The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

Thanks, that’s useful info!

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He like most heroes can only survive one hit. Without heal he dies on second hit.

Happy gaming


Probably leave him as-is then. It won’t add to his survivability.

Congrats on being a F2P in a top 100 alliance. :+1:


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He’d need to notice I’m there in the first place. My hits barely tickle this thing.

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Hello friends. From this morning:

Kid: “Underwild is up! Are you working on it?”

Me, wondering how he remembers all the events: “Errrr, noooooo …”

Kid sighs, and finds my phone on the table: “I’ll do it for you.”

The kid is still disappointed I have not finished Season 4.

Five minutes later: “Two bats! Look!”

Me, squinting at my phone: “So we get a food bundle?”

Kid giggles: “No, but we have enough coins now! Ready?”

Then …

Me: “Wow, is that our first five star from Underwild?”

Kid stares at me with horror: “How can you forget Xnolphod?”

Easy. I’m old.


PS: I officially have TWO roster spaces left. Does anyone want the kid for the summer? He wants to live in the FTP castle btw. That idea was from @PlayForFun right? The lotto numbers are …


I have C Thorne Lb’d as well (because F2P options!) I use him all the time and with cb Isarnia or a hit 3 like c Elkanen they can knock out most heroes.

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Your kid is amazing and I think we all want some of his luck!!! Enjoy your cool new hero :slight_smile:


Thank you @sleepyhead. Except, I will be leveling him up so slowly … like two feeders at a time. So maybe next year he’ll be ready?


Better late than never @akionna :slight_smile:


This is :peanuts:! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Congrats though! :+1:

Is SG paying you to come here and be like “see how it easy it is?”!?!

Unbelievable luck. I am happy for you though. I just wish you were in my alliance get the benefits :wink:



@akionna Your golden fingered child appeared to strike faster than lightning it’s scary good how brilliantly lucky he is. Coins from Bats as opposed to Food Bundles?

Not only do you not have to play the stages yourself, he does all the work for you, and your only work being to own the phone and account, and having to listen to him chide on whether you have made any progress on the game, and all you have to do is to come on here to show us how brilliant he is?

I think your E&P entertainment life is set, madame.


I have enough coins the pull one in Underwild.
What pulling tactic your kid suggest me ???
Eg: pull tomorrow at 12:34 PM while I standarding on 1 leg and holding the phone upside down…

Congratulations on your Fogg @akionna


I’ve also heard, putting on war paint, hanging upside down, praying really hard and yell at the top of the lungs “RNGesus be with me now!” before hitting that summon button.

But it appears that @akionna 's son is doing this on quiet mode, dressed in his play clothes and being silently brilliant.


I try to mimic his pulling tactic and pray that I can duplicate his luck…


Maybe he can FaceTime you and tell you when to push?


Dear @Muchacho. I worried about this. I don’t ever want to rub it into anyone’s face.

The kid has been on a lucky streak lately. But I expect it will slow down. Frankly, I don’t have much space left. I will have to feed away leveled heroes next.

Yes, @Shohoku79, that’s the plan! Except today I had to win a raid with a rainbow team. That was difficult, thank you very much.

I don’t even know his logic @PlayForFun. Last time he summoned with his eyes closed. Before that, he practiced with silver tokens until he got Kenjiro.

Good luck everyone!


I have just tried it…
Pull until Kenjiro and then pull eith closed eyes.

And the magicly a green Season 4 has arrived for me too…

but it was just Gramps…


You should have FaceTimed. :man_facepalming:


Yes, I will do next time.
With my luck we will be able to pull for Season 4 costumes at that time…