The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

So, after about a week of running this, I’ve changed my mind. I think it is more effective than my standard defense was. I haven’t dropped below 2450 cups this week that I know of.

I have real weaknesses in red and green that prevent me from having better defense teams, but I think maxing Bertila will help. A double formation with Krampus and Bertila as dual tanks and maybe Zulag (woot, @Muchacho) back there in the middle healing everybody may be down the road for me. Hopefully Krampus’ taunt will help prevent Zulag from getting dispelled, and his massive defense boost is non-dispellable, so Zulag won’t overwrite him, but she will add the nice special defense boost. Poseidon and Marjana on the wings would complete the look.


Morning, folks. Excited to report that I finished S3 normal last night. I’ll try to refrain from spoilers, but I will say that I thought it was more challenging than the end of S2. Took me four or five replays. Felt like it was equal parts team synergy, board luck, and special timing, and I guess that’s how it should be. My team had no MVP; every member contributed something extremely important. I still got a MONSTROUS board near the end to secure the win.

I am not looking forward to the last level of hard mode because normal was so challenging, but that’s all I’ve got left to finish. I hope to get it before Thursday so I can burn the last of my Valhalla coins and see who I’ve got an who I’ll probably forever be missing in S3. Hoping to have about 20 pulls. I’ll probably post my winning team over on the End of an Era thread, if anyone is curious and isn’t spoiler-averse.


congrats on finishing S3 normal! the End of an Era thread has some good teams… whether they are attainable for FTP, who knows.

I myself used Kiril, C-Richard, Isarnia, C-Rigard and Proteus :slight_smile:


Yep, you were checking the same boxes as I was - def up, attack down, plenty of healing, mana control, and enemy def down, if possible. I think that’s the winning formula. You managed to work in cleansing also, which would have been handy in some circumstances.

Experience must have paid off, too, because my same crew completed hard on the first run-through. S3 is done and dusted. Now to see how RNG will treat me next week with my last bunch of Valhalla summons. Hoping for at least Mist and Guillinbursti.


congratulations! may RNG smile on you. I am also going to pull heavily next week, with my coin rewards :slight_smile:
what’s cool is that most of these heroes are vanilla - 4/5. yay vanillas! lots of “basic” but crucial skills.

even in Ninja Tower, Isarnia, Richard and Kiril and Boldtusk were among my MVPs.


Hey F2P Rebellion - I wanted to highlight this idea I ran into on the forums here that I really like the idea of and wanted your help in promoting.

Game Improvement Idea - Caravan Raiding

This would be one more way for F2P players to gain resources and help us keep up with the C2P/P2P/P2W players.

Take a look, see what you think - as someone who’s bench is growing, I’d really like to see additional options to make use of my bench heroes.


Sad day for me…finally the moment I ate up my fully ascended Needler and Layla.

On the bright side, I finally assembled 30 heroes with better stats and skills than those two, and they gave me an xp boost comparable to a 3* trainer when consumed.

TC20 up and running, but I didn’t realize that the research for legendary training is a whole week, yikes…5 more days to go.

Edit: Learnt a new trick from Youtube for leveling up a costumed hero way faster…will come in handy for those two Kashhreks I have…since I don’t intend to use them without costumes at all.

I have a question. Since I leveled up a sixth 4* and she’s a rogue (Kelile), and I currently have no other rogues, is it a good investment to put my rogue emblems in her? Not talking late-game naturally, but rather from my perspective as a player with yet to develop 4* roster of only six so far in it?

Also - what would any of you prioritize next as structure upgrade? My farms are all at level 16, mines are at level 18, food storages lvl 12, iron storages 18, forge level 16, TC 6 11 11 20, houses 8 7 6 6, watchtower 17, barracks 1. I currently went with farms since supposedly I’ll need tons of food for that TC20 training and leveling, but I’d really be glad for some advice on how to progress faster. Should I prioritize Alchemy Lab next for alkashards?

Edit: With the two cheap deals I got as presents in Nov and Dec and the 20 invites, my VIP is still active for 89 more days, so I’d really like to make the best use of the two builders before it expires.

What is that trick?

I would say yes to emblems on Kelile.

May be an idea. I went with farms, too and didn’t regret it. At some point I had too much ham for several months. So do according to your needs. If you recognize you have plenty of food you can slow down on upgrading farms.

Forge for reaching time stops / tornadoes is important.

Hunters lodge 1 for crafting harpoons is good. Depends on how your alliance handles titans.

Solo alliance :slight_smile: Currently killing 5* with little effort. Today went for a 6* purple and it’s going down accordingly, despite the fact some accs are under-developed. But yeah, harpoons are good, used some from those Christmas free presents.

Tnx, will do that then.

Basically to ascend the hero to max, but leave him at level 1 there. Then level up and fully ascend the costume, put the costume on and never remove it. That way you save all of that time, food and feeders you’re required to bring a 4* or 5* to max on their last ascension, leaving them at 4/1 in non-costume form, but that way you cannot put emblems on them and you cannot use them effectively without the costume.

Costume still provides full bonus and effects, and the stats are max.

I’m gonna say yes also. Rogue has 9 attack nodes, so you can make her hit harder and burn more with those upgrades, and at fast speed. I almost never use Kelile anymore, but she’s better than she gets credit for in the mid-game. Now, if you also have Scarlett, who is a rogue, you might save them for her, just because you can make her a titan machine with her ridiculous attack stat.

Also agree with this. I believe you said you aren’t able to make dragons yet, either, which you may want for finishing class trials and events. There are even some PoV quests that require you to craft or use so many of those advanced items.

I think this is a good strategy regardless. I did Justice this way. I will probably use non-costume Justice more, but the costume goes WAY faster, and once it’s maxed, you get the costume bonus on the base version while it levels to max. But yeah, for Kasshrek, no reason to level the non-costume version, imo, unless you want to emblem the costume version. I did this with a few three-stars that I don’t plan to use out of costume.

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Already did that twice on 5*. For 4* and 3* I finish all heroes anyway. I had most heroes already maxed when their costume were released. Only exception: Kashhrek. Only leveled him for his costume.

For building up a roster quickly this is a good advice. You can come back to a hero later if you need the base version.

Actually I think I will do this with Isarnia as I want to give her emblems.

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A little behind from my forum break.

Congrats @sleepyhead on Ametrine! I don’t know which ninjas do what or fight them often, but know they’re universally good and it is fun to get rare heroes! :+1: Did you complete the whole tower again?

Congrats on beating S3 @Noble_Weasel . I am currently trying to focus and pound out S3 normal. I had neglected S3 for a while. I am almost done with province 26 on normal and just finished 9 on hard. In looking at teams people use to beat the end, especially on hard, I am legitimately concerned for my rosters ability to beat it.

Yes! I still don’t have Marjana and emblemed Kelile to +18 A path and her A value is 800. She can be a useful hero. She is still on most of my red stacks for raiding.

I have been busy rearranging heroes. I finished Ranvir and had emblems to get him to only +1. I have a lot of good druids: Melendor, Caedmon, Gullinbursti… Anyway, with Ranvir done I could plug him into my titan team. That allowed me to drop and reset my +20 Wu. I then got Joon to +19 (not spending 250 emblems for a mana boost on a fast hero for 20th mode) and got Leonidas to +7.

Very happy with those new hero arrangements. Titan team is still new with Ranvir. He seems to die easier than Wu currently, but scores are comparable if not slightly higher. The mana speed difference between him and Wu is noticeable in a good way.

Then came Frostmarch and a 6th scope (finally)! Options were Glenda, Raffaele, and Thorne. I picked Glenda. She is currently 30-something of 80. I have been playing with her damage increase ability and it is cool. I will like her. Another ailment remover is nice too. She is also my second minion producer, albeit a pseudo one. I don’t count Druid minions. Curious to see if she plays well off color to boost on color attack of others…

My other minion maker is Buddy. I got him early and had him at +20 but did not like the path I chose back then. Given my current abundance of reset tokens and materials I reset him going for D/HP to beef up his minions and am happier. The minions are about 15 HP tougher. Stacked with 3 that is up to 45 more HP as a meat shield. Every little bit helps. I also stopped him at +19 (increased crit chance on a hero like him for that emblem value is not worth it IMO). The extra emblems allowed me to get Athena to +7 :+1:

Finished HA research and put in a dupe Azlar to retrain :crossed_fingers:. I meant to pile all my dupes in at once, but am leveling my house up instead to increase that output. That has limited my current ability to raise recruits to stack that much in.

I did raid pretty hard for a week when formations came out. The attack thought process was a bigger change than I would have anticipated. I have adapted now though. I like the increase challenge. I hope it stays and applies to wars, etc.

From a raid D standpoint my rainbow team got obliterated. The record was like 1-15+ or something. Really bad. Switched to this and it is roughly 50/50 or so +/-:

In the double formation Elkanen and Richard are a decent double tank tandem and Magni boosts D to everyone. A big improvement over the rainbow team.

It is hard to gauge though. Given the somewhat more difficult nature of attacking now people are attacking different teams than they normally would. A lot of teams attacking me at “slumming” it down to me. I think there is a slight reshuffling going on in terms of player cup levels. It is harder to compete at the top with marginal rosters with this set up. Maybe I am wrong, time will tell.

How is Zulag working now @Noble_Weasel ?

I also found bringing Gretel +18, c-Chao +1, and Leo +7 to all elite enemy stages regardless or color helps. It isn’t always fast, but is safe. I can basically dictate when/if anyone shoots a special. :+1:



Has anyone finished Season 3 Hard? If so, what team did you use? Strategy?

Tagging a few of you …

@sleepyhead @Muchacho @Noble_Weasel @Vikingblood80 @amrath @SamMe @Saros @Quinn3

My team for hard levels:

Gullinbursti was MVP with his overheal.

Got through the first wave of bosses. Killed the first titan, and almost the next.

Tried again next day. This time with 5-stars like Krampus and Telluria. Died even faster!

Don’t have Proteus or the like.

I have maxed Mist and Little John. Both slow mana. Maxed Leonidas cuts mana as does Mitsuko.


I am on province 26 normal and 10 hard, so not super helpful there. You’re much further than me. Maybe post your roster of maxed heroes?



Not even on normal. I am not in a hurry to do so. Pls no spoiler.

Thx all.


I barely reached S3 during the last Atlantis Rises. Did so so I could farm S3 starting maps on normal during the first VF event. Until recently S3 was of no interest to me due to the absurd WE map costs. And also because I lacked the team power overall to reach it.

So I cannot be very helpful too, though I could offer a hint…there are youtube videos showing that S3 ending on hard, probably you could get some ideas there. Although of course they have multiple rare OP money heroes in those videos.


thanks @Muchacho ! Ametrine is basically a Sabina that does not heal but does do damage… plus dispel. still a long ways away, am finishing Sabina’s costume first. will report back after testing her out!

@akionna for the whole of S3, I would always stack 3/2 per stage. But for the final stage on hard, I went - C-Rigard, Kiril, C-Richard, Isarnia, Proteus. was not too difficult. two healers that boost attack (a bit redundant sure, but more for security), defense dropper, attack dropper, mana control. was not too difficult, certainly was easier than S2 Hard in my opinion! (though might also have been due to my upgraded roster, when I finished S2 Hard i didn’t have any maxed 5*s yet…)

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Good to have you back!

Thanks. Gonna burn my coins tomorrow and see what happens. After all, S4 is coming late next month. :exploding_head:

Sounds like you have made some significant upgrades to your roster. Always exciting when you are able to do that. Will have a similar effect when I finish Krampus, reset both Ameonna and Chochin to make better use of sorcerer emblems, then give my next set of scopes to Raffale (barring a Valhalla or HA 10 miracle between now and then) so I have a good place for all my monk emblems. Now, if I only had a top-flight barbarian…

We only wish. You gotta do them one at a time.

Same. Raid formations have been an unqualified good thing in my book.

You know, I have yet to drop out of diamond with Brynhild at the center of my double formation, so I haven’t yet tried Zulag there. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Once I finish Bertila, I want to try a double formation with Krampus and Bertila out front and Zulag in the middle. That’s a couple of months out, probably.


I did. I used the same team as I did for normal. Not sure it will help much, as it has some rare heroes but I used Krampus 4^40 - Brynhild +19 - Onatel +7 - Wizard Melendor +20 - Shredder Kiril +20. Strategy hidden in case of spoilers: Stun as often as possible, keep attack debuffs and defense buffs active as much as possible (watch the dispel timer), heal only when needed (never know how long it will take to recharge healers), control mana if possible, and time Krampus to absorb those nasty specials. I know, easier said than done, right?

I really like the thought process behind your team, but being one-color heavy can be a problem. I went mono on one attempt, but it didn’t go well. I think having a mix of colors so you can have specials charged at a variety of times is better, but that’s based on limited experience. FWIW, it took about five attempts to beat it on normal, but only once to beat it on hard. Not sure if the experience helped or I just got better boards.


My report is, she rocks. :smiley:


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