The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

@PlayForFun :

In addition to what @Gimliv suggested (although I don’t really concur with last 2 nodes on Kadilen and Zuri, that’s emblems almost sufficient to bring a 4* to 18 nodes, but those two are definitely worth it, so it’s a dilemma):

  • Bring Lianna to 18. I’ve been using mine extensively with LB and 18 nodes, the difference is big!
    Lemminkainen is useless, at least to my opinion. I advise seriously revising 4* heroes with average speed, because that literally means most of the time they charge at slow speed (4x3 tiles) in events where mana troops aren’t allowed. And Lemminkainen’s attack is weak for a 4*…
  • Bring cMagni to 18 at least. A very strong hero, especially if you can LB his costume…but even at 18 nodes without LB still very very important IMO.
  • Unless you plan on extensively using Zila Lei in tournaments or you have that many rogue emblems to spare, strip her of her emblems.
  • Bringing Melendor to 20 allows him to achieve a tile break with only 11 lvl green mana troop or 5 lvl wizard troop
  • Malosi is important and there aren’t that many good 5* barbarians, you should bring him to 18.
  • Wilbur, much like Melendor, benefits greatly from the 20th node because of the lower level mana troop you can use to achieve the tile break. All in all, I suggest you strongly consider that last node of 4* monks, sorcerers and druids. Wu Kong is also one of those…
  • if you can bring Khagan to 18, this will immensely help not only in events/PvE, but also in Rush (I use mine + Falcon + Wilbur with devastating effect in Rush).
  • I think that cLeonidas and sir Roostley may be one of your better connections, so maxing both of them on the attack path is worth it
  • I personally wouldn’t give any emblems to Aegir. He is mediocre and although he can be of some use, he definitely doesn’t deserve any.
  • Frank is good to bring to 18, as is Jott. For titans and rush.
  • cKashhrek is sadly suboptimal. You may consider stripping him of emblems.
  • Shadereave is only good vs Titans, so you may think of giving his emblems to someone more worthy
  • MMmmm although I have a LB and highly emblemed Gadeirus, that is on an alt I don’t care about. I ate the one copy on main account as soon as I got him from Atlantis. So…probably good to remove those emblems from him
  • Jack is a good connection with Almur, especially for 4* tournaments like this week’s. I suggest maxing him on LB and emblems only because you have Almur as well.
  • Bringing Bertulf to 20 nodes has the same merit as Wu Kong, Melendor or Wilbur.
  • I suggest bringing cUlmer to 20 for rush. Any costumed 3* and 4* monk, sorcerer or druid charges with 6 tiles that way because of costume bonus (5%) + last mana node (4%) = 9% . Very often this is the difference between win and loss. For example recent 3* rush multiple battles of my green-purple team were won by cFriar Tuck (20) who charged at 6, buffed everyone’s mana generation and helped Treevils charge also with 6. cKalani has the same merit - in that same tournament I went with monoyellow vs 4 Treevil defense and won because of her charging with 6 and buffing the team’s attack enormously. cHawkmoon also deserves 20 nodes for that same purpose

And one last thing…soon as LB were introduced, I watched a Russian streamer who explained which hero’s best to LB. I was amazed because of the length of his video (only 10 minutes). Turns out he did a great explanation in such a short time. What he said was: “LB whomever you currently have and whomever you currently use the most, prioritize offensive heroes and heroes that are permanently on your War defense, and don’t wait for better heroes, because any resource which isn’t used is a big waste, when you get better heroes you will get more LB materials eventually for them as well!”

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Here are some heroes from my roster that you may consider for adding (further) emblems. :wink:

~ For extra tile damage on titans. Also, can speed him up to average (5% Costume mana bonus + 4% mana node + mana 17/magic 11 troop).

~ Before getting Kara, I had a lot of unassigned Paladin emblems. :rofl: Went +20 as was used often on war defence.

~ I’m not a huge fan of classic Marj tbh.

~ I emblemed him to experiment. :wink:

~ To increase his sturdiness a little. Used for mana control in very fast wars.

~ My alliance competes on MT so I added extra emblems on him to increase attack.

~ I think I emblemed it especially for titans and MT. Can be handy for raid tournaments. Note: I don’t have Treevil.

~ Emblemed + LB especially for raid tournaments.


In the F2P world what break points have you all found to be realistic? I have been working on getting a mana troop for each color to
17 for years and finally got there. I’m now working on a second mana troop (or magic for dark) rather than trying to get to the next break point since I usually run 3-2. Did you take one straight to 23 or work on others along the way?

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I took one each to level 17 and have upped others to level 5 (for my costume heroes), then slowly to level 11 . I can now field mono teams per Color where everyone charges in 9 tiles. Or fewer

Now getting my level 17s to level 23

It just takes so many more resources at higher levels, that’s why I did what I did


How I started:

  • Troop levels 5 for all my mana troops in every colour as top priority for achieving not only tile breaks for average-speed costumed heroes, but also for Very Fast heroes/Rush Tournament heroes whom I’ve initially given the 2% mana node. Resetting them way later to reemblem them may seem like a waste, however that strategy won me way too many unfarmable resources so it’s worth it.

  • One troop from each colour first to 11, then to 17

  • Only after I obtained nice average speed heroes without costume - same troop to 23

  • Since I play mono - in different colours get additional mana troops first to 11, then (if needed) to 17. Recently obtained magic (wizard) troops helped a lot, since a lvl 11 magic (wizard) troop = same amount of mana generation as lvl 17 mana troop. Or level 5 WIzard troop + 4% mana node helps tile break Average heroes without a costume (recently that way I achieved a tile break on my two Melendors).

  • Get Ninja troops to complement the team to level 2 for that additional 1% attack bonus

  • And recently: Getting all of my mana/ninja troops to the next level of Attack bonus since this is so important in mono strategy on offense, starting with the lowest levels I have, in order to gain more attack bonuses for less resources. That means (in ascending order, prioritized) - Ninja Troops from lvl 2 to lvl 6, Mana Troops from lvl 5 to lvl 6, Mana/Ninja Troops from lvl 6 to lvl 9, Mana Troops from lvl 11 to lvl 13. This may seem like a small thing but when you go mono, that small amount of additional attack % on a troop often matters a lot in taking out an important enemy with just tile damage.

I find it better to prioritize various, especially lower level mana, magic or ninja troops first before finally focusing on one or two to level up higher, and only if there is an actual reason to do so.

This also gives good value to all of the stored 1* feeder troops which constantly amass in greater number than any other feeder troop.


Here is a picture of my mana troops:

I started to get a rainbow 17 for all colors, the a second troop to 11, a third to 5. In some colors I have more than 3 mana/ magic troops, there I brought all troops to lvl5.
The low level troops up to lvl5, I levelled with 1* feeder troops only. Up to lvl. 11 I use mostly 2* feeder troops, an occasional 1* or 3* troop. From lvl11 onwards its mostly 3* troops to save on ham. HA6 is running for months without pause.
Then I examined my heroes. In Yellow e. g. I fight often with a stack of c. Joon, Uraeus and G. Jackal.
Therefore I need troops lvl17,11,5.
so other colors where more urgent. Now I resume work on yellow, like in every other color my target is:
23/17/11/5. After this target is reached I will work on bringing the 23 to 29 and the 17 to 23.
I save all my ETTs to summon in Magic tower now. Ninja troops are niche, for titans mainly. I have one crit troop for every color from lvl 4 to 12, all other 4* troops are feeders for me. I think retraining of 4* troops is wadte of ressources. Its better to make an iccasional 10 pull with saved gems, if you will not get the needed troops from free ETTs.
I needed 2.5 years to build my troops.
Hope that will help.
Happy gaming


Level 17 mana troops and a +2 mana mode are enough to bring an average speed hero down to 9 tiles, so that’s a key breakpoint

Proteus +19 and Gregorion +8 are some of my heroes that benefit from this. Rogues and Rangers get a mana mode at +8, most other classes at +19, and a few get +4 at +20. It’s cheaper for 4s to get there of course :slight_smile: so it’s mainly my 4s, and some 5* Rogues and Rangers, among my roster who benefit


I think what you do with your troops depends a lot on playstyle and what you enjoy game wise.

I generally map and quest as rainbow. Knowing I will generally have a mana node and average from 10 to 9is one of the best impacts in the game, my first goal was one troop in each colour to 17.

Then with VF formats coming out, I decided as I play 3-1-1 that wanted teams where everyone is 6 tiles to fire. So it was 2nd and 3rd troops to 5 so I could play around with placement on each hero. Then it was 2nd and 3rd to 11. I am just going back to the main troops now. When I get them to 23 I’ll work on one of the 11s to 17 as well. Don’t think I care enough to work on going higher than 23 given the food:benefit ratio so will be 3rd to 17 after the second.


Great strategy here. I need to look a little
More specifically at what heroes I usually use to see what I need. For example, the three green I usually run are Zocc, cb Lianna, and c Elkanen. Zocc is easy-I have a level 17 mana troop and the mana node to get him to 9 tiles. I’m less sure what to do with fast speed costume heroes. Currently I’m using a level 8 ninja and level 11 critical troop (both of whom I leveled before I started thinking seriously about troops). I also struggle with my slow heroes (some with costumes, some without!)

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Here are my troops for reference, in each colour:


Sadly this picture can’t tell you the exact line of development. For example I received my first 4* mana troop somewhere around 5th month of play. Up until that point, I leveled up a bit my 3* attack troops and even my 2* attack troops because in certain colours like Green or Blue I didn’t even get a 3* attack troop for at least 2-3 months of play. There were times that I didn’t level any troop despite having feeder troops and food - I saved those feeders for additional (future) 4* mana troops of that same colour.

Also some of the decisions I took about leveling certain troops were in direct reference to certain key 4* Average hero costumes I was able to get from the Costume chamber, and other high levels were chased mainly because of certain 5* average heroes like Guardian Chameleon or Zagrog, for which I either didn’t have enough emblems to get to the mana node (Chameleon) or simply didn’t wish to go that path (Zagrog).

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If you have the mana node on Lianna and her costume, you need a lvl11 mana troop . Same with Elkanen.
So 17/11/11 would be great.

You can substitute a lvl11 mana troop with a lvl5 magic troop.
The lvl5 magic troop gives +8% mana regen. The costume bonus 5 % and the talent node 2%, sums up to the required 15% for fast heroes.

Happy gaming


I started playing in 2019, so a little over 3 years for me. I do think that some well-seasoned ftp could find a spot in a top 100 alliance, if that’s the level of competition that they want.

It seems that the pace has picked up a lot since I first started. On the first day HotM Kara was offered, I faced her in a raid with full emblems and limit broken.

Hopefully not taken too far out of context, I think that is the best reason to play.

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Have you found that knocking a tile off a fast hero is worthwhile rather than using a ninja troop?

Thx @Gimliv @Saros and @SamMe

I will consider your embleming ideas when I emblem next.


For me yes, if I manage to find 7 tiles, a fast sniper can often kill an opponent, if he is weakened from tile damage.
In red 7 tiles for me is Vanda and Gefjon.= kill, in yellow Jackal and costumed Joon also.

Happy gaming


I’m not Gimliv but yes.

~ C-Master Lepus #1 has mana 29 troop equipped; I selected mana node on C-Alasie.
~ C-Master Lepus #2 has mana 13 troop equipped, and sometimes won’t charge at the same time as Master Lepus #1 and C-Alasie.
~ C-Master Lepus and C-Alasie both have 1% mana bonus from costume bonus.


Can you loan me a Lepus to try it out :wink:

He’s been my avatar for years, but I’ve never been able to land him. I would pay a premium if he showed up in the next Soul Exchange!


I think there is a good chance classic Master Lepus will appear in an upcoming Soul Exchange. :wink:


My uses for HA8 comes to an end as it finally spat out Peters that I was missing. I started backing out the food, recruits and sent them into my TC20s, the last one will finish out because I don’t want to waste the scabbard and tall boots that would’ve been lost. Until they revamp HA5 and HA8, I now have all the heroes I could get from those levels.

The streak of no first press heroes has ended, I got an EHT from the Raid Tourney, dropped it in a few moments after getting Peters out of HA8, got Joukahainen, I am not too familiar with clothing-style of Finnish culture and mythology, but the first time I saw him, he kept on reminding me of some stern faced senior from a Japanese High School, that I wanted to yell “Sempai” to. Not exactly who I was really wanting (I’d have preferred Mielikki or Aino - I use her as avatar now because she’s so pretty), but a streak broken is a streak broken and cannot be taken lightly in my camp.


Congrats on completing the HA8 collection!