The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 2)

Congrats, and thanks for posting your team. Haven’t started this event yet, so I was wondering how difficult it would be.


Cleared first 4 stages of Goblin Village, game was freezing, so I missed the beginning stories by a few frames. It was one of the Goblins asking what Elena and Richard were doing, and something about the Goblin with a swine saying that if they want some supplies they have to earn them? I hope you had the dialogues posted in the event thread @PlayforFun.

Honestly, if it weren’t for that I still had WE flask to splurge on, I’d have commented more negatively on, who in the developement team decided it was a good idea to have a brand new 10 stage event that has a battle item handicap restriction to happen at the same time as Atlantis Rises, and at the same time that Shiloh Desert shows up. Oh yes, it’s “those” guys who made the decisions that wants people to focus more on the brand new event to nerf the attention given to AR, and oh yes, it’s the no Rare Quest during Challenge Events spiel of a rule, isn’t it? Is that why we had 2 challenge events this month? Is there any more Gargoyles to be released? Because I am ready for Gargoyles and Pets to be Challenge Festivaled into CF2.

Fated Summon list first glance obviously shown that Frida is certainly the best of the bunch. I would’ve taken her in a heartbeat, but I already have Frida, and she was actually my very first HoTM of this game, and she served me well all these years and is still putting in mileages. Next one would likely be Frigg, she was a pain during the first Nature CoE, less so the second time, but isn’t any less annoying. If it weren’t for the fact I am pretty backlogged on the Nature heroes to work on, I should be taking her, but instead, I am now the least behind on Dark heroes (still some, but after finishing Ana-Belle, it’s all 5* rest of the way, until something else shows up), so looking at that list, I should be looking at Khiona, who I remembered, along with Aegir, was the start of the mob enemies trend turned heroes after getting a few wardrobe upgrades. I do still “occasionally” find her in some tournaments, but it might be because it was either buff booster or bloody battle, or the opponent just happened to have no better choices.

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Just my thought, but you should be picking the hero that you feel is best and not because you currently have the mats for that or backlog. You may be backlogged, but eventually you’ll get to leveling her up, or she may leapfrog priority. I just figure that there are few chances to pick a good hero, why waste it for a meh hero because your current situation says you should.


Thanks for that. To me, there is no more “best” heroes any more because of how quickly they become outdated. As someone who just play for the collection of heroes, which is me, I just pick who I feel warmly towards. FS heroes aren’t really top shelf heroes any longer, and when the purpose for it was for a pity counter, the pickings aren’t going to be great, and often times I might just end up picking at who has the best art. After all, I play for the pretty pictures and collection, any of these that I don’t have are going to be potential targets.

I am fairly positive that I should still pick up Frigg first, all things considered, but if I get to pick another, it’ll probably be between Khiona or Red Hood.

Most of the time, I am also looking to just maxing a hero for completions sake, and once I started a hero, he/she is hardly ever leapfrog past, a 3* will usually take priority over a 4*, over a 5*. That’s usually the only times a 5* will get pushed back in progress.

This may irk a great majority of people playing this game, but I am not exactly competing in my playstyle.


I have taken screenshots about the dialogs. I will post them to the topic later.


cleared it with this team: keeping Proteus alive and firing was key. Lord Loki helped a lot too,


That’s true, maybe I should rephrase as what best fits a gap in the roster regardless of other circumstances. Honestly, Frida is the only one who really does for me, as Nordri is a little fragile. Or is someone whose skillset will still be useful in the future regardless of all the new heroes.

That’s usually the case for me, as 3* heroes are faster to get through… but I’ve made exceptions… particularly with my current reds. I was working on Cillian, but then got Gormek’s second costume, so I dropped Cillian for a bit while I leveled a few Gormek dups’ secondary costume. I think I got a couple done before completing Cillian and got working on Otis, but then got Boldtusk’s secondary costume. In the meantime, I have Basil sitting at 2/1 who I probably should just finish and have Dante as well. OTOH, at this time, I’m not really hurting to get those into the fight quickly and I think Otis will at least see some more usage for Rush War/Tournaments as I don’t really have a big damage dealer like him.

In my case, it’s just more of figuring out the right priority as they will eventually all get leveled.


Frida is pound for pound worth every praise that she received. EDD heroes already a rare breed, the fact that she also dispels sings extra praises, she comes out to play every time there is a red titan. Her E-link isn’t that great.

But she is definitely the top prize for this list.


That’s true, but the family bonus is nice, particularly if you also have Miki to increase the attack to +15% bonus. Anyway, I’m at 38 so have a few months before I can get her.


I picked Frida today from FS! I’m glad to hear people still think she is very good. I am sure there are plenty of people that do not need her, but I only have Nordri (without costume). My best blue attacker was also Grimm (with one costume bonus), and I am sure they will pair well together eventually.

Grimm was my best blue attacker until today. After Frida joined, I used eight saved S2 pulls and got Areax. I know some (many? most?) may not like the art, but Areax should be very good for my roster. I hope to shield her behind Miriam & Midnight minions so that her slow speed is not too slow for PvE.

I just need a mountain of wizard emblems now for Lord Loki (currently +7), M&M (+14), and Areax…


He/she/it(?) is one of the worst I’ve seen recently. To me, if they must go an anamorphic horse with human body and limbs, they could afford to put him in a much lavished wizard’s or mage’s robes (they should not have shortage of examples of this to go by, for a fantasy game) for the Wizard class, or had he/she/it been assigned a different class, they could put him/her/it in a heavy armor (like Alexandrine’s or Bertila’s), and I think I’d have found it more tolerable.

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Sounds like a job for Onatel, as usual. I will start these missions tonight.

Frida is definitely going to be my first pick. I even like mixing def down and EDD in PvP content, so she wouldn’t just be a titan specialist for me. I don’t need that much help with titans, since I don’t fight big ones anyway.

Curious how useful you find her dispel. I forgot that was part of her skill until she came out in FS, and I started looking over her card. I find that I still use Sonya A LOT, especially in a world with so many Hathors. I know there is a mana speed difference and a range difference (splash vs. AoE), but do you find Frida’s dispel enough to not have to rely so much on Sonya?


I may be a little uncouth when it comes to Frida’s usage. But for the most part, if the stage did not restrict who can come out to play (e.g. not Epic tiers of Challenge/Alliance quests where only 4* and below can be used), Frida pretty much comes out in place of Sonya, and I use her the same way I use Sonya, regardless of the speed and target area of effect difference.

In pseudo PvP play (e.g. Covenant Quests), if given the opportunity, I’d much rather bring my blue mono team (well, no Miki so I bring Wu) than my red mono team. I fire Karil mystery brew, Isarnia Ice, then Frida Bash, Vela wave, then depending on how the rest of the board looks, I see if it’s worth it to fire off Wu’s special. If the board is Ice friendly, I could pretty much win most of these matches, or at least severely maiming one side of the opposing team. If the board is ice unfriendly, it pretty much means I am getting ready to take a loss, because the AI defense is pretty much going to go pew pew pew and say sorry you lose.

Sonya being fast and dispel all still have her uses of course. I could see more actions out of her, once they release her C2, and assuming I can get her C2. Prior to Frida, she would’ve been my damaging weapon against the Ancient Tiger, but that Riposte from the Tiger hurts so badly. Good thing they introduced the Caltrops, otherwise, mono blue team against the Tiger without countermeasures is like suicide.


Ok, after taking Frida from FS and pulling Areax from 8 saved Atlantis summons, I earned enough Atlantis coins for one more summon. I pulled Oceanus!



Excellent haul, @Axiom4 and congrats on getting the Titan, well, not the Titan Titan, but Oceanus is a Titan in the Greek Myth.

The solution to deal with having Atlantis Rises, Goblin Village, and Shiloh Desert all at the same time is obvious, all those WE flasks that are accumulated. Exhausted through my Loot Tickets once again with 99 coins, fortunately a few more levels of other stages got me over the hump. While I had said I should hold these small individual summonses until more heroes are released, I do still after all, need to keep pace with the Fated Summon progress. Pulled one, and it’s dupe Gil-Ra plus costume. Yeah… She was welcome before I got her last time AR was around, no need for another set.

Goblin Village is set at just the right amount of stages of 10 and aside from the battle item type restriction, is largely the same as the old costume chamber, but with only 3 waves each stage, went by much quicker. That 180 coins only for one less free summon is kind of a shame though. Whatever happened to the Mega Minions we’ve heard so much about? Did they get put on the shelf or something?

Keeping pace with FS, I dropped the Goblin Coins in, and I got Boots, the 3* Goblin. Looks like he takes priority to level up over the 4* reds.

Back to doing some light farming again, those crafting materials aren’t going to fill themselves.


that’s great! nice pulls!


Wow, nice, congratulations.


Wow! Congratulations! Enjoy.


Thank goodness it was shorter, 'cause it got on my dang nerves! Finally finished it, but I did not anticipate that much trouble with stages 9 and 10. Onatel could slow down the specials, but when one special plus one slash attack is enough to take down Krampus while his special is active, that’s just nuts! I considered Proteus, but by the time I take two healers (because when I only take one, they are guaranteed to get targeted early and often) and then Proteus, it’s just way too passive. Plus, Fish-Face is made of glass to begin with.

Tried a few different combos, but finally settled on Hetepheres, Seshat, Onatel, Silvaria, and Grazul. My usual Heimdall was too slow, and his overheal gets counteracted by the goblins anyway. Silvaria and Seshat minions were better for boosting survivability. Wouldn’t have been doable without Onatel slowing down the rate of fire from specials, but honestly, the MVP was Hetepheres for her blind, because the only way for me to win was just to not get hit by these little green turds and their sledgehammers of doom! Now that evading the attack also evades the ailments that come with it, that kept wither and grow (and max HP reduction) to a minimum, and I don’t think I’d have been able to survive without that. Doesn’t matter who you bring if a couple of specials reduces them to the stats of a three-star!

Wondering if I should just play down to the 100 coin level next time and say, “To heck with it.” Might be worth missing that one extra pull every X number of events just not to have to mess with this crap.


Prevention (Proteus/Hel) over/rather than Treatment (Chao-C/Onatel) helped me on getting through.

It’s doable with lesser teams. This is my team I went through with.
Boldtusk base with no CSB, Level 80 +20
Melendor-C, CSB Level 75 +20
Wilbur base with no CSB, Level 80 +20
Proteus base with no CSB, Level 75+20
Wu Kong base with CSB, Level 75+20

Items: Mana Potion, Minor Mana Potion, Arrow Attack, Antidote

In later stages, when the mobs typically do hit about 300+ per strike, it’s pretty easy for them to get their acts together and a few lucky pot shots will probably doom a hero. So first wave I usually pop a Mana potion and try to match and charge Melendor-C immediately, the defense up and HoT kicking in will help with the survival while others charge up. Then it’s charging up the others and trying to not use any other items until boss wave. Once I get Mel-C going, that first few moves, I usually am able to survive the mob with BT’s additional heals and Wilbur’s D-Up and Damage sharing.

Boss wave is where everything goes to work, BT, Wilbur, Proteus and Wu fires first and I try not to fire Mel-C until after Wilbur’s special wears off. Although Mel-C being a Wizard means that his superior talent can at times kick in and knock the spirit link off of the mobs (SL is a buff). But still manageable though, even if the additional damage output does not get transferred over to the others.

Mana Potions is there to keep Proteus topped off, the board will just have to have enough purple tiles coming so the usage can be cut down and not run out too quickly. Arrows for chip damage and hope the bosses could miss. I always bring Antidotes, because I don’t do enough research on the bosses to see if their attacks does ailments, but it’s better to have them.

Would’ve finished much quicker had I been able to bring Tornadoes, Timestops, but you do with what you have.