The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

Challenge accepted! :innocent:
Although I’m sure I can use it on three different forum threads… I’ll be tagging you too. What are friends for :wink:.

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You are indeed an accomplished magnanimist … magnanimous-ite … magninmousigonian ? :thinking:

I intend to use it incorrectly in front of coworkers to see who corrects me, who just smiles and nods, and who is impressed. Make your own fun Friday! :+1:



I have two C-Kash now. Finished the last stage of Ninja Tower with the two, plus my 2 Joons… was amazing fun :slight_smile:

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whoo! congrats @Sarah2 !! could not have happened to a more awesome person!


Congrats! Nice troop levels :+1:


Thank you! Level 11 is a great marker :wink: now aiming for level 17

Went top 5% at the tournament.

All I did was using the raid tournament to fill my raid chests faster…and suceeded until the very end.

Used monoyellow, monoblue and monogreen non-emblemed teams.

Edit: Have at least three 2* 4-level attack troops of each color. Those really paid off IMHO.

Okay Nordri is (20), but only he.

So it’s really nice not trying to compete and winning despite that.

IMHO 3* tournaments are the most skill-intensive since everyone has access to these heroes. Unlike 4* and 5* where the money creep is real.

Edit: Had to crush numerous 20-emblemed teams containing Kvasir…despite not having one of my own.

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Thanks @Igmuhota. I love reading these superstitions!

Kid likes to summon if he pulls a 3-star troop or 3-star hero with silver tokens. He’s convinced a legendary will pop out … even though Renfeld keeps showing up.

Congratulations @Sarah2! How magnanimous indeed.

Among the dupes, we finally got costumes for Rigard and Tiburtus. I’m so behind the curve. This portal hates me. Remember when it first gave costumes … but no hero? I had the lonely chef costume for a year … before Boldtusk finally arrived.

Nice @sleepyhead. What is your strategy? Are Oni curses afraid of you? :grin:


Has anyone finished Springvale yet?

What team did you use?

I got through nearly all stages with my 4-1 team of Gullinbursti - Joon - Mist - Lady Woolerton - Mitsuko.

Then failed spectacularly on the Final Stage of Advanced.

Killhare and Sir Roostley hit everyone hard.

So I checked the forum to see what teams other people used …

  • Krampus for the taunt. (Wait, I have him.)

  • Heimdall for the overheal and revive. (Shoot, I have him too.)

So I made a hodge podge team of Gullinbursti - Krampus - Telluria - Heimdall - Mitsuko.

Nearly died again, only Telluria and Mitsuko left, each about 400 HP.

One hit by either boss and I’m dead.

OMG, I brought revive scrolls?

(Anyone else pack battle items, and forget to use them? Just me? Ok.)

Revived Krampus and Heimdall. Saved the last revive scroll. Activated Krampus for the taunt. Found green tiles. Activated Telluria and Heimdall. Cool, we got health back.

Woah, where did Gullinbursti come from?

Thank you Heimdall. Why can’t I remember that you bring back the dead?

Battle took about 10 minutes. No strong hitters, just taunt, minions, overheal. But all done.

For a tonic and a trainer.


You can hope for me to get her, if you want. I’m saving ToL coins, costume keys, and whatever else I can muster to get her, just because I need a non-S1 red. She does look very good, though.

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Not yet. I have just finished stage 17 advanced. I plan to finish this weekend. Truthfully I have quest teams down. Haven’t had any issues yet and the bosses only fire when it’s past the point of saving the match for them.

I actually did something very different with this one. Usually I go 4* only because I can. I make my own fun. I take Gretel for mana, usually Hu Tao for blind, then Buddy for A drop/D drop/ minion shield, LJ w/CB to slow mana, and Fake Gandalf was my healer/D booster/dispeller. That team has beaten every event at some point. It just works even though on paper is looks inadequate. On events it will get you completion, not speed for competing that way.

I have since got Gullinbursti who is game changing. I also allowed myself the luxury of 5’s just for kicks this time. Here is the team, with battle items, that is currently crushing it:

Mana pots are exclusively for Gretel during bosses. I have used less than 5 so far. 4 minor and 1 medium. I used one health pot so far for Glenda after a terrible bomb sequence.

The pig is awesome not just for overheal, but I let bombs explode on purpose when his special is active to really increase his damage output. I can’t take credit though. Stole that from @Itty . Credit where credit is due.

I am going back to 4* challenge for Sand Empire and I think my buddy @jinbatsu said he would do it with me.

Sounds like you have great options @akionna! Heck of a roster :+1:



Congrats on finishing!

I beat hard mode without any items. I used a team of Heimdall+7, Cyprian (no emblems), Guillinbursti+20, Elena+7, Isarnia+18.

Really think counterattack + health boost is a great way to beat the springvale bosses. I get not everyone has Heimdall but c Kashrek and Gullinbursti are more accessible options and normal Cyprian and Boril from S1 or Mack from S4 can be used for counterattacking. Takes a little while to set up but just make sure you go into the bosses with max boosted health. Turn the riposte on and then purposely set the bosses off twice. One and done.

Many different ways to skin a cat as they say. :stuck_out_tongue: (I have nothing against cats!)


Finished, but want to say how much I appreciate that the event lasts four weeks.

Used the team below for the entire event. It’s generally my auto farm team.
Gullinbursti+18, Freya+7, Isarnia+6, Elena, Little John+18(costume bonus)

A good portion of the time I prefer this team to Color stacking.


I finished it… I just used my standard farming team: Zimkitha+18, Athena+18, Mother North+18, Leonidas+16, and Proteus+19. The only thing that I’m missing is a dispeller, but since none of the heroes have any buffs, it’s not an issue.


Agreed on riposte. The bunnies are fast and hit hard. Halloween heroes are fast too, but don’t all hit as hard as their specials have more abilities than blunt damage.

My current tactic involves not even letting them fire in the first place. Either way, taking hits from them that are just raw damage to you only is a losing proposition.

Filled my monster chest on stage 19. I will do the final stage some time tomorrow, but anticipate no difficulties.



Sure. Adds @Noble_Weasel to my continuously growing list :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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I finished successfully Advanced yesterday with a team of heavily emblemed 4*.

Kelile (18), costume 2% bonus - Boldtusk (18), costume full 5% bonus - Cyprian (18) - Sumle (19) - Tiburtus (18) costume 3% bonus.

For last mission used: 2 Dragon attack, 2 Bomb attack, 4 Super mana pot, 1 Time stop.

Star of the team was the Boldtusk-Cyprian combo on the bosses, costantly charged with Super mana pots. One Time Stop helped initially for some damage but sadly it’s no Time Freeze and bosses started hitting me via specials. And died via same specials.

Sure wanted to have another Cyprian for full counter, but even so it was doable.

Never lost a single battle on this event. I hate wasting World Energy (red) flags. I’d rather overuse items than waste red flags.


Hi @akionna i hate Oni curses… but I do have enough 4s and 5s to power through even after losing tons of heroes lol

I discovered that even a mono weak-colour stack can manage. I used mono Purple on several floors between 40-50… lost most of those heroes but allowed me to save my twin Joons and twin C-Kash for the last floor, where curses don’t matter anymore

Over/heal up to get some nice health padding, then just smash the enemy with tiles and twin solar strikes lol


My Joon is nicer. He doesn’t smash them, he gently scalds them with a fiery laser beam and kindness to death.



Similar here!

Yup, proud to say! After a couple of failures, strikingly similarly to you, but with my own favourite group… (no pig or Mist or Lady Woolly, but my favourites…)

For me, replace Black Knight for Krampus, Mother North for Heimdall.

For me, Colen - MN - BK - Gefjon - Grazul.

No, not just you. ( Gartenerbsen shyly and shamefully raising hand. ) Although it was mana pot, dragon attack, bombs and arrows in my case. MN and Gefjon are barely living. Fill up the old lady with the mana pots, revive the team (except for BK :sob: but with Grazul bursting with mana :grinning:), heal everybody on-the-spot, and then nuke the bosses. With all my artillery.

Then it’s just a question of ghosting until I get Colen and Gefjon full one more time.

I find some similarities in our stories :grinning:

Yup. This was my 15th tonic, for the single Elkanen I have for 5* in green. Lianna, come please, we are waiting for you! Everything is ready for your arrival!

The trainer ended up on Bertila’s plate, and helped her to get from 4.77 to 4.78 which otherwise would have taken a boatload of 1* and 2* feeders.

And we can always use 10 wizard emblems. But frankly, ten? Are you serious? Couldn’t it be 50, at this level, after a raise everywhere else?

Congrats, @akionna! This is just for the triumph.


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