The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

Yes, this is an excellent point. The summer after I graduated high school - having just finished Advanced Placement Spanish - my uncle hired some migrant farm workers from Mexico who only spoke a little English. I was quite pleased with myself that I was able to converse with them pretty well (after I told them I needed them to speak a little more slowly, since I have to translate what they are saying in my head as they speak). If I had that opportunity all the time, I think I would have developed more fluency. But the workers went home after that summer, and I was also no longer with my high school friends who were studying Spanish with me so we could practice, so I lost what little proficiency I had developed.

Even as a native speaker, I can admit that English is a very, very screwed up language! I don’t know how any non-native speaker cuts through all the irregularities, exceptions, idioms, and just junk that doesn’t make sense in general. Seriously, though, I work at a college, and many of my well-educated, native speaking colleagues aren’t as articulate as you - and some other non-native speakers on this forum - are.


What’s with all this “level breaking” stuff I am hearing?


@Muchacho I have some bad news for you my friend…

basically, even maxed heroes can get additional levels, but… also means additional resources…


Oh, you haven’t been following the beta beats about aethers (nee limit breakers)? Yeah, apparently the next update will include aethers that allow you to level your heroes even further above their current max level. I think it’s only five levels, but the stat increases for those five levels are pretty large. Costume bonuses and emblem boosts based on percentages apply to the boosted stats. Three-, four-, and five-star heroes of all stripes will be able to be “limit broken” using aethers that can be obtained from a new quest that shows up twice per month. Aethers are color and rarity specific. I think they said you would need to fully complete the new quest (which is supposed to be pretty hard) every time it shows up for 10 weeks (or maybe 10 iterations) in order to fully limit break one rainbow set of legendary heroes. Just another way to make you feed even more resources to your existing heroes to truly max them. At least there is a guaranteed free way to get aethers, unlike having to summon a hero’s costume, which might never happen.

Speaking of costumes, there are also rumblings that HA 10 will be improved to give a small chance of getting the hero’s costume on retrain. @Guvnor’s new beta threads should be up shortly with the details.

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I don’t follow beta threads, but that’s probably the most welcoming thing I heard in a long time (if it were implemented), I am a little behind you on nothing to show for HA10 trainings, but so far, I’ve been essentially sending the same hero in and the result back into the pot for a little over 2 months now.

Back to the HA improvements, I am not trusting SGG will implement any features without thinking how they can profit off of it, I doubt there will not be some sort of “catch” to that.

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here’s the “costumes in HA” info… apparently 5% chance of getting the costume IF you get an S1 hero

and Rana and Yunan (!!!) have costumes in beta…

still leaves 3* and 4* costumes to only come from costume chamber…


Thanks @sleepyhead and @Noble_Weasel

As the messengers this will be both your faults for limit breakers existence to me :wink:

Costumes in HA would be nice. What I would like is a 4* option in HA for a chance to get event and maybe S2 4’s. How many times do I need to beat pirates without getting Peters for example!?! If anything it’ll generate more interest in 4’s leading to revenue then would normally be the case. If some people have all, or the good, event 5’s they don’t chase the 4’s.

Doubtful to happen, but you never know …


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Agree. It’s a small chance, but it’s another way to land a five-star costume without having to summon it. And I’m gonna run the stupid thing from now to eternity anyway, because I’m an optimist or a glutton for punishment, however you want to look at it, so this is just a bonus.

Oh, yeah. Guess where the non-S1 legendary costumes are going (reportedly)? Into the ToL portal! Yeah, the one with the worst odds in the game. The one where only the biggest of whales dare to spend.

More importantly, Gafar, Jabbar, Hisan, and Arman don’t have costumes in beta. That settles that I’m holding my EHTs till Halloween. Apparently, SGG doesn’t think non-legendaries are worthy of a costume.

I have gotten 2 HotMs from that portal using only coins: Athena and Ranvir. Pretty awesome and lucky admittedly. It does NOT make up for every other portal hating me though :laughing:

Why won’t you love me back Costume Chamber!?!




Think of me the first time you attack a defense with 5200 TP. (Yes, Guv says that’s about what they can top out at with aethers!)

Show off! LOL I’ve never gotten anything better than a duplicate Grimm from ToL.

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I’d like to think that maybe, just maybe, someone at SG read my post here:

Add costumes to S1s from HA10

and thought ‘hey! that’s a great idea!’ but that seems unlikely. :laughing:


credits to you @Sam-I-Am , for getting costumes added to HA :wink:

@Muchacho re adding S2/event 4* to HA, so many players are clamoring for it! 90% of 190 voters said YES!

and sadly, like @Noble_Weasel observed, SG seems to shaft 4s (and 3s). As I asked on the AMA chat… why? I mean, there are challenge event tiers and raid tournaments specifically for 3s and 4s, and of course many end game players still bring 4s along elsewhere because they’re useful, period. But SG keeps pushing 5s, and probably it’s because 5s are where the money is… Whales summon for 5s, after all… especially if they keep creating new 5* heroes that can do what 4*s do…

it’s ridiculous, really. even in the challenge events. the old set, we have one 3*, two 4s, and FIVE 5s. ridiculous. *

although, at least the summoning pool is less diluted, so those of us chasing Jackal/Falcon, Gretel/Hansel have a better chance at getting them…


Yes, the Rebellion is gaining traction! Hehe

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I am a little slow today, but how is the pool less diluted?

if there are only two possible event 4s, then one is more likely to get either of them. than if there were like 10 event 4s.

Let’s say the odds of getting any event 4* is, idk, 5%. so that’s 2.5% to get either one.

but if there were 10, it’s 5% divided by 10 to get any one of them… that’s like 0.5% chance for each.

Oh, you mean event 4* are being added to HA? Is it true? Or are they getting their own portals?

Let’s say the individual challenge events didn’t change, the chance of getting say Jackal / Falcon still remain the same right?

No, event 4* are not being added yet. I was saying that many players do want them :slight_smile:

And yes, odds for jackal and falcon will not change. There are no plans to add more event 4* to the old events yet

In fairness, when you don’t plan on spending money for pulls, any other increased chance of stuff (costumes, AMs, heroes) is good. There’s a reason why I’m not particularly down on the HA10 even if it hasn’t produced non-S1 heroes yet: there’s always a chance and given the minimal costs once I’ve researched it, why not use it?


@sleepyhead Thank for the explanation, would be nice to be able to possibly pull a non vanilla 3* or 4* out of HA, speaking of which, I had no idea why HA10 wouldn’t include seasonal (Lepus, Rana, Victor, Santa, etc.) in there, it’s not like they were being acquired like flying off the shelves (the HA10 reporting thread should show you how many people are getting non S1 5*).

Having a 5% tacked on to get the costume at the same time as 5* dupe would be like adding a second play option to your weekly raffle ticket. Your first play is of course trying to get into that 5% pool of non vanilla, didn’t get it? Now here is the second play, see if you got into the 5% pool to get that costume for that vanilla you just got. No? Try again next week.


When we will able to get costumes too, then we can expect something good in every 10 retraining.
I think it is good for F2P :slight_smile:


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