The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

also this. so someone spent 3 EUR a long time ago on a VIP deal… and? we’re not gonna gatekeep them just for that!

I am fine with alright. I have certainly been called worse :wink:



I do, very much. Nice to have again some life in the game. And it’s nice to kill 9* titans! :+1:

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I mean it is mostly me, but everyone helps out too I guess :wink:


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See, now that’s when you could get called worse than alright if I weren’t so awesome as @sleepyhead said so rightly :wink:!


Well, what do you all think About the Q&A?

Phrase of the year: GAME ECONOMY

Things that stood out:

  1. Limit breakers were non-negotiable from the beginning
  2. No, you won’t get Atlantis / Valhalla / Event etc. 3 s and 4 s in Hero Academy, ever
  3. No, Valhalla Forever gnomes will never “only” drop coins, and VF rewards won’t be increased, because it’s bad for the game economy
  4. new heroes! new events! that’s what makes players happy! a new season every year!!
  5. oh but by the way, we do want to do something about new players’ paths in the game…
  6. … but at the same time, too many people getting too many of these new heroes, is bad for the game economy!!!

So yeah more of the same… my hopes of ever getting Almur or Candy are dimming and dying


In short, Q&A:

“We heard what you players have to say, but this is our game, we implement our changes where we see fit, and we will focus on these changes that earn us the most money. That means adding new 5* heroes, no free 4* or 3* non-S1 heroes for you, no more 4* or 3* heroes for you altogether since those don’t bring much money, no more ascension mats for you because we want to sell you these at approximately $30 per 4* mat, we will give you no easier way to level up troops because we want to sell you gems so you can pull troops to level up your own, and almost all of the rest quality of life changes will not be implemented since they will not bring us much money”.

I am just sad the developers weren’t men enough to come upfront with this statement.


not just no free heroes, not even a chance to get these heroes… tsk.

all the while they keep pumping out 4* challenge event tiers and 4* raid tourneys… bleah.

Unfortunately they are well aware of the power of the 4* heroes, and that is why we will not get the key ones - they will probably forever remain behind a paywall that will tighten even more. For example Falcon and Jackal were inside a 5-month rotating portal, and now they will be in a 10-month rotating portal. Twice as rare to get them. Same with Buddy btw. And without Buddy or Frigg, Almur is just…not enough.

Key heroes in any monoteam IMO: Def down, elemental def down, attack up, heal, high-tile damage snipers.

Which is precisely why I am putting my green, purple and yellow monoteams on hold for now, and am focusing on my blues and reds. Reds have everything available from S1 4* barring elemental defense down, and soon enough even that will be slightly more available with the possibility of getting Marjana’s costume out of HA 10.

Blue also has it all from S1 4* and Nordri, who is relatively easy enough to get with free pulls from Valhalla portal.

Yellow and purple can always serve as support with the likes of Wu Kong or cRigard inserted in a 4-1 team as the 1. But mono with those colors seems weak…unless of course you run into a monoyellow or a monopurple defense by accident. Yellow lacks def down unless you are really lucky to pull cVivica, and that still is slow speed. And the elemental def down Jackal is pretty rare, very fragile and hits only one…not exciting. And the sniper is a 5* - Joon. Purple lacks elemental def down and the sniper is once again a 5* - Sartana.

Green lacks all. No attack up, no defense down, no elemental defense down from classic S1 4* sadly. Here we need a ton of rare paywalled 4* or 5* heroes like Buddy, Evelyn, Phineas Fogg, Tarlak, Almur or Frigg to make it work. Only has a decent sniper - Caedmon, and of course Lianna amongst the 5*s. Unfortunately those cannot really serve as support.


I haven’t yet read all (probably won’t, anyway). What I read just confirms my hunch, that whatever we here in the forum are saying, the game moves in the direction of the “silent masses”. If the general player base likes and pays for the new heroes, the costumes, the limit breakers, then it will be done. They have all the data in their databases, they can analyse it as they want: we changed this, the income changed that way… Small wishes won’t play any part. Departures? In that view, the financial analyst view, what counts is the general income as a function of their inputs (new heroes, new specials, new events). If you quit, the general income will change infinitesimally, but you are just a little statistical random variable, and others from the world population will replace you. Our feelings, frustrations? Who cares as long as the game globally brings in the money.

So yeah, more of the same. Depressing.

Let’s start to work.

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yup. i’m changing my attitude towards this game too. why get frustrated? i’ll just enjoy it for what it is, something to pass the time, and something to do with my cool alliance… :wink:


interesting analysis… thanks for these points.

i’ve had to rely on team building without the elemental defense down heroes, simply because most of them are indeed heavily paywalled. they work fine… for where I am in the game, anyway. (but also why I never aim too high… i will just get frustrated)

Oh, you have no idea how much I want to beat your score :D. Your rule “don’t beat my titan score” works perfectly on me :rofl: 9* titans are difficult for me, keeping my heroes alive is harder, for some titans I’m still using rare heroes, for example C. Brienne or Melia. :+1: But! I finished Almur and I gave him +19 emblems and in a few days I will finish Falcon, so beware :>


I still decided to upload the videos on how to get to level 10 easily being a F2P player here. Enjoy. Also keep in mind that was no speed leveling. If I did speedlevel I could’ve done it in 8 hours or so.


Exactly. I will not work up expectations. Then I will not feel cheated or frustrated.


the FTP way: keep expectations low, than almost all our surprises will be pleasant :wink:


The one thing I learned as a no-reload gamer - prepare for the worst and make your plans how to progress even if given the worst possible option again and again. Also spend your valuable resources on the place which will provide biggest percentage results.

@sleepyhead I’ve only skim read it so far.

Re your hope for Almur/Candy: it’s a super small chance but you probably already know it’s possible to get Eve* from Tavern of Legends or HA10. Or maybe Fogg from S4. :wink:

I do know someone who got Eve from HA10 (unfortunately a dupe for him). :sweat_smile:

I sure wish I had some of @Muchacho’s luck with the ToL portal. :sweat_smile:

Also, since Candy is “only” a 3* challenge event hero, you can farm challenge coins (if you feel like it), and increase your chance to get her next time. :four_leaf_clover:

Then again, you might be like me, and use up all your challenge coins plus 900 gems, and fail to get Bauchan (3* from Knights of Avalon). :rofl::sob:

*I mentioned Eve instead of Almur, since you can definitely try for her through HA10, and completing ToL.

I honestly think you may have a better chance at old HOTM 5* Eve or even S4 5* Fogg, instead of S3 4* Almur, because it’s really tough to farm for coins during Valhalla Forever.

To be clear, I feel it’s a bummer that an already hard to get 5* might be easier to obtain than a 4*, but something is better than nothing for f2p/c2p.


thanks @SamMe , good breakdown of sources and relative odds :wink: sigh. but yeah, I’ve done more than 30 summons in Teltoc without Guardian Bat (but at least I got Jackal and Owl!)

I completely agree re not pinning hopes on S3… or even S4 and beyond for that matter. the game devs have already said as much, that they nerfed Valhalla forever loot compared to Atlantis on purpose. you know, game economy. I bet they will keep doing the same in future seasons :rofl:

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I only recently added emblems to Almur. I got him last year but had “too many” Sorcerers (C Quintus, Vanda…) to even consider him for emblems. Definitely a good problem to have. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

How are you finding Almur?

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