The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

I don’t… not even for challenge events. I’m just in it to complete it. For challenge events it’s too much time investment for rankings, for me. For the NT, just getting to end means a lot of emblems and a possibility of a 4* AM… and another shot for Dawa in the ninja summons.

For class trials, I don’t usually need to use items, although the last one (druid/cleric), I had to, surprisingly. Maybe it’s due to the lack of heavy hitters on my part.

I just completed upgrading my HL a few days ago. Now the question is what is worth researching. Probably just going to stockpile harpoons in the meantime.


from HL, I like Titanium Shields. I use them on tough bosses and the last stages of Ninja Tower as a backup, in case I need a couple of turns to charge my healer or otherwise regroup. it’s fun watching the bosses reflect nasty damage back to themselves :slight_smile:


I usually just try to stay in the tier that gets you an ETT for rare and epic. Even that has been a challenge lately.

Yeah, that one is the one that remained challenging for me the longest. I really just felt comfortable for the first time yesterday, when I plugged in Hansel alongside C. Sabina, C. Chao, Gafar, and the Pig. That’s enough to keep Viv’s heal at bay long enough to inflict the necessary damage. Lotta special heroes in that group, though. Doing it with just the S1s is tough.

Yeah, those research costs are nutty, and food is usually at a premium for me.


Yup, that’s the same with me. Sometimes I’ll have to replay a few stages, but that’s all the effort I’m going to expend. I’ve even missed the ETT tier sometimes.

Oops… I need to rethink my hero lineup since I’ve been using my default S1 heroes for the longest time. Given that I do have Hansel and C.Chao, I should consider putting them in. Hansel in particular has been one of my favorites since I got him.

Pretty much why my advanced mines are sitting at 5 right now… but, I’m going to be finished maxing my houses soon, which leaves the advanced mines as my last buildings to upgrade. Probably another week to complete the houses and then a month for the advanced mines. After that, my poor lonely builder can finally rest after a little more than 3 years of base building. Looking at my achievements, it’s been just over 3 years (completed tutorial on 9 June 2018).


For Cleric trials I recommend two mana blockers. The cleric talent (and the monk talent!) can activate quite often. That’s why I do double Hansel :slight_smile:


I am done with all of my buildings upgrades except for Alchemy Lab, which I just started 8 going on 9 with about 10 days left to go. Then right after that it is from 9 - 10, then of course it is just doing the last 6 researches associated with these 3 levels. Not that I am necessarily going to use those levels, but I don’t like to leave things unattended (just like I researched TC14 - 18 for giggles).

Of course, since the infrastructures are already there, you know it will only be a matter of time before they update the Stronghold and allow for more Advanced Mines / Farms / Iron & Food Storage for whatever more $ making schemes they are brewing up in their $ making cauldron.

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I take a very different approach. I emblem all levels of heroes - 3*, 4* and 5* heroes. Being able to almost finish a 3* hero for 200 emblems is great value for me in raid tournaments, as I can get more emblems for better finishes.

In this way, spending emblmes on 3* and 4* heroes actually increases my overall emblem count, and makes my while lineup more powerful overall.

I currently have 17 3* heroes with emblmes, most of which are at +20
I have 18 4* heroes with emblems, most of which are at +20
I have 12 5* heroes with emblems, most of which are at +18

I could only have gotten all these emblmes in a year and a half of playing by completing challenge events, emblem quests, farming chests, Completing POV and scoring well in tourneys as many weeks as I can manage.

I’m not adding emblems to everyone, but key heroes who are elite for my team composition are prioritized.

Might make my future battles more difficult if everyone does this, but… Not fair for me to have good advice and not share it.

We grow strongest when we grow together.


Condolences Tess.

It was challenging, and quite irritating IMO.

Not my favorite event, but managed similar performances as the past 12 months.

Hope you decide to keep playing, and find joy in your successes.

No one always succeeds in climbing Mount RNG in E&P. Hope your struggle helps you learn and grow stronger.


I recently uploaded a set of 4 videos to my YouTube channel which show how to quickly and safely bring a completely fresh account from the start up to level 10 without any money. Since those videos will be helpful extremely to f2p players who want to get that free ViP pass on their main account without too much trouble, if there is enough interest, I can make them visible to all who would need that info. So I’d like all who want that info to notify me.


I would be interested. I might not do it, but I’m curious. I’ve only had one alternate account so far… going from level 9 to level 10 was excruciating

Great timing that you say this @CCG . I’ve been running out of projects in more classes, and I might be ready to start taking some of my 3*s past +9 soon. I have surpluses in Sorcerer, Paladin, and soon Druid and Cleric. Barbarian and Fighter will come soon as well. With surpluses in more than half the classes, it might be time

Will also focus on key 3s, just as I have with 4s

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Actually, @Muchacho, if you have his costume (though I seem to recall you don’t), he can be a nightmare at the backcenter of a W formation. A purple Sif. Just yesterday, I was simply washed away when he went off after getting some tiles from an unintended match. But without it, I agree: rather Sartana. Obakan can wait for his costume at 3.70, while Sartana will happily snipe your enemies into oblivion.

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+1 on riposte heroes being nightmares in doubles/ reverse doubles. they can really punish a bad board… lost 3x to an Elena-C in that position. still annoyed lol


I find the mid-stages the hardest. The early levels, my fully emblemed 3* can very well take care of. Then come 4s. But I have a problem when to change them for 5. I cannot seem to be able to get used to having a LOT of 5* and good 4* heroes to combine, and I am afraid of using them too early. So I lose around level 30, when you should change up gear. Which is stupid, since I have now a deep enough roster…


I have a similar struggle. I get a bit better every NT at figuring out when to start using 5*s, as I’ve been trying to pay more attention to which heroes remain unused at the end. it is heavily roster dependent though! and playstyle too - when I started using mono, I realized I had fewer “spares” in some colors (e.g. Blue, my only healers are 2x Kiril and the unreliable healing from Aegir…)

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This is true of me on ToL. I always switch to 4’s from 3’s late so somewhere around levels 4 or 5 I have a tough go.

We’ll see. I am getting Obakan and Elena to 3:70. Maybe I will get Sartana and Isarnia there next before ascending anyone. I am kind of waiting on SE where I plan to burn my EHTs as some of those 5’s would be the same color as a 5 I could ascend now.

As for summoning his costume, my luck is terrible. Not even @SamMe , one of the most optimistic people here, could help me :laughing: Although I appreciate her trying! :+1:



This is me. I’m starting to run out of good high-level options in some classes - barbarian, cleric, sorcerer, and druid, for sure. I have emblemed Azar, Nashgar, Namahage, Hawkmoon, Chochin, Jarvur, Nordri, Kvasir, and Mnesseus to between +18 and +20 each. Have started Melia also, and thinking of doing Gill-Ra and Janhangir also. The problem is, many of my best 3-star heroes are in classes where I have a significant backlog of heroes needing emblems - fighter (Elena, Bertila, Magni), wizard (Onatel for the foreseeable future), and now monk (Yang Mai and Leonidas), paladin (Heimdall for the foreseeable future), and ranger (Khagan for the foreseeable future).

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I spent months 2 through 5 when I first started playing E&P doing the same thing, and loving the ~60 days of VIP I got for free doing it.

Helped me get to TC20 in under 7 months, which has been very fruitful, mostly runnning two TC20s.

For F2P players, TC20 is the gateway to the good life.

Then it’s just another 1.5 years to HA10. ROFL.

Actually, it’s 120. 130 if you invite your starting account with another 7+level account. But all that and many more things are explained in those videos.

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Yup, its a challenge.

For me, I don’t move emblems around on heroes, so once they’re on, they stay on (except for Bane and Valen, who were rightly stripped of emblems because they’re meh). So, for 200 emblems (that’s roughtly 4 levels on a 5*) I can take a 3* hero from decent to very strong.

The impact to my teams in tournaments is significant.

Now, I have pain points too - I’m struggling to find rogue, ranger, fighter, monk, paladin and druid emblems across all my teams, and the would look really good on my 5* def team.

But, Jackal and Falcon get priority because of titans. Once they are done, then I’ll look at who should be next in line. As long as I’m not wasting resources adding and removing emblems, they all help. just in different facets of the game.

Best of luck prioritizing! :grin:

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