The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

I have also got some LB material


omg you guys. in the what? dept. i was looking at Aouda’s stats or something in the portal screen and - seriously, i swear - accidentally hit the summon button. and got this:

lol lol lol the picture is so bad because i couldn’t believe it was a 5*, and then… who? what? oh.

I dunno. I have exactly zero other 5* reds to work on. he can’t be that bad, right?

but on another, more interesting note, dropped a token into the seasonal, Karil, but then with one gem summons:

:heart_eyes: the one i wanted! this has been a pretty good week for me. maybe not @akionna ‘s kid good. but certainly not bad.

continued good luck, everyone! :shamrock:


Congrats for both, Lots of people give Nemo a bad review but IMO he is good, just need to fire him after you place an ailment to the enemy to maximize his damage

Mielikki will become a monster in bloody battle the minion protection, the 20% mana boost and the -24% attack is not joke

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Well done. I had Nemo at 3-70 for a while. Decided with my reduced play and already having reds to give him up for Lepiota who just seemed fun.

He takes some getting used to as it needs to be him who has the ailment. But he can hit hard once he has one. I used to use him against Bera as chances were there would be some poison about and he’d be giving a decent hit.


There seem like good possibilities if you can pair Nemo with Killhare.


I’ve seen it suggested, but don’t really buy into it. Never had Killhare to test it, but generally after Killhare has done her swipe, don’t really need the extra boost for Nemo, his regular snipe would kill. I preferred to expose him to DoT damage I could heal away rather than something worrisome like defence down etc

The other one I liked was a low rate mana slow.


Cool! Always nice when a desired hero comes :slight_smile: enjoy


Congratulations @Sam-I-Am for both heroes.


So do you end up using him like Myztero where you only take him against DoT opponents?

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Feel free to post your roster here. Maybe I can suggest some heroes for you to consider embleming. :wink:

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Congrats on your Captain Nemo and Mielikki @Sam-I-Am! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:


Moving the conversation here.

Do you know my lovely former alliance mate GiGi? :face_with_monocle:

It’d be so much fun if we could meet on the battlefield!

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Finally got my first mana troop to level 23!

Russell will be happy :wink:


Here you go:


Ps: Kara will be emblemed soon.

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Nice milestone.
Mine mana troops are at 15 only.

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Thanks @PlayForFun :slight_smile: it took a while but finally… using HA for feeder troops helped, as did spending all ETTs in tower to get higher level feeders


Mine will be ready soon, at least the costume side…then we can compare!

Definitely. I have two maxed Falcons and this helps a lot. Considering a third copy at some point although I have real shortage of Paladin emblems, but I guess that a third, no-emblem Falcon is still good vs Mythic Titan for example. Also, costume Marjana can’t make it to an Epic event whereas Falcon can and should. In addition, Falcon is a f2p hero (although a late game), while cMarjana isn’t.

Heh. Mine was second. And I used the same team/items as the 1st attack.

Grats on Phileas Fogg, @akionna . I still don’t have a green elemental def down hero sadly. At least this one is very good vs (mythic?) titan. If I had that one, I would most likely score one very big hit with the help of Guardian Chameleon vs Baba Yaga.

I strongly recommend expanding roster space with gems. Roster space allows you to have a greater roster flexibility not only for wars, but also for 3* and 4* tournaments. Roster space stays forever as heroes get outdated/outclassed.

I have five copies exactly like that, although I can’t spare the rogue emblems for a last node. The team is extremely powerful and wins even vs 5200 teams without too many tiles. All it needs are 2x3 matches in the beginning, preferably killing the enemy purple. Any gap in enemy defense almost certainly ensures immediate recharge by only 3 further ghosted yellow tiles.

Of course this team only works with five 11+ lvl yellow mana troops which will probably take some time to retrain with the help of Hero Academy lvl 9, but it’s totally worth it. I’m playing with this team for 3-4 months now (fully maxed last month since yellow Omega came out) and it’s extremely powerful and often my team of choice when I go vs premium A+ 5150+ TP defences. I call it the 'Laser tag" team not only because of Jackal’s special animation, but also since you have literally only 2-3 turns to win - but if you do, opponent’s heroes usually don’t even fire once.

In wars, while I believe that @Sorvina and @Gimliv s versions may look preferable if you go 3-2 teams for better survivability, I still can’t help but wonder isn’t it still better to go for higher tile damage vs the central purple flank. Way too often on videos I see opponent’s Xnolphod surviving on a very small amount of hp, firing and winning.

Fully agree. People often tend to forget that offense is the best defense.

Fully agreed, sadly we can’t convert emblems. I have 5 Jackals on 19 nodes, two Scarletts on 20, a Zagrog on 18, a Marjana maxed soon who would also like to eat some rogue emblems, and I’m deliberately not maxing Domitia or Arfanias or my 3* tournament rogues because I can’t give them emblems in the foreseeable future. Alchemy lab helps only to an extent sadly, and I suggest climbing all the Towers you can to get more…

@PlayForFun , do you give your heroes LB or emblems at all??? Those numbers are indeed crazy. Except for Sorcerer emblems, all other types I have are in the 50-500 values… And even Sorcerer are 1800 only.

@Sam-I-Am , Nemo is a good offensive type hero, although he’s situational. Still his tile damage is high as it is, and other stats are good as well. I believe he’s worth maxing if you can spare the emblems. As for Mielikki, I really like her only as D&D reference (she’s the Goddess of our beloved Drow, Drizzt Do’Urden) but the fact that her summoning works at an Average speed makes her kinda redundant…I guess it’s nice to have an undispellable mana generation buff for certain PvE maps/quests/towers probably.

Congratulations! I know how hard that is for players who tend to not merc for food. Bringing a mana troop to 23 is really hard and long without constant mercing for food and feeder troops.

As a reference, this is my fourth 4* tournament with 0 or 1 loss on the offensive…monogreen 4* S1 heroes FtW! Currently trying to train another Hanzel from HA 8, he was a star. Went 25-0 this time. Rewards (really happy when I get my 3x3* aethers).


I believe this to be the best use of Hero Academy ever - feeder troop training. Sadly it can’t be done constantly because of HA upgrades and also HA 8 essential 4* training and HA 9 troop retraining, but getting your mana troops leveled as a top priority is much more important than running HA 10… As a reference, having multiple mana troops of one and the same colour + key average 4* S1 hero costumes helps a lot with correct feeder troop distribution so that no food is wasted.


I would bring :
Rigard in
Grimble to lvl19, take away emblems from Elkanen without costume he is useless.
Bring Khiona to eight.
Richard to 19, Aegir and costumed Azlar too, and Joon to 20.

Bring costumed Kadilen and Zurri to 20.

That are the mana breakpoints. With lvl17 or lvl23 mana troops you can shave off a tile to fire specials.

Will be back with further comments later.

Happy embleming…


Thanks! Troops at the right breakpoints do make a difference… I also use monoGreen on offense for many buff booster tourneys, due to the plethora of fast Green 4*. Enjoy your aethers


“know” would be inaccurate

But I have seen GiGi in line chat, yes