compared to Atlantis on purpose. you know, game economy. I bet they will keep doing the same in future seasons :rofl:

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I only recently added emblems to Almur. I got him last year but had “too many” Sorcerers (C Quintus, Vanda…) to even consider him for emblems. Definitely a good problem to have. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

How are you finding Almur?

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Difficult to say right now. I maxed and emblemed (def/hp path for survivability) him like 3-4 days ago? And I used him once or twice on titans. My green team is quite weak, so my damage hasn’t improved much, but I’m sure that his elemental defence down is very useful as Nordri’s special.

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Congrats on Almur and Falcon! Super jealous. I have only managed Jackal. Truthfully if you’re rolling with 3’s and getting the scores you do on 9’s you’re doing better than me :laughing:

I am using all heavily emblemed 4’s, base 5’s, and emblemed 5’s. That makes your scores impressive (and/or mine awful :wink:). Are you burning a lot of items on each attack?

Truthfully most people do. I would describe D drop as critical and elemental D drop as icing. Is it good? Absolutely. Does it help? Absolutely. Can you win without it? Yessir. Same can’t be said as easily if you lack basic D drop though IMO. That’s a much harder hill to climb.


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I use arrows all the time and sometimes once per attack one time stop (it depends on a titan). Rarely small antidotes and mana potions. I don’t want to use too many expensive items, because rewards I get for killing titans are… well… mostly poor in my opinion.
For 9* blue titan I use:
C.Brienne +18 - my only green def. down
Almur +19 - for elemental def. down
C.Caedmon +14 - sniper, high attack
Gadeirus - my only green attack buff
Melendor - for healing, I can’t wait to get his costume…

My other green options are Skittleskull, Little John, Gobbler, Kashrek and other rare heroes.
Maybe I should switch Melendor to Grevle +18. :thinking:

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For the record, i too am not strictly FTP, but most of the money i spent was in the first month or two, before i found the forum, knew what a gacha game was, before i understood the odds on pulls, while every pull was an exciting addition to my roster and even then i didn’t spend a lot. not like some of the crazy spending i read about on here. Since somewhere around month three, i’ve spent very little, and only on things that have a tangible benefit, like VIP when it’s on sale (mostly for the second builder) and PoV when it has like exactly what i need at the moment. And honestly, being a software developer, i think they should receive some compensation. just in direct proportion to how i really value it. So, I agree, being FTP (or mostly so anyway) is more about an attitude than a strict history of your spending habits. perhaps instead of vc2p i’ll refer to myself as mFTP (m for mostly). :laughing:

Haha! no doubt. Although I think what they mean by the is the overall (statistical) distribution of in-game virtual goods. Not their economics actually. i’m sure they want it to kind of look like a bell curve, so sure, 1% can have the highest concentration of troops / heroes / mats ‘ goods, and the middle 40% can have most of them, but evenly distributed, and the bottom has little to nothing.

As far as what happened with beta, why did they not just tell them that limit breakers were non-negotiable? that would have immediately set expectations and prevented a lot of negativity. i don’t get it. it’s just bad PR, on the ‘back’ side and now the ‘front’ side too. And as for limit breakers themselves, someone rightly pointed out that this is just more of the same. first emblems, now this. what if it had just been 5 more levels of emblems? would anyone have even batted an eyelash?

I just wonder what is in the cards that ‘requires’ ever more powerful heroes. And my only disappointment was that they aren’t adding non-S1 3s and 4s to HA, ever, and that they aren’t generally planning to add any more 3s and 4s ever except when new content rolls out. as in, what we have is we’ll get from S4 for 3s and 4s. :man_shrugging:

At least they didn’t completely blow off some QoL things people brought up. although, i think raid replays are way more complicated to implement than people think. but, i’m quite sure they could at least show us the team that attacked us rather easily, said so, and told us they might do this sooner rather than later. so… yay?

i could go on, lots more to respond to, but that’s enough for now.


Mine is at 16 now, and I am using him regularly. I have no other elemental green def-down hero, so he comes with me to each blue titan. There was a significant change when I put him on the team, Buddy is not a match for him, and he was all I had in green for defense drop. Buddy is not anymore on my titan teams, I found that his low attack completely annihilates the effect of his def drop. Now, making my way in the new S4 maps, Almur also holds his ground even in hard mode, with his colleagues Bertila and Caedmon, and with Mum North or Kadilen or Little John or Melendor according to needs. He is also a regular on my mono or 4+1 green raid attack team.

All in all, for me, Almur was a great acquisition for me.

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The rewards for titans are way too underwhelming most of the time to approve the usage of heavy weaponry like Tornadoes. This is just one reason why I don’t battle any big titans anymore.

Otherwise, cBrienne is used by many even on 14 level blues…but with heavy weapons, because without Tornadoes or Time Stops she dies outright. As an alternative, you could use a regular Brienne or even Wu Kong as an attack buff instead of Gadeirus. Skittles and LJ both have better tile damage compared to cCaedmon, with emblems of course.

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Yes, you are right, but I don’t have emblems for them right now.

Some people love him, some people hate him. Personally I use him only in my yellow team, rarely I have him in other teams. Maybe I would use him more often if I could give him some emblems.

an idea could be to drop Gadeirus for a higher attack hero, and use bear banners to boost everyone’s attack. I used to use Gadeirus, but dropped him because he only buffs self and flanks :slight_smile:

That’s also a good idea. We’ve already killed this blue titan, but when another one apper, I will try to improve my team and score. Thanks! :slight_smile:


happy to help :slight_smile: good luck!!

Cool team. I think there are recommendations to try more as a just see then anything is inherently wrong with what you’re doing:

1 - I was resistant at first as well to using The Wu everywhere. I eventually did and noticed the benefit. Will you have some duds, yes, but when you look at say an average string of 10 titan swings your average score will increase. His miss sucks, but that’s what arrows are for. I reset Wu, but only because I got Ranvir. The yellow reflect titans where I can use neither are BY FAR my worst scores. If I didn’t use either I wouldn’t have any hits over 100k.

2 - If c-Brienne is working, keep it. Since you’re going mono you could probably get away with only Almur if needed too freeing up a spot for someone with a better tile damage.

3 - I think you’re healer heavy in having Melendor and Gadeirus. I get what you’re going for with the A boost, but if you use The Wu you need the boost less. My only teams with an added A boost are red and blue with Boldtusk and Kiril. That is more a circumstance of options. Your two forms of D drop, assuming you keep them, should compensate in damage for the boost. I think Gad is slow too IIRC so waiting that many tile for a small A boost is of dubious worth IMO on a titan.

Truthfully aside from those two teams I don’t even bring a healer in any others. Titan swings are suicide missions to maximize damage in a way. I am not playing the “long game” in an attack outside of stunning with off colors, especially early.

Caedmon can dispel too if Melendor were gone.

4 - Tile damage is king so I would try to find room for Skittles and/or LJ. I get they don’t have emblems, but they can’t survive that different from c-Brienne or Melendor. I would consider something like this assuming you want to keep the dual D drop:

The Wu

With the drops and Wu boost your tiles will become atomic. Having two droppers also helps if you fire when Wu is active. You could also drop Skittle for Melendor if you want to passive dispel and heal. His tile damage is pretty sound. I would drop Skittles over LJ as a preference to slow mana. Green lacks in mana controller in general.

Again, just food for thought and to play around. You’re getting solid scores. My approach is kind of high risk high reward. Some people don’t prefer that.

Let us know what you try and how it goes. I would say if you switch a titan team though give it like 3 titans to see how it averages out. If you wanted to take a more scientific approach switch one hero at a time in those durations to see where the biggest impact is.

Do none of this if it doesn’t sound fun :wink:



Thank you for the advice and such an elaborate post!
I think I will try something new for sure, because I’m not quite happy with my green team, something is always missing. I really would like to keep regular and elemental def. down, but other 3 heroes I can switch to others.
What do you think about Elkanen? Do you think he can be useful on titans? Now I’m working on Brynhild, but she can’t be good in this role. Elkanen is at 4/25 now, but I will finish him after Brynhild and I can give him some emblems.


Just two pointers here. First, for players who spend very very little to none (true F2P) probably Skittles is still a better consideration, because she is one of the few targets that can eat your Sorcerer emblems.

Second, we have Tettukh, and IMO his pull rate is no different than Almur. He should be a great c2p mana control option versus blue titans.

totally agreed on that first point. your healer is most likely only going to be charged once that matters anyway, by the time it’s charged again, the battle will be almost over. Kiril, BT, and cRigard are the exceptions for me, for the attack boost.

and hey! that’s my blue titan team, except i sub in Kadilen for survivability against the special and because with emblems her attack starts to match Skittles’. I also took my cBrienne to +18 so she can survive a hit from 8*/9*s (did this with Nordri too, for reds) and then use minor healing to keep her from dying if she gets hit. Also, i only take green and red banners, minor mana, and minor healing, green to flip the d drop from the special or if i can’t get early stuns in, and because all of those items are cheap. although i sub out red banners for antidotes for red and yellow titans, and those purple titans that deal poison.

I haven’t quite hit 100k (in one hit) with this team yet, but real close. 97k or something like that on an 8*.

good luck with your titan hunting!


I have mixed thoughts TBH. I used to like using Elkanen but that’s because I had mine +18 A path and he went right after Buddy dropped D. This is more in raids and world maps though. I don’t think he ever made my titan team as after a D dropper I largely go by A value. I think Skittles me LJ maxed will have/had higher A values. His emblems helped him A LOT.

That being said if survivability is a question his self heal can assist with that without losing a slot to a healer or lessen the blow of a flank only healer like Kashhrek or Brynhild.

I was going to say her sandwiched between Skittle and LJ in a titan team would be good with Wu and Almur or something. Great pull, congrats! I STILL don’t have a healer for rogue emblem quests, so she will shine there for sure. :+1:

I have neither (I also don’t know what S4 heroes do as I haven’t started it yet or cared to get into it). While they have better odds then say an event hero like Peters for green mana control they are certainly not a given. I have beaten S2 normal and hard and done several coin pulls from AR and only have Danzaburo and Ameonna as 4* or 5* to show for it. There is still an obtainability gap over a vanilla, which eventually guaranteed.

Yes and no. I think we splitting hairs TBH. LJ and Skittles have nearly equal base A values (I didn’t go back and look it up). You can do what Skittles does with an axe though, which is fairly inexpensive and you would gain the benefit of doing it whenever needed, not waiting in slow mana. Slowing a titans mana gain when you’re having survivability issues is arguably better than even boosting your D as, depending on tiles, you can reduce special hits during a fight 1-3 times or so.

If we get into vanilla emblem options sorceror is limited. I would prefer Sabina over Skittles as, if you stick to the game for a while, she will take longer to outgrow. Pretty much everyone who hangs around outgrows Skittles fairly quickly. Not to say you shouldn’t use Skittle while she adds value, I certainly did. Some heroes have better long term use than others.

Barbarian is certainly a tougher field with some long term staples like Grimm and Gormek as competition. I would personally feel better splitting emblems on those 3 as I used them for a LONG time and the only reason I don’t use Grimm much is I lucked into Athena in ToL. A F2P will use all these heroes unless when “the magic strikes” it is a paywall hero that is an upgrade to them. They would be a high priority then a “temporary” emblem dump into Skittles resources being scarce.

Like I said though, I think these are personal preferences and semantics more than rules. Never hurts to hear more options though.



I just pulled Zila Lei. Heh. I’m already feeling much less excited than I did, before recent events…

anyway, anyone here have her? Any thoughts and impressions so far?

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