The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

I think the dot from minions, Bera’s moths included, is also reflected. I think I heard about other, upcoming heroes with dot-dealing minions, though these are just vague recollections, not sure at all. And even if the meta moved on, which is true without a doubt, I still see every day Vela, Gravemaker, JF, Clarissa and the others. Maybe they are not dominant anymore, but still lingering around.

I raid most of the time in a milieu where people make do with some older heroes mixed to the newest ones. So I think Elradir has some future with me. Also, the presence of Mother North in my roster helps me trust Elradir can have a place.

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Thanks @sleepyhead ! very happy with Lianna. I’ll finish very soon cCaedmon’s costume, just a little more to do, then it’s her turn! I am drowning in tonics, so nothing will hold her back.


Congratulations on getting Lianna and some new Circus heroes :slight_smile:

I was pretty lucky with this event.
I saved 20 coins from Teltoc, and this is what my first 10 coins gave me:

She is my first holy healer from any rarity :smiley:


We totally kicked EXTREMELY dedicated players… I can still hear their pleas. Sad.

J/K :grimacing:

My C Coins summoning luck isn’t grand… But I did see you “test” the waters by throwing in Silvers, eh?

Yes, I did s Silver coin pull, but I think I got an 1 star hero so nothing special.
I have done the Challange coin pull anyway, and boom I have received my second event five star hero :slight_smile:

Awesome, I am still looking for my first challenge event 5*, any event, any source. I had thought it was going to be from HA10, but that route is looking pretty bleak at the moment.

This year is good for me so far.

I have pulled

  • Bera from Valhala
  • Bertilla as a Bonus pull
  • Sir Roostley from Easter summon
  • Khiona and Grazul form HA10
  • And now Director Zuri

I would say majority of my luck this year was probably used up after pulling Jean Françoise from Taverns when he was featured. Since then, the only other unique hero I have acquired was Guardian Bat from Teltoc last month.

My last HoTM bonus pull was Glenda.


I have pulled the Bat too last month. It was my last missing 3 star from the old Challange events. :slight_smile:

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Amazing how the Bat already belonged to the “old” challenge events, back when Teltoc was first released, he wasn’t even there (so I guess that will be the old old Teltoc).

Out of the “old” challenge events (prior to Dark Lord and pals and Krusty the Clown Circus) for the 3*, I am still missing:
Bauchan (he’s part of the old “new” Avalon, which was the first event to be expanded)
Vodnik (I am still without any Corellia heroes at this time)


Wow, congrats, @PlayForFun ! That’s a really great pull! Especially that she fills a gap in your roster!


Just a question of a few decades… :crazy_face:

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Yeah, but I wonder if this game will still be around in a few decades.

I wonder why do you have doubts …? :thinking:

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Good on ya!

Thinking about it, I was lucky too. I pulled Bertila, Uraeus and Malicna (half of the hotms, crazy), from S4 Lepiota and Prof. Lidenbrock, Guardian Owl from HA10, and finally, now my first ever Lianna who would merit to be considered as a special hero.

Cannot complain.


So I just finished the rare tier of the stupid circus event - just doing it for the emblems - and I kinda feel like the starfall mechanic was more help than harm. I ran a mono red team, so it never changed me to the reflected color, and as often as not, by the time I’d used up all my strong color on the board, the starfall changed it to a different color that I could work for five turns. The 100 HP damage isn’t that noticeable. I wonder if this was intended to be a help, or it just feels that way to me.

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Mobile gacha games hasn’t always been around and certainly hasn’t been garnering popularity for long either, and decades is a long time for technology to advance. Who knows if the game in its current format will even still be around in the next 5 years to continue receive support / updates, or even if will be even played the same way…

Yes, that was my impression too. I started with blue mono, then just cycled through the rest of colours, using up the tiles as they accumulated. Helpful rather than hindering.

However, I failed now with level 8 of epic. I took Boldtusk, Wilbur, Kelile, Colen and Sumle, but something is missing. I did not check the bosses :flushed: but probably either a cleanser (everybody was constantly burning), or a dispeller, or both. I should finally take a look what the bosses do…


Haha! That was me, too! Got through all of rare, and I have no idea what any of them do, except the cat lady hit pretty hard on the last level.


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