The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

@SamMe congrats on your C-Yunan! wow! so great you got the costume too… I’m one of those who got lucky before (got Rana), and now no luck getting the costume too lol :slight_smile:

@Shohoku79 , one point to help ease the foreshadowing, past luck does not seem (I think) to predict future luck. I got lucky very early in Atlantis with amazing pulls in the first few months, but I did not get lucky with Valhalla until last June. of course, good luck tends to be rare due to the horrible low odds, but…

@Saros thanks for sharing the loot results… it’s good for us to know.

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ok… so maybe I will eat my words re past luck and future luck

I thought… well, I was on a lucky streak today, why not see if the streak continues?

1 EHT… Hawkmoon

1 more EHT… screen flashed, OMG, is it…?

Arman (new) and Devana!!!

ok i really have to stop now!


Congratulations to everyone who has gotten good pulls!



My alt got a holy chest which came with an EHT. First one for this account!

And pulled Dawa :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Actually only the 4th 3*, so will get some playing time. Still working on Bane, though, so won’t get leveled for awhile

Sucks to get a holy chest at this level it’s only completed first 5 provinces where there are very few yellow enemies. Took me almost a week to finish the chest

Boring details about why I made an alt when I’m trying to spend less time in the game

I created the alt so I could leave my 1-person alliance to merc and get back in. I only merc to get to level 48 in POV. I created the alliance so I could do the war hits for POV. I don’t even care if I win. I tried not being in any alliance, but it’s so hard to give up all that POV loot.


I had similar dilemmas with all of my alts. The best poor man locations for a yellow chest is 2-3. You always get 2 guaranteed yellow dogs accompanying the final boss, and you can get also several more as random enemies from the previous waves.

4-1 is great for reds btw.

And the best thing is you can autoplay both of those with a starting set of heroes.

Edit: There is the possibility of adding yellow (or red) heroes to that amount by killing heroes in raids.

If you wonder how a starting set of heroes can win raids, you can check my “How to bring a new account to level 10” videos. Basically you raid an outpost, kill 4 out of 5 (or how much you need) and run away. That way is probably the only easy way for a starting f2p account to fill that pesky Hero chest.

Congrats on your Devana, and Arman @sleepyhead! :+1::+1::star_struck:

I noticed that @Liam_K got the exact combo as you. :exploding_head: Liam_K’s Devana pull

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@Noble_Weasel and @sleepyhead - The lucky ones’ luck keeps on trucking.

So I purposely don’t go too much into reading up on new HoTM down the road. But after reading Devana’s card… Aside from the obvious that any hero that wields a bow is automatically made a ranger (except costumes, and not all ranger class heroes wield bows)

Did SGG just create a hero to purposely snub or make Noor inferior? Beefier Minion, 2 innate abilities, splash dispel, minions remove other minions first, average speed. The only thing is that Noor is probably a better team player because she makes minions for everyone whereas Devana only makes them for herself?


Thanks @SamMe :wink: yellow is the lucky colour for 1st July it seems !

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@Shohoku79 power creep, it continues…

Just look at poor old Aeron versus costume Rigard… Aeron’s edges are the element link of +5% attack and defense, and immunity to ailments for self and flanks. c-Rigard greatly boosts attack for all and cleanses all… and the costume gives an innate mana boost… power creep has always been here alas…

Noor does have that instant summons, so if you are up against a minion heavy defense, she would quickly get another 75% of her effective health. But overall, I would agree.

Oh wow, @Noble_Weasel ! Congrats, happy to see these great pulls for you! A 5* costume, Caedmon costume (I love it personally), and Devana! Fantastic! :grin:


What a stroke of luck in the FTP family! Congrats, @sleepyhead !


And I can just repeat. What a luck for many of us! Fantastic! Congrats, @SamMe !


Congrats on all the pulls! I am hoping some runs off on me when I go for it.

It seems the frequency of events has continued at the increased pace. I am not a fan. I fort they can’t be skipped as they lead to many unfarmables. We shall see I guess how much I tolerate this.

It finally happened! I opened a chest during costume masquerade and got a costume key:

It really seemed like a conspiracy that I never got keys during the event.



Yes, I have cursed more than one C. Li Xiu in four-star tournaments. I might reset her and then rebuild her for the rogue class instead of monk after I max out Yang Mai. Can’t see ever using her monk form after I max the costume. With nine attack nodes in rogue, maybe I can get her attack to something north of hopeless, anyway.

My alliance is 1-2 in wars since aethers became a thing. The one we won was yesterday, and as the top scorer, I got a single three-star yellow aether. In both losses, I received no aethers. As you say, just FYI till we can get some kind of handle on how the war/aether thing is going.

What can we say? :man_shrugging: Devana loves us! :heart: She is the “Headstrong Huntress”, after all. Who is more headstrong than an FTPer?


And the hits keep on coming! Check out the highlights of the loot from the titan chest I just opened.

Leaves me just two scopes from having to decide whether to ascend Russula or Richard next. Also, one more talent for Heimdall.


Excellent haul!!!

Russula v Richard, both good choices. And embleming Heimdall is always a good thing!


Really struggling with this decision. Russula is very fast, rogue class (less competition on my roster), but a niche special. Richard is a solid hero, potential for getting his costume down the road, but has more competition as a paladin, and is only average speed. Russula is also 3^50-something, while Richard sits at 1^30-something. One of them will start getting fed again as soon as I finish my limit-broken Kiril costume.

yeah, in the current meta, Average speed often does not cut it unless the special is really something. I only ascended Richard over Magni, because I had Richard’s costume to make him functionally fast.

My gut says, unless you really need a Blue tank, Russula might be the better choice. But hey, who knows, you might pull Richard’s costume OR another cool Blue 5* before you get two more tonics :wink:

I only usually start thinking about ascension decisions myself when I lack one more mat.

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My Krampus is giving you the side-eye. Of course, you shouldn’t be expected to remember every hero on my roster. Just messing with you!

Good strategy, but I’m always planning. I like planning. Most of the time, my E&P plans end up changed before I can execute them for exactly the reason you mentioned. I could still go on the forum and find my brilliant plans for defense teams with Horghall and Zulag at tank, both pre-raid formations. :laughing:

Right now, I’m trying to come up with a plan to get six sets of darts to max Devana! :crazy_face: I don’t regret the last ones I used on Leo, but the ones I used on Justice before that… (sorry, @Muchacho !)

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