The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

lol indeed… if we rebels continue to not spend, we’re barely a blip on the radar… if whales stop spending, hmmmm!

I think our version of rebelling to date has been showing people whose goal isn’t #1 that you can still compete and enjoy the game with whatever heroes RNG gives you. I am certain the devs don’t care about us. Maybe if some people learn it’s possible from us that could help them decide to stop spending? :man_shrugging:

I ran into a raid that took forever this morning due to Raffaele of all people. His healing is a beast. I brought green mono and blew up their core heroes. They had an emblemed Melendor (not in costume) and an emblemed Raff on the wings. I was down to 3 heroes (one almost dead) after the fight with their damage dealers and my healer was dead. Their slash attacks killed the 3rd and I struggled with the two heroes left to kill those two. If I didn’t have charged green tiles I may have timed out and lost TBH. Plus Raff kept resisting Buddy’s A drop from his innate ability. Those brutal slashes :laughing:

C-Chao +1 ready to go, I just need a good situation for him. I hadn’t raided for days and none of my revenges warranted yellow heroes yet. :man_shrugging:

I also saw a team that had a Tyr +20 tank and a Tyr +12 flank. I won, but SO many revives it was almost a joke like a trick candle on a birthday cake…



This is SO funny after how his innate ability was so universally panned in the beta thread. It’s still a stupid innate ability, but apparently, it’s not totally useless! The things we learn in the rebellion!

I was dying to use C. Sabina in this past war, but I’m :pinching_hand: this far from maxing her so she gets the benefit of her +20 emblems, so I ran her standard form instead. It’s the little things that make us happy. (We won the war, btw.)

Great analogy.


Here’s my funny story(ies), relating to RNG. The toughest tank that I find is Richard because for some reason green tiles will go on a long disappearance streak.

Yeah, I can kill GTV, F-BK-O teams, but sometimes a Richard team will just kill me with all 3 tries.

(In case you are wondering, I’m not advocating to nerf Richard and this is a bit tongue in cheek, it’s just that the game can do some weird and wonderful things).


This made me think back to the last time I faced a heavily emblemed Richard tank and killed him without him firing :thinking: … and I couldn’t.

My Richard is +18, but a flank to my Elkanen tank. Elkanen was emblemed higher at one point :man_shrugging:. I would move Richard to tank but then it messes with Magni and it’s a whole thing. I need to redo my D team once Ranvir is done, maybe I will switch then. Ranvir won’t be on my D team, but he will trigger an emblem shift amongst some heroes.

How did Zulag do @Noble_Weasel!?!

I have been trying to use my maxed Azlar more as he is my only 5* red. I dislike him less. I am considering stopping emblems on my c-Little John (currently +12) to pump up Azlar. c-Little John is a staple of many event teams. But if c-Chao works out that could reduce his need. I could swap him on titans too with c-Melendor +20 or Elkanen +12(ish) as they all have similar A values north of 750. Not quite c-Little John’s 800+, but fair. They would both survive better and are fast mana. c-Little John would still have the costume bonus which equates to a few nodes.

It is nice when Azlar fires … he just dies a fair amount prior. Scarlett and Kelile (both +18) have higher A values, but one A node for Azlar has him passing Kelile . Right now my core red attack team is all 4’s still:

Gormek +18
Kelile +18
Scarlett +18
Boldtusk +20

I would probably prioritize A and D on Azlar. He is more changing than any other red hitter I have if he can survive to fire more regularly. I am getting used to slow heroes since using Justice, Quintus, and Gullinbursti regularly in raids now.

If I get Azlar’s costume (BIG if) it would be a for sure thing.

Let me know what you guys think!



Same. I find Richard to be a very tough tank, and I can almost never kill him before he fires. And my green squad isn’t exactly slouchy.

Well, my defense team held its own in our previous two wars, eating at least two flags every time, but this time, I got one-shotted three times by the same opponent. Maybe he had a deep bench. Maybe our previous opponents had shallow benches. Maybe Zulag works better in attack boost tournaments than in rush defense tournaments. :man_shrugging: Whatever the case, I’m really beginning to doubt she would hold up any better in my regular raid defense than my Brynhild tank does now.

In this week’s raid tournament, I ran C. Rigard +20 - C. Tiburtus +20 - Zulag +1 - Domitia +18 - Sartana +16. Lost three in a row, won three in a row, and have lost the last two defenses. Not bad, but not as impressive as I’d hoped.

I also want to like Azlar a lot, because he is an awesome-looking hero and his special is impactful when he fires, but yes, he dies too quickly to be useful most times. I find myself using Elena more, even though she is also slow. I have invested barbarian emblems in a lot of three-stars because Azlar was my only other option, and I didn’t think emblems would help him enough, but Namahage only has one more talent left, and then the Big Cat will get them by default. Not waiting until I get around to maxing Stonecleave.


Richard is my new tank, replacing Aegir. Richard/Elena/Francine definitely hold more cups than Aegir/Marjana/Francine!


I don’t have c-Little John, but I do have a maxed Azlar, no costume.

I use my Azlar for Rush Wars (of course), but he shines most for me on titans.

The additional emblems (Attack + Def path) on Azlar helped me to get my personal best of 93k on 14* green.

I’m thinking I probably should keep adding more emblems to him now. :thinking:


From @GipseT Summons are Ridiculous.

Agree I think we all should do this: I think this was a really nice video: IMPORTANT Free to play UPDATE (Do this!) - Empires and Puzzles - YouTube and perhaps they will listen…

Passin’ on info :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::wink:


excellent idea, i’ve given it a bad one!

That’s an awesome swing, congrats @SamMe ! The highest I have ever hit is an 11*. I have no doubt a 14 would destroy me. I would hope to get a 5 figure score :crossed_fingers: :laughing:

There is definitely more upside with him, thanks for showing the stats. Kelile is at 800, but also at +18. Off the top of my head if I take her to +20 she gets one more attack node I think. Azlar starts at around 790 base. Granted they fill different roles on a team, but for titans the tile upside is there.

This one has been on the back of my mind. Every time I lean toward resetting c-Little John for his emblems I get cold feet. When I mono green or go 3-2 heavy green I can go without him, and usually do. It I thinking to events, trials, and elite enemy stages where his AoE mana slow is a critical piece to my team. I have individual mana droppers in Leonidas and c-Chao (how is newly maxed and I am hoping works out well), and a mana stopper in Gretel. c-Little John buys me time and amplifies their impact. I could rely more on c-Li Xiu, and I know some people do, but she is just SO :man_shrugging: to me. I would take LJ over LX all day, every day in those scenarios.

My blue titan team may toe a marginal hit as LJ’s A value is well over 800 at this point, but I have heroes with A values over 750 on the bench for that with faster mana so I think that may wash out in general terms.

We’ll see …

In other news I did a lot of low diamond raiding this weekend as I was just in that mood:

1 - Fought my first Bertila. She was at tank, but only 3:70. I had a team low on ailments for her to reflect back. She got her power off once. Without the ailment steal it was basically damage, which was respectable for 3:70. I can see her potential of that hit being brutal at 4:80 +

2 - Fought a purple S3 5* fairy that was +20. I forgot her name. She was on a wing and I ignored her until near the end. When I started on her she got her power off like maybe 3 times. Aside from a weak-ish minion for herself and some un-noteworthy poison damage she didn’t seem to do anything. That was a little disappointing as I was kind of half nervous like something devastating would happen given how awesome so many S3 heroes are. I will need to check the forums for her card to see what her deal is…

3 - I saw Baldur A LOT. He was a rare sighting but now a lot of people randomly started to use him. He is a cool hero, I like his special, very unique.

4 - On a somewhat embarrassing note Agwe owned me in raid in diamond :no_mouth:. He was emblemed heavily and someone’s flank. I ignored him and had bad tiles. By the time I started to turn the battle he fired and killed a hero and put the other 4 in the red. I couldn’t recover from there :laughing:. It was more the rest of their team and tiles, but still. I did a rematch and blew the team away in seconds, that’s just how it goes some times. Still, Agwe :laughing: … I love it.

I hope everyone’s S3 summons went well. I save enough coins and earned An-Windr. He is new to me at least :man_shrugging:. At first the portal turned purple and my mind went to @Sarah2 and her phenomenal summons … but, not to be (as usual :laughing:)

Good luck out there!



That’s Bera. I start to see her as tank flanked by Odin and Frigg. The only difficulty that she poses is the mana cut upon death. It really hurts when I stack yellow, and get my heroes charged with the tiles that kill her. I suffer the mana cut, and need to find another yellow match which may not happen.

My only S3 summons got me Sudri. I am just slowly working on the missions, so I am not really going through the new provinces for coins. I can probably finish the Muspelheim realm within the week.

I’ve watched countless videos on the Bera-Odin-Frigg defense, although I am far far away from such battles sitting on the edge of silver-gold arena all of the time :slight_smile: but yeah, people developed ways to beat her, and mostly those include minion destroyers. There are several, but almost all are S2/S3/HOTM heroes. I believe there was a costumed version of a S1 hero that could deal with summons, you have to recheck on that since the costume portal isn’t open and I can’t do it myself.

Sudri is great, tested him in and he won me the rare challenge event of Pirates of Corellia. If you work on that board for some time to accumulate 10 or more red tiles, he hits like a truck - and unlike other red heroes, all of his damage comes out ASAP. 360% to all is no joke, I may tell you, and if you put some emblems on him for attack that is a lot of damage.

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Yeah, that would be costumed Gormek which I actually got from the recent costume portal. He came in useful in the last minion war. I have a second one to level up as well as Gobbler. Generally I kind of ignore minions as they aren’t normally more than a nuisance. It may be worth trying costumed Gormek instead of Zimkitha as part of my regular raid attack against this defense.

I am kind of working on Sudri, but splitting heroes with my second Gormek. Sudri is a ranger unfortunately, so I don’t have emblems to spare. Maybe I will have him in time for the next challenge event, or raid tournament. I remember last 3* raid tournament he killed me on the defense. But that was a no blue tournament.


I thought this first, too but no I did not happen. A 14* does not hit much harder than a 11* and the damage you get in is also very similar. The real difference is just the life bar. 11* has around 3.0 million life while 14* has 5.2 million. I am scoring 25k~30k an average per hit over all colors. My only elemental def down is Nordri.

Bera…think she is stronger than Freya. So wing seems a bad position for her…she is much stronger at flank or tank position. She is exactly a 5* Kvasir.

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Me too. I think I made it to province 10 on hard and yesterday got into province 22 on normal. Something like that. Been more interesting in raiding and then only things like costume chamber, etc pull me away.

IIRC he prevents minions from summoning. Given I only own 1 minion maker, Buddy, and he wasn’t there she can prevent that all she wants! Bad summoning luck for the rare win! :+1:


She also prevents minions from undead horde in wars. It is useful.

This pleases me. I have Krampus coming along for my permanent raid tank, but those five-star tournaments that call for a green tank are a real problem for me. Glad you folks convinced me to switch from leveling Kadilen to Bertila. I watched @Anchor’s video about her this weekend, and it kind of made me eager to get her finished. I also fought a Bertila this weekend, but she was on the wing, which seems like a not-too-great idea. I also won that raid.

:laughing::laughing::laughing: Like I’ve said before, a Gobbler +20 kicked my rear multiple times in a war once. It happens. Good we can laugh about it.

I held my coins this time. I’m going to try to finish normal and hard this month and then decide when to pull. I went all-out when Gefjon was featured (and failed to get her, naturally). Sounds like the odds aren’t great for featured heroes in Valhalla Rises anyway, so I guess I need to wait for a good HotM. That could be a long wait. Uraeus looks OK, but my next darts are now going to Justice since I got her costume. Malicna looks like hot garbage. Frosth doesn’t impress me much, and I already have a line of blue legendaries a mile long. Can I convince myself to hold my coins until at least April? A red HotM who was anything above a total waste would be a help for me. That’s the only color that I’ve never drawn any non-S1 legendar hero, and the S1 reds are… not good.

I got mine to +20 this weekend (already had base Gormek at +20). When he’s good, he’s great. Nuking minions for a full-team heal at just the right time is awesome. But when he’s bad, he’s really bad. He’s still Gormek, which means a noodle hit, and this time without the long def down. I still will use him as part of my anti-Telly team.

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I figured I could use him for war depth against either green tanks or minion generators. My red depth is kind of lacking. He came in useful in the last war as he was charged when the minions appeared. The only snag was that he was blinded by Joon. I had a few heroes in red, and figured I’d take a chance. I think he still hit 4 defenders and that helped.

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Just a Noble Weasel PSA: Sabina’s costume is GOOD! Like, really good. Heals, dispels buffs, AND prevents future buffs? Insane. Was fighting in this week’s raid tournament, and watched Boril go off multiple times and do… absolutely nothing! I was surprised by how satisfying it was. That is all.


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