The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

Same here.

I gave up on storing challenge coins for guardians…so I did 3 or 4 free pulls…got a new one:

Peters came to my roster too late. Pulled him last event. Maxed him out +1 but hardly don’t use him other than on some occasional war clean ups…may be he will get some more love in some tourneys. Need to learn how to time him better.


I get that, that’s what I do. I am just playing for completion rewards. I don’t have the time to keep replaying, or the desire. It just makes coming to the forums kind of frustrating. If given an option between two vanilla heroes most the answers are still “wait until you get X special/rare hero”.

At least there is still this thread for now.



@Noble_Weasel … I had Fura on full attack path. She just didn’t do much of anything. Stripped her when Sartana accidentally popped out of TC20. Let us know how you use her. I haven’t figured it out.

@Muchacho … You won’t be able to finish Legendary? Do you only allot specific time each day?

I had to do Legendary, just to get the compass. I just used my last one on … Hu Tao. Kid wanted me to do Danzaburo next. This is what happens when I have no projects.

Gullinbursti made his debut for Epic stages. That overheal is fantastic. I ran him with Wilbur, BT, Falcon, Mist. Also my first time really using Wilbur. He made everyone blow up, ha.

I mostly kept this team for Legendary. Subbed in Mitsuko so Finely could die with flair. But I think Wilbur would have been just fine.

Congratulations @amrath on Finely! He is a fun hero.


I do. I have mentioned it elsewhere on the forum I am sure. That was one way to help “detox” from playing too much like a year ago when I was running an alliance. Do I still need the timer? … probably not, but it is what it is. I noticed I am lot more productive at almost everything else in life once I started with it though :+1:

I was active on the Fura thread and there just doesn’t seem to be a consensus of what she excels at . Some times it is fun to just play with different heroes though, so no regrets leveling her. She isn’t useless, just doesn’t have a niche where she excels.



My thinking right now is that she could be useful in four-star tourneys and events. If field aid wars were still a thing, that would be her niche, I think. We’ll see. If I get Sabina’s costume Monday, Fura goes on hold anyway.

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Well, we’re going to win our war - maybe by a lot - but I’m not sure what that tells me about Zulag as a tank. On the one hand, every time my defense was hit, it took multiple flags to take it down. On the other hand, both opponents (yes, my alliance is that small) have regular defense teams above 4100 TP, but one only fielded a war defense of 2400 or so, so who knows what kind of shenanigans this alliance might have been trying to pull. I think I’ll leave Zulag at tank for another war or two before I consider dropping her into my main defense. I did give her the first paladin talent, btw. Figured it could be pretty nice if it fired.

Also tried her in today’s class trials. You can see how that went here:

This might be the most frustrating hero I’ve ever had. I have used her a few times now, and I’m still not sure what I’ve got. Some days, she’s the US Missle Defense System. Other days, she’s a screen door - barely even there. Arrggghhh!

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I did it! In 60 minutes I beat Legendary in the challenge and still had time to complete the emblem quest!

I had never gone for speed before, much less on legendary, so I actually impressed myself. It will definitely not be my norm. It was fun to see that I could, but that’s it. Too bad my summons were :wastebasket: , still no pirates heroes.

That should almost be a challenge like the emblem quest ones. Time challenge through, no replays! :laughing:. Too much honor system involved for me on that.

A more serious proposal would be the vanilla event challenge. A lot of new players struggle and most the top teams and advice on the forum is use hard to get heroes. It can be done without them. I “cheat” and rely on Gretel a lot, but could figure something out. Sounds fun IMO.



Congratulations @Muchacho! Knew you could do it.

Got that one last challenge coin an hour before Pirates ended. The one hero I did not want was Vodnik.

Which the kid summoned, of course.

Because that’s the hero he really wanted.


Sorry to bust the summon bad luck, but…

I used 4 key summons + did a 10-pull cause Marjana costume was featured…

AND I GOT Marjana!!!

and also FINALLY got Rigard’s costume!!!

alongside: Grimm, Gormek, Belith, Renfeld (finally too, never thought I would be happy to see Renfeld!!!), Jahangir, Ulmer. 8/14 new costumes!!!

and as icing on the cake, I pulled a 2nd Purple mana troop today, FINALLY! Now either costumed Rigard or costumed Tibs can get it, alongside dear old Proteus!

so stoked. Santa is almost maxed, then will pour everything into Marjana’s costume (I have one maxed).

Now I also have to think, and opinions welcome: I have 11 mystic rings. who gets the next set: Khagan, or 2nd Marjana? I can imagine 2x Marjana costumes will be great for War so i can have 2x Red mono teams. though Khagan has some use on the world map… (also have Lancelot to buff mana speed though…) thinking, thinking…

although, no Reds can really duplicate Khagan’s defense up…


Woot, woot! Congrats, @sleepyhead. Great haul for you. I was excited to see Marjana featured also. Now I just have to finish that last stage of the Masquerade (I like to do all my pulls at once) and get one of my little Weaselettes home from my grandmother’s house, and I’m gonna burn some keys (and maybe gems) myself. I’m looking at up to 27 pulls with keys and as many as 32 with gems. Not sure how I’ll determine a stopping point, but probably if I land a yellow project, Marjana, and Bertila, I’d stop and wait for next month. (That’s not asking too much, is it? :crazy_face:)

Although I’ve got to admit, seeing the costumes about to hit beta 35 has thrown a big wet blanket over a day I’ve been looking forward to for literally months. Who the heck at SGG thought, “You know what this game needs? A way to boost Finley, Gravemaker, and Killhare! We should definitely do costumes for them next.” It’s such a naked money grab that it turns my stomach. Mods and long-timers are talking about quitting already, and beta hasn’t even opened yet. Is SGG so oblivious that they didn’t see this reaction? Or are they so sure new spenders will keep coming that they are just telling the older players to take a long walk off a short pier?


Thanks @akionna! For what it’s worth I would rather stare at Vodnik’s fish face than Danzaburo’s over-ample, mesmerizing bosom. Maybe that helps? :crossed_fingers:

Congrats on those pulls @sleepyhead! I am super stroked to summon as there are so many potential options for me still as winners.

In regards to your either or question, I typically prefer unique heroes over dupes so I would go
Khagan. I know you’re more competitive in your play than me though. I do see Khagan a lot more often these days now though.

Good luck @Noble_Weasel! I know you’re swinging big on this one.

I will have 4 pulls only I think counting a single pull gem summon I am considering using.



Yes, this is exactly how I feel. I’ve been saving up my keys for months and I’ve been looking forward to this day and now I don’t feel excited anymore. I can’t understand why they buff some of the best heroes in the game.


I didn’t hear about this, but will need to check it out. Maybe doing S2 or something I could see, but making S4 heroes so good and pumping up the already top echelon heroes higher is pretty lame.

Gamer interest, and likely game longevity interest, would be in expanding the top tier of hero pool and evenly the playing field by having S1 and S2 with costumes. Even with costumes some heroes are still well below the others, it just gives them a chance.



Keep in mind a tank always does worse in a normal raid D. Normal raids is basically taking everyone’s best shot with no concerns of hero attrition.

That actually sounds like a fun project to figure out and probably a sign of balance. :+1:


For sure. That’s why I’m trying her out in war first. If she can’t cut it there, I should just stick with my Brynhild-tank defense for normal raids. But as I said, I don’t know what the heck our last opponent was doing, so that’s a bad sample, I think.

Fortunately, Zulag has gone from being my next great hope for a great tank to being a fun little diversion while waiting for Krampus to eat the souls of all who dare enter my tower. (Not overstating his impact too much, am I? :laughing:) I am still trying her out a lot of places, though. She’ll fit in somewhere eventually.

You’re probably right. SGG is always concerned about the “balance” of the heroes on my roster. (Vela stares dejectedly at the floor.) Maybe the best way to get the devs’ attention to how broken the S4/Villains/v35 costume heroes are is for me to draw a few of them!

Where is @TGW? He’s gotta be (rightfully) apoplectic about these new developments.

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@Vikingblood80 thanks again for the raid defense advice earlier. Richard, Francine, Elena, Seshat and Joon are giving me quite a few more cups than when I had Gregorion, Marjana and Aegir. I haven’t fallen out of Diamond in a while. :slight_smile:
alas, this hasn’t yet translated to better war performance… but hey, just being able to sleep soundly knowing i will stay in Diamond, is a big thing!

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@Noble_Weasel @Muchacho thanks for the congrats, and good luck with the summons, @Sorvina

oh my, the posts from the 3 of you are the first I am hearing of top heroes getting costumes… like, what? seriously? are they seriously trying to get the top heroes even stronger now?? I’m going to check out the news…


@TGW is on a bit of a forum timeout. I am sure he’ll have an opinion when he’s back :wink:


I find his silence useful. IIRC the cleric mana block doesn’t work against it because you’re not blocking mana gain or anything. Being fast, he can be pretty good to buy some time by preventing a special from going off. I’m usually building a team with either Proteus or Peters as the centerpiece.

@sleepyhead Congrats on the pulls.

I did 14 pulls with my saved keys and got 7/14 new costumes… including 2x 5*. So I got Isarnia, Joon, Chao, Gormek, Ulmer, Valen, Nasgar. Wished I got Marjana, but Chao and Gormek are nice consolation prizes. I’m sure it sounds silly that I’m happy about those 2 in particular when I also pulled Isarnia and Joon, but the fact is that they fill a niche that I’m missing: Onatel-like hero, and something to deal with minions. Up until now, all I have is A Gobbler. As well, my red hero list is a bit thin, so an addition Gormek is helpful.


Sure, me too. That’s his best ability.

Not sure…think they might have changed this and clerics might resist that, now. Need to look it up.

As I said…I still need to learn to time him better. I tend firing him too early.
And there is one big problem with him…he’s too squishy. He dies a lot already in 4* tourneys.
Emblems could change this…but did not made up a plan for embleming him higher, yet.

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