The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

Sorry for the delayed response @Noble_Weasel!

Congrats on Poseidon to 18!

In my opinion I would go with Elena over Magni. This is a very close call though so Magni would be great too.

I think it would be better to start the next 5, since they get used often, versus getting Poseidon to 20. If you really enjoy the tournies you could do 3’s, but I get the impression most of your game play is with your 4’s and 5’s. It therefore makes sense to keep your emblems there IMO.

Neither Magni or Elena are in your D team so it came down to use. You stated you use Elena more. I understand she dies, but her tile damage will live on. Her post-death tile damage sounds more helpful to your red team than Magni’s impact to your strongest team. If she revives it could potentially boost her survivability if you have a healer ready too, she fired before dying again, etc.

If you hadn’t stated how your red team needs help I would have chosen Magni. I am surprised to see your blue team doesn’t have a D dropper unless you have Kiril or Magni’s costume and I missed it?

My two cents at least. Neither Elena or Magni would be wrong.



I wouldn’t say “enjoy”, but I sure get tired of getting slapped around by heavily emblemed threes in those tourneys, and embleming threes is cheap. I will say costume bonuses are VERY worth it in that regard. My mono purple three-star team has shown out pretty well on offense this week - costume Renfeld, costume/CB Tyrum, costume Prisca (:scream:), Chochin, and Guardian Bat. So far, I’m at 13-2 through day 3. Maybe I should just wait for some more costumes for my threes.

Yes, I think that is going to be the deciding factor.

This is an excellent point that I hadn’t considered.

Yes, I usually use costume Kiril unless I need to reverse a team-wide def down from someone like Isarnia or Kunchen. I also have Grimm +20 that I can switch in if that’s the case.

That was also my assessment, ultimately. Thanks for the advice.

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Well I guess I would question why you would drop Tibs to add her? He is your sole D dropper unless I missed something, so he would be essential to stay I would think, at least based on my play style.

I would consider dropping a healer. I guess it is play style, but my approach is if I kill the team fast I don’t need a second healer.

I think Sartana helps with raw firepower as your stating you need. I would suggest considering Domitia though. I use her unemblemed all the time and am a fan. Here are some perks as I see it;

1 - Variety (this is admittedly a me thing, don’t worry much about it :laughing:)

2 - If you drop a healer she is sturdier

3 - If you drop a healer (Sabina) or bring a Rigard for cleanse she adds a dispel.

4 - Her yellow D boost can help some of the weaker heroes like Proteus, Sartana, Sabina, if she is sandwiched in there. :sandwich: :yum:.

  • I should clarify this gives back up as Proteus is likely your best defense to avoid hits from specials. Seshat is weak but if she’s fired can make her own meat shield with minions.

5 - Her hit is still solid. It isn’t necessarily biggest hit in the team strong, but you have that in Sartana and Seshat. She is a good second.

6 - Tile damage edge goes to Domitia on base stats.

That being said regardless of who you pick I wouldn’t drop Tibs to add them.

Good luck!


@Noble_Weasel completely agree with @Muchacho , both Elena and Magni are good choices. and neither will be wrong.

To add to Elena: embleming her up attack/health path also helps her survivability… while NOT reducing her riposte damage.


Thanks @Muchacho. Re dropping Tibs for another Sartana - it’s because I don’t yet have a 2nd Purple mana troop. Therefore, Proteus gets my first one… leaving Tibs always charging one match behind Seshat and Sartana. It’s all in the timing. My playstyle usually has Sesh, Sartana and Proteus all activating together. Proteus locks down 3/5 of the enemy, while Sesh and Sartana 1-2 punch a 4th. (they often can even without Tibs’ defense down softening the enemy up)

A 2nd healer then often becomes more useful for me than Tibs. Especially when facing defenses with multiple ailment casters and /or buffers. And also because often, Tibs dies before he can even cast (despite being +11). Proteus, because he has a lvl17 mana troop AND his mana node activated, charges in 9, therefore usually casts at least once before he dies.

Rigard, Sabina and Aeron - all same speed as Tibs, but the diff is, my healers can turn the battle around even if they fire late (esp as often, Sesh and Sartana have fired already to eliminate a key threat).

I would definitely keep Tibs along IF I had a 2nd Purple mana troop, level 5, so he charges at the same time as Sesh/Sartana/Proty. Oh my gosh, cue the carnage. Sadly, Purple is the only color where i don’t have at least THREE mana troops…

also why I decided Sartana > Domitia (as I don’t have Domi’s costume). 10 tiles vs. 9 tiles to charge makes a BIG difference…

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I see your point, I think we just play different. Depending on the opponent if Tibs goes off you can potentially use Sartana and Seshat to kill 1 each. Proteus goes first at fast with troop to buy time and to shut down the core 3 as they’re likely the only ones with built up mana unless you were aiming for wings. Then hold snipers until the D drops. The heroes will have some damage from the minimum 10 tile impacts to help facilitate a potential double kill from snipers.

This is especially true if you have c-Tibs in order to drop the entire enemy team. Costume gives a mana boost as well to make him faster. Dropping the whole team allows tiles to have a bigger impact too.

I guess if you’re shooting without D dropped then might as well drop Tibs. My only concern is on one team all you have for damage is snipers, so if you run into a fast charging D you are more likely to run into the dreaded “more people I need to shoot right now then I have the ability to hit” situation. :man_shrugging:

In that situation I almost like the second team better with Proteus and double Tibs. That team would be pretty sound.

Seems like you have an idea based on the experience with your roster and how you prefer to play with it, so I would say trust your gut. You’re a better player than me anyway :rofl:

Good luck!


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yeah it’s just a matter of playstyle, don’t be too humble, I’m not the better player :wink:

Besides, as I said, dropping Tibs will only happen sometimes - depending on the defense. He stays if there’s less risk to letting the enemy charge (e.g. tons of healers, support heroes, buffers) and I can afford to hold fire. He also will usually stay if the enemy has tons of snipers/hitters without additional effects (e.g. Lianna, Thorne…)

But why I often fire Sesh and Sartana immediately? it’s often to drop a dangerous hero who’s already been maimed by tile damage… and the board isn’t favorable. Then, firing my snipers can turn the match… but if I see lots of potential Purple matches coming up to charge Tibs next, I will hold fire.

Can’t really explain all the factors that go into my reasoning, often it’s a gut feel :slight_smile:

anyway, thanks for the detailed analysis re pros vs. cons of Tibs vs. 2 healers :wink:

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Because RNG has a wicked mean streak:

Scopes for days. No blue legendary.

Also, logged off for 10 minutes. Then:

Kid: “At least you won’t waste ham rerolling!”


I love your kids glass half full mentality, I hope they never lose it!

As for the scopes that is salt in the wound. I need 15! scopes because RNG gives me mostly blue 5’s. :rofl: Want any darts or rings? I can do 3 more 5’s in those colors (I have none).

RNG is a cruel, fickle mistress. :laughing:



Okay everyone, please explain to me why Thoth-Amun isn’t as good as Evelyn. His attack is greater than hers, so I’d think his tile dmg would be too. His defense is lower, so that makes a difference. His HP is approx the same. His minions are strong. He also hits for 215% dmg whereas Evelyn hits for 210% dmg. Why oh why is Thoth inferior to Evelyn?

wow @akionna , but you came from a very high cup base!


RNG is terrible. I have enough mats for two Red 5s, but no Red 5s… on the other hand I have a dire shortage of Tonics and too many Green 5*s…

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Thoth is fast mana and hits a single target. The only impact beyond that is he makes a minion or just himself.

Evelyn is fast mana and hits 3 targets, gives a really big elemental D drop and then I think her link feature is healing green allies. Green has very few D droppers and she does it at a big percentage to 3 enemies at fast speed


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exactly. and Evelyn’s dispel to 3 is also arguably more useful than Thoth-Amun’s minion to self

Ohhh, I want so badly for Thoth’s skills to be KA.

I forgot that he only hits 1 and that he minions only himself. Need to read the cards better. :wink:

When will they ever buff him? And not just a minor buff that silences the masses, but a real buff that will do great harm to the enemy like Evelyn, Drake and Seshat.

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He gets a bad rep because of how good other HotMs are, but he is a decent purple sniper if you have him and need a purple hitter. I think he would be viewed a lot differently if he were a vanilla hero rather than an HotM. :man_shrugging:

I fought one the other day that was heavily emblemed and he fired several times and was the last to die, so he put up a good show. His minions are fairly strong (not Noor strong) but I think you have Freya, so they may play well.

They other knock is his percentage hit. Seshat or Sartana only hit one but at a 400% + percentage IIRC. Sartana gets DoT afterwards and Seshat makes a cloning minion (and dispels). They are both fast too. If anything, Thoth needs a percentage bump. He is set up like a sniper but doesn’t quite hit like one. Even Domitia at average is over 400%. His percentage, as you point out, is on par with a multi target hitter and his bonus minion doesn’t quite make up for the reduced damage as a fair trade off. They have a point.

If he is what you got he can be used though. He would likely be leveled and welcomed on my roster. :+1:

I think he looks amazing aesthetically, one of my favs too for the nothing that is worth :laughing:


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He is aesthetically amazing! And that’s one of the reasons I love him.

I think I’m gonna move him up in the cue and see how he plays. [No reason to leave the unpopular heros behind if you like them.] Right behind Freya who only needs 1 more tabard to ascend (end of the month Molrlovia has 1 I think). Once I finish her then I’ll move to Thoth-Amun and by the time he’s ready for final ascension, I’ll have the tabards again. Oooooh, I’m glad I made this decision. It may be the wrong one, but it makes me happy. :grin: Just had to give myself permission.

“Well, Amrath, you now have my permission to level up and ascend an unpopular hero. Just so you know, I approve of your endeavor. Enjoy!” :upside_down_face:

Positive feedback is always appreciated.


Is also 100% approved in our alliance.

Our motto is, the only bad hero is the one you don’t have.

I fully intend to max out my Noor once I have enough rings to final ascend her. Forum criticisms about how much she sucks or whatever, be damned! My red teams are freaking awesome. I just one shotted the :poop: out of two of our last war opponent’s highest defenses using my red teams.

3/70 Noor played an integral part in taking out their leader.

Rather stupid of their leader anyway, to put Mother North as tank with Gregorian at flank. :laughing: Some nice fancy heroes you have there! Too bad you don’t have the slightest clue as to how to use them properly! :rofl:

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@akionna @amrath @Muchacho @Noble_Weasel and apologies if I missed anyone

referring to discussions on Fura and Shadereave

Shadereave - highly recommend. besides the attack and crit buffs, that resurrection has been a game changer on Raid Tourneys, Titans… and the request class quest. behold. Shadey saved me after getting all my heroes killed due to lack of concentration (as usual, multi tasked while on a work call lol)

Won a war attack yesterday cause of Shadey too, he resurrected himself and Gormek. the two of them plus Azlar were my last heroes standing versus Kunchen and Onatel wings. Would have lost if Azlar were the only one left.

Fura - am struggling to find a place for her, as discussed above my Purple mono is full. I brought her along on a late war attack too, versus a Mother North tank. she fired once, reducing the healing (Mama fired before anyone died, go figure). then fell to some slash attacks and a Gregorion special. Jury’s still out, I don’t think one time is enough to give a verdict. Looking forward to the next 4* Raid Tourney and we’ll see…

I am thinking about bringing her to the Epic tier of Teltoc, but I usually go 3/2 (focus on completion rather than placing) so she has tough competition vs. Tibs, Proteus and Sabina. will report back…


What do you guys think of Teltoc? I have Guardian Jackal already. I don’t hold out hopes for 5’s, so my options are participate to hopefully pull Guardian Falcon with free summons or skip it. I do not play every event unless I really want a hero typically.



Mine will get hidden blades in the next few days. I guess it was an easy decision, as his only competition is another Boldtusk, but it’s good to know he’s as good as advertised. Thank goodness there are blades in the Teltoc completion rewards, because Shadereave will bring me down to zero when he reaches final ascension.

Mine still sits at 1^1. I kinda wish I could trot her out for Teltoc, as I usually go mono for events, but I guess I’ll roll with Noble Rigard, Tiburtus, Proteus, Gafar, and Ameonna or Sabina.

I always play for the completion rewards and the coins, but I don’t have Falcon or Jackal. If I get one of them, I’ll probably skip summoning next Guardians and go for Grimforest next, even though I’d like to have both Falcon and Jackal. Better to have multiple targets when you are going to pull, I think.