The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 2)

Tahir literally saved my ■■■ in this Mirages of Omega. I had to do the last wave of the last stage with only Tyr, Boldtusk and him, as Marjana and Wilbur were already dead and I had no Revive Scroll left. But those three, with the help of some time stops and tornados really managed that stage. Luckily I was able to max Tahir a couple of days ago, otherwise I don’t think it’d have worked.


I know, I was just yanking your chains. The circumstances do play a lot into our assessment. And also just goes to say that a hero, no matter how desirable (either overall or to the eye of the beholder), may not remain so when new ones come out. I thought I couldn’t find a Boldtusk replacement and still wanted just his costume CSB (still looking for the chef, by the way), but one of the bard heroes Phenexa would be doing everything he does and more and on a 5* level (difference of course being their class).

If I somehow get her, does that mean BT will now be shelf material for the most part? Not necessarily, I’d still be looking for his costume, and he is likely going to get a second costume, he has that smallish family bonus coming, and the superior talent I can look forward to as soon as that goes live. It’s good to have something to look forward to, but be ok with what you currently have.

Good to know that Tahir came to your rescue. It’s kind of funny but because of how each Omega quest line will amp up the hero with the corresponding element, I too went the red route, but those red tiles have all gone to sleep, progression through the mobs have been slow at best, with mostly BT and Wilbur keeping my roster alive by their heal and Spirit Link and G. Falcon and Marjana taking occasional pot shots, and yes, I know there are no defense downs of any kind on those accursed orbs (I call them cockroach balls) and guardians, but they are there too to amp up the fire damage. Lots of blue tiles came sailing in though.

So on stages 4 and 5 I actually went the strong against route and went Blue + Wu (No Ranvir, Tarlak, or Miki). I went Kiril, Isarnia (she goes everywhere with me where she is allowed), Frida, Vela and Wu. When I can’t exactly plow my way through, that’s when the mob has the elemental reflection up and I am biding my time in ghosting tiles and making sure it doesn’t re-apply too soon. But as soon as blue tiles appear below it, it’s toast.

I found that even handicapped with the no Defense Down / Elemental Defense down and enemies doing their Mitsuko Dance on this event, going strong elemental against actually worked out faster for me instead of the buff to the red hero route.


In the first stages and even the first waves of the last stage I was very happy about the Boldtusk-Wilbur connection as well. But I was, it seems, more lucky regarding red tiles. They were not overly abundant, but at least I did not have to collect them one by one. I doubt, I’d been better of with a blue team. That would have been Vela, Fenrir, Kiril, Xiahou Dun + someone else. Vela is +18 and Xiahou Dun LB-ed and on 75, but at least Fenrir and Kiril would have had a very hard stand against the reflection. That’s why I decided that I’d be better off with a red team although that also wasn’t ideal.


Kiril-C might be reflected, but Kiril normal is just self heal and self buff, that’s who I have on.


This feels so roster dependent. In red, my best heroes all either inflict status ailments that are critical to their effectiveness or they give buffs that I’m too afraid to have stolen by the final stage bosses. Interestingly, I found success with a mono yellow squad of Leo, Devana, Joon, Poseidon, and Gullinbursti. No particular tile advantage, but the specials do good damage without relying on buffs and debuffs.


I usually go rainbow, but in these cases with red buff, and immune to ailments I went cMarjana-Khagan-Magni-Devana-cRigard. In hind-sight I probably should have just used Zagrog and Khagan. I guess it populated on the last team that I used and I didn’t have Zagrog then, and I was too lazy to switch.

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I will remember this image, if/when I fight him and have trouble with him!


I used both, with Boldtusk / Ferant / Yang Mai (hi @Noble_Weasel ) :slight_smile: they made a nice grouping… Yang Mai’s element link has been nerfed but it still comes through in a pinch


Indeed, with an all red enemy target, one could start thinking damage maximizing by going the strong element against (e.g. in this case it would blue). But the first Aether quest (Ice) where they actually buff up your Ice Heroes (I think it was SL and Heal?) where your Ice heroes survivability increased quite a bit (like bringing Gunnar without actually bringing Gunnar on my Ice heroes and heal up like as if they are receiving Tower blessings).

So on the Ice Aether quest, I just went 4 Ice plus Wu, even though there is still the no defense down handicap, Ice hero being buffed and not having to worry about green specials being reflected back at me, Ice on Ice makes neutral damage, so increased neutral damage + Wu just made me use that line up.

Then with this red aether quest, the buffs to red heroes are different, so I went elemental on them (minus the elemental defense down of course).

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I was afraid her stack could be stolen by the final bosses. Can it?

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I didn’t notice, but my guess would be no - stacks work differently from buffs. Can’t say with 100% certainty though

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Hey all, didn’t read everything I missed so apologies if something is redundant.

I think I posted after Wo3K where I had a bad score because you’re not supposed to tank bust :laughing: :man_facepalming:

Atlantis Rising got me no summons. Couldn’t get enough coins.

Underwild I had two summons. The new hero is Gramps. I guess I have a reviver on my roster not technically. It’ll be a while before he get leveled.

Some other highlights:

  • Started running a second HA level. This one for trainer heroes to exclusively feed LB 5’s.

  • Finished Obakan and got him to +6. He is not merely as bad as everyone says. Plenty useful. Maybe he is that bad, but my roster is too :man_shrugging:

  • Been using Mireweave a ton. She is super fun. She is only +3. I LB’d her. Neat hero even if not “good”.

  • Building my emblem depth is paying off. Getting lots of previously naked 4’s to +7 and are very viable. The more abilities and heroes the better I guess.

  • I noticed no one posts their Omega quest stuff. Is that not a thing anymore? Beat it with this team:

Antidotes for ailments. Used two mana at the beginning due to bad stsrted board. I had to charge Sabina. One time stop on bosses. That’s it. The team cruised. :+1: Mireweave for the win!

  • I have my main heroes LB’d. Given my low acquisition rate I just started LB’ing whomever I felt like. I am a bad role model. So far that has meant Mireweave, Tyr, c-Kelile. They do no good in storage :man_shrugging:

I am skipping Styx, but good luck to everyone else doing it! I saw @sleepyhead continues his crazy summon luck. Congrats and also, you suck :wink: Quit hogging the good juju.

@FrenziedEye liked some posts. The eye is watching

I am on vacation soon, so it’ll be a couple weeks.



I do the same, especially at the three- and four-star level. So you have company. Up to you to decide if it is good company.

Have fun. We’ll miss you.


Forgot, my costume Brienne is now 55 and +19 and increasing my blue titan score from Buddy. Poor elf has had a REALLY rough year.



Indeed, because tower coins I just earned enough of for one summon and spent got me the oh so fabulous Ulmer Fudd.

And for those that are playing with Styx… Sure you’d still like to cast a defense down on the enemy bosses for an easier time, but their odds to return the same defense down back to you in kind is too high on even just one hero, needless to say when three of them are there. That you might as well go ahead and toss an Antidote on yourself right after.

Level 15 start letting you use Wizard class, give JF a whirl, throw his special in right before you cast your defense down, his defense down protection automatically triggers as soon as it detects your defense down being casted back, saving you an Antidote, him being on fast means he gets to charge up often enough to help recharge.

Of course, that being said level 20 immediately disqualified Wizards again.

With Blessings coming only after every 5 levels in Styx, possible as a balance to the fact that heroes aren’t constantly in fear of being cursed. Hand tile explosion still hurts like a mad truck though. The blessings are typically more “beefed up” than your typical tower blessing. Give the Styx minions a try if you find them. That’s 20% HP and 20% Attack inherited from attacker (on the first receipt), it’s not Noor’s sparrows, but getting them every 5 turns isn’t too shabby, and if you are able to get them stacked the next time it comes around… Oh boy. Very good at being meats shields and doing chipping damage on enemy mobs if you are building up mana for the boss wave or at the bosses themselves.


As I’ve shown before, any Omega can be completed with a rainbow 4* LB S1 team even with no healer, but it will cost you some Tornadoes and Time Stops plus the occasional mana/super mana potion. This time approximately 10 of my alts completed it with various teams, easiest were the monoblue teams. It may seem counterintuitive to go blue in this Omega, but the tile damage should not be underestimated and if used correctly and on time, the special abilities always find non-reflectable targets. Main account used 0 items on last stage with a monoblue team.

On a side note, the Styx tower is quite refreshing in terms of restrictions and no-curses and will definitely be much harder to complete for a newbie/slightly intermediate f2p/c2p because of sheer lack of quality heroes from all classes. Then again, for 25 floors of Normal tower (I used 1 Tower energy flask, didn’t notice that this Tower is only 50 levels , there go 50 gems wasted) I never allowed the bosses to fire - not even a single one.

The Soul Grasp explosions are distributed evenly if you are under Shared damage buff from Wilbur, Kailani or Gunnar…just a food for thought.

Sadly, unlike Curse tiles, Soul Grasp tiles come in multiples which can be much more devastating…

Definitely a great overheal and attack boost. I only picked that blessing once so far, going for Critical instead because on higher Impossible floors Critical damage vs bosses is what’s important…but I could very well be wrong here since 40% atk + hp minions could be far more devastating…


Sucking isn’t always bad :wink:

I’d share some with you if I could. you just have to show up to the forums more :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks, and congrats on your red Cyclops troop!


We’ll you certainly have better heroes, so technically the company would be better?

I noticed that Covenant of Champions came around without the actual event, just a portal. First, I hope that is not a trend going forward. Second, when are we actually going to get to play this thing!?! It sounds fun like an updated ToL.

Also, any timing on Monster Island? That is the one that most intrigued me.



Agree on this one. I can’t wait to see this one. Honestly, I’d say it’s 4 years coming because that’s the sort of game play I THOUGHT E&P was supposed to be when it was billed as a RPG match-3. Really, it’s just a match-3 game.