The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

Funny that you mention that.

The number that doesn’t matter. I used to take great pride in that number, in showing that most of my members had been with me for X hundred number of days.

Thanks to horrible matchmaking, we started to experiment with war dropping on individual members to try to “purge” old war win streaks in an attempt to get more fair matchups. This meant having very longtime members leave and go to another alliance to lose wars on purpose, rather than asking the entire alliance to throw wars on purpose as a whole. “Needs of the many” thing.

While every one of them has come back after throwing a couple of wars, it’s still kind of sad to see their number of days in the alliance reset back to zero. :frowning_face: But many of my original members happily volunteered so as to not drag down the rest of the alliance.

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Congrats on finding a home @Igmuhota ! @Muchacho is great people, I am sure he only hangs out with other great people

just don’t call any of the women beefy :stuck_out_tongue: hee hee (sorry, could not resist, for background it relates to a discussion we had on the connotations of the word “beefy” - does it mean strong in a flattering way, or unflattering way ) :slight_smile:

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In my experience? Depends on the individual.

I don’t think my girlfriend would want to be called “beefy”.

But I’ve known some women who would certainly take that as a compliment.

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yes. and taking teasing / facetiousness aside, I find both intent, and the preferences of the individual receiving the compliment, very important.

for the record, I would not knowingly call someone “beefy” in real life, unless I knew in advance they would like it! “strong” is IMO a much better word as a compliment.

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My alliance is on the same principle, although entry is much harder…I’d even say impossible…

somebody started a poll re adding other 4* heroes (S2, S3, Event…) to Hero Academy

apparently, support told them there was not enough player interest in it. And I’m like, really?

therefore I am promoting the poll :stuck_out_tongue:


Those are really awful. :disappointed_relieved:

I was just going to write that luckily I haven’t seen anything like that in any alliance I’ve been in. Then I remembered other alliance dramas. :rofl:

Couldn’t he have just opted out? Or was it a case that they wanted to get war attacks for the PoV?

One of our more higher level players did opt out for a few wars, and we won a few after he was gone, so while the participants got war wins in their history, he didn’t. When he opted back in, the matchup was decidedly in our favor for a few wars.

Yeah, that’s why we don’t even bother with the cup requirement. We figure if you make the effort to read our alliance banner and ask to join with something custom, instead of the default, you are an “active” player and likely not going to be a detriment on wars if you opt in.

Thanks for the kind words @TGW and @sleepyhead . I do hope you enjoy your stay as well @Igmuhota . I also tend to agree, I am awesome :wink:


Congrats on your third Jonah medal @TGW . I still haven’t earned my first (nor do I truly understand how :laughing:). I am jealous non the less.

That’s nonsense and you know it.

I am pretty sure they can’t even sell it to you unless you do that during the test drive. As a Qdoba fan I say hit all the Chipotles you want :wink:. Mine does beep when it is in reverse. At first I thought it was an “everything is okay” alarm and just gunned it … it meant reverse … live and learn :man_shrugging:



@Muchacho you deserve the kind words!

and re the medal, you basically have to say something extremely witty, helpful and/or funny while @JonahTheBard is looking,

or read and recite all of @JonahTheBard 's prose and poetry writings while critiquing the interplay between the E&P milieu and the zeitgeist of our modern times, as well as pointing out the influences of JB’s scraping his knee on an old apple tree when he was 10 , and also the subtle allusions to all 5 of his children… :wink:


This :point_up_2: would do it

Good advice @sleepyhead


update, it’s been moved to Ideas & Features, so voting buttons are also enabled :slight_smile:

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Ah, understood. That makes sense why I do not and am now okay knowing I never will :laughing:


The Bard likes storytelling. I’ve been writing stories and poetry (and essays, and really long forum posts) since I was a small child. It’s something I do for personal enjoyment. While I have made a little bit of money from writing, it’s never been enough to pay the bills. Perhaps one of these days I’ll come up with a really good story that gets Oprah’s seal of approval, then I’ll never want for money ever again. Until then, I remain a starving artist.

I don’t have any Qdobas near me that I know of, so Chipotle is my go-to if I want a burrito that is both large enough to fill me up and made with mostly quality ingredients (though I’m not above visiting a Taco Bell drive-thru at 3 a.m. either… I’m only human, after all).

As for electric cars… I would love to get my hands on a Tesla one of these days, if they were in my price range. Though Elon Musk is a bit of a lunatic… billionaire mad scientists usually are. I do believe that the future of cars is mostly electric (and hopefully also capable of flight), but I’m still not fully on board with cars that drive themselves or those with mostly touchscreen controls. I just imagine myself in a scenario where I am trying to open the windows and they won’t open, the doors are locked and the car is just cruising on its own, and I’m yelling “open the front pod bay windows, PAL!”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, TGW.”

“Why the hell not???”

“Driving with a window open reduces fuel efficiency by as much as 25%.”

“Okay, then can you at least turn the air conditioner on?”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that either. Air conditioning is also bad for the environment.”

“Can we at least drive faster so I get to my destination quicker?”

“That would be bad for fuel efficiency as well.”

“Well I’m burning up in here!”

“If you think you’re hot now, just wait until greenhouse emissions increase to critical rates. You might as well get used to it.”

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Thanks for making the poll @sleepyhead, I am not even sure where the support that answered the OP in that topics question got the idea that players are only interested in 5* (wait, why did that sound familiar? oh that’s right! It’s the collective group think that $GG has at their daily breakfast pow-wow).

It’s kind of sad to think that now that with what @Noble_Weasel had said that they intend to introduce two challenge events per element, those who are still looking for specific heroes will only have literally a few days each year to do so, and they are pushed to spend for gem summoning if they are looking for the hero.

For example, I am still looking for Guardian Falcon, a 4* Epic hero, I would not have a chance at him unless I wait for these 3 days out of the year to do so, and you know because challenge coins rain down from the sky in terms of their drop rates, so the next logical step is of course to spend to buy gems and hope I get him. I may even have a slightly higher chance of getting a Guardian Panther out of HA10 (not really holding my breath to this one either).

On the other hand, these older heroes are still going to be out-classed and found replacement of when new heroes are released, and you are, once again, encouraged to gem spend to chase after them instead. But of course, $GG won’t even stop you if you still try to chase older heroes, with you know, gems, in fact, chase all of them with gems.

Perhaps, season 2 heroes will show up to train when season 8 is released as part of their “you asked we heard and wiped our noses with it” campaign.

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Unfortunately, you’ve got the, “I suffered for mine, everyone else should also suffer,” crowd on one side, and the, “but the company will DIE without ALL the monies” crowd on the other side… seen it many times before.

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It’s a bit odd and terrifying to have watched movies like “The Terminator” and then actually live through some of our current discussions regarding AI and robotics… just sayin’.

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yup. have seen it too. i know the type, no amount of reasoning will sway them from their mental gymnastics

“learn to play with the heroes you have!” they say, while demolishing enemies with their 5 ninjas

“why do you want to summon more? i can’t even ascend all the heroes I have!” they say, ascending their Mad Hatter while leaving their Horghall to rot. when many FTPers don’t even have Horghall


Right there with you. I think technology is great for the most part. But I am 100% dead set against ever giving it full control. There has to be a manual override.

How can we have self driving cars when they are susceptible to hackers and viruses? You think ransomware is bad on your phone or PC? What happens when you’re on the freeway and your car pops up a message saying “we have taken over your car; forward us $10,000 immediately or we are going to accelerate your car to full speed and drive you off a cliff”.

Yep. I would like those same players to trade rosters with me, then engage in repeat 1 v. 1 wars against me. I think they would find themselves extremely frustrated after the very first war. “THIS ISN’T FAIR!!! I CAN’T BEAT YOUR DEFENSE TEAM WITH THESE PATHETIC HEROES!”



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