The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

That’s because I don’t farm for Atlantis Coins, I farm for the ingredients to craft battle items or transmute into proxy items (or items I will re-transmute), or Alkashards to convert into items I could actually use. Except for the first time goof in my first 1k Alkashards conversion and picked Giant Harpoons (I thought you were trying trade something from your own inventory along with the 1K shards into something random), I had been picking the emblems because as much as they still remain unfarmable, and while I am not exactly swimming in them, I don’t have immediate needs for 3* unfarmable mats because I simply don’t have enough 4* or 5* heroes that will quickly exhaust them from my inventory.

Not farming specifically for Sea Dragons is probably the best thing that a player can do, F2P or P2P alike.

@Gartenerbsen - I’d have loved to get Triton because I don’t have him.


I’d be really happy if I could have passed him to you… I was sorry to feed him away, but what can I do? Such a pity.

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Oh, I know… And same with duplicate S1 I could send to my alliance mates who might be missing one or two and just happened to be one I got, but you know. SGG greatly fears this will destroy the economy… That, or just make S2 heroes 3* and above trainable or retrainable. But you know, SGG says no one wants 3* and 4*, and of course it destroys the economy. Funny how everything they don’t want to implement greatly destroys the game economy right?

I am still waiting to see who my first non S1 or S1 with costume would be from HA10, I purposely don’t go too much into the HA10 reporting thread because while everyone is mostly nice and talks about the utterly poor % in there and the occasional joy for beating the odds. I find some of the posts a little distasteful.

I don’t care much for some of the posts I see in there that talks about how much HA10 sucked because they already have this past HoTM, that past HoTM, or this costume is terrible I wish it was someone else. It’s like dude, you’ve beaten the odds, and not just once, but multiple times, and at the very least you can offer some sensitivity to others who are still looking for their first good, usable result.


Yeah, I was always a bit surprised why they should say that. After all, they installed tiers in challenge events, efficient roster use events like NT, and 3* and 4* tourneys, you’d think they want those heroes to be relevant.

yep, now, you know… :flushed: I did react somewhat like that when Guardian Owl turned up as my 21st retrain, even though he was new to me … I have some understanding of what they can feel. You know that feeling when you keep that little glimmer of hope in you, all the while telling yourself “be realistic, you most likely won’t have anything yet again”, then you see something non-S1 showing their face… what a triumph! and then the realisation that it’s one of the most useless heroes? Uff.

Also, in my case, Owl is yellow. And in yellow, I have Justice, Neith, Bai Yeong, Leonidas and Joon #2 at 3.70. Last set of darts went to Prof. Lidenbrock, and I do not regret this at all. I have now 3 darts, and Devana waiting to be levelled. Probably she will get the next set, but I haven’t even yet started on her, because it’s always an eternity to collect six of them, so better get on with Gullinbursti and Mist and Candy. I will eventually level Owl too, at least to 3.70.

The point is, ascension mats are so rare, you have to think it over who you give them to.

One of my alliance mates just now put up a G. Owl +19 for me, combined with some unlevelled 3*. So I attacked first a mono purple line with four unlevelled 5* (Sartana, Obakan, Zulag, Kage at 1.1) and Vlad at 3.50 +1. They almost killed him. If I had succeeded to ghost one more tile, Sartana or Kage would have swept him away. The second time, I swapped in Malicna at 4.51, and won… This is not very convincing that Owl merits the darts, although I recognise he has his uses, for example in wars.

It’s miserable, that SG do not want to find a way to exchange. I’d give you or others Owl happily, some other heroes too.


I only consider using flasks on Atlantis farming if one is in need of a certain resource - like recruits or orihalcum nuggets for example. Coins themselves shouldn’t be a reason for farming if one is f2p/c2p IMO. I find it much more lucrative to focus on challenge event Rare 3 WE 1 stage even if it was coins only, since a single coin gained there is worth 10 atlantis coins. I got Mnesseus from a single coin pull this time and since he’s my first and a very useful 3* IMO, I am pretty happy with him.

so, three new 5 s coming out for Underwild, no new 3 s and 4 s. why am i not surprised, SG already said they would prioritize 5 s

Did they release new 3 and 4 star heroes for the other seasons after the initial? I remember Muggy was later, but I don’t recall the others.

I wonder if this meant that they are pretty much done with 3* and 4* for season 4. Much like how they were largely done with 3* and 4* for season 3 about half way through season 3.

Muggy was indeed released after Season 2 had ended (along with Ursena). The only released season 3 hero after Season 3 is over was Salmon Loki, whose release, I guess with SGG, was non-negotiable.

16 WE flasks used in AR. Got 60 coins. How do they hope to keep players interested, I wonder.


Salmon Loki was released to get an even number of heroes to feature for VF.


I keep thinking about writing an essay on “how corporate managers make decisions” but it will be to;dr and people will argue with me so I’ll probably never bother.

But the short answer to this particular question is that when they decide to kill the cash cow, no one will lament that if they’d taken better care of her they could have milked her longer. They will collectively shrug, tell themselves that’s the life cycle of a game and ask “where can we get another cow?”


Yes. Two days ago I finally built the HA. I wasn’t even excited about it. It’s totally useless except level 10, and that will take me weeks and possibly months of iron storage levelling to get to anyway. And then, what? 5% chance of a non-S1 5* every 7 days, that’s statistically one (possibly a dupe) every 5 months. Atlantis, down to four pulls a year, with 1% chance of a S2 5*, I should get one within 25 years if fate is not against me. It’s downright ridiculous.
I’ve been playing for 20 months, I’ve got 14 5*, not counting the 2 dupe Magnis and the dupe Joon I’ll eventually feed into HA. 11 S1 (3 with costume) and 3 HotM. Exactly zero Event, seasonal or S2-3-4 5*.
I’m levelling Boril, his costume is next. Then, unless I pull some blue in the meantime, I’ll be without a blue hero to work on. I don’t care about not being in the top x % in events or about still being in the platinum arena (I play just enough raids to fill my hero chest, most days). But as time goes by, I feel more and more I’ve got nothing to look forward to. :confused:


Welcome to the club. Already out of red projects, and that’s after leveling a dupe Boldtusk + costume. Will be out of purple projects in a few days when I finish Quintus, and that’s after leveling a dupe Rigard + costume. Betting big on Halloween, which has dismal odds, so that’s not great. Have some Google Play credit stashed away, but not even sure when/where to burn that to maximize my chances of getting a new project. HA 10 up and running for coming up on a year, with only my first Richard, my first Elkanen, and an Isarnia costume to show for it. They’ve got to loosen their grips on something to retain players like us, but I suspect they don’t much care.


They definitely don’t care…

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@Quinn3 @Shohoku79

for Season 3, they released a 2nd batch of 3* and 4* midway through.

1st batch 3*s: Bjorn, Kvasir, Nordri, Ei-Dunn, By-Ulf

2nd batch 3*s: Grevle, Sudri, Agnes, Jarvur, An-Windr

I can’t remember which 4*s were first batch and which were 2nd batch.

So Valhalla had ten each 3* and 4*, but so far we only have five each 3* and 4* for Underwild.


@YayaTheobroma @Noble_Weasel me too. every day I find myself a little bit less excited about the game. I looked at the calendar for September and was like…

… yeah so what, even for Underwild and Tower of Magic and Costume Chamber, even if I get X summons per month by playing, I get mostly dupes anyway.

oh, and now they’re releasing costumes for some Halloween heroes. Including Francine. I was so elated and happy to get her last Halloween, now they release a superior version that is going to be hard-to-get. Ho-Hum. thanks SG, for slowly killing any happiness and excitement I feel from this game.


Is that what it is? I was under the impression that it was originally a scrapped hero and Bera became the end result of what Salmon Loki was going to be. And that “non-negotiable” bit was a little play on the Q&A with devs when they talked about limit breaker and costumes for non-s1 heroes.

But I guess to a certain extent, it’s probably because they already spent some time and resources on it, and SGG rarely leave anything unused… So in that sense, it’s probably still “non-negotiable” that they were going to release the Fishy Loki.

Well, I am finding uses for HA besides level 10. I’ve always stored Recruits and Food into my TC20s, but with the Hero Academy, you can actually use it to train Troops 1* - 3* (HA2, HA4, and HA6), which is pretty much the only guaranteed way to get troops besides summoning out of the troop portal, get them as random loots off of maps or silver tokens. With Iron being used comparatively less after finishing the building upgrades vs. food, I have found myself parking my recruits and excess iron into HA6 to train 3* troops, every few days gets you one to boost your troops leveling grind. Plus with HA, although not as optimal as the Alchemy Lab, you get to do 2 actions at once. So while I drop my dupe 5* vanilla in on HA10 weekly, my other concurrent action is HA6 with 3* troops.

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Ugh, unintended HA10 break taken again. Last week Elkannen went into HA10 and this week Azlar popped out, my feed dupes tendency had me feed Azlar to the almost maxed JF instead of throwing him back in. So once again, I am out of chips to throw into the pot until I get another 5* dupe and once again, food and recruits were all prepped and ready to go too.

SG says no plans for 3s and 4s this year

Nah, the big plan this year was for so many QoL improvements. Enter the generalization of the assault wave counter.

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