The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

I haven’t used any of my LB either. I just don’t have the energy to think that hard :woman_shrugging:

Re Kiril vs Raffaele I still use Kiril for titans for his attack boost. But if I can’t bring dotes I usually choose Raff for his cleanse

Thinking hard about Scarlett… she’s on my titan team for her tile damage.

I know that a lot of people think very long term who to boost, but there will be more red and blue aethers. I’m inclined to focus on who will have the biggest impact now…

For me the blue 4* I use the most is Sonya. She’s on my red tank team.

Red I don’t know. I don’t think I use BT as much as most people. For green tanks I usually 4-1 with Heimdall or 3-2 with Heimdall and Caedmon. I pretty much only use BT for war. Gormek gets used a lot - I have his costume. He’s a wonderful minion muncher but even though emblemed def/health he’s a bit squishy…

:crazy_face: I don’t know what to do, and so I do nothing


I haven’t done any blues. Hoping to get lucky and LB Frida.

For red I don’t have any worthy five stars. Boldtusk, Wilbur, falcon, and Scarlett are all in contention. I’m not 100% sure I love any of it. Boldtusk is most likely since I use him in every war.


I am with you @Tess_01 . I am just looking into this LB business now. It seems like if you get a 4* to 75 the stats are up from previous max by like 7%. To me it is more useful to use the resources to get my new batch of 5’s to max or max +7 then to get a 4*, even a heavily used one, 7% tougher. Unless I am missing something in that sense it really seems like making a mountain of a mole hill.

In the upper echelons where both teams are 5* +20, sure this can be decisive. In my world, this an eventually, but not urgent, thing. Especially considering limit breaking without leveling is like a 1-3% boost. I don’t get it :man_shrugging:

Luckily I have Glenda and c-Sonya for cleanse too. Sonya typically stays in base form for debuff. She is still my only blue debuff.

Is that a fat joke!?! Just kidding. Mine is +20 A path. I did it a long time ago and never bothered to change it. He works.

I agree if you mean all this extra thinking :laughing:.

I really think this lost your mind over LB thing is ridiculous for most players. I will never be at a level where LBs are truly the difference and essential. Will I lose a raid or war fight here and there? Sure. I will also luck into wins I have no business winning. Sure, this will make teams I can’t touch. Again, there are already teams I can’t touch. All in all … who cares, right?



I went with cGormek and cBoldtusk… red was easier because I don’t have any 5* reds that I think are worth the investment at the moment.

For clues, it’ll be cSonya, but I’m holding out for the remote chance that I can get a 5* aether to LB Athena before the next blue LB event. But after the next LB event, it’ll be cSonya as she’s the main 4* blue that I use. Kiril would be a secondary consideration.

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I did Wilbur, but most people have been doing Scarlett because her attack goes over 1000. Did you see this thread:

I did Sonya because I use her everywhere. I love her cleanse:


Ok I did one

I forgot I took her def/health :woman_shrugging:


Nice Sonyas @akionna and @Tess_01 . I think Sonya is the only one I am confident in. Leaning towards Gormek for red, but we’ll see. I started my next batch of 5’s to 3:70. There are 4. That is a better use of my resources at the moment so I will circle back after ascending and maxing the ones I intend to I think.

I see a lot of people around here saying S3 hard wasn’t that hard. I am in province 15 and regularly have a hero or two die by the end. I let them die if victory is in hand to conserve resources. Still though, I couldn’t auto play this by any means. Anyone else find S3 hard not a cake walk? :man_shrugging:



I’m nearly done with S3 hard. Didn’t try to auto play any of it. Mostly I think I used 3-2 with 2 healers to minimize items once the enemies started getting nasty.

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You probably already knew I am saving Ice Aethers for Isarnia as soon as I get one more Ice Aether 3, so anything to jeopardize that from happening as soon as that item is in hand (including not having enough of the level 1 and 2 Aethers) is out of the question.

I did Limit Broke Boldtusk and Wilbur though. They are my duo of solid rocks that goes anywhere the other goes (with the exception of trials, which I unfortunately have to break them apart). Ever since the latter part of the Season 2 (and onwards), I don’t have any hero I can clearly stick into the lineup and auto play for me. So BT and Wilbur are pretty much my mainstays as I clear through Season 2 and 3 maps, and even now I am working on the last bits of the avatar missions, I still bring them along, because their combination just works so well together. I could have opted to wait until I get another Fire 3 Aether to break Marjana, who is at +20 for me, but she’s not my every day hero, and I could find immediate use for my dynamic duo right away. Now, if I can only get BT’s costume so I can take advantage of the costume stat boost.

Speaking of avatars, with the help largely because of some Loot Ticketing, I am finally able to finish the Porkins (Gullinbursti) missions. I chose to loot ticket a very large portion of 36-9 N simply because of piggy here. Letting his special go off and no tiles to use is the worst thing that could happen. Not only does he heal, his increased damage can one shot my Proteus from full HP, who went all Def path on his emblems paired with a Level 23 Crit Troop, but if you dispel him, he insta-damage all of you.

There is typically no where you come out of a fight with him unscathed (unless you kill him before he fires his special, or you kill him before he start landing hits with his buff active).

I am so tired of porkins that I didn’t even bother looking at him in my new avatars section. I also don’t think I will ever play S3 36-9, ever again.

Now just got to work on the Golden sprinkles or sprites, or whatever. Fortunately, I got about half way through them and the other half I can choose earlier stages where I don’t have to deal with porkins.

Also, as said above, season 3 is by no means a cake walk because I don’t have any heroes who I can count on to not make stupid decisions during autoplay. Plus enemies (mobs or bosses), especially on later stages, even on normal, can still hit you so hard that you felt like the heroes you’ve taken so long to build up are like scrubs.




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Gullinbursti and Freya was my key to season 3. Overheal, minions, defense up. Sometimes I needed to play the first wave, but it helped me breeze through non Gullinbursti bosses.

S3-Hard. Midway through it I started bringing 2 healers. Those mobs really do hit hard…


Titan scores drive my selection. After some wondering, I arrived at the opinion that the most gain of use with limit breaking a hero is (1) for titans, primarily because of increasing tile damage and secondarily, because of increasing survivability for the def-downers; (2) my staple defence heroes, (3) my staple healers, (4) the most important attackers, in this order. Titans first, I must get better at titans than @Muchacho :wink:.
Also, since most of my defence team is 5*, I cannot yet LB them. That said, when the green aethers come, Brynhild will get a set without hesitation. She already makes my BK nearly unkillable in my defence team, so she merits it largely…

So, as I wrote a bit earlier, my choice was Jott for titans and Sonya for all-round usefulness in blue (this is a bit out of my scheme, but if I am not entitled to be a bit whimsical as emperor of my empire, then it is not worth to be an emperor), and Scarlett and G. Falcon in red. There again, I hesitated a bit for Colen, simply again because I use him almost everywhere. But I don’t have his costume, whereas I do have that of Scarlett, and he does not come for titans.

After LBing two 4*, you still have some aethers left, enough for a 3* and a 4* costume, so I LBed the costume of Scarlett, and am hesitating between Hawkmoon, Sudri and Bauchan.

For red 5*, it will be a hard decision for me. BK for defence? Or Gefjon for titans? Or who knows, by the time I will have Baldur tried, fallen in love with, maybe him? I will see. Maybe Gefjon, as she too comes with me very often, for titans too. BK is strong as he is. I hope after LBing Brynhild for my defence, which will happen asap, Bryn will be even more solid and surviving longer to keep BK alive even longer. So maybe Gef, and then BK second.

With these reds, I am really too lucky… not a typical FTP consideration, whether to limit break Gefjon or BK… :star_struck:


As much as I like Gefjon, she is not a LB priority for me.

Look at this LB BK (not mine):


Hou là. Unkillable!



I’m scared :scream: wow… that is a tough one


Yes, with the Aethers available only from the quest, one can Limit Break only two 4* heroes without costumes. After that, you need 8 small 3* aethers to break a third one. Or you can use your remaining 12 small 3* aethers to:

Limit Break up tp two 3* heroes (5 small aethers)
Limit Break up to 12 3* costumes (First have to LB the hero, 1 small aethers)
Limit Break up to 4 4* costumes (FIrst have to LB the hero, 3 small aethers)

My own Limit Broken heroes so far:

On alt accounts I have these, you may look them up and decide for yourself if they are worth it stat-wise :
Gormek no costume - on main didn’t even consider him.

Boldtusk partially emblemed on attack path (alts were made for titan hits so…)

Kelile (no other one there):

And some 3* - nice attack stat for the reds, especially cNashgar. Also have a ton of LB cValen:

What I consider a good option:

Limit Breaking useful 3* and 4* that see a lot of play everywhere. And always prioritizing hitters before defensive types of heroes. Hitters like Scarlett or Sonya have their special ability damage also boosted by the Limit Break, whereas heroes like Boldtusk and Kiril gain little from the atk bonus they receive. On the other hand, in colors where it’s hard for a f2p to get a good stack (green or yellow come to mind), I consider embleming support types of heroes such as Wu Kong or cChao for better survivability.

What I don’t consider a good option:

Limit Breaking limited application heroes. Boril is a very good example of such a hero. Jott is another.


I think that has been accomplished. @sorvina too and she only has like 3 maxed 5’s or something she said. Awesome work!

There are always Ancient Tigers and however many red titans set you on fire. I’ll count it,

So I could do say Boldtusk, Gormek, and Boldtusk’s costume?

In blue I am leaning strictly Sonya, Sonya costume, and that’s it.

Congrats on your luck! Same boat for me in blue: Athena, Glenda, Raff

That BK is ridiculous @SamMe , nice find.

Is your Gormek and Sonya emblemed A path @Saros ?

Here I may situationally disagree. I would/am strongly considering Boldtusk because his heal is so low he needs the D and HP boost to fire, especially repeatedly, and the levels I play at for PvP and to conserve resources in harder stages. I currently use his costume fairly often to help with this. I have been switching back when I add him with Zim as her fast heal can off set his low percentage somewhat depending on the team.



I guess it’s only logical since you have 5* hitters. In this case prioritizing support 4* heroes like Kiril, Boldtusk and Rigard is primary because they need that boost to keep up with their 5* buddies. My situation is different hence I prioritized the 4* hitters. But definitely my next projects are Kiril and Boldtusk.

For Ancient Tigers I had always tried to find a different solution than having Sonya along, especially when I almost always bring Wu Kong for damage increase (except against the Alpha Griffin).

Bringing Sonya to counter the Ancient Tiger special could sometimes result in very disastrous situations.

  1. Tiger fires, Sonya fires, hit lands, dispel the Riposte, but trade off is Sonya took the hit for the team.
  2. Tiger fires, Sonya fires with Gamblers Stance, hit misses, dispel occurred, probably the most ideal situation actually
  3. Tiger fires, Sonya fires with GS, hit made, dispel the Riposte, but Sonya is probably either dead or close to dead.
  4. Tiger fires, Sonya fires with GS, hit made, dispel missed, Sonya either dead or close to dead, and the Tiger laughs with the Riposte still on.
  5. Tiger fires, Sonya fires with GS, hit missed, dispel missed, Sonya still alive, but Tiger still laughs with the Riposte on.

Any time the Tiger’s Riposte is not dealt with, it’s pretty much spells the end to your Ice heroes because every elemental super hit they do are going to be reflected back onto them and the Tiger has way more HP to take the hits than your heroes. And if your dispellers are killed, you’d have pretty no way to get back into the fight, unless you go off-color the rest of the fight.

So instead of dealing with the riposte with a hitter, I tried bringing Melendor / Sabina into the fight. Even under the GS influence, their heals won’t miss, but the dispel can still miss. And unfortunately both of them are quite squishy, even if pair them with high Def troops. And in these situations, I sometimes even tried leaving Wu off of the team, because I can’t afford to have the dispel miss.

That’s all changed when I can start crafting Caltrops, now I bring my Ice heroes along with Wu safely, you can bring 5 with you, and typically you shouldn’t exhaust through all 5 a fight. This makes being in an alliance important too, even if it is a small one, because there is currently no other way to get parts to craft Caltrops unless you hit Titans.