The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

wow! nice pull!!! enjoy your new yellow 4* healer :slight_smile:


He is great from what I hear, and so much cheaper than a 5* with a costume! Well done YayaTheobroma!


yeah, if you search empires and puzzles summons there are a bunch of people doing 90 pulls (at least) to fill the bonus chests, and they’ll get like 3 or 4 - 5*, couple hotm too. I mean it’s not every time, but seems more often than not that they’re pulling well above the crap average.

I am whittling the gems down, had 11 free circus pulls, and did 2-10’s (one 10 was entirely S1 junk) and got the 4* red and the 3* candy & whackmehoff. So with the 31 pulls i’m up to 353 pulls since last time i got a “featured”. To say i am far out on the bell curve would be an understatement. I’m gonna have to get used to this F2P, or C2P mindset.

It’s really simple:

A F2P or C2P will have to play with what’s most common in this game.

Those are S1 4* heroes and other seasons’ 3* heroes - since these have the biggest chance to be pulled out of any portal.

Of course, you can get a nice 5* hero (be it S1 or not) or non-S1 nice 4*, but in general it’s best not to expect any. If you are given one by the RNG gods, it’s great. If not, work with your S1 4*s.

With that mindset, you should start enhancing your S1 4* striking force. How to do it? Emblems and costumes of course.

Given enough time, you can evolve some of your teams into something better (looking at @Muchacho and @sleepyhead ), but the solid base should always be emblemed costumed S1 4*.

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:grin: :clinking_glasses:

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Huh? My D team is all +20 and lvl 23 mana troops, frigg, lord loki, gefjon, gazelle, bera.

I was just saying i need to get used to this C2P and F2P mindset since i’ve spent modestly/moderately in the past. I would do duplicate 5* and hotm before doing a S1-4*.

you are jumping in 1/2 way through a covo/responses from @Quinn3

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hi all, so i broke down when i saw that a ten pull was only 2600 gems and not 3000 and wouldn’t totally run me out of gems, and i figured that i won’t see the circus again for like a year whereas underwild and valhalla are every month and went for it. got two D’Andre and Candy. not disappointed. :grin:

i’m guessing that maybe by Christmas? i can save up enough for another, and i’m starting to amass a lot of coins from Valhalla hard mode anyway (and Underwild - haven’t spent any yet, Shohoku style :wink: - i think i have almost 1000 now). so maybe I can still get the war pig one of these days. kind of waiting for them to release more 4* from underwild anyway (which i think they are going to at some point?)

someone in my alliance did a single pull and got Eiora though. she looks like the best of the circus heroes to me. lucky!

so here they are (along with my spare Kvasir which i can’t decide whether to keep or not :laughing: ):


i actually thought this event was pretty fun. you really had to plan your moves ahead and it was a chance to use a bunch of heroes together that maybe you wouldn’t otherwise.

i did, however, find stages 9 and 10 to have the same kind of crazy jump in difficulty that Villians had. i had to try each of those multiple times to get a run where multiple heroes weren’t killed. which was better still than the ridiculous Villians epic 10 that took me like 7 runs just to get through at all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Funny this came up here today, there’s a thread going on about this now (‘tin foil hat conspiracy…’). short answer is no.


From my perspective, that’s just a short lucky streak. Unless you really don’t believe that they’ve paid for hundreds of pulls and are only showing a small subset.

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Which is pretty much common sense. As @JekylandHyde stated, it would waste viewers’ time and I imagine wouldn’t draw much in the way of clicks. However, obviously viewers just see the relatively “successful” pulls, and never see the ones in the background where all you get are feeder troops. So of course they think that YouTubers have better odds. To use his example, he showed half the pulls that gave the incredible results and didn’t show the other half that didn’t get anything worthwhile. If you’re watching, you would think that the odds of getting something good is twice of what they really are (using that example)


Sadly the fact that YouTubers show only their good pulls (and I don’t think it’s half, probably more likely 5% or even less) misleads other players into making a lot of pulls themselves and getting nothing in return.

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I’m 18 months in, countless pulls later, with ZERO non-S 1 heroes.

FTP is the only option that makes sense for me.

Sorry about your luck. Needless to say, I can relate.

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Congrats on your double D’Andre + Candy @Sam-I-Am! :+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I do have a second maxed Kvasir. He doesn’t see any/much use. Now I think he could be safely eaten (for me, at least). :thinking:

Finished all 3 tiers, got enough for 2 pulls. 3* trainer and Nashgar.

Going to do something else now.

Roster Masochist lives another day.

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Better than my Friar Tyck and Tyrum.

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Well, the trainer was blue, at least it helped me complete one of the POV for today (2 blue feeders).

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A ftp needs your help here. Need few advices

Just bested my previous global best. Climbed to number 70 overall. My previous best was number 83.

Both times, I was just filling a normal raid chest, looked up, and was like, “Holy crap, that’s a lot of cups!” Just after this screenshot, I loaded up my blue mono team and lost to this team on my last flag. Tough early board, but almost recovered for the win. Could have flasked to see how high I could get, but it just felt like the run was probably over at that point.


sweet! congrats on a new personal best!!


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