The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

Congrats @Sam-I-Am . The HotM has a lot of potential.

As for limit breakers I don’t really care. I get they will further distort game balance and were pretty much unnecessary. I stopped being competitively though a while ago. I skip a lot of stuff. While that means I fell irrevocably behind, it means I still really enjoy playing the parts I do play. I would be furious if I was one of the F2Pers who grind like heck to keep up though. It hurts them the most.

What do you think?



I will wait and see how things play out, but the release of limit breakers, and costumes for non-vanilla heroes, has seriously made me consider…

a) settling for lower loot tiers in challenge events and mythic titans
b) skipping wars
c) dropping down to the bottom of the raid tiers

But I will see. maybe the war opponents my alliance faces, also won’t be able to limit break their heroes so easily… and maybe I hover low enough in low Diamond that i won’t feel it yet.

I replied here in the ‘will people leave because of limit breakers’ thread:

My post in will people leave because of limit breakers

but there are a lot of great posts in that thread and the About limit breakers thread about the implications. Like i said in the first link, i just don’t see how it will improve anyone’s gameplay experience, yet they did it anyway. :man_shrugging:

a lot of people think it’s just a way to wring more money out of the people at the top, which i’m sure is quite possible. Anyone with level 30 troops and all the best heroes won’t think twice about dropping some more $$ for limit breakers to stay on the top. for the rest of us, probably won’t change anything for quite some time, really, then we shall see. :thinking:


The way things are, Limit Breakers will just be the tip of the iceberg, they already opened Pandora’s Box and constantly taking nasty jabs at its last remaining denizen (Hope), there is no stopping them from releasing Limit Breaker beyond Limit Breaker.

I would also use an Anime for an example, Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z… A long time favorite, and probably still enjoyed by many. But to me, it has gone long enough and way past closure time, and very well could have and should have ended by the end of the Cell saga, but they had to go ahead and release the Majin Buu saga. Fine, and it very well could’ve ended there (Manga Tankoban volume 42). But no, it just does not go away, they keep finding new ways to power up the heroes to beyond and beyond (Dragon Ball Super) - I didn’t read any Super, because I initially thought it was just a fan made thing, until I heard Toriyama (the original creator) has a hand in it as consultant, that just made me sick even more. Not even revisiting old characters was enough to get into it.

To me it really cheapens the awe inspiring Super Saiyajin moment that was initially achieved because they kept powering / ascending the protagonists beyond to another power level, then another, and then another, like adding new contents for the sake of adding new contents and constantly moving the goal post back (hmm, sounds familiar?)

Any way, back to this game, not going to lie that they moved the goal post back yet again with LB release is yet another frustrating thought. But as long as there is not any contents that is only accessible through having LB or having to pay, it does not affect me really all that much, just more things to do for my mostly vanillas. I don’t do most of the PvP things in this game already, so it won’t bother me much if all LB does is to make me lose more virtual cups, ham, iron and more raid tourneys. I have also at the start, always went for completion over competition in my playstyle, so yeah, I always aim to finish challenge events for the mats. I finished Ninja Tower twice just to say I did and so I won’t get the emblems from going further, no big deal.

I am already behind, there is no point to try playing catch up. But I will say, that these slew of new features / heroes being pushed out by the truckload would likely make it harder for new players to start to get into it (especially for F2Pers) to get into, because the gap has already grown to a chasm status that unless they are willing to patiently grind, as I had, it will likely lead to frustration city. Knowing what I know now, if I had never played the game, and I would probably tell myself to not even start.


Y’all race a lot of stuff up there in Wisconsin, don’t you?

Wow! Fantastic pull. Since I didn’t much rate Elrandir, I didn’t pull in the circus event, but if I had, Candy would have been the prize (among easily attainable heroes) for me also. As you said, a three-star yellow healer is rare!

This is almost exclusively how I target my pulls these days. Best chance of a non-S1 legendary. Smart play, methinks.

Congrats also on your great pull, @Sam-I-Am . I am sure you all will come up with great uses for Elrandir that will make me feel stupid for not going after him.

At first, I was mostly OK with them, since even the legendary aethers will have (eventual) guaranteed availability through a recurring quest. But the more I think about them, the more annoyed I become. They simply give us more of the least enjoyable part of the game (grinding to max your heroes), and they do have the potential to make certain war defenses dang near invincible in the medium term. Mostly, I’m ticked off that they represent a Godzilla-sized middle finger to the player base, who begged SGG not to roll them out.

I’m not gonna launch into a tirade about how “greedy” SGG is - I’m 100% a capitalist - but between aethers, non-S1 costumes, and the shorter cool-down for MV (which I obviously don’t mind at all), it is painfully apparent that these decisions are being made with only one thing in mind - the final installment of Zynga’s purchase of SGG in May 2022. Not player enjoyment, not longevity of the game… nothing else. It really looks to me like if E&P goes belly-up in June 2022, the powers-that-be at SGG will still consider that a win, as long as the check they get in May 2022 is of a certain size. And you know what? Maybe if I were in their shoes, I’d do the same thing. But it sucks for those of us who have enjoyed this game for so long to see it sacrificed on the altar of pure profit. A truer example of killing the goose that laid the golden egg cannot be found. Easier to cash in now and not have to worry about pesky QoL and player retention issues.

In the immortal words of the theme song to Monk - and somebody please tell me I’m not the only one who loved that show - “I could be wrong now… but I don’t think so.”

The fact that the way they show a limit broken hero is turning the hero’s first chevron purple is rather ominous, isn’t it? You know they are just itching to make us turn them all purple… and more than a few people with more money than sense are dying to pay for the opportunity to do so.


When the idea came out, I did not have such an aversion as the people in general, because it looked like a next set of ascension mats, basically with the same availability for everyone: regular quests. I thought it will represent the same bottleneck for everybody, being democratic in a sense. As well, I was wondering, do I really hate levelling heroes? No, in fairness not at all. I rather like it.

Since then, my thoughts have changed a bit, though not radically in the direction of hate. If their availability will indeed be similar to that of the ascension mats, then the effect will likely be stretching out the player field, but it will not change the ranks. Just as the mats, the breakers will be more available for top players, simply because they will drop e.g. from titan loots, I suppose with probability according to titan levels. Availability, in a way, will be proportional to rank. And thus, I will likely not lose my rank, I will stay where I am.

But. Since the difference between forces of the top-top and the top-middle (and etc.) will be larger, I will be less likely to win against a top opponent. Others, coming from below, will also less likely win against me, simply because I can get more breakers with my 8-9* titans and my good teams in the quests than them. So the mobility of the game will decrease a lot, and that is sad for me. I enjoyed that I have a chance to win against the top dogs. And in all honesty, did not mind at all if others below me took my cups. Okay, be happy with them, I will get them back of those off whom I can get 40 cups or more!

All in all, I am afraid that the game will become less exciting without this unpredictability and agility.

Another thing. This happens at the same time as this flood of new heroes. Maybe this huge diversity will restore some interest in the game? When there are so many new portals and good heroes are dispersed over all of them, less people could afford to go after all or most of them. Will we see here, where we are, below top level but still relatively high, a diversification of teams with more challenges, and more opportunities to discover synergies, well-working teams?

So I am not very much optimistic, but watching curiously how it will turn out.


I did not know that. All right, that puts context around the whole thing…


btw, i think it’s telling / funny / bothersome that the quest for the limit breakers is called ‘Mirages of Omega.’

You may think this is the end (of maxing your heroes), but your eyes are fooling you.


Thanks @sleepyhead for the gif, borrowed from the memes thread.


glad you like the gif @Sam-I-Am :slight_smile:

This is really what it feels like to me… and also, all the resources going into limit breaking. I enjoy using a variety of heroes, and I enjoy fighting a variety of defenses (hence why I stay in low Diamond).

I do think limit breakers will affect the highest echelons of the game the most…

What gets me though , is that SG still pushes it through despite overwhelming negative feedback from forum posters, beta testers and even some mods. Even though SG asked people to join beta and give their feedback. So what’s the point of them asking then…


Excellent observation!

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As an F2P player I have already have some disadvantage against players with the best heroes in the game. This will make it worse.
This feature will reduce the war scores for all alliances.

I think the top players will be most likely focusing on 5 star heroes.

So my plan will be this:

  • I will focus on 3 stars first. I will limit break 4 or 5 three star heroes and 1 four star hero after the first quest.
  • I will limit break a five star hero after the second quest from the same element.
  • I will limit break two more four star heroes after the 3rd quest from the same element.
  • I will limit break another five star hero after the 4th quest from the same element.

Hoard them. I doubt I’ll make much use out of them. Most of our wars are with middling alliances so I don’t imagine we’ll see a lot of them, maybe the odd one.

Maybe I will pick a hero that I have on defense and/or use often. More than likely a hero that I think I would always use. Mother North comes to mind as a resurrection hero with 50% possibility never goes out of style. Of course that’s really 25% for me, and 75% on the defense which averages to 50%, but that’s another matter.


Compared to everything I’ve read from others I guess I’m in the minority that at least doesn’t hate them.

I look at each aspect of the game:
Map stages: this will make completing easier stages easier for folks. This doesn’t impact me as I’ve finished through season 3. I’m wondering if I’ll need limit breakers to eventually complete season four. But that’s a year out so I’m not super worried.

Raids: emblems will go to defense first. Luckily I’m an avid cup dropper so if I limit breakers my heroes and my platinum opponents aren’t there yet then I have an advantage. I only raid to fill the chest anyways. Wouldn’t do it much otherwise. Do wish there was an autoplay button when I’ll clearly win.

Titans: bigger titan scores means more loot.

War: similar to raids but here I’ll lose more. I’ve always been curious what people want the win rate to be. From other posts top players win over 80% of raids. Yes it’s fun to win, but does it need to be so high? If it drops to 70% no problem. I was one of the few that loved field aid wars because of the strategy even though it lowered win rate. If SG also drops the 20% buff then it nets out to no impact unless offense uses top heroes in which they’ll have an advantage. Good luck getting that right.

Challenge events: best heroes here aren’t necessarily the common ones to limit break. Those going for top scores may choose differently but i doubt I’ll notice a difference trying to get top 10k/5k/10k. This also applies to mythic titan and ninja tower.

Resource management: this will be flag and resource intensive.

Summary for me is I don’t see a problem. So I’ll lose a little more. We don’t track win rates or scores in my alliance. I doubt I’ll see a large change relative to my alliance members.

Biggest reason to hate this is if you’re a paying player. Money spent to get to a certain level in the past does not equal future success.

If limit breakers are not included in offers that would help to address the “gap” between p2p and f2p. Wel inevitably see a large request to increase the availability and I expect one day they’ll be for sale.

The biggest question I have is why? SG knows they can make more money from costumes or new content. Why bother with this? Why not change emblems to 25 for the time being? I can’t imagine this increases revenue much more than new heroes do.

I hate to say this last part but part of me wants players to quit beta. The biggest reason I spend so much time on the forum is to boost my profile so I can get into beta. I want to do it just to play around with new heroes that I’ll never get otherwise. If more quit, maybe that opens some spots up? I was even debating taking over creating some master threads but @PlayForFun has stepped up wonderfully!


Thanks again @Gartenerbsen, and congrats on both Candy and Elradir!! :partying_face::tada::tada:

Wowza, 35 EHTs. That’s a really nice stash which may be enough for a HOTM or seasonal 5*. Good luck with your SE pulls! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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Congrats on your Elradir @Sam-I-Am! :partying_face::tada:

I’m strongly against limit breakers. We already have to collect mats for ascension. Then they added emblems. It is too much for me.

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I am kind of the same as I outlined above @Ruskin505 . The difference it’ll make to my play style and game is very small.

I have 2 unrelated questions as well I figured some of you may know:

1 - How do costumes in HA work? Is it true you can only get a costume out of the 5* you retrained had a costume?

2 - I couldn’t find it when I looked but does anyone have details on next months HotM? I expect SE to overlap with June and July. Intend to blow all 12 current EHTs plus the 2 you get (usually) from the event. 14 will be my biggest attempt to date (I am not a great saver) so :crossed_fingers:.

I am saving up to 3k gems again. Over 1k so making headway. Costumes was my last 10 pull and I was a little burned. Leaning towards S3. It’ll be a while yet.


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If you just want the threads for the HOTM:

Do you prefer holy dispeller with powerful minion? Or slow sif/Odin counter?

Both will be good for very fast, but I only see myself using Devana in regular usage.

I’m having the same quandary. I’ll probably do a few pulls but I’m more likely to save for Halloween.


Thanks @Ruskin505 . So SE will overlap with July and August not June and July? For some reason I had it in my head it was earlier. :man_shrugging:

I didn’t know that was a thing … I also don’t have a good reason for posting here beyond “Just ‘cause”. :laughing:

By the zero power vested in me by anyone of any kind of authority (rightfully so) I dub thee approved as a beta tester. You may now kiss whomever/whatever you deem appropriate . Just tell them Muchacho sent you at the door :+1: (be ready to duck)



I have not seen anything to that effect. AFAIK, it is just a 5% bonus chance on any S1 retrain.

I feel like Devana is the better of the two. If I were pulling during SE, I’d target her even though I’m out of darts.


Whoops that’s my bad. I don’t know when it will be. Last year it started June 29 so you’re probably right. I have a longe rbacklog of green heroes than holy so I’ll still go July if I do summon.

I don’t think anyone knows what it takes to get in beta but given one of the questions is your forum name and you need a certain trust level to even see the post, I’ve seen speculation that more active forum users are more likely to get accepted. So after not getting in last beta application phase I ramped up my forum use.

I’d also be open to being a moderator. I’d love to merge threads more easily. I’m a big believer in forum organization. I like to give back. The quest for beta/moderator and well as helping on the forum is more fun than the actual game.


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