The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

Congrats @Noble_Weasel , you are a top notch F2Per for sure. :+1:

I agree with the sentiment of 4’s. I would say most of my truly key heroes are STILL emblemed 4’s and I am battling well into diamond these days. I also target the larger teams in wars; 4300 TP< +/-. The emblems are key, get them to 18-20.

As for the comparison to @sleepyhead , I think you owe our tired friend an apology. You may be referencing some of my lucky blue pulls, but our narcoleptic comrade’s roster is heads and tails above mine as is his time commitment and dedication. He is a phenomenal player.

So per the early suggestion @Sam-I-Am and some others I got back to basics with a real grinding team to work through S3 hard. I am still in province 14 (been raiding a lot lately, but here are two examples:

It is very similar to my challenge quests teams I used to run a year or more ago with the
exception of adding a few key pieces, namely Gullinbursti. One difference is back then my riposters had emblems, they have both been stripped to +1.

The pig for overheal and damage output, Gretel for mana control (still my best option), costumed Boril for riposte, costumed Melendor for HoT to offset DoT’s, dispel, and D up. The 5th usually goes to a hitter.

Joon for blind and power. I used costumed Lianna to help slow mana on a boss. I rarely use her in costume but I think in maps that may change. I just need to remember to put her back as she is in my D :laughing:. I didn’t want to lose two slots to riposters for max damage and coverage so I use Boril’s costume. I know the percentage is lower but I like the full coverage with a single slot. It hasn’t proved an issue yet, but I have a long way to go. Not even half way in hard yet.

I miss having a D drop. I used to use Buddy on my quest teams for the A & D drop and minion meat shield. I am curious to see how the teams shape up with other color combos too. Given I am in the same province I made the change a lot of the colors combos haven’t needed too much tweaking.

Did the first half of my very first very fast war … all my previous wars the special ability has made some nuance or wrinkle, but this is a whole different game. I managed two one shots. The third didn’t have a great board but I still got the tank, who happened to be QoH. Happy to have taken her out, I actually did 2 or 3 times thank you Mother North :laughing:. I see a lot of her, Alby, and Alfrike.

Changed my war D to accommodate. Usually it stays the same. Last I checked it was only attacked once, but the enemy one shot me. :man_shrugging:. I wish you could watch your D fight some times.

Thanks to some recent additions we’re dropping 9’s and I hope to maintain that. We soft cappped at 8’s typically prior. The higher the titan the better the loot. The trick is getting A, the newbies are no slouches! :laughing:

Good luck out there!



Holy CRAP. That’s awesome! Congrats!

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you definitely seem to have a really good roster already! and based on your bench development so far, it makes a lot of sense you would do dupe 5* and HOTM before doing 4s (unless perhaps those 4s are really unique, like if one has Proteus but not Hel, or one has Jackal but not C-Leonidas).

I do agree with @Saros and @Muchacho , that prioritizing 4*s makes sense for players who have very few non-vanilla heroes. But this does not seem to apply to you. On your point re having to get used to the FTP/C2P situation/mindset, yeah, you will probably feel it more as your backlog of heroes shrinks and the flow of new ones slows down. But if/when you reach that point, everyone here will be happy to help with “who do I ascend next” or “where should I pull” type questions :slight_smile:

@Muchacho you are very kind, thank you! I do play a lot (some days, I think too much lol) which indeed contributes to my relative (for an FTP) luck in pulls. That grinding for coins and gems and such adds up… though I cannot deny I’ve also gotten crazy lucky streaks. But in the end, the more one summons, the more likely one will get something good.

re tired narcoleptic friend. I kid you not… I saw this when I woke up, started typing a response while still in bed, and fell asleep in the middle of my reply… lol

happy that the game is becoming fun for you! hope your grinding through S3 hard nets you some good S3 summoning luck… and may it be better than mine. for reference (and not just for you @Muchacho as I know you have a good grasp of the odds, my mind wandered here so I am sharing it for all!) , I used up all the free S3 coin pulls (from map completion + final stage rewards), AND a gem 10-pull, AND 2 single gem pulls.

If my rough math is right:

  • 36 provinces x 10 stages x 8 coins (normal + hard) = 2880 coins = 28 summons
  • 800 coins total end-S3 rewards = 8 summons
  • 12 from gems

48 summons, let’s round it up to 50 (adding random coin drops from monster chests etc.)

What do I have to show for it?

  • only one S3 5* (Bera),
  • only four unique S3 4s (Brynhild, Shadereave, Fura, Mireweave - I know I got 2 dupe Shady’s, 1 dupe Fura, 1 dupe Bryn at least — so eight Valhalla 4s, but only four unique ones)
  • nine of the ten Valhalla 3*s, missing Grevle (but did get a few dupes)

I cannot remember if I got any vanilla 5*s. I didn’t get any HOTMs either from this period.

Someone with better math and statistics than I, can tell me if my luck is average / below / above whatever, I’m too lazy to calculate myself lol. But one 5* out of 50 summons should help highlight the crazy low odds in this game :slight_smile:

on the other hand, it also highlights: there’s always hope. Bera was the very last of that long chain of summons, just when I was beginning to think this portal would be dead ot me forever.

OK, now to have more coffee it’s still too early lol

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Very nice, congratulations!

I also have a definite pleasure to see there Rigard, Tibs and Sabina.


Yep. That’s my typical mono purple squad. Could use another hitter, but they do OK.

I feel like an idiot here. I forgot that Kiril’s node 19 is a mana node… just like Proteus. Meaning, with a level 17 mana troop, Kiril charges in 9 tiles! So I can combo him more easily with Lepus / Richard / Magni :slight_smile: Kiril is getting the big mana troop from now on!

So I completed my first very fast war. I ended up with 3 one shots. That’s okay. Truthfully I don’t see myself getting upset at this one even if I got zero. Every hero being fast mana and RNG being involved means the very fast war fights are very much a crap shoot, even more so then normal.

It was fun, I wouldn’t not play them. I just think it’s a different mind set then the others.

I also have gotten super into raiding. I need to get that in check as I have been running out of time to keep up on titans, etc because I used so much raiding :laughing:. Hopefully my alliance mates who come here won’t be too put out. Let’s just say I won’t get an A on this current one … :laughing:. Formations sure add a lot though. I have had some truly epic battles lately. :+1:

Don’t tell S3 hard on me either. I was planning to try and beat normal again this weekend, but so it goes. Maybe next weekend. Diamond fighting is fun even if the loot is garbage. I swear it’s not better than platinum wanted missions.


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TC 20 just gave me my first Sartana! I am currently working on Obakan, but have the tabbards for both. My next pull target is SE and they have no purple 5’s. :+1: Sliding Obakan into my mono would be relatively easy. Gaining Sartana as well really confuses things though. Sounds like a Muchacho 2 months + from now problem :laughing:

Obakan is getting emblems. Glenda is +17. Once she hits +18 I didn’t have anywhere for wizard emblems so I should have a few by the time Sartana is ready.




yay! Sartana is amazing, definitely worth ascending. Imagine having them both… they would make an awesome 1-2 punch.


The best problems to have :grinning: !

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Catching up on some things I meant to respond to but didn’t because I really hate responding on mobile.

Yeah, it’s more about the theme than the quality of the event. It feels like an unwritten law that, the longer a game is around, the more it will stray from the original vision. We’ve got an epic fantasy game here, so let’s add ninjas, clowns, and Santa Claus. Ugh.

Now that it’s over, I kinda agree with you. The starfall mechanic actually felt fresh, unlike that underwild gem crap. I’d kinda like the opportunity to play around with that more to see if mono (the way I went) or team synergy regardless of color (since those will change so often anyway) is the best strategy.

I didn’t actually think it was quite as steep, but my mono green teams - which I used for epic and legendary - have some pretty nice toys on them (Heimdall, Hansel, Buddy, Bertila), so that may have been a factor. Honestly, through the whole event, the only boss that I treated as must-kill was Emilio. His status ailment protection plus burn plus healing really screwed my world up a few times.

Add to that, they will probably only come around once a year. Several of these are gonna be rare birds indeed. And if I were a new player, I’d be really put off by that.

This kinda makes me feel better. My wars are just me and one other guy. Our win rate is probably close to 50%. It’s not unusual for me to one-shot 4-6 teams every war, but I think I only got 1 this time. The other side strategized well, using multiple S1 AoEs. Things can go from “going pretty well” to “oh crap, what happened?” in a matter of one uncontrolled cascade. I also adjusted my defense for VF, but it didn’t hold as well as I’d hoped. Based on past experience, I expected very fast Heimdall to be a nightmare, but it appears he was little more than a speed bump for our opponents.

Any thought to leaving Obakan at 3^70, maxing Sartana, and then coming back if you get nothing better in purple? Now that I’m running HA10, I always have that fear that I’m gonna luck into a great hero right after I spend the mats on a sub-par one. You’d think my 0-for-33 streak with HA10 would have calmed those fears, but irrational hope springs eternal, I reckon. I understand that you have barbarian emblems for Obakan, so I get maxing him first, if that’s your decision.


I hadn’t considered it much. I have I think 13 tabbards. I was maxing Obakan for his high A value. While some are respectable, my purples lack a big tile booster. Ameonna used to, but she can’t hang these days without the emblems. He isn’t great, but I certainly don’t think he is as worthless as the forums make him sound.

I am typically not a big fan of waiting if I have the mats. Having Sartana and Obakan means I have all the vanilla purples so if a purple comes it would need to be an HA10 or event 5*. We know how rare that is especially given how few summons and events I play. Plus I got Zim from HA10 not long ago so my next special may not be until winter 2022 or something…



Agree, and I also liked that the Starfall thing changing the elements could actually be used to our advantage (by planning ahead and setting up matches for the next color). Unlike those underwild gems and those ninja tower curses, which only ever serve as obstacles!

Sigh, yeah. If E&P ever started using a slogan “Gotta Catch Em All” like Pokemon, I would go nuts. Even the biggest spenders would be hard-pressed to get them all…

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I’ve spent the past 2 months trying to have fun with this game without spending. I’ve never been a big spender the max was $25 one month I was “chasing” hotm.

But starfall event sucked for me, that’s the worst I’ve done in a challenge event for well over a year. I almost deleted the game yesterday and I still might. :woman_shrugging:

very sorry to hear that @Tess_01 :frowning: it can be frustrating when a game - which is supposed to be fun! = becomes not fun :frowning: I hope other parts of the game continue to provide you enjoyment :frowning:


Sorry to hear that @Tess_01 . I found events stressful, some are boring too, so I don’t even do them that often. Eliminating parts of the game I didn’t enjoy worked for me. That being said if you’re competitive or have a certain expectation of performance it is hard to skip things and keep up with the Jones’s.

I still feel I have fighting chance against most teams when raiding and stuff though. I just don’t do it the fancy way with the newest stuff. That is kind of the indirect challenge I enjoy, not that I would turn a ninja or something though :laughing:, coming up with counters and usable teams with a lot of vanillas. Most tactics and stuff around the forums involve countering new stuff with other new stuff or slightly less new stuff. The vanillas, and their continued viability, are largely ignored so you start from scratch in that way a lot.

Then there are titans and my alliance.

Hope you find something to enjoy that works for you though. I am pretty available to chat if it would help.



I think this is going to become even more key as more and more content comes out. For me, it’s Ninja Tower that gets largely ignored. I do enough to get to the 10 or 15 emblem tiers (usually the first couple of days) and then basically blow off the rest of it. It’s too long, the oni curses frustrate me, and the difficulty seems to scale up pretty quickly. Most people are using HL items to finish, and my alliance doesn’t fight very big titans, so if that is what it takes to finish, I’m out. Not worth it for a few extra emblems and an embarrassing number of ninja coins that inevitably turn into Nashgar or Oberon anyway.

How sad is it that we’ve gotten to the point that we are having to give players advice on how to still (maybe) enjoy the game? A game that you have to make an effort to enjoy isn’t really much of a game, is it? You’d think SGG would be concerned about that. Heck, if I were making a game, I would think making sure people enjoy playing it would be at or near the top of my list of objectives. But then we see things like @PlayForFun telling us how the feedback about limit breakers was almost unanimously negative, but SGG is going to roll it out anyway, maybe this week. So, it seems pretty apparent that SGG’s priorities are elsewhere.


I guess it depends on your roster depth. Oddly enough, the later levels can be easier, but for me that’s because I start using full 5* heroes and I have all the blessings on mana generation, minions, attack, mana inject. So it doesn’t take long before I either have a shield of minions or AoE ready to go. As a result, I don’t use that many items, mainly minor mana potions, bombs and dragons. The only HL item I use are panaceas, but I don’t use them anywhere else, and even then I don’t need them that much.

My teams are be 3* up until level 10, 4* up until level 40 or so, but then start putting in 5* every now and then past level 30. After 40, I tend to have 5* with a few key 4* healers. Because I have lots of multiples, I don’t care too much about losing heroes to curses, so I don’t use tornadoes as some do.

That being said, the last 10 levels can still be a bit of a grind, although the last few levels you tend not to care anymore about oni curses anymore.


Thanks for the feedback. I guess I should probably make an honest-to-goodness effort at the thing again sometime. Now that I can pretty easily finish all class trials without item usage, the only place I ever use items is sometimes to finish particularly difficult stages of challenge events. I’m also almost done upgrading my HL, which I’m only doing because it’s the last thing in my base to upgrade, so I guess I’ll need something to do with iron after that. Do you concern yourself with the time it takes to finish levels? I think I let that get in my head, too, since it’s so important on challenge events.

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