The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

So I did a lot of raiding today. I hadn’t in over a week as I was focused on S3, ToL, etc.

I am still adjusting to the new formations. I find myself forgetting to check the formation and build my team around standard. This typically results in “sub optimal” results (and is purely my own stupidity). That being said when the enemy is standard, or I remember to check, or I am attacking again because I forgot to look the first time ( :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) I am noticing a big difference at least for how I raid.

I have mentioned it before, but I go by my D team TP for opponents. My D team is 4400 + change. That means I fight anyone <4500 TP. Reason being my D team is my strongest but makes a lousy team for attack. My offensive teams are anywhere between 100-400 TP less depending on color combos and who I bring. That means I am typically swinging up in TP relying on synergy vs raw power. I also raid 3-2 or 2-2-1 like 85-90% of the time. The balance of that is mono aside from weird outlier teams.

Anyways, back to the point. I think the raid formations help even out abilities and standings. What I mean by this is the win percentage going mono gave you against teams even 500+ TP higher was too high and kind of an exploit of the standard defense set up. It made the field crowded up top in diamond with players who by D TP, and likely most offense TP, should not have been there. I base this assessment purely on would you expect that team to be in the same league as the top tier guys? No, they probably shouldn’t be.

Please note this isn’t a knock on anyone. I fall into the category of comparing teams and rosters I would not be in the same league as well.

I have found that these formations with the various hero combos equalize it because even going mono doesn’t work as well. D team synergy counts for more then it did previously. I think this is good overall.

Me fighting the all emblemed S3 D teams, etc has gotten harder and less reliably a win. I think this is the product of both the formations and power creep together. What I mean is look at my vanilla 5’s. Some literally have one ability in their special. Now look at the elite heroes. It is rare to only see 2 and some have as many as 4 or more. This is where I see it. Without that tank spot to hit in 3 rows and subsequently ghost, you activate more enemy heroes mana. Once they start going off it becomes even more difficult to comeback given the number of abilities in each special. You’re fighting too many things at once. It is also harder to limit how many heroes you’re hitting/charging with the formations.

I am speaking in generalities here. Merely my own observations and would like to hear from others who maybe have different experiences. It really seems to make a bigger barrier to stay in diamond and run with the big guys. I don’t think that’s bad. It will hopefully eliminate the stigma of “platinum” as I think a lot of players will slide back down to it. Stigma being mostly with the player pool on the forums. A lot of “top” players here. If I don’t raid a lot of everyday I certainly fall. I don’t play that way so I am mostly in platinum now.

The loot difference is negligible TBH, so it is mostly ego and bragging rights. Looking at rosters on paper I shouldn’t be up there either though. It all just kind of make sense I think.



good insight @Muchacho

personally I find Reverse formations toughest to fight against. The wings are the easiest prey here, but matches are a bit harder to make under the wings.

Double and Reverse Double, what makes them a bit easier is targeting the middle hero will affect all. Aiming Richard at the middle for example, attack debuffs all (instead of in standard, only 3).

I’ve still been going mono against all, but it does change a bit the order in which I target the enemies.

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Great analysis, made it very clear! This is the very essential change the raid formations brought. My observations, complementary to this, based on my recent raiding:

  • For an FTP (or even a C2P like me) without a big choice of multi-ability heroes in every colour, colour-stacking may still be a viable strategy (if not the only one giving the possibility of winning). But with the tank role gone, you have more options to choose from. Which colour to stack? My decisions were based on this series of arguments:
  1. In which colour do I have a stack that has counters for the most dangerous specials of the enemy?

  2. If I have nothing in the way of 1., do I have a stack with fast or very fast hitters against one of the stronger heroes which is hit by 2 tile columns?

  3. If neither 1, nor 2, does my favorite purple stack stand some chance to win, with Proteus/Hel, Clarissa and Kage, maybe with cRigard and another strong healer in 4+1?

  4. Otherwise, re-roll.
    This tactic still seems to work, more or less.

  • I think your observation about these multi-ability heroes is also crucial. So I need to strategically plan my pulls. I’ll do them when the HotM is interesting, because they are still more multi-ability than S1 heroes, with now even two innate ability. In this game, 1.3% is the best chance you can have for something half-decent. Looks like I will hold on to my Valhalla coins until May and my EHTs until June, then. Gems, who knows? S4 in one of these months?

So my new personal meta is slowly building up. I will see what can be brought out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did some resetting this morning. Maxed Glenda so Fura got reset. Here is the new belle of the ball:

I currently put her between Athena and Richard to maximize her special. Mostly PvE. I am going to try her between multi-enemy hitters off color too to see if the boost is worth being off color. She may be strong enough for raids now too, we’ll see.

I also reset Gretel from A path to HP/D. I want to see if that helps her live to be more usable in raids and S3 hard. She was at +18, but I will bring her to +20 now when I get more emblems. I originally went A as my yellow were bad 2 years ago, but now I am set on yellow damage and just need her to control mana. We’ll see…

I am saving for Richard’s 20th node. That is a lot for like 40 D points or something. Problem is I don’t have a great alternative aside from starting Justice or Cyprian. Cyprian is fine how he is just maxed for the use he gets. I do use Justice I guess … maybe with formations 2 true tanks are beneficial? We’ll see, I have some time. I put welcome on this one for sure.



If I were a type of cheese, I would have more fans, and probably smell better.

You and me both. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. :laughing:

I swear, I cannot win anything in this game or forum to save my life. It’s a good thing I switched to F2P when I did, because I certainly would not pay to be subjected to so much abuse. Though I’m sure some people would… (new possible marketing strategy for SG?)


I have no intent in spamming you my friends…in case you haven’t noticed I released my biggest community content - project today.



With the monthly allowances (basically 2 pulls for finishing ToL each time), I pulled Baner with the first pull and was expecting another 3* on the second, but got Jean-François out of the second (perhaps because he was featured and had a higher percentage?). He was new (to me), and I ran out of red heroes to work on, and he would not have been available in Hero Academy 10 (the list stopped at Vela), which, by the way, I am coming up to about a month since finishing the HA10 research and still haven’t been able to drop any one in. My TC20s have been cheerfully spitting out 3* food and the very occasional 4*. One of these days, when it spits out a 5* vanilla, I will drop it in HA10, and I would really hate it if the vanilla 5* came by the way of a summoning portal (like getting Lianna out of Ninja Tower summons with Ninja Coins because the odds of vanilla 5* were actually lower than 4* Ninjas, which any one of them would have been new to me).

I still don’t like the odds for Taverns, but as far as the event is concerned, I’ve learned to tolerate it as I can finish it in one day using WE, Ninja Tower is a multi-day event that seemed more like a chore to me (I finished the first 2 towers and quit on the second day of the 3rd tower event).


I have done two so far which have been largely disappointing considering I need vanillas 5’s still. I put in a dupe Azlar and got a dupe Joon. I put the dupe Joon right back in and got a dupe Azlar … :no_mouth:. Definitely sensing an unpleasant pattern. I didn’t put anyone else in quite yet as I am using resources for something else, but will soon.

Given the cost to retrain it is really kind of crummy so far. Hopefully you have better luck than me.



That’s definitely a mild way of putting it, that’s for sure. For a max total of 52 chances a year (that’s if you always have something ready to go and didn’t slack off on putting them in since these can’t be queued), 5% out of that being non-vanilla and hopefully not hitting someone you might already own isn’t that promising (I am sure others will have more “colorful” term to describe this).

For me, since I am not keeping dupes and already have one copy of every vanilla 5*, the alternative will have them become food like they had been. My TC20s hitting a drought right around the same time I guess would just be RNG being RNG.

I am still thinking TC20 will come through before me getting a 5* costume (I can feed the hero) or a dupe 5* in another portal. HA10 isn’t a miracle worker, far from it, if the current TC20 drought I am having is any indication, it means I will be hitting that 95% pretty often even when I get a chance to drop one vanilla in. When I finally get to it, I guess it’s just having it run the background and not getting the hopes up will probably be what I will be doing. It’s just going to be one of those functions that I get to do, and say that at least did run it thing.

Perpetual hero machine. :wink:
I’ve run 4 so far… Spare Justice into Vivica #2. Spare Justice → Obakan #3 → Domitia #4 → Elkanen #3 → ??? See if I get anything interesting tomorrow.

I don’t have HA yet, but frankly, I think that its best use is to train feeder troops on all levels and of course retraining 4* troops instead of retraining 5* heroes. Retraining 4* troops is an endeavour with high rate of success, seeing there are only 10 total types of 4* troops - far better odds that you will receive the troop you need upon retraining - frankly, 10% chance you will, which is huge (compared to other chances the game gives you).

5% on a weekly basis is just too small a chance…not worth it in my book unless you have everything else - all mana troops at level 23, and a set of good S1 heroes completed. Also that 5% chance chooses from a vast pile of heroes, most of them underwhelming to say the least.

Edit: As a side note, I got Justice as third recruit from my TC20. Seems like I’m doing pretty well for now, with three trainings got two 4* and a 5*. Also free pulled a dupe Cyprian from the Atlantis portal, and I am happy about him since now I can apply the tactic “Riposte for everyone” with two Cyprians at position two and four in the party. For map stages, of course.

That’s great! Thanks a lot!

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Where did you see that Sumle is female? That is surprising if it,s true. He hasn’t got any single female distinctive trait. And in French he’s called « géant de feu robuste », clearly masculine.

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I’m about 99% sure that Sumle is male based on the artwork.

But then I’ve already gotten into enough trouble delving into gender discussions (in spite of having the best of intentions)…

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At least you didn’t refer to a woman as “beefed-up” like @sleepyhead :laughing:

It took seeing the name in a foreign language to confirm Skittleskull was female. I guess there is instinctive subconscious bias to male associations … that’s a whole different conversation though …

Easiest way is to dress them like tramps like most female heroes in this game… :no_mouth: :-1:



I never could tell with Skittles, until the costume was released.

But even then, I didn’t want to rush to judgment…

Funny. I always viewed Skittle as female, even before I pulled her and saw she was « sorcière ». Ugly swamp witch, potions, all that pointed to a traditionally female character. :grinning:

now @Muchacho , beefed-up is a gender neutral term :wink: maybe YOU are the one committing the inequality faux-pas here!

or are you implying something… :thinking:


I’ll second that.

Both genders are made of the same flesh, bones, and other assorted gross stuff.

Seen and known plenty of “beefed up” women in my time.

Though surely I will be called out by both sides of the debate for saying that.

“Beefed up? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Yeah! Like it’s so strange to see a strong woman?”

“Or like it’s an insult or something?”

“Come on, get woke, guy.”

“And don’t even try to man-splain what you meant by beefed up! I know exactly what you meant. You don’t respect women!”


No, I do, I really do! Honest, I swear on my mother’s life!

“Your MOTHER’S life??? Why aren’t you swearing on your FATHER’S life???”

His too!

I’m so very sorry… please don’t kill me… :confounded:


I feel the same sometimes, like anything you say can and will be used against you!

and yes some women can be “beefed up”. just look at Skadi :slight_smile:


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