The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

I am skipping this one, but as a general life rule I try to avoid cat ladies. :+1:

Awesome summon @PlayForFun ! I am glad this year is shaping up so well for you! :+1:

I have managed Zimkitha from HA10 and to summon Malicna. HA10 also gave me several new-to-me vanillas, but not sure that counts.

I am in the same boat as @Shohoku79 , no event 5’s. High hopes for SE though! That has to be coming up soon here :crossed_fingers:

Good luck out there!



Apologies. I always forget the language barrier part.

Totally joking around. Person whose place you took hadn’t signed on in over a month. Likely left the game long ago.

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I can see how highly you are rating this event.

It counts if you didn’t have them before and now do, my no-dupes bro!

This will be what, the fourth Sands Empire since inception? First year I got zilch, second year I got Arman (multiples of them in fact and kept one) and Jabbar, wanted and got Hisan the third year, not going to place any high hopes on my expectations with what, my current 2 EHT that I managed to scrape together since Springvale ended. Sure there will be some to be earned during the event, but eh, not going to be overly optimistic.

yeah, I also found it helpful. I’ve been scoring pretty high without using battle items, simply because every time my heroes change color, I usually have a lot of tiles to work with of the new color!

And too many new heroes. I can’t even keep em straight in my head. Except for the Director one because she has wings and doesn’t look like a clown. too many to learn though… not even gonna bother

There are some that I felt I would like to have, like D’Andre, who is like the 4* Yellow Healer I could settle for since striking out on Lady Woolerton two years…

Candy’s art is not detestable like some of the others, cute in fact.

And what circus don’t have clowns working with pies or pies in faces? You call yourself a circus?


instead of a pie in the face, they have a clown who can take their entire head off lol. why not?

Any of the Yellows, I would like to have. Candy especially, as she is the first 3* Yellow healer.

But with 11 new heroes i keep mixing most of them up. also a bit ridiculous that they create so many 5s. Six 5s, only three 4s and two 3s. but of course, it’s the 5*s that are chased by whales so…

Used up 3 challenge coin pulls. Kiril, Green Trainer Hero… and Whacker. Well, at least one of them is new. And Yang Mai was very happy with the Trainer Hero. And Kiril, for that matter. (already have 2 maxed, no costume, so no need for a 3rd…)


I’d have also settled for the “Hey! Smell my flower” and dude gets squirted by water.

11 heroes is a bit much, but was that how many that came from Villains too?

I’m sure Villains had fewer…

and I looked it up. Fewer by 1… Villains had six 5*, two 4*, and two 3*. yeesh. there were so many of them that I completely forgot most of them :slight_smile:

See SG, this is what happens when you create too many new heroes per event, with such horribly low summoning odds, that most players never even get them lol


I think they are perverting the “combinations and possibilities are practically endless” concept by pushing out new heroes by the truckloads, but only a few gets to try them (I don’t believe the whales or even beta testers will spend all their time, how ever much they have, to play or test every possible team configuration).

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Come to think of it, I don’t think I could bear to be a beta tester. Test all sorts of cool heroes in beta, and probably never get them in the real game?

No thanks lol

In a way, I am sort of the same. But for a slightly different reason. You know from the HA10 reporting thread how it is basically a long shot for most of the player base to get anything exciting (e.g. non vanillas), but in the beta environment, there is not that time constraint, so you can do retrain after retrain without having to wait like the live environment, so a tester, said that it took him 45 to 46 retrains attempts to get something non-S1.

To me finding out how things work, playing with the latest heroes is all good and cool, but it kind of takes away the anticipation, the excitement, the mystery or allure of waiting, in the live environment. Getting say an exclusive 5* hero in the beta environment and play with him/her may be exciting, but the reality of the live environment is where you are in the world.

So yeah, don’t really want to be a beta tester either because it takes away the feel good feeling when something good does happen when you least expected it.

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Oh, I realised for the second read. No problem!

Sure enough :wink:! This is the FTP rebellion here, isn’t it?


To all who didn’t pass the event yet: Adding Wu Kong or similar hero (Ranvir, Gazelle, etc) to a monocolored blue or red team will help a lot. Especially on last stages of Legendary. I tried at first with monoblue team with Nordri, but timing Nordri on the bosses is a very hard thing to do. If alone on the team, Wu should not kill himself on the reflected color and will make good use of the useless otherwise yellow and purple tiles.

Double-posted in another topic, sorry for that. But some players read only this topic.


I could’ve said that, too. For me, that’s a third reason: being a beta tester would mean responsibility (okay, I see this might be funny for a first sight. In the case of E&P, maybe even for a second sight). You have to give feedback, which means you have to put some thought into it, be attentive how heroes work, synergies and so on… all that stuff that in the real game comes slowly to me, because I cannot be bothered to be attentive all the time. This is an entertainment and a relax for me. To make it a task?

But all right, suppose I went to be a beta tester. I muster all my capacities of concentration that I would otherwise happily let go gather flowers in some imaginary sunny field, and after playing, I give a feedback. From what I read, I’d tend to agree with Guvnor and others similar. Now just imagining that the result of all my efforts to pay attention and structure my thoughts is simply ignored, I get angry and frustrated.

Make ANNOYING work out of fun? No thanks.


yes, that’s nearly me :grinning:. Thanks!


My blue mono team is performing better after making an effort to use c-Sonya +20. Original team:

Kiril +20
Magni +18 / c-Sonya +20 (if really needed)
Richard +19
Glenda + 15(ish)
Athena +16(ish)

I was reluctant to move Richard or Athena because Glenda’s boost works best with heroes that hit multiples. After consideration I that is mostly applicable for me in provinces. They also all sync’d with mana. The new team:

Kiril +20
c-Sonya +20
Magni +18
Glenda +15
Athena +16

Magni’s D boost is been a pleasant secondary boost. His hit does go from big to even bigger with Glenda and Kiril boost, but it is nice with fast mana I can fire him first if there is an impending imminent threat.

One work around I found is JF went off in a raid and my Athena had died. Since he only gives the D boost if I attempt to drop D I boosted my A with Kiril and Glenda and worked around his boost. D drop probably would have been more impactful but the boosted A was noticeable.

Welcome again @Gartenerbsen



Have you seen some of the people on youtube? every event with the bonus chest they fill all 9, they’re doing tons of pulls. yes whales, but they seem to put everything up there.

I don’t, but are they all videoing ALL their failures?

Guys, I pulled D’André. i paused levelling Vivica and her costume to level him faster instead. I don’t have the magic grumpy pig, he’s my first yellow 4* healer. :heart_eyes:


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