The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

Tried the Dawa thing again…

Scarlett! Another new one for me (granted, I have so few, most are new :wink::joy:).

How accurate are the TP suggestions? Thinking about pushing a bit higher this time around.

Thinking of trying a cMel, cCyprian, cKiril, cBoril, Rigard team for the 3700 level?

Cyp and Boril using bonus but not wearing costume.

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Costume Kash is one of the key contributors to my completing Ninja Tower. He is worth it!

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They are ■■■■■■■■. I never pay attention to them. You can beat the stages with teams having several 100 strength less than suggested. It only matters if you are stacking the right colors and putting a well synergetic team together…or help yourself with items.

Btw. I finished masquarade today by only using costumed heroes. It was fun. :joy:

Shall work.

Yes. He is so good I even kept an unleveled copy to be able to level a 2nd copy…someday.


While a former alliance member jumped up and down about his continued luck after doing awesome in Ninja portal, Springvale portal, and today getting C Kadilen on one key pull, my key pulls got me dupe C Berden, and a C Nashgar (new).

Agree with @Vikingblood80. Play your strongest team, whatever you’re comfortable with.

For some reason, I had a 4-1 team. Gullinbursti, Joon, Mist, Lady Woolerton, Mitsuko. Must have been from a previous quest that gave extra attack on yellow? Was too lazy to change team and finished all stages. That overheal from Gullinbursti was nice.

Kid pulled Racoon Graymane and Costume Brienne. Both dupes. I have yet to pull a five-star costume.

What is the Dawa superstition? But yes, Costumed Kashhrek is great. Worth leveling up. Congratulations.

Good luck everyone! May RNG be in your favor.


@Muchacho Boo, all dupes. :disappointed_relieved:

If you can, please hold off until next month. I’d prefer that you reduce your risk of pulling Frosth (only because he’s blue). :sweat_smile:

Also, Tavern of Legends should be back next month, and you’ve had luck there before. Next month’s HOTM Yang Mai is red, fast, Monk class, and looks in danger of a possible nerf. :scream:

Not that I can guarantee it, but remember I said that she looks especially good for you? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Even though these were poor summons, I hope getting Zimmy from HA10 helps you to patiently restart the clock for the possibly long wait for a shiny new 5*. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I’m still hoping you get the costume I specifically hoped for you to get, just maybe next month instead. :wink::pray:


In my own personal experience…

The recommended numbers are total ■■■■■■■■.

I have beaten some that said “recommended 4000something” on freaking autoplay… then had others that said “recommended 3500 TP” nearly kill me because I was dumb enough to put it on autoplay without paying attention.

It’s stuff like that, that makes me wonder if the devs themselves ever even play their own game.

No! Please, don’t make me say it. :relaxed::grimacing:

OK, fine. I KNOW it’s ridiculous. I know it. Buuuttt…

Someone somewhere (maybe a youtuber?) said if you scroll through until you land on Dawa and then pull, wonderful things happen.

Now, I KNOW, it’s ridiculous, but if I told you my for/against record, you wouldn’t believe it (trust me, it doesn’t make any kind of sense)… thus the Dawa superstition continues its reign of terror. :roll_eyes::wink::joy:

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That’s awesome! She is still at +18 and a mainstay on my titan team. If I could get her A value even 10% higher from costume bonus that’d be great.

To be totally honest, I am literally not using hyperbole, I never even noticed the recommended TP things until I could already beat nearly everything. I always say just try if you enjoy the effort. It’s your game to play how you want. Most sane people would rather have fun trying them auto farming 8-7 for the millionth time to not waste WE as if it were the 8th mortal sin. YOLO bro bro :call_me_hand:

I think you could win, yes. It will just take forever. The epitome of a slow grind, but a win is a win. You don’t have mana control to stop Azlar and is non-cleansable DoT, but HoT is the natural counter.

I’m thinking more Elkanen may prove the tougher out. He steals healing and you have low damage and lots of healing. Could you do me a favor and start a timer at the boss stage? I am genuinely curious if you beat it with no damage causing items how long it takes. :+1:

Too late, I mentioned above. The ascension box was 9/10 so I figured WTH :man_shrugging:. I think the summary of costume chamber is like this for me:

I went on a few dates with a nice young lady (initial release getting lots of 3’s and 4’s and even a 5*), then after the last date which seemed to go fantastic she ghosts me (1 4* on maybe 20-25 summons since balance of vanillas introduced). I know she’s alive, I just stopped existing and have no idea why :laughing: (E&P addiction perhaps?)

Side note: All the new dating stuff with social media I am glad I have been with my wife since I was 19…

I do enjoy ToL, the event in general. Summons are a bonus.

Not counting 3’s, my current tasks:

  • Finish Malicna (63/80 or so)
  • Zimkitha to max
  • Vivica to max
  • Horghall to 3:70 (currently 3/1)
  • Thorne to 3:70 (currently 3/1) and then mat stuck
  • Finish Horghall (have mats but maxing is a last resort)

If I get scopes I can final ascension Raff, but need like 4 more.

To be clear the fast red you hoped for was NOT Azar then?


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A few of the superstitions I was originally told when I first started playing (tested myself: none worked)

Superstition #1: Let the summon portal cycle through the heroes until it lands on the one you want. Then click on the pull button about 1.5 seconds after it appears, and you will pull that hero.

Superstition #2: You are guaranteed to pull the HotM if you do at least 2 summons in a row that month.

Superstition #3: Open the summon portal, and let it cycle through all of the heroes until it comes back to the first one that was there when you opened the portal. Then count to three “Mississippis” before clicking on the summon button. Voila! You should get a legendary hero.


Tried all those along with countless other “this one neat lifehack will give you all the legendary heroes” type nonsense before concluding that the word ‘superstition’ itself is just an alternate spelling of the term ‘stupid supposition’.

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I had heard none of those prior.



Right, but this is the one the government doesn’t want you to know about… :sunglasses:

I DID say I knew it was ridiculous, right? :relaxed::grimacing:

You did, yes.

For future reference, I oftentimes reply to stuff just to share personal related anecdotes. Not saying that you bought into superstitions yourself, your post just reminded me of a lot of the ridiculous stuff I’ve heard from others in this game, and I thought I would share. For no apparent reason really, sometimes I just like to hear myself talk.

Or see myself type, rather.

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:rofl: You’re way off. It is not Azar, and maybe a different colour. :zipper_mouth_face:

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Used cDawa in recent tournament all the time with my monoyellow attack team. Never regretted having her instead of third cBane. She hits hard, even if no purples are available.

Out of five total free pulls this time, got five 3*, three of them dupes. New ones Prisca and Nashgar. Nashgar is actually decent, since with costume has 557 attack value. Could be helpful on occasions despite the fact he’s made of glass.

The Masquerade quest surprised me how easy it is now when I can assemble a 3-2 team of heavily emblemed 4* heroes. Last time it was against the odds and I had to use multiple items…this time 0 items used.

Edit: Pulled Frosth on a side account from the costume portal…I doubt if he will be any good at 2/60. Thoughts?

that would be S4’s Poppy. The 3* Holy Misandra, as it were.

I got totally wrecked in my first battle of the tournament this week by Poppy. didn’t even see it coming. just one hero off in the corner to take out and then… bang bang bang! i’m out? what just happened?


in a sort of bookend to things, my final battle in this week’s tournament ended thanks to a pair of +20 Bjorns.

i really like the 3* tournaments a lot. i’m not trying to ‘compete’ per se. playing with different heroes in different combinations is fun.

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Completed the Masquerade with my rainbow defense team. Not that long ago I planned the heros I would take for the last few stages.

Then I thought let’s use some of those coins…
Chao… Have him
Ganju… Didn’t have him
Hawkmoon… Have her
Kailani… Have her, and then I heard that extra sound… SG were most magnanimous… Pulled Frosth… Pleasantly surprised. #3 @Muchacho


I don’t think any 5* is any good at 2-60, so probably not.

On general I agree with you but @Saros is only playing for some months. As Frosth is no hitter it might be ok…but yes his health will be low and so will have his minions.

Not ONLY did you get Frosth @Sarah2 , congrats by the way, you have a hero that is magnanimous!

Muchacho Challenge: Use magnanimous in a sentence 3 times IRL today. :+1:


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