The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

I’d like to finish S3 Normal sooner rather than later for the coins too. I don’t plan to use any WE flasks on S3 though. I keep them for challenge events, Atlantis Rises.

Frosth looks ok, but I don’t have much in blue 5*. :sweat_smile:

Having written that, I’m sort of on tenterhooks for Springvale. :rofl: Been saving all but one eht since 1 January, and would like to get a Lady W at least. I have Jack O’Hare, Squire Wabbit, and Chick.

I probably can’t wait for Frosth to appear though, so I’ll use some eht on the first day of Springvale. :sweat_smile:


Yes, outside S3 3* Nordri and 4* Almur (relatively easier to get), the elemental defence down heroes are all hard to get for f2p/c2p.

It took me a long time to get a Falcon, Jackal, and Panther (my luckiest pull ever). Literally at least 5 separate Guardians of trying. :flushed:

You could get lucky, and get an elemental def down hero. Unfortunately, it is not reliable.


Congrats on Ametrine @sleepyhead! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yes, Ninja Tower is tedious. :rofl:


Congrats on first 4* green troop @akionna! Which one did you get?


Well, nowadays we also have cMarjana and cLeonidas to look forward to…

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Got lucky…first ninja troop. One of my daughters did the pull.

Now I need 2 days to wait to turn my HL back into barracks.

Today in the morning my HA 9 research was done (coincidence but perfect timing). One of my troops (green crit Ents) went straight for retraining.

2 more troop milestones accomplished - satisfying


Yes, it’s nice if you can get either. Gotta be lucky.

I forgot to add that two of my Guardians attempts didn’t have challenge coins yet IIRC. So challenge coins can help for getting event heroes.

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True. This is another reason why I was farming rare-3 and even recently, rare 2 for more of those coins. The harvest was plentiful, sadly the Guardians of Teltoc challenge was delayed due to League of Stupid.

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Congrats, @sleepyhead ! I had delusions of getting something good with my one pull from the last two Ninja Towers, but… Dawa. :frowning_face:

I also burned my ETTs this morning. 21 pulls got me 6 four-star troops, including two purple ninja troops, so I beat the odds by more than a little. I now have all classic four-star troops except yellow mana, and I have ninja troops in yellow and purple. Congrats on your blue ninjas and completing the rainbow, @akionna; hope your kid was excited. And congrats on your green ninjas, @Vikingblood80 .

Yeah, I guess I should qualify. I already have Raff, Isarnia, and Richard waiting on scopes, so I should say Frosth would be a low priority, not bad per se.

I really intended to do the same, as a four-star yellow healer (Lady W) is something I really need, but I haven’t gotten a single EHT since Christmas! It’s been weird, and not in a good way.

How do you really feel about LoV, @Saros ? :laughing: I kinda felt the same, though. I was waiting on Grimforest for a shot at Hansel and Gretel, so this delay of another event with lackluster three- and four-star heroes didn’t excite me either. At least I got some more challenge coins to use in Grimforest, but I did less replaying on this one than I have in a while. Cost me a few ETTs, but I don’t care.


congrats on the troop @Vikingblood80 !

and thanks @SamMe and @Noble_Weasel . may RNG smile on all of you too!


That does not sound good at all about no EHT drop! :disappointed_relieved: Very nice epic troop pulls though! :+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hopefully you’ll get a nice clump of EHT before Springvale. I have gotten two EHT in a row/close to each other (say from both raids chest and regular monster chest).

Also, my best source of EHT is from challenge events. I can get guaranteed three EHT for Rare top 10k, and Epic top 5k every month. I’d love to get the three EHT from Legendary too, but it’d be too much for me.

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I have never scored above the level that gets ETTs, and it is usually a challenge for me to just do that.

Same, that’s when I tap out, which is partially how I ended up with 33 ETTs for this time around. I did get lucky though, 3 ninja troops: yellow, purple and red… still looking for my 5th blue 4* troop though. I get lots of green and yellow.


I’d consider myself a small competitor for challenge events.

Anyone can learn how to do it. It just depends on whether you can be bothered. :sweat_smile:


From the latest raid tournament:

He revived twice. Thank you Valen.


what a nailbiter, @akionna !

@SamMe I agree re challenge events. I remember when I first tried to truly compete… it is possible, I taught myself how to improve my scores enough to place one tier above… but last Villains event I stopped, it was too much work, all that replaying hoping for a bit of luck. ugh! so yes it can be a bother indeed :slight_smile:


Nice, @akionna . Reminded me of the LoV epic challenge event where I won last stage with only Boldtusk remaining - freshly revived to boot.

As for challenge events, remember that as you do improve, so do tons of other players, so the competition becomes harder to overcome. Too much brain damage competing with other players IMO. Avoiding it is in my book better than fighting for some meager prizes.


I’m sure it’d be much faster if you can just look at the opening board, and flee if it’s poor. I don’t do that. :sweat_smile:

Competing in challenge events can be tedious, but I find it worthwhile for the guaranteed rewards (depending on which loot bracket). I also think that, the more experience you get, the easier it can get. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


So, after about a week of running this, I’ve changed my mind. I think it is more effective than my standard defense was. I haven’t dropped below 2450 cups this week that I know of.

I have real weaknesses in red and green that prevent me from having better defense teams, but I think maxing Bertila will help. A double formation with Krampus and Bertila as dual tanks and maybe Zulag (woot, @Muchacho) back there in the middle healing everybody may be down the road for me. Hopefully Krampus’ taunt will help prevent Zulag from getting dispelled, and his massive defense boost is non-dispellable, so Zulag won’t overwrite him, but she will add the nice special defense boost. Poseidon and Marjana on the wings would complete the look.


Morning, folks. Excited to report that I finished S3 normal last night. I’ll try to refrain from spoilers, but I will say that I thought it was more challenging than the end of S2. Took me four or five replays. Felt like it was equal parts team synergy, board luck, and special timing, and I guess that’s how it should be. My team had no MVP; every member contributed something extremely important. I still got a MONSTROUS board near the end to secure the win.

I am not looking forward to the last level of hard mode because normal was so challenging, but that’s all I’ve got left to finish. I hope to get it before Thursday so I can burn the last of my Valhalla coins and see who I’ve got an who I’ll probably forever be missing in S3. Hoping to have about 20 pulls. I’ll probably post my winning team over on the End of an Era thread, if anyone is curious and isn’t spoiler-averse.


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