The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

Now now, I ONLY have Bera among the s3 5*. If you judge me by one hero, then you’re also a whale for having Perseus :wink:

If I had Bera, Odin, Frigg and Gejfon, then we could talk about calling me a whale :wink:

Therefore i reject the title of whale, but humbly accept the title of lucky guppy


I had two coins worth of summons. In two single pulls I was lucky and got both a 4* and 5*! The catch?

Ugh, some days …. at least I can talk to my Baba Yaga avatar for comfort like a sane person



at least you are not a whale :slight_smile:

(I do hope you get some good summoning luck soon!)

Thanks, I was hoping I would throw some coins into S4 and out would come Franz because the game feels the same as I do that I’m due. O well, maybe next time.

I am only in province 7 hard, so I have plenty coins left to get. I did see one of their new critters like the goblins in S3. The arts a little goofy.


Though, at the speed this game moves now, that bunch would only make you an outdated whale who hasn’t kept up!

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Aw sorry about the unfortunate unlucky summons - best of luck next time🍀

is there a F2P Discord server people use? is it the one posted at the top of this thread? i wouldn’t mind occasionally chatting with some other like-minded folks about EnP when i have the time.

I’m so excited! HA8 just delivered Jackal, which was the one I really wanted from there. my purple titan scores will hopefully go way up when i can get around to maxing him. and I had a bunch of challenge coins saved up, and got CoD and Vodnik, so now from HA i’m just missing Shrubbear and Falcon. and while i don’t need Falcon as i got super duper lucky getting cMarj (also congrats @Quinn3 she’s great!) he’d still be great for events, esp. since i got Colen’s costume at the last chamber and i’m now working on Lancelot.

did 4 pulls in Kalevala, got both the 3s, still have a couple left. i’d really like Mielikki, i think she’s a great 4*. And if Arfanias pops out, i won’t feed him away either. :laughing:

I’m gasp actually thinking about spending money on this game again, for PoV next time, because the darts will be on the paid side, and PoV is a pretty good deal overall. and, i’m done building everything in my base now, so i didn’t need to spend on VIP the last time it was on sale. also, i was going to drop a little chunk of change on the only other game i really play, but they kind of ruined it with the last update and then announced they’re weren’t really working on it anymore. :slightly_frowning_face: so i guess i might as well throw that chunk of change at this game.

of course, now that i’m done building my base, SG will announce the new buildings will be in the next version so i’m tempted to get VIP again. and then a costume for your base. and then a 2nd costume for your base. You’ll need to buy 3 different VIP passes to build them all. :laughing:

oh, and i got a 560k hit on my one go at the MT. not bad. good to see all the nice pulls people are getting! continued good luck to you all! :shamrock:


Yeah, it’s the one that’s posted. I drop in now and then, but I’m quiet there.
Congrats on Jackal. He’s definately helpful. I know that my yellow titan team improved adding him.
I did get 3 Falcons, but ate one before getting Marjana’s costume. I figured that should be generally enough depth for red EDD.
I don’t imagine having a second builder will be all that useful when they expand because chances are there are going to be some dependencies (need to upgrade Stronghold first, need increased iron capacity, etc). I bet there would be little opportunity to upgrade 2 buildings simultaneously. But that’s just a guess.
Congrats on the MT hit, I just end up around 200k, but I don’t really push hard. The sad part is when I do push with items and best heroes available, I get mediocre results. Then when I just do a throwaway attack, I get lots of tiles.

Would love to have you on the discord @Sam-I-Am !!


Two EHTs from Mythic Titan yielded in him:


The unannounced EHT from finishing Epic of Kalevala gave me… Azar.

0-8 now for someone new of a brand new event. Will see what happens when I finish Legendary. RNGesus have all the cards it seems.


That’s a nice one. I think 3* didn’t have a buff blocker other than him. Plus he does the dispel before hitting, so no defensive buff issues.

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Yes, he will useful so he will be leveled once I finish Lord Loki :slight_smile:

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Congrats on your Jackal @Sam-I-Am! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

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@Sam-I-Am is already there @sleepyhead :slight_smile:


nice! enjoy @PlayForFun , Jouku has a very good special!

Ooh glad you’re already there @Sam-I-Am !!


Twinning on Azar! :rofl:


Good luck for your next Kalevala pull(s) @Shohoku79! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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So… I am not FTP from the start, just a couple of months now. Information about second costumes only strengthened my belief that this game isn’t worth a cent anymore.

You can add another woman to your army, though my participation is very low these days :rofl:


Glad to have you @Annjul , you’ve been a great voice on the forums since before - welcome to the no-spend side :slight_smile:


Welcome to the F2P club :slight_smile: