The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

Oh it was absolutely awful! :rofl:

But that is how I learned to play the game. So you all must excuse my occasional bad habits and occasional bad attitude. Because I learned to play with and against the best, coming in with about the worst. Underdog from day one.

In some ways it was a good thing. In that it forced me to try a hell of a lot harder than everyone else. I was forced to learn everything the hard way. Very first lesson I learned was how to lose graciously repeatedly. :laughing:


So, my FTP brethren and sistren, the last round of costumes has entered beta:

The thing that jumps off the page to me is the elemental defense down for Leo and Marjana. This has me seriously reconsidering whether to pull in the Guardians event in November. On the one hand, the odds are way better to get Falcon and Jackal (although you couldn’t prove it by me) than Leo and Marjana costumes; on the other, if you landed Marjana, especially, you’d basically never use Falcon ever again. And I’d really love to have Hansel, or even Gretel, so I could save my coins for the next Grimforest instead (and not draw another three Guardian Bats). Plus, Glenda doesn’t look like a must-have HotM, so missing a few pulls toward getting her this November doesn’t seem so bad. What say you?

Other observations:

  • Kelile will be a beast in costume form if nothing changes.
  • They also made Gormek great again. I think he’d be a staple on my anti-Telly teams while in costume. Glad mine is still at +20.
  • Thorne with costume (whether in costume or not) is starting to look like a viable flank for a green tank. I told y’all I was gonna make Thorne fearsome. I would love to land this costume just to be proven right (I think).
  • Chao’s costume could be downright scary also, at fast mana.

Right now, I’m sitting on 71 costume keys and 5200+ gems. I’m thinking about burning them all on costumes when the new ones come out, because those are the most reliable pulls for improving a F2P roster. If Google Play credit from surveys is cooperative, this could be my first 30-pull sometime early next year.


I’ve been thinking the same thing: summon for costumes instead of for Guardians. I have Marjana +7 and Leo at 3/70, and if I get their costumes, I would only use Falcon and Jackal for 4* events/quests. Marjana features on my defense team though, and I can see Leo making it into my mono attack team.

Lots of exciting stuff too, like the ones you mentioned. Costume Scarlett and Sabina also look pretty good, and even some 3* (like Gan Ju) will get some new life.

It’s really gotten me thinking.


my current ranking is 21000th something, so in the bracket with 20 emblems of loot. i’m ok with that, and i really doubt i’ll be able to jump to the next highest tier, so i’ll keep playing just for the sprinkling of emblems that i can get

i don’t look forward to it, but i don’t loathe it either


I quit on it. I got it and what was going on. It’s kind of neat. The thing for me was I don’t play as much anymore and if you’re not willing to dedicate a ton of time it is wasted effort. I do prefer ToL over this.

I have a hunch most players don’t play hours a day and this event might be more popular if it ran for longer and didn’t require so much time.



Against all odds (and the sheer tediousness)… I finished Ninja Tower.

Rank 14 683rd as of this writing, putting me in the bracket that gets 30 tokens and 20 emblems.

What helped?

It’s definitely doable with a mostly vanilla roster. As others have commented, the simplest specials were often the most effective.

  1. Just hitting hard with specials. I kept choosing blessings related to mana, where I could. Also, comboing specials. Many status effects last a shorter time, so I would save specials and use them all at once - even at the top floors, a couple rounds of this would kill a boss. (think: Kiril / Isarnia / Lepus / Gregorion or Joon all firing at once)

  2. Kept my Tornadoes for situations where I couldn’t match an ONI tile AND a hero was in danger of being double-cursed and ineligible. Was able to save a few key heroes that way (Isarnia, Lepus, Melendor). often I would allow a hero to be cursed once, to preserve my precious tornadoes

  3. Two healers per floor. thank you Kiril, costume Kash, Lady Wooly, Melendor, Boldtusk, Sabina and Rigard for your service. use pure healing because HoT lasts a shorter amount of time.

  4. Judicious item use. Time Stops and Titanium Shields were my best friends. Many bosses murdered themselves on Titanium Shield. Time Stops for blocking bosses with annoying specials (like Jade’s mana cut). Bonus shout out to Elena who came out when there weren’t any Blue bosses, her riposte was really useful too. Also brought mana potions for my healers - emergency heals after a boss hit.

  5. Focus on killing one boss at a time, as fast as possible. It becomes so much more manageable and less stressful, once only one boss is alive. I prioritized those bosses with the terrible “buff bypass” skill as they can hit through defensive buffs or Titanium Shields

  6. There are far, far, far too many Purple, Green and Red bosses in higher levels. There were almost no stages without a Purple boss, meaning I had to hold my Purples back (Seshat, Tibs and Rigard would have been helpful).

  7. I always stacked 3/2, felt like the best way to do it. Maybe not the fastest, but…

Was it worth it?

  • In terms of time, not really - if the last two days hadn’t been on a weekend I am not sure how I would have managed. It does take time.
  • In terms of items? I rarely use Time Stops, Tornadoes or Titanium Shields elsewhere (I’ve stopped pushing hard in Challenge Events; and I don’t really need them on the 8* Titans we fight) so that was OK. I also always have an iron surplus anyway so I don’t mind crafting more
  • In terms of learning - it was great using new hero combinations that I don’t normally. It also taught me about working the board (as I was playing for completion, I had time to think) AND about timing specials/items (thinking of the best time to use a Titanium Shield, holding specials and firing in unison, when is the best time to heal…)
  • In terms of Rewards - personally, it was OK. Again, see my answer re items - not a big resource drain for me. Emblems are always welcome.

Do I feel satisfied? I’m proud of reaching the top, but I also feel drained - it took a lot of time.

Will I do it again? Let’s see where I end up in terms of placing (if I can stick to the loot tier I landed at) and how much time I can allocate to this next time.

here are the ending credits for those who wanna see


That’s amazing, big congrats @sleepyhead!

I think if you finish in a decent loot tier you should do it again. The reason being I think some people are still playing because they started, but several have no intention of doing it again. That should make finishing in the same tier easier.

That is, of course, 1000% speculative :laughing:

Congrats again! Let us know how your summons go :crossed_fingers:



thanks, @Muchacho ! that’s a good point, I’ve seen a lot of people saying they won’t bother next time :wink:

All I got was a Balthazar, oh well. I had no expectations of better so I’m not disappointed :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, after five days of hardwork I finally reached the top of the ninja tower. As a pure F2P player, the following quote by the kunoichi boss pretty much sums up my exact thought at the time of finishing. :rofl:

The following is my final score and ranking as of the time of this writing.

Anyway, the following was my experience and what I learned:


This event is pretty much designed for players with a very good roster depth. As someone who has played for around 2 years, I have 20x maxed 5*, 51x maxed 4* (link to my HeroPlan page). Needless to say that I lost plenty of heroes to the curses, but having the roster depth was very helpful. Towards the end, the most basic of heroes were the most effective, especially heroes whose specials last 6 turns (like Grimm, Elena etc). And Wu was the MVP of the event. I was using a 4-1 colour stacking strategy with Wu as the one, and the four chosen based on the boss colours. Tile damage is key here and nobody does it better than Wu. I took all the mana and crit blessings whenever they were available (Special thanks to @madmarv for the amazing tips) . For the rest I mostly focused on defense and HP increase. The mana boosts helped me to charge my heroes (especially the healers) very often, thus ensuring survivability. The crit bonus and some crit troops, along with some attack buff and defense debuff (like Kiril+Grimm, BT+Wilbur/Falcon/Gormek), the tiles melted the bosses pretty fast. I was very sad when I lost Wu at floor 40. Fortunately, I have a Tarlak whom I used for the rest of the way until I lost him at floor 49 (sad again). A 3.70 Ranvir had to fill in for the last level. One of my friends (@Saicheeze) used his second Wu after he lost his first one, for the rest of the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Board Play

This was the most challenging part of the event. I took it very slow as I was going only for completion. Most of my levels lasted around 5-6 mins. I didn’t have to buy any energy refills, I just used the one which SG gave us at the start. I got defeated 4 times overall, and finished the event with 1 energy to spare. This is the first time any event pushed me out of my comfort zone. Like most of us, I am depend heavily on cascades and moving as many tiles as possible in a single move. But this event forced me to do the opposite thing, I just couldn’t risk it because I wanted have some control over where the oni stones would appear. Some tricks that I employed were:

  • If I got a diamond or dragon bomb, I kept it around for as long as I could, so that I could use them to take out some oni stone which might appear in some remote corner of the grid.

  • I tried to make vertical matches more towards the middle of the board so that I have options on either side if an oni stone came up. It was always the corner matches which screwed me up, so learnt it the hard way.

  • Avoided cascades at all costs unless it was the boss wave.

  • And ofcourse, the usual stuff, made sure all my heroes were charged before the boss wave, and had atleast a few matches of the favourable tiles ready (preferably a diamond). After that, just let Wu/Tarlak/Ranvir/Miki do their thing.

Inspite of all this, heroes will still get cursed, but these were just some small attempts to reduce that number as much as possible. Really forces you to do smart tile play.

Items Used

This is where I went real cheap. Throughout the entire thing my items carried were small heal, medium heal, small mana and axes. Only on the last 5 stages I carried medium heal, axes, bombs and dragon attacks. But since the number of items get limited in those stages, I ended up only using about 10 of them (bombs and dragon attacks) in total. So very minimalistic item investment.


Okay, this is where most players seem to have issues with this event, and I totally understand and agree. Just by finishing all the floors I got enough coins for 1 pull (got a 3/* Karil :cry:, but expected with those low odds). I also got about 200 emblems just completing the floors (The drop rate increases as you go higher). And based on my current ranking, I will most likely end in the top 10k tier, which is another 250 emblems. So, that’s 450 emblems with minimal resources and considerable time invested. But, I think SG can make everyone happy if they incude more rewards to motivate players to reach the top.

Personally, I enjoyed it a lot as it was different, but I believe that with some minor tweaks here and there, SG can make it better for everyone. :slight_smile:


wow @ThePirateKing , super impressive! You placed very highly AND did it with very little item use! your board fu is certainly better than mine :slight_smile:

(and I think I’m also too nervous about using Wu against bosses, though I do understand how useful he is for increasing damage - I just prefer using more reliable specials :slight_smile: ) very nicely done!


Awesome job @ThePirateKing! You are both a gentlemen, a scholar, a ninja, and an inspiration to F2Pers!



Nice work @ThePirateKing

Yeah a 2nd Wu came in useful for me as the dmg was too much for the bosses to handle haha

Pretty happy overall considering I hadn’t read anything about the tower before going in, learnt it on the fly. Took crit all the way as you know im a big fan of it, mana speed and lantern were the others i picked. Fun times


We are already out of top 25k…

First of all congrats on doing so well! :wink: :+1:

I kept your remarks about Wu…did not take him for serious and lost him early. Will change that next time.

Yeah did the same!

Smart. Learned it on playing as well.

Important: There can only be 1 oni stone at a time on the board.

2 consequences

If there is no Oni stone on the board I focused on making matches in the middle…even dummy moves…where you probably can handle the curse better than on the very side. I made the matches on the side after the Oni stone appeared…if possible.

If you have a diamond on the board in the same color of your Oni stone then try to hold it back as long as possible…say timer to 1…as there can’t spawn a new Oni stone in the meantime.


Thanks. And yes, this is a great advice. I forgot to mention this in the write-up. Good one. :slight_smile:

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Congratulations @Saicheeze… The F2P Rebellion flag flying high today. :grin:


Thank you @Muchacho. The respect is mutual. :slight_smile:

Thanks @sleepyhead, congrats to you too. Read your writeup, great experience and advice. I think we all learnt something from this event, and surely we will be more adept and efficient the next time. :slight_smile:


Congrats! Well deserved!


Congrats all on completing the tower!

Ignore my personal complaints on it. Any FTP who is able to complete it has my full respect. Just seems like too much effort for too little rewards for me personally.

But you guys are awesome. Keep up the good work, and keep on showing the big spenders that it takes more than a big wallet to be a big dog. :+1:



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