The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

I have 3 mana troops at 18 / 7 / 1. I need them at 18 / 11 / 5. I am really torn on what do first…2nd to 11 or 3rd to 5. :thinking:

2nd to 11
The second mana troop to 11 will be for Victor that I can give lvl 18 to either Domitia / Proteus / Sabina / Rigard / Tiburtus. 11 mana will be useful for Rush wars for anybody, (Grimble & Quintus) too.

3rd to 5
Only for rush wars…useful for
(Rigard - only after reset)
(Sabina has 4% mana node and only needs mana lvl 1)

If I might get any of their purple costumes next month this will change my planes.

Answered question myself…2nd to 11 is more useful…sometimes you just need to write it down. :joy:


I don’t think you did your emblem strategy wrong @sleepyhead . I think you’re seeing the paying players increased opportunities play out the same plan you’re following faster.

I am a strong believer in embleming heroes for offense. That is the part of the game you play. D helps with war score and raid arena and that’s it. IMO if the rest of the portions of the game are weak, then those strong portions are meaningless.

For example if you put all your emblems on your D team to keep you in diamond but your offense can barely beat diamond teams, then who cares you can stay in diamond. It is hurting you in the long term.

Same scenario with war. So perhaps by the second half it is taking multiple hits to kill your D, but if your offense can’t kill them back the extra 1-3 attacks it took to kill you don’t come close to off setting the points from poor offense. If you’re geared for attack in the wars you fight you can get 400-500+ points. The D team you’d have by default from offensive embleming won’t come close to giving up as many points unless the teams are so mismatched your power is irrelevant anyway.

Both are especially true as some of the top D heroes you would be embleming up are below average on offense.

I hope that makes sense.

As for the offensive embleming I still do most my damage with 4’s. I went by category and in some cases there were clear-cut favorites. An example would be Sabina over Skittleskull when I barely used Skittles as it was. I focused everything on Sabina then.

I also have some loaded categories. Rogue for example I had Scarlett, Kelile, Domitia, and G Jackal all being used a lot and worthy of emblems. Having 1 hero maxed was too conservative, but sharing amongst all 4 was too liberal. The heroes wouldn’t have enough boost.

I landed on embleming two heroes simultaneously alternating nodes per hero. Working with 2 at the same time seemed to be a fair balance. When Scarlett and Kelile )my only red hitters) were done, I poured it all into Jackal, now I am finally starting Domitia.

When I have deep pools I stopped my 4’s at +18 as the emblems for the last two were better spent on the next hero. I did max certain key heroes to +20 though. This also works on 5’s as I am doing with Lianna and Athena for ranger emblems.

Now by default of finishing those projects my D heroes are getting bumped up as it is their natural turn. Many are all in the 13-15 range now). My D can keep me in diamond if I raid daily. If I don’t it keeps me close enough to raid into it most the time depending on how many days I wait. As certain heroes got stronger I tweaked my D, but even if the D team wasn’t ideal the emblemed heroes for offense I had could keep me where I should be.

I do give heroes tue first node for certain classes too. Mostly fighter, rogue, barbarian, and paladin. In my rogue list I have Danzaburo at +1 but never intended to give him more. I did skip paladin on Cyprian as that first node actually hurts him. So it’s not a hard and fast rule. Say Kashhrek though won’t get +1 as it’s not worth it.

You can also circle back like get a key 5* to +7, go back to another hero like a key 4* to +18, then Keep going on the 5*. I did that a bit as you never know who you’re going to summon. Likewise some key heroes became less key and got reset.

With mono it is a little trickier as you have more heroes of a certain color to emblem, but usually on a mono team every hero has a role but there are 2-3 that are more critical than others. There is usually a key combo that makes the team work and the other heroes supplement those core ones for the combo. Focus on the key core heroes that tue team is built around first. Then go back to the supplemental/auxiliary heroes.

I hope that helps and makes sense. You’re doing it right in my opinion, you just do it slower as a FTP.


Happy holiday to my :ghost: :ship: comrades! @TGW @sleepyhead @amrath @sft1965 say hi to the rest of the crew too please, hope all are well!


I really I don’t agree in that part. I was able to win in diamond before my def team was able to keep me there. I finished the “win 150 raids in diamond” still probably with LiXiu tank…keeping me at 2200~2300. I just went up to 2400 and started scoring…used flasks. But I have to admit I only had one blue/green attacking team which allowed for consistent wins…so I needed to be picky on tank color.

So staying in diamond is harder than winning raids in diamond.

I definitely would add ranger over here as the bypass will also apply to tiles to bypass riposte (shared damage, def up).


thanks @Muchacho :slight_smile: yeah, and another benefit of spreading emblems around for offense is being able to compete in more arenas (e.g. 4* Raid Tourneys). great input and advice - great takeaway also is being willing to reset emblems when needed. I reset Margaret for Francine for example, as Francine is also on my defense where Margaret is only used for offense…

… and you are right about mono. Yellow for example, I use both Joon and Rana on offense, both are monks. Rana is the least critical member of my Yellow attack squad - Joon is the main sniper and blinder, Inari dodges, Malosi blocks a lot, Lady Wooly heals. Rana helps finish enemies off with DoT and blocks heal, but is less key to the team’s success. I got Joon all the way to +7 before giving Rana +2.

Rogue is another good one… Margaret might get stopped at +4 while I concentrate on Brynhild. or maybe I’ll test Brynhild out first in my mono team, and see how it goes, before deciding on Margaret vs. Brynhild to prioritize… I think doing 2 at once is great if they are both 4* and both 5*, but with one 4* and one 5* maybe better to finish the 4* first. IDK… but key takeaway, try and assess, and change if it’s not making sense :slight_smile:

PS @sft1965 kindly shared your greetings, and everyone says hi back @Muchacho !!

@Vikingblood80 my personal priority list for Emblem node +1 also includes Monk and Cleric, never know when it will kick in against a Miki silence or Marjana burn :slight_smile: Ranger, Fighter, Rogue as well of course. Sorcerer for the mana delay, it’s not the greatest game changer but I have very few Sorcerers… Druid, Wizard, Paladin and Barbarian are my lower priority ones.

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That’s fair, but I know not everyone was in that boat. I have hoped around a bit over the years and I saw other alliances obsessed with D teams. On offense in normal raids they had maybe 1 or 2 good teams really hampering them for where their D team kept them. It took a lot of rerolls and/or losses to fill their chests. Likewise for war they were 1-2 attack teams deep because everything was wrapped up in their D team. They lost a lot of wars as a result.

Everyone’s experience is different.

Agreed and I do, I just forgot about ranger as I was shooting from the hip with my message.

Agreed. Unless you bring the 5* to +7 first then finish the 4* depending on use. 5’s take SO long. I still don’t have a 5* at +18.

Unrelated titan question, I am considering using Athena as a base D dropper (excluding green titans or blue reflect) on all titans. In that case do I drop my other D dropper? For example against yellow does Athena replace Tibs or goes in addition to? There are so few spots on a team (5 to be exact. Duh, also.) that every one counts. Let me know what you guys think.

Dumb summon question too. If I use EHTs on seasonal summons do I stand a chance at Reuben if there isn’t a 10/10 bonus draw thing?

Final question (I promise), I am now within 1 scope of ascending a blue. I have 3 available and most of you know my roster by now. Who should go first:

Glenda (Give me a cleanse, increases offensive power, pseudo heals blue allies with minion, I have no wizards getting emblems and would likely reset Fura)

Raffaelle (Would be my first 5* healer, gives me a cleanse, would not get emblems but not sure he needs them)

Thorne (not Thorne, sorry @Noble_Weasel)

Good luck out there!



@Muchacho good point, 5*s take forever, ugh!

on your Qs:

  1. Drop your other D-Droppers, Athena’s special overwrites theirs. source: 📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks

  2. I am pretty sure you can get Reuben from an EHT, even from single EHTs. any pull in seasonal portal, whether 1x or 10x, gives you an HOTM bonus chance.

  3. Without knowing your roster super well (sorry!), I initially vote Glenda. Kiril and other 4* healers can step in for healing IMO, Glenda’s faster mana speed relative to Raffaele + cleanse + offensive buff are too good to pass up…

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Definitely…they would cancel Athenas effect.

I am doing absolute the same! Athena on every titan except blue reflect (BrienneC comes in) and greens. I am using Gormek on green titans…as I am relying on the crit tile damage of Ares effect and more reds somehow worked better.

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When the game refuses to acknowledge your efforts, but slaps you with fine gloves anyway:


@Muchacho @sleepyhead is correct. I got Reuben from a single EHT.

I’m not too familiar with your roster either. :sweat_smile: Maybe wait until January Costume Chamber, where you will get a costume for your Leo and maybe another 5*. :wink:


Wow, folks. With the advent of Mythic Titans, I’m seeing what I was missing fighting baby titans. Put up a pretty respectable score (~124K) the first time through. Second time through, Vela died in two hits, my whole team was wiped out in about 30 seconds, and I posted an embarrassing score below 5K! And this was with my blue stack, which is without exception my best titan team. Gonna have to go back and read some of your strategy posts again and slow down. 2:30 is a decent amount of time, but I keep hurrying, missing the weak spot and completely forgetting about items.

On an unrelated question, does anyone know if there is an advantage to maxing an underlying hero if you only intend to use the costume version? I fed away Isshtak eons ago, but now I’m leveling his costume for rare events and tournaments (def down in green - yay!). His costume is maxed, and I’m just trying to max out its special skill now. Is there any advantage to going back and maxing non-costume Isshtak (currently at 3^1)?


My understanding @Noble_Weasel, is that you need max Isshtak + max costume to get costume bonus.

Maybe others can chime in?

@sleepyhead @Vikingblood80 @Muchacho @amrath @nevarmaor @CaptainjaKCsparrow


Th only advantage is that you can emblem the hero. You get full costume bonus assuming the costume is completely ascended with 8/8 fo skill.


Nope. The base hero just needs to reach final ascension…this means you can stop the base hero at 3.1 and you can go way down for the costume to 3.50 and you will receive full costume bonus!!!

This is what I am doing with Isarnia & Richard as they won’t see emblems anyway. Isarnia is at 4.1 and Richard at 4.2 … this saves me approx 1.300 blue feeders.


Do need to max the base hero if you intend to emblem it, though.

Which… since we’re talking about 3*s here… I don’t emblem 3s, personally. But some people like to.


Yupp…any 3* hero I bring to tourney or event I give node #1 to enable the talent. So I guess I have around 30~40 3* heroes with 1 talent.

The good thing…you can remove them without any loss with just 1 gem.

Example: I was missing 3x cleric emblems for Ariel for war…just took them out from Kailani. Voila.


This is a pay to win game. Sure you can get on the game as f2p… the whales need someone to use their shiny toys on.
How many f2p stay in the top 100?.. its not strategy that keeps players in the top 100 its $$$$


Typically, this is what I do to keep my options open - I could use the base version or the costume version depending on the situation. :slight_smile:

However, since @Noble_Weasel is clear about his requirement (to use only the costume version), it’s enough to

  1. bring the base version to its final ascension level (3/xy in the case of 3* heroes such as Isshtak).
  2. max out the costume version (which is already done) and
  3. max out the skill of the costume version. :slight_smile:

Which tier did you compete for?

Used extreme…got 263k on my first though Wu was killed early. Mates with similar teams scored 400k+ on their first hit.

Holding top 5% in both individual categories. Still 6 attacks to go.


Only the most devoted FTP can even get to the top 100 in the first place.

I won’t say “none of them,” because there are at least a couple members of this group alone who have made top leaderboards. But they are super dedicated players who have to put in at least 10x as much effort just to keep up with someone who can swipe their way to a top level roster.

The only potential so-called “equalizer” that exists in the game is not RNG, as some people claim, because even RNG favors the wealthy… the greatest equalizer is the fact that some people who can afford all of the best heroes still have no clue how to use them.

Money can buy lots of toys, but it can’t buy brains…


I’ve started embleming some three-stars in classes where I don’t have really good options in higher tiers (barbarian and, until recently, sorcerer). So I have an Azar +c19, a Nordri +20, and a Chochin +19. But Isshtak won’t see emblems for a while - at least until I’m finished with emblems on the lovely and talented Lianna.

I went on extreme, just to see what it was like. As of this morning, my score of 142K (misspoke earlier) was still keeping me in the top 10%, which surprised me. I wonder if I’d be better to drop back to a less aggressive fight until I get some strategy down. Regardless, I don’t expect to compete for much until I get around to building the Hunter’s Lodge, at least for harpoons.

Noticed a couple of mouthy whales around lately. Not sure what’s up with that. You assume that the only way to enjoy the game is to stay in the top 100? There are probably at least 1.5M players that keep coming back even though they aren’t having any fun, in that case. I have enjoyed watching my roster grow and add new abilities and synergies over the last two years plus. That’s what I enjoy about the game. Went in with the understanding that I’d never be one of the big dogs, as I wasn’t going to fall into the trap of dumping large amounts of money for a few special pixels on my phone - especially when I saw how few things you are guaranteed to get in return when you spend. But I did actually raid into the top 100 once. It was kind of fun to say I did it, but it didn’t really impact my enjoyment of the game that much either way.

I have no ill will toward people who have the disposable income to spend hundreds or maybe thousands to get better heroes in E&P. That’s not me, but if it’s you, have fun. (Folks that spend money they don’t have to lose, on the other hand…) Really, I’m a capitalist, so if that’s what you want to spend your money on, you deserve to be near the top of the leader boards. What has impressed me about E&P is that SGG has created a game where F2P folks can stay engaged and acceptably competitive. That’s hard to do.

What I don’t understand is why someone who spends on the game feels it necessary to come dump on those of us who are having fun without doing so. Is that part of the “winning” you are paying for - to trash talk people you should expect to be able to beat anyway, given how much money you’ve spent? To brag that you have the money to spend when others don’t? Or are you just an Internet troll, a past time I fail to see the entertainment in to begin with? What’s wrong with enjoying the game your way and letting us enjoy it ours?


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