The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

I wish I had Ametrine but RNG gonna RNG. I don’t have any ninja, only a blue ninja troop lol

My other purples are costume Cyprian and costume Rigard… And let’s not forget my Tiburtus also has his costume.

Oh for another purple hitter… Though I must say for the longest time I used Jabbar +20 as a tank and he did quite well.

I am still hopeful that another purple will arrive sometime or other.


I am sure one will, sooner or later :slight_smile: fingers crossed it will be sooner.




Am I the only one who feels the need to say "Hello Circe"in unison? :rofl:
Welcome to the Realms, Circe. I kinda feel like I need to assign that of Eea to you :wink:

On a sand note: has anyone noticed something weird with the little time stops associated to lamps and hourglasses?
It appears to me that the icons don’t countdown and only update if you apply an affect of sorts to enemies.
I’ve tried to look in the bug section but found nothing, was wondering if it was only me.



Yes, I remember something like this happening. the counter definitely doesn’t update unless you cast a special or a boss casts a special (or the wave changes), i think? i finished it so i can’t go back to confirm the specific behavior. and i swore i saw someone make a post about it but now i can’t find it. weird. :man_shrugging: it wasn’t too much of a problem except towards the very end when you couldn’t tell if one of the bosses was going to fire their special and that could be dangerous in the last levels.


I’ve always spelt it as Aeaea. Now if only Scrabble would allow it as a word :joy:

Thanks for the welcome back everyone. Yes definitely FTP isn’t roses and rainbows. It’s more like wildflowers and grass! But they have their own charm. :slight_smile: I don’t even look at 5s anymore. I’ve stopped tracking my heroes. I don’t even know the names of most of the new heroes! After about 6 months of no new heroes, I got Kalo. Well that turned out well :joy: But I did have a week of fun with that guy. And now I’ll go back to my gang of girls Elena, Isarnia and Vivica :slight_smile:


At the moment they are running a trial for MV with only two hours cooldown til 6 June:

Prior to this, MV was reduced to four hours cooldown, and they also trialled it before that permanent reduction.


@Yhc @Sam-I-Am and heres the thread on the countdown timer bug for Sand Empire :slight_smile:


thanks @sleepyhead! i knew i had seen a post about it but i couldn’t find it browsing through the category or with search, weird.


happy to help @Sam-I-Am :slight_smile: I had trouble finding it too, but I remembered that someone had replied to my reply on it, so I searched my recent notifications to find it :stuck_out_tongue:


We just finished off a titan and the last part of my loot was this gem:

That makes 3 total including the free one everyone got. :+1: I am getting dangerously close to having as many times as I do 5’s to level now though :laughing:

I finished Cheshire Cat and decided to start Mireweave whose special I had just maxed. I figure 4’s go fast and she is my last 4* before 5’s aside from my 2 new costumes.

Part of that is Tyr and is next and then the decision to emblem either Tyr or Elena’s costume. I was leaning towards Tyr because I have Ferent +20 and LB’d, but I almost prefer Elena in costume over Ferent in most cases. I am not sure Tyr adds anything over her. He is a super durable hero but his snipe is weak and tile damage modest. :man_shrugging:. It is tough for a new red to break into my titan team say. I have some huge A values.

I also realized in this past year I went from never having a hero nerfed to having 3. You’d think it would be rare for FTP, but 3 in a year is a lot:

  • Malicna had her elemental link reduced
  • Buddy had his minions nerfed because Pengi was too strong
  • Ferent got nerfed

Maybe it is lucky I didn’t get Kalo then? :laughing:

Good luck out there!



Congratulations @Muchacho :slight_smile:


Wow, lucky you! Congrats! I got only one 3* tome from a titan some time ago, so since they’ve been introduced to the game I got two of them and I have never seen a tome of golden tokens… They are rarer for me than 4* AM.

Please let me know how do you feel about the cat and Mireweave. I’m curious what you think about them and how you use them.

Oh, by the way, I’m working on Gretel right now and I pulled two days ago Hansel (finally!). Please remind me how did you emblem them? HP/Def?


I did not know this existed or what it is … obviously I haven’t seen one either I guess :laughing:

Well TBH Mireweave is something to do before I get bogged down in leveling and LBing 5’s that take forever. I have no emblems for her, so while I will certainly tinker she isn’t slated for frontline heavy duty unless, even without emblems, she blows me away. Part of me hates getting new rangers as I am so far behind on emblems for them.

Cat is primarily for titans. I currently use Malicna. Her alternate 1 is superior to Cat, the small D drop inferior, and the small A drop can compliment cat. I bring harpoons for back up with Malicna to drop D on anything that isn’t her big alternate.

Yellow is one of my worst two, if not my worst, titan colors. Relying on Malicna and RNG means my scores are all over the place as it doesn’t just depend on tiles, it depends on which Malicna alternate fires. Cat allows me a reliable D drop that is higher than harpoons at a faster mana speed.

I strongly suspect that over the long term of, say, 10 attacks my average per swing will go up. My big score potential is higher with Malicna, but my average damage per attack is higher with Cat. We shall see after a few yellow titan appear.

The moving heroes has me curious though to shuffle tanks out of the way. I will definitely try that at some point.

Congrats, I love those two and on the same team they get a good family bonus.

I did HP/D. Their damage percentage on the special is kind of junk, so you won’t rely on them for that even if done A path. Gretel has better tile damage. I once had her A path and her A value was really impressive. She was just too frail so her primary role became tile damage over mana because she wouldn’t survive. She is better at mana control, and are harder to substitute, where as I can find an equal or comparable tile damage booster.

I utilize them as their sole purpose being controlling mana and surviving to do it. HP/D and if their specials are active they get a special D boost to help. Even +20 HP/D and LB’d they aren’t super durable.

Any damage they mana is just icing on the cake.

Good luck, let me know how you like them!



Congratulation Muchacho, this tome helps a lot.


Who said we f2p should have low expectations?

I did top100 worldwide and top 10 in germany today:

We f2p can rock and kick ■■■ too!


Congrats @Gimliv ! That’s an awesome accomplishment! :+1:


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FWIW, I also did this @Sorvina . I went full LB +20 on Gretel and haven’t regretted it.


Thank you @Muchacho and @Noble_Weasel
I will have them maxed in a few weeks or so, but I can’t wait to try them out. I will let you know later what I think about them.


Here is some of 3 favs, all HP/D:



Rant incoming.

This comment actually made me feel better, because I don’t remember the last time I got past day 3 in a tournament. I had been going mono for every hit for the last few tournaments, especially the five-star ones, where - as you mention - about all you can do is hope the board doesn’t crush you. If I got through one day unscathed, I’d lose two or three the next day to make up for it. Always out by the end of Wednesday, or the first hit of Thursday at best.

So this time, I really tried to play to the buff booster rules. Most teams were C. Hawkmoon (2 buffs; avg speed), Dolgoon (2 buffs on first charge), Melia (1 buff; fast speed), and Tyrum (fast speed; in or out of costume, depending on whether I needed dispel or cleanse; cleanse was mostly if the opponent was running Treevil). The fifth would be a hero of the color I needed to stack, and mostly alternated between Poppy and Mnesseus, both fast. Still no luck. Either I won big or got crushed horribly, the last loss being a big fat zero. The team had a By Ulf tank, so I brought two fast dispellers, and it still wasn’t enough. They just hit too hard after all his buffs, and naturally, my dispellers were the first two to die.

If it weren’t for helping fill my raid chest, I’m not sure I’d even play raid tournaments. There have been individual wars where I felt like I performed really badly, but those are balanced by the ones where I eat the opponent’s lunch. I was even pleased with how I performed in the last Wo3K against some pretty monstrous defenses. But nothing is as consistently demoralizing as these raid tournaments. Either they hate me, or I suck at this game way worse than I thought I did.