The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 2)

Thanks for the heads up. That means every unique 3* and above I have been collecting, and not feeding away even on limited to little or no use, but never fed away, will now net me a good chunk of bling blings.

Now that means I will have to go get and max out the 5 x 1* and 10 x 2* so I can collect the 25 gems (seemed like a lot in my mind until I put it down on paper) before using them as feeders again.

@PlayForFun - The museum feature will probably be one of my favorite QOL improvements in a long time for this game. Especially after reading that it will incorporate the season stories. Then they can also have a separate wing in the stronghold to incorporate a bestiary to account for all the enemies and Titans you have faced/defeated and the total number of times you’ve done to each of them, and first/last date to defeat one, etc.


Yes, it could be good if that would be included.


Do you mind tracking the amount of food/feeders needed to max those?
We’re used to pay gems “buying” food, now we’re paying food to but gems :rofl:


Glad to see I’m not the only one considering this. I won’t make it a priority, but I might do it if I’m out of projects or waiting on a binge summon.


There are 10 * 1* feeders and 16* 2* feeders according to the Museum building.

So 10 + 32 = 44 gems :slight_smile:


It’s been so long since I “worked” on a 1* and 2*, but I can’t imagine those will take too long.

With TC19 and HA1/HA2, it might not take as long to do.

Oops, I had forgotten there are actually 2 each color for 1* and 3 each color for 2* So wouldn’t that be 40 gems?


I do not know why, but Red has 4 different 2 star heroes while other elements has 3 only.


Didn’t realize this until you said so. This would be a good trivia quiz question.

They actually made up for the lack of 1* yellow/red troops later, wonder why didn’t do this for these.


Anyone thinking of pulling here? The five-stars look great - Cupid would pair well with Grazul since he boosts healing - but the four- and three-star don’t do much for me. ANOTHER yellow healer, although this one does remove fiends, at least. I think this is going to be another LNY for me. Take my EHTs and other goodies and go to the house.

I assume we can expect some kind of St. Patrick’s Day seasonal in March, at this rate, complete with dorky leprechauns.


lol yup, anything to introduce more heroes and make more money. What I do not like are the new odds for this events 0.8% it is just wrong

The 4* is just ok, I prefer wang yuanji with the over heal

the 3* is interesting dealing more damage to heroes with less mana, maybe good to those slow dangerous heroes

The passive is good, resisting aliments that affect the use of skills


They could probably make a seasonal event for every month and release new heroes for each if they wanted to, they already added Kalevala and Lunar New Year and now going to add in Valentines for make it 7, what’s to stop them from adding 5 more to make sure that there is always some kind of seasonal event going on in the background and trying to discourage us from saving EHTs for “certain” events because certain ones are not worth waiting for?


It seems my suggestion / report about not having a FREE offer at the end of 3rd week has reached it’s goal :slight_smile:

Now February 5 has a free Offer :slight_smile:

Earlier it looked like this:

No matter what will be in it. It will be free :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion to the devs, not sure how much flak they actually got for the “in the past, events rewards always been like this this this” type of inquiries, or the “cultural aspects/significance” that I mentioned. But either way, I did see it added about a day or two ago.

Now as to what they would actually be. Instead of free ETT/EHT that I know had been the rewards in some of those free days in the past, I have become accustomed to expecting Harpoons, Arrows, Time Stops, and occasionally, the triple Flask Pack (if we are lucky).


That was before. Nowadays it most certainly can.

As for the QOL improvements like said Museum of heroes, those are good, but I’m afraid that the avalanche of players leaving E&P can’t be stopped anymore. When all is done, some will definitely be left playing, but many will never return, and new players quite possibly won’t even start playing here.


you are a hero!! :slight_smile: thank you!


Totally agree. lot of players already cut their spending, others will leave and I don’t think the game is so appealing that newer player would stay. I tried ask SG during last AMA but I got ignored, who may knows why :thinking:


They have other cows to milk if this one runs dry. That’s why.


Four years waiting to get my first legendary hero from a challenge event and SG gives me this guy?!? Oy.


I have collected 3000 gems. Therefore i am thinking about where to spend them. I want to spend them on one of the Challenge Festivals. I would like to get some opinions on which one to spend them. (i think CF" would probably be better since the heroes are not as old as the ones from CF1)

Heroes i got from CF1 are:
Lotl without Costume, G-Lemur, G-Falcon, QoH, Cheshirecat, Hansel, Phoenicus, Treevil

Heroes i got From CF2 are:
Noril 2x, Whacker, Sangrior, D´Andre.

Some of them are not leveled yet, so i dont know if i should even do my pulls.

But pls enlighten me:)


Anyway congratulations :slight_smile: