The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

I have emblemed a number of key 3* heroes myself. Basically every healer (S1+Grevle+Frosty), cRenfield, cTyrum, Gill-Ra (great for rush tournaments), Chochin, Kvasir, cGunnar (staple for most tournaments), cValen (had spare fighter, so figured why not), Nordri, cBrienne (def down is great, or berserk whichever is needed), Mnesseus, Jahangir, Ei-Dunn, Bauchan.
I’m hurting for cleric, otherwise I would consider Pixie. I do have some spare Druid, so maybe I should give some to Melia.

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This is the one that’s killing me right now. Gunnar is such a boss in 3-star tournaments, and yet, I just can’t see diverting anything from Heimdall until he’s at least +18. He’s currently at +12.

Yeah, he’s great for the 3* tournaments. The thing is how my roster got built up… I never had much in the way of Paladins. I think my first 5* I emblemed was Clarissa… and only gave Richard emblems because I had no one else to emblem. There aren’t a lot of S1 Paladins (Thorne, Sonya, Cyprian are the others that come to mind). I’ve already added some to Sonya, but unlikely to give to Thorne or Cyprian. As it is, I barely use Richard or Thorne, but unless I want to emblem another Sonya, I don’t really have much use for Paladin emblems at the moment.

re 3s, the only reason I haven’t emblemed them up further is because I focused first on key 4s (to cover more of the game content); then on 5*s (for further advancement in wars and the 5 arenas).

I did take my key 3s to +6 / +7 / +9 (depending on class) early on, to give me a bit of edge in 3 tourneys and challenge events. But it was the 4*s where I pushed past +9 .

I remember reading that tourney matchmaking is based on the top 5 strongest eligible heroes per tourney, so I also did not want to create severe imbalances among my key 3s (I did the same thing with my 4s and 5*s, trying to ensure that I would emblem them in sets of 5-10, so my roster would not be lopsided).

In fact, now the majority of my 3*s, in all classes, have at least +6 in emblems. All my Sorcerers and nearly all my Paladins and Clerics are now +9.

@Muchacho There’s a slim chance of a shiny, new hero. Most of the time we will get nothing. But somehow, magic happens occasionally.

Btw, I look at your Gullin+20 with strong approval. :wink: I actually reset my Gullin+11 (second time actually :sweat_smile:), plus a bee guy today.

Even though I’d prefer to keep emblems on both heroes, I reset them for Alberich. My first non S1 re-training from HA10. :star_struck:

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@SamMe hearty congrats on your lovely new Alby! yay! what a great pull :slight_smile: all that grinding has paid off!

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Thanks @sleepyhead! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Somehow it happened for me, very soon before I was shutting down HA10. :rofl:

maybe the game read your mind, and became desperate to keep you running HA :rofl:

Are you power-leveling Alby? If not, I’d have left those emblems in place until you are ready to emblem him. Otherwise, they’ll just sit around useless waiting on him.

@Noble_Weasel No, I’ve finished Alby. I’ve used him on my war defence. :slightly_smiling_face:

I stopped constantly levelling up heroes a long time ago. So I had feeder heroes ready when I got Alby. Then I just used multiple tc1 to finish off the rest.

If I really want to level anyone quickly I can use tc19 non-stop until I’ve finished. :rofl: There’s also HA3 for guaranteed 2*/min but I’m constantly running HA10, and the 2* troops one.


Good deal. I guess I always have to have something to focus on, so I just use up my trickle of feeders as they come in!

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Congrats @SamMe ! Alby is one of the few first generation HotMs that has stood the test of time. I saw a lot of him in this most recent VF war.

I don’t know your full roster to know if you have other overhealers, but I may have left the pig with emblems. The porker is so big in my roster, a real prize pig if you will. That being said I think both Alby and Gullinbursti can work unemblemed, or not max emblemed, for a time due to their abilities. It’s more an “ida”. (I’d have done it this way…).

Congrats though, super happy for you!


Unrelated tangent:

Where I live they have pig races at the state and county fair and the winner gets to the plate of Oreos at the end first. Matches racing wieners and human hockey pucks I guess …


As I have written in the HA10 thread, happy to hear about your luck, @SamMe , and it’s excellent that you could level him up at once! As for me…

I was arrogantly asking Dame Fortune for Elradir…

She gave him to me! Last day of the event, I went to the portal with my collected 42 coins. He came with the last pull! Candy, a yellow event 3* also arrived, which is a great pleasure. She is a healer. I like healers, and I had no one in yellow 3*. She is already on a rich diet of yellow feeders, gaining strength every day :grin:.

So now I am afraid I exhausted my luck for the next few months. But probably, I will still try again next month at SE portal. Since last October, I collected 35 golden coins, so maybe something else arrives, not only Jabbar and Arman and Hisan. I’d be pleased with the next HotM.

I am on my way to become a HotM collector: seems to me these are better than the usual S1 lot, and far more available than the event heroes even if not that good.


Just a question: is that the winner PIG who gets to the plate of Oreos? That would be fair.

Congrats on the HotM @Gartenerbsen ! He sounded really cool. Almost like what Reuben was supposed to be in some ways. Enjoy!



Congrats @SamMe on Alberich, and @Gartenerbsen on Elradir! i got Elradir (along with my eleventy-ith Mnesseus) in the last few minutes of Atlantis Rising with coins from seadragons. i got a lot of coins last time through intensive farming, and was going to save them, but decided i’d make one pull on the off chance i could maybe pull Wilbur, Triton, or another Proteus, and bing! he popped out. happy to have another 5* green to work on.

How do people here feel about the limit breakers? i don’t suppose it will affect me much, until everyone we face in wars has a limit broken defense team, and we’ve only got a few heroes limit broken, like whoever is on our defense. hope it doesn’t turn wars into a real pain. time will tell i guess.


So before the race starts they put the plate at the end. The winner obviously gets there first for first dibs. Depending how close the race is other finishers get some too. Not sure anyone wants to risk actually giving the pigs the Oreos. The cookies are just sitting there for them.


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Okay, I think I see the picture :grin:!

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Good pulls @Gartenerbsen congrats and enjoy!!! I also really want Candy :slight_smile:


I kind of hate the idea, and the way SG is handling it. as evidenced by my post here


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