The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 2)

We should start a Morris club!
It’d have to involve heavy drinking, though.


What abour a Vollermork-Gramps club?
We could exchange recipes, Morris roast with Gramps gravy….

Maybe our heroes level faster if the food is tasty… :innocent:

Happy gaming


I have coins for 3 pulls, but I am waiting until S4 costumes will arrive for 3 or 4 star heroes (if Staff is planning to add them) as I have all 3-4 stars from this Portal.

I have tried my chances in Beta only… 79 pulls, and the best was just a Lianna + HoTM but no S4 five star.
It is good to be in Beta. I can do my desire to pull there without any consequences :smiley:


misery loves company @Andrewbook … I don’t know myself. in the 4* tourneys at least, I still tend to do about the same. it’s the 3* ones that really bite me. but again, could be bias on my part.

to be fair also, I play the game a bit less attentively these days… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: I’m focused on events that do not come so often, but raid tourneys…

@Gimliv , as always I am impressed by your analysis and thinking. you are really good at analyzing problems. Dawn is great on offense (though sadly, my Dawn was not enough to keep me in the tourney past day 3 lol).

She is my defense tank though and I keep losing… but then indeed, I think she is potentially better on offense, perhaps the enemies keep murdering her before she can fire

and troops make a difference, you are correct

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This is true for me too. I think.

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I think Vollermork and Morris would make a delightful bisque. We can use the top of Vollermork’s horn for plate presentation with Morris’ miner hat on it!



I’m kind of the same. At least events I can complete. But these days I just use raid tourneys to help fill raid chests, but even then I usually get knocked out by the second day and can’t be bothered to care.

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looks like a lot of us are feeling MEH about raid tourneys

me too, I just use them to help fill the raid chest. don’t particularly care about the placement anymore… I find them OK, but not particularly fun.

I find others like Contest of Elements more fun, so I give more time/attention to those instead.


My experience is similar in 3* tournaments. I primarily use tourneys to fill raid chests, or the occasional “Win a raid with no legendaries” POV challenge, but that mostly came about because I always seem to hit a wall a couple days in where no matter what I do, I lose. I mention all this because as a result, I don’t put a ton of thought into attack team composition. So, it may simply be that I’m not doing a good job matching my attack teams to defenses.

This is a raw idea, but I wonder if there’s an imbalance between tile damage and hero specials that’s more keenly felt with 3-stars. Aethers and talents have a greater effect on 3-stars in terms of percentages (adding 18 defense to a hero with a base 457 defense is more impactful than one with 844 defense). I should think this would cause greater variance, and thus greater imbalance since these are player controlled.

If mana speed is generated the same for 3-stars, 4-stars and 5-stars on both offense and defense, I’m thinking the corresponding tile damage for 3-stars in attack is out of line with the charge speed for incoming damage from specials and slash attacks. In my experience, it’s the slash attacks that usually take me out, so perhaps that’s where the main imbalance lies. On paper, you’d think they’d balance — 3-stars are essentially the same as 5-stars, just with lower stats, which should lead to proportionally lower tile damage, special damage, etc., but something seems off about this at the 3-star level.

Guess where I’m going with all this is tile damage is less proportional to special damage, mana speed and slash damage at the 3* level than in others. This imbalance starts showing up with greater frequency on both defense and offense as you face tougher opponents later in the tournament, where I’m going to guess, the matchmaking algorithm doesn’t take into account exactly how a player has emblemed their heroes.

Well, either that or the boards are rigged. :wink:

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I wonder if you’ve hit the nail on the head here. I remember a lot of comments saying the lower stats/health of 3* makes them more vulnerable, that is, they will have a harder time rebounding from a hard-hitting special.

of course, it’s 3* specials against 3* stats, but

(am too lazy to do the math though lol)


I just made a foray into the Soul Exchange thread. :100: do not recommend.

Thanks to you all for making this a fun and engaging thread and leaving the nasty elsewhere.

Bonus points for @Muchacho’s season 3 bisque. That made me laugh out loud.


likewise @Andrewbook , and indeed thanks to everyone who makes this thread one of the oases of calm on the forums :slight_smile: like, this is a game meant to be enjoyed… let’s keep the good vibes rolling!


Speaking of not caring about the tournament, sometimes good things happen to those who don’t care.


Keeping the positive vibes going, the past few days have been something else loot-wise!


That is an insane run! Congrats!


Season 4 technically. I realized after the fact I missed another opportunity when I was watching my own dogs chew on a buffalo horn … the look on my dog’s faces gave if he would lay eyes on Vollermorks! Drop everything immediately, this got serious! :laughing:

Bone broth is still a trendy thing I hear too (eyeballing Tyrum)



congrats to all who got good loot!

and whoa @Muchacho what adorable dogs!


@Muchacho , tell your dogs I said hi!


@sleepyhead and @sleepyhead , great thinking! I’m sure the data exists and that someone at $GG is looking at reports showing hero usage, damage, etc., to plan ahead. Let’s face it. They’re a business and its someones responsibility to forecast. The good ones may even advance swiftly! :grinning:

I’d expect nothing less from them as a business.

If I may, I’ve wondered on which heroes they might have given up. The afterthoughts. The weak ones that infest the roster. Sure they exist, we know that. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean.

It’s just, you know. SHINEY THING! Those relegated when management tells the developers what to work on.

Where is this headed?

Cynical? Nah. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: But I’m interested in hearing more.

Why do you think that is for you?

I’d say that’s exactly what they do, and it’s at the heart of the big balance and every single nerf and buff — ever. Yes, there’s a revenue component, but it’s much more than that, at least in my opinion.

Kinda funny, I’ve been contemplating doing forum post on the topic, but…. I dunno. I really don’t wanna step on anyone’s hashtag. Folks are upset, and understandably so, but when emotions are high, logic is low.

Well, they backed off balancing 4-stars, and I don’t think any 3-stars were part of the big balance, so while I don’t think they’re purely afterthoughts, I’d say that’s a pretty good clue. I might go as far to say every hero not part of the big balance could fall into that category, but I think that’s a stretch.

I got to thinking about this 3-star conversation, and I think what we’re seeing here is what’s starting to play out game-wide, which is a driving force behind the big balance. That whole thing looks to me like it was created from a spreadsheet, and has the feel of some big meeting that took place a while back, perhaps as a result of implementing alpha aethers and the in-game data that came back. That rollout introduced a ton of new variables to be accounted for.

I should probably stop before this becomes some gigantic post, but as you can probably tell, this has been on my mind lately!