The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

exactly. and Evelyn’s dispel to 3 is also arguably more useful than Thoth-Amun’s minion to self

Ohhh, I want so badly for Thoth’s skills to be KA.

I forgot that he only hits 1 and that he minions only himself. Need to read the cards better. :wink:

When will they ever buff him? And not just a minor buff that silences the masses, but a real buff that will do great harm to the enemy like Evelyn, Drake and Seshat.

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He gets a bad rep because of how good other HotMs are, but he is a decent purple sniper if you have him and need a purple hitter. I think he would be viewed a lot differently if he were a vanilla hero rather than an HotM. :man_shrugging:

I fought one the other day that was heavily emblemed and he fired several times and was the last to die, so he put up a good show. His minions are fairly strong (not Noor strong) but I think you have Freya, so they may play well.

They other knock is his percentage hit. Seshat or Sartana only hit one but at a 400% + percentage IIRC. Sartana gets DoT afterwards and Seshat makes a cloning minion (and dispels). They are both fast too. If anything, Thoth needs a percentage bump. He is set up like a sniper but doesn’t quite hit like one. Even Domitia at average is over 400%. His percentage, as you point out, is on par with a multi target hitter and his bonus minion doesn’t quite make up for the reduced damage as a fair trade off. They have a point.

If he is what you got he can be used though. He would likely be leveled and welcomed on my roster. :+1:

I think he looks amazing aesthetically, one of my favs too for the nothing that is worth :laughing:


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He is aesthetically amazing! And that’s one of the reasons I love him.

I think I’m gonna move him up in the cue and see how he plays. [No reason to leave the unpopular heros behind if you like them.] Right behind Freya who only needs 1 more tabard to ascend (end of the month Molrlovia has 1 I think). Once I finish her then I’ll move to Thoth-Amun and by the time he’s ready for final ascension, I’ll have the tabards again. Oooooh, I’m glad I made this decision. It may be the wrong one, but it makes me happy. :grin: Just had to give myself permission.

“Well, Amrath, you now have my permission to level up and ascend an unpopular hero. Just so you know, I approve of your endeavor. Enjoy!” :upside_down_face:

Positive feedback is always appreciated.


Is also 100% approved in our alliance.

Our motto is, the only bad hero is the one you don’t have.

I fully intend to max out my Noor once I have enough rings to final ascend her. Forum criticisms about how much she sucks or whatever, be damned! My red teams are freaking awesome. I just one shotted the :poop: out of two of our last war opponent’s highest defenses using my red teams.

3/70 Noor played an integral part in taking out their leader.

Rather stupid of their leader anyway, to put Mother North as tank with Gregorian at flank. :laughing: Some nice fancy heroes you have there! Too bad you don’t have the slightest clue as to how to use them properly! :rofl:

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@akionna @amrath @Muchacho @Noble_Weasel and apologies if I missed anyone

referring to discussions on Fura and Shadereave

Shadereave - highly recommend. besides the attack and crit buffs, that resurrection has been a game changer on Raid Tourneys, Titans… and the request class quest. behold. Shadey saved me after getting all my heroes killed due to lack of concentration (as usual, multi tasked while on a work call lol)

Won a war attack yesterday cause of Shadey too, he resurrected himself and Gormek. the two of them plus Azlar were my last heroes standing versus Kunchen and Onatel wings. Would have lost if Azlar were the only one left.

Fura - am struggling to find a place for her, as discussed above my Purple mono is full. I brought her along on a late war attack too, versus a Mother North tank. she fired once, reducing the healing (Mama fired before anyone died, go figure). then fell to some slash attacks and a Gregorion special. Jury’s still out, I don’t think one time is enough to give a verdict. Looking forward to the next 4* Raid Tourney and we’ll see…

I am thinking about bringing her to the Epic tier of Teltoc, but I usually go 3/2 (focus on completion rather than placing) so she has tough competition vs. Tibs, Proteus and Sabina. will report back…


What do you guys think of Teltoc? I have Guardian Jackal already. I don’t hold out hopes for 5’s, so my options are participate to hopefully pull Guardian Falcon with free summons or skip it. I do not play every event unless I really want a hero typically.



Mine will get hidden blades in the next few days. I guess it was an easy decision, as his only competition is another Boldtusk, but it’s good to know he’s as good as advertised. Thank goodness there are blades in the Teltoc completion rewards, because Shadereave will bring me down to zero when he reaches final ascension.

Mine still sits at 1^1. I kinda wish I could trot her out for Teltoc, as I usually go mono for events, but I guess I’ll roll with Noble Rigard, Tiburtus, Proteus, Gafar, and Ameonna or Sabina.

I always play for the completion rewards and the coins, but I don’t have Falcon or Jackal. If I get one of them, I’ll probably skip summoning next Guardians and go for Grimforest next, even though I’d like to have both Falcon and Jackal. Better to have multiple targets when you are going to pull, I think.


G Falcon and G Panther are definitely worth pulling for. I use Falcon on my red team in every war. Proly have 80% win rate with this team: Boldtusk, Falcon, Kelile, Mitsuko and Scarlett/Anzogh.

You could also play and save the summons for next Teltoc and make more than 1 pull then.


That should always be a deciding factor. They are your heroes on your roster to the play the game you want.

Gross, TMI :laughing:

Yeah that’s why Morlovia was a bummer. I had no Morlovia heroes and only got Vlad. I did get Glenda, which is good, but she isn’t Morlovia.

At this point I basically want Falcon and Hansel for 4’s. Small part would take Peters, but none are in the same group. I will probably just stick to my plan this week before Teltoc came up. Good luck to those playing!



Somehow I missed this sub-conversation about Thoth-Amun, and I just got caught up on it. Here’s my summary:

Amrath: Why shouldn’t I level Hero X?

Everyone: Because he/she isn’t as good as Rare Hero Y.

Amrath: But I don’t have Rare Hero Y. I have Hero X. I wish they would buff Hero X to make him/her has good as Rare Hero Y. But they probably won’t.

Muchacho: Hero X isn’t that bad. He/she is only bad if you don’t have Rare Hero Y.

Amrath: Well, I don’t have Rare Hero Y. But I have Hero X. And I have the materials to max Hero X. And I think Hero X looks pretty cool. Using Hero X is fun, too, except for people who have Rare Hero Y, apparently. But I don’t, so I’m going to level Hero X and just have fun with him/her, and I’ll not worry about not having Rare Hero Y.

Switch out Amrath for Noble Weasel and Hero X for Thorne, and you have the conversation I had with myself about a year ago. Today, my Thorne is up to +15 and gets pretty regular use. And for two Trials of Justice in a row, he’s used the Icecold Finisher to kill all three bosses in the same hit. That’s fun. Do I wish he was King Arthur? Sure, but he’s not. He’s Thorne. He looks cool, hits pretty hard, brings me enjoyment, and wins a lot more fights than 6 scopes in my inventory would. Max that Thoth-Amun, @amrath; then come here and tell us of his glorious exploits!


I thought I was being pro Thoth Amun?

Yes, you were. Didn’t mean to make it sound otherwise. You were simply explaining why Hero X has a bad reputation, but also disputing that by saying, “They aren’t as bad as their reputation. People only think they are bad because they compare them to other, rare heroes.”


Read this a few hours ago, but couldn’t respond then. Wasn’t going to, but I feel very strongly about this, so I decided to add my 2 cents…This is a game, and should be enjoyed. That should be the bottom line. Life itself gives us enough stress and problems. So I think it’s great that a major reason you are going to level up Thoth is you like his aesthetics. I have several heroes that I love that don’t get much respect. I’ve also gotten rid of some heroes that are stars around here. I tried them, and I didn’t like them. But what I used them for would be considered sacrilege to some. So good on you! And may you have fun and success with Thoth.


Well said @diecast, thanks for chiming in. Especially since most people on the thread are tired of hearing that from the same few :laughing:



indeed! cheers to us enjoying our “useless”" heroes like Noor or Margaret or Thoth-Amun or Inari.

Margaret is still a mainstay in my Green stacks and I use her a lot on elite enemy stages where each enemy has a special!

Inari is a key part of my mono Yellow stack, she combos very well with Joon, Malosi and Lady Wooly to keep my team alive.



Thanks for all your encouragement @Muchacho @diecast @sleepyhead @Noble_Weasel ! I’ve been so busy trying get it “right”, I forgot to have fun. :crazy_face:


Happy to help @amrath!

I have been tinkering myself with new leveled heroes and dusting off some others I forgot about myself.

I had a team set up for color stacks that worked, but revolved around the same heroes, etc so I was getting a little bored. Now I am doing a lot of AoE heroes with pretty much 0 snipers. Results are mixed, I have been surprised both ways. Today is generally not a surprised in a good way with raids though TBH :laughing:.

Point is even if I lose some I know my normal teams would have beat I am having fun and the game is less redundant then it was before. I hope Thoth does that for you too :crossed_fingers:.


Justice on offense in raids has been super fun and effective it turns out! You wouldn’t know from generally reading the boards. Even if she fires late the subsequent misses allow my healers to kick again so my other heroes live and recharge :+1:. That has turned around multiple fights already.


Fellow F2Pers, I have a D question as I strive (and regularly fail to date :laughing:) to get a D to keep me in diamond. I had recently switched to this:

This performed better than my previous Quintus tank. I was winning more defenses. As of this morning I finished moving some stuff around and have set this D:

I thought this was a better set up as I got fast special D boost, fast D boost to 3 and my tank is very sturdy. If she fires it is a pain as well. I considered adding a Joon wing next to Kadilen, but I thought color diversity would be better. :man_shrugging:

We’ll see how it holds up, but I wanted to get your take as I am likely missing something since I have been unable to get a team to do this to date.

Again, I just want to hold diamond, I am not looking for the unicorn known as the unbeatable D. :laughing:


EDIT: I just noticed I am doing my own vanilla D challenge apparently! :man_facepalming: :laughing:


I kind of prefer your first attempt (with Richard at tank). You balance out having two greens by having a sturdy blue tank. Not surprised that one held better than your Quintus tank. I know Justice is a fine tank, but the rest of your team in that D doesn’t really punish the attacker for stacking purple against her.

I wonder about going Quintus - Kadilen - Richard - Elkanen - Joon. This moves the flimsier Joon to the wing, where he’s less likely to take damage early, while putting Elkanen, the potential one-man army, on the flank. Both are fast mana and still likely to fire, but Elkanen’s cast will also heal him a bit. Again, the attacker that stacks against your green flanks still has to find a way to deal with your blue tank.

I get what you are doing with the Justice defense. Magni and Kadilen give some nice boosts to the defense of an already robust tank. I tried something like this with my Brynhild tank, putting Vela and Magni on the flanks, and it just didn’t work. In that case, those buffs were undispellable thanks to Brynhild, and the attackers were having their attack debuffed by Vela, but it still didn’t work. On the other hand, Brynhild isn’t as sturdy as Justice, and she doesn’t really punish the attacker when her special casts, which Justice clearly does. It was basically just a hang-around defense. Also, my Magni had no emblems. So this may work for you, but I think the early returns on your Richard-tanked defense are indicative of it’s potential effectiveness.


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