The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

as requested

other than these are 3* and duplicates


What does this mean @Sam-I-Am? I’ve seen comments throughout the forum, that you don’t want duplicate class in defense. Why?

I’m partial to Domitia @Ruskin505, especially because you have her costume. Her dispell becomes a cleanse right?

My second choice is Magni.

How about your emblems? That could be a deciding factor for you.

I think others could chime in, as they have more experience with your other heroes.

@Muchacho @Noble_Weasel @sleepyhead @Sam-I-Am

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@akionna the no-duplicate class on defense bit is due to emblem competition. If I would have both Kadilen and Zim, both are Druids, so I have to divide my emblems between them. Instead of focusing on one and getting her as high as possible

Good call asking for a roster :slight_smile:

@PANJTANI-1-5-12-14 do you run mono? 3/2? Where would you use this new hero?

Though without more information, I’m also partial to Domitia - you have her costume, which improves her versatility a lot (thoug you already do have Seshat as a faster purple dispeller, and C-Rigard can also cleanse…)

Magni could be better, as you lack a Blue sniper (Triton is one, but Magni is considerably better)

Azlar could combo well with Wilbur, but you already have decent Reds (Marjana, Elena)


Is it me or is full mono attack getting bad boards alot more? These days


I did, yes. I bought a so-called “starter” pack and a year of VIP early on, then a couple of share the love deals and renewed for another year of VIP (which I now regret; the first year was helpful, but eventually you reach a point to where having two builders is overkill).

I have never minded spending money for games. A little bit of money. I’ll pay upwards of $60 for a “AAA rated title” game if it’s something I know I’m going to enjoy for hundreds (or even thousands) of hours. Game developers deserve to earn money for their products, just like anyone else who goes to work to make a product or service.

I joined the FTP Rebellion not because I’m some anarchist or communist who wants everything for free. I joined here once I realized that this game was expecting people to spend literal fortunes to summon new heroes. And let’s face it: this is not a “AAA” game. Not even close. Never has been, never will be. It’s a fancy version of Candy Crush.

That’s not to say that it’s not fun. It has fun aspects to it. But I can’t get over the fact that the only way to get the best heroes in the game is by either being really lucky, or really wealthy. That aspect left a really bad taste in my mouth, and still annoys me every time I think about it.

That being said. I hold no ill will against people who spend money on the game. It’s normal to want the new heroes. I want the new heroes too! It’s not our fault that SGZ chose to be incredibly stingy with their summons and loot. It’s their fault. And I don’t appreciate being treated like an ATM machine that they can withdraw from every time they decide to draw a new OP cartoon.

The second I realized this game wanted me to spend $3 for a Dawa and $100 for an Obakan, I said “nope. Either you guys are crazy, or you think I’m crazy.” I’ll take a hard pass on that.


Also is there a FTP rebellion alliance out there

as far as I know, there is no specific FTP Rebellion alliance. I think a few of us belong to alliances with most/all FTP. but we’re spread out all over.


I have Bryn at +19 and switch between her and Zulag in that slot. Both work great, depending on whether you need overall protect/HoT or to keep buffs/insta-heal. Best of luck next Valhalla :slight_smile:

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I have heard there are some, but haven’t looked myself. I would do an alliance search with F2P and see what comes up. That being said I couldn’t vouch for their standards or methods to confirm status.



Maybe something to think about down the line. Making FTP rebellion alliance that way players that want to play but with minimal spending to completely free will get the best help and info to enjoy the game without the struggles of keeping up with PTP players in witch can cause you to pay those bad pay walls due to frustration.

Tough decision. As @akionna asked, what about emblems?

Also, you have some very good 4* costumes yet to be levelled. I’d go ahead and work on Wu Kong’s costume, for the costume bonus alone, second Kiril, and second Grimm. You may find the dupes useful for war, challenge events, and raid tournaments.


I’m also a big Domitia fan, as I had her emblemed pretty well before grabbing any other legendary purples, so I use her a lot. With Seshat, though, I think I’d look elsewhere. That said, I do not have her costume, which I understand many people like, and when you are F2P, you can’t ignore that costume bonus for legendary heroes. I leveled Justice instead of another legendary yellow just because I had her costume.

I think I’m inclined to suggest Magni, though. Very nice sniper, and at a glance, doesn’t appear to have a ton of competition for fighter emblems. If you’re a fan of mono raiding, I’m thinking Kiril + C. Grimm + Glenda + Magni would be enough to snipe basically any hero in the game. And as noted, blue sniper looks to be a role you don’t really have filled on your roster. I don’t have Sargasso, so maybe he’s a contender, and I haven’t maxed Isarnia, but I have all the rest of the folks on the list, and I don’t think any of them will be as useful as Magni in your situation.


Do I have to have the game installed in order to join the rebellion?


i am sure that you are right, i also feel much the same

Welcome @SupremeAlienRaptor. You do not need the game installed. Did you retire from it?

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@akionna @Noble_Weasel @SamMe @sleepyhead

hello again,

thank you everyone for the advice so far.



posted cap of my emblems, also horghall costume was maxed today as i wanted him stronger for a war attack team.

also got another tome from a chest so i can do 2 heroes now.

the top team you see of my roster, seshat, kiril-c, kadilen-c, vivica and jean-francois is my raid and war defence team. as for attack i usually find that in raids i have to use fully mono teams as i come up against some quite strong teams, also for war i try to take out or weaken the strongest teams to make life easier for the rest of my alliance (if you look at the roster cap you can probably see the current mono teams setup).

where would i use the new hero??, really not thought about it, i would have to take advice on that.

stay safe.


With two, I think Magni and Domitia are the best choices - again, unless Sargasso is some kind of super-beast and I just don’t know it because I don’t have him. If you are looking to have a tank for every color - for wars or raid tournaments - then you might get an outside vote for Justice in yellow or Zulag in purple, which looks to me like your only colors without a decent tank option. I think Elena is a viable red tank - a gamble tank, at least - but certainly there are better out there.

We all kinda know who Horghall is - a slow hero with a crap-ton of HP that makes him hard to kill. Mine is at 2^40-something, so I can’t speak from experience, but folks seem kind of excited about his buff. Personally, I think the costume version - with his 54% attack down - is probably preferable. I think it has great potential to be useful tough in PvE content.

Given that you say you use mono a lot, you might think about using him with Almur and Buddy. I know he’ll overwrite Buddy’s attack down (with a better one), but the combo of Buddy’s def down and Almur’s elemental def down might make Groot’s hit noticeable, at least on the three enemy heroes who are afflicted. If you were to get Kasshrek’s costume, the two of them side-by-side could be pretty nasty in a no-red or rush attack tournament. Who wants to fight a Horghall tank whose HP is boosted even more by Kasshrek’s overheal?

Sadly, Horghall’s niche is as a green tank, but given that you have maybe the most desirable green tank in the game right now (C. Kadilen), he’s gonna see a lot less action. (He can join mine crying in the corner, because after I drew Heimdall and Bertila, mine probably isn’t getting any love any time soon either.)


I uninstalled back in January. Grad school needed the time and sleep I was giving up in game.


with the new information @PANJTANI-1-5-12-14 , I now 100% suggest Magni over Domitia for Tome #1.


  1. You already have Seshat and C-Rigard to dispel and cleanse respectively, and Seshat as a Purple sniper. Domitia with costume is good, but will not add a lot considering the presence of those two

  2. You lack a Blue sniper

  3. 1300+ Fighter emblems will go a looooong way on Magni

  4. you use mono on attack, and from a quick glance at your colors, Blue will benefit the most from this choice.

As @Noble_Weasel noted above, Magni will combine extremely well with Kiril, Grimm. Thorne as well. I do not think much will survive a Kiril/Grimm/Magni/Thorne/Glenda combo.

for Tome No. 2… just some thoughts, the below is NOT a ranking in order.

  1. Domitia, as noted above, still a good choice. she only needs a level 5 mana troop to charge in 9 tiles, and is quite versatile. however, she might not add so much considering you have Seshat, C-Rigard, and even Sartana as a 2nd sniper… though the Rogue emblems will go a long way

  2. Azlar - I already mentioned, he could join your mono Red offense team. Boldtusk/ Gormek or Wilbur / Marjana / Elena / Azlar would hit hard. though you also do have Jean-Francois, so… yeah…

  3. Isarnia - though I’m hesitant to recommend two Blues at once. Still, she is an upgrade over Grimm, esp. as your Grimm is only +1. Isarnia without emblems is already quite a bit sturdier. the main problem is her speed, she won’t always charge fast enough to combo with Kiril/Magni/Thorne…

  4. Justice - could join as a tank, as Noble-Weasel mentioned. though, on offense would not add so much as you have Neith

  5. Sargasso - I have little experience with him. Maybe consider if you have trouble with Vivica and Prof. Lindenbrock… he does hit 3 and reduces healing…

  6. Zulag - also have little experience with her, but could indeed join as a tank. Imagine her beside Seshat and Seshat’s minions…


good seeing you back for a bit @SupremeAlienRaptor :slight_smile: hope grad school is treating you right


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