The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

I had been wondering now that I have reduced my spend once I get to limit breaking 5s whether it might be worthwhile to use the LBs on those heroes who won’t get emblems so I have more of a collection of similar ability heroes as opposed to a few super heroes. Eg for fighter as I have so many spent on Poseidon and vital 4s getting the spare for my other fighters might not be possible, but I could for example limit break Tyr instead to give him part of the stat boost I won’t have emblems for.

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I think if I were still playing during the next Avalon, and finally got a Bauchan, I’d have to emblem and perhaps LB him.

I have tried to catch that goblin for at least 2x Avalon now. :rofl:


Oh you tease, you are just saying that because BK is your new Boi… :laughing:
The members of the Can’t Even get a Bauchan Club cries out in disapproval.

But seriously, grats on having a second challenge 5*, I am still looking for my first one in slightly less amount of time than you having playing this game.

Ditto here, I broke BT after the fact, him not having costumes never stopped me of wanting to LB him first. Same with Isarnia, if I get enough Ice Aethers before her costume, her not having a costume will not stop me from LB her first.

Yup, helps to read the instructions, I made the mistake of going in blind on Ursena Hard in Season 2 and underestimated Ymir/Surtur Hard on 36-10 and paid the price in resources and additional WE flasks spent. I did exactly what you said there in my mono-red team in the write-up I did. Except I never used Gormek because his hits are lackluster, and Def down alone don’t work here.


Also, did I read that announcement about Version 40 correctly? The new challenge event in August will have heroes grow in rage meter the more Special Skills and Battle Items you use and when the rage gauge is filled there is a nerf on player’s own heroes?

I get it is to balance out the players who tries to score high by going nutso on arrows/axes/bombs/dragons, but on the first read through that announcement, I was wondering if this event should have been called:

“Heroes of the Low Self-Esteemed”

I didn’t read all the previous comments, but I have not figured out the final stage of the aether quest. Don’t get me wrong, I beat it. I am talking in terms of efficiency.

I did mono red on stages 1-3 and then switched. My reds are both fragile and rely heavily on buffs and ailments. That is a bad combo for this.

My attempt was for mana control. I brought Leo and Chao. Li Xiu is too weak/ineffective. LJ and Gretel would have no impact as it is an ailment. That went okay, although Chao +1 isn’t durable.

Two mistakes I made were bringing Gullinbursti and Cyprian. The bosses stole the attack portion of Gullinbursti’s special. I didn’t think that counted as a buff, but apparently it does count as such for that. I then brought costume Cyprian which, in retrospect, was obvious. I just wasn’t thinking.

I was looking for heroes that have just raw power. No buff and no ailment related to their impact. That left basically Quintus. In retrospect now Lianna may have done well even if a weak color.

I could have brought Sabina or Rigard. All other healers have buffs or ailments that would be stolen.

These quests are fun as I need to think much more than usual. My goal was to find a team I could use for all of them. My general thought was if I am not going strong color any neutral color will work. Neutral is neutral.

I beat it with battle items, but eventually I want to reduce the need of some of the more expensive battle items I use for it. Back to the drawing board….


Still have not limit broken a single hero, whoops :sweat_smile:


He’s proving his worth in this week’s tournament. All I have to do is fire him, and then ghost 3 blue tiles and all my blue heroes are charged. I did try Vollermark for a few attacks, but that failed miserably. Back to using Bauchan and don’t regret it.

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V40 QOL update.

It had never been a better time to be F2P.
Imagine having spent all that money for your top 100 defense, waking up look at the teams who attacked you and it looks something like this:


How many members does the Can’t even get a Bauchan Club have? :face_with_monocle:

Thanks @Shohoku79! Hopefully you can get your first challenge event 5* from HA10, or a super lucky summon. It can happen for a f2p!


I am one of those :stuck_out_tongue: no Bauchan, not for lack of trying


Hi @Muchacho. Went mono red all stages. Used my favorite team:

Didn’t use many battle items. Shared damage helps plus the many sparrow minions from Noor. And Falcon’s defense down of course.

LB Wilbur. Eyeing Falcon or BT next. But kid wants to hold off. Just in case a 5-star aether magically appears. Then Mitsuko is up.

Also, kid keeps summoning Bauchan. Please help yourself. :grin:

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@SamMe, Oh, they are out there, myself included and @sleepyhead just confirmed to be a member as well. Not for the lack of trying either. Do you know I am also a member of the Can’t even draw a Corellia Hero and Vodnik too Club?

And at this point, HA10 will probably be the likelier candidate to give me a challenge 5* than these individual C coin summons (which I have terrible luck with) and if I don’t farm for the coins (which I stopped doing a long time ago), I average about 1 summon per completed event (not holding my breath on that).

@akionna and @Noble_Weasel
I don’t have Falcon, so I couldn’t check, but if the Defense Down from Gormek/Wilbur won’t work. Did the Elemental Def down work from Falcon?


@Shohoku79 I remember that you can’t even get a Vodnik, but not all Corellia heroes. :cry:

I shall hope for you in the following order then: 1. Costume Isa 2. Nice challenge event 5* 3. Peters/Vodnik. :pray::pray::pray::pray:


Not quite the same, but how about this type of result? Granted, there are a couple of HoTMs and only one S1 costumed 4*, but it will be fun to see how our defenses get attacked.


So far, I’ve only been able to see one attack on me, and they went full holy mono. Not much take-away from that one.

That’s a nice team @akionna . I wish I had it, I only have 1 of those heroes. Here is my mono red team:

Alternates are Colen +1 and maxed Azlar. I recently acquired Marjana, but she is not maxed. I think when I do I will reset Kelile and Domitia and get Marjana pretty high up there. The reason to reset Domitia is Seshat will dispel in purple at fast mana. I lose the yellow D boost but gain a harder hit and faster mana speed :man_shrugging:.

Anyways, nice team! I am probably over thinking my team and trying to get too cute with it. There is always next month to tinker more.

While I enjoy the company of @SamMe @sleepyhead and @Shohoku79 , Bauchan is a hero I HAVE managed to pull. My only Avalon hero to date in fact.



It is interesting to know that the first challenge event that I faced when I first started this game was Corellia. And back then, I couldn’t finish Rare because you know, F2P, and Bane being the strongest hero on the roster isn’t going to help much.

Getting Peters (before they silently changed his name from Cabin Boy Peters) would be nice, since before when heroes live and die by specials and his Silence was just oh so deadly and annoying, especially if he licks your healer. But getting Vodnik would be good and I would settle for Boomer just so I could get a Corellia hero. However, with things they are, where we could only see Corellia once a year, it makes things that much harder.

I am not going to put too much faith into getting on the good side of RNG as today’s HA10 was another put back right back in. I also splurged all of my ETT on the Troop portal, and although I think I was getting better overall results, it marked the third straight NT where I didn’t pull a Ninja Troop (still missing Red and Purple).

I don’t remember @Shohoku79. You’re probably right that it didn’t work. I just wanted the shared damage plus the evil bird minions.

Nothing wrong with thinking strategy @Muchacho. I’m mostly too lazy to change out my teams. Next month will be a different color though, right?

It’s all about consistensy of winning on defense (in retrospect, offense) when you pay the big money. Of course top 100 defenses can be beaten with S1 heroes. I myself have done it on occasion with an entire 4* team + Nordri. Thing is, however, these kind of defenses result in much much higher win % than your regular f2p 5* defense against anyone, which is the reason why these people are held in top 100 by that defense (and of course, offense with A+ paywalled heroes in addition).

Same here. My first one was Knights of Avalon in December 2020 ( I missed november’s because at the time I practically had no ascended heroes). Couldn’t finish rare because at the time had a total of seven 3* ascended, two of them blue (Gunnar and Valen), and the other rainbow.

Nope. Wilbur’s Spirit Link on enemies will work because it’s considered to be buff and not ailment, but his defense down doesn’t work. cMarjana’s and Falcon’s elemental def down don’t work. Which is why the best strategy is focusing on buffing your own heroes. Ailments won’t work. Mana cut will work, however effects like mana steal and various other forms of mana control (mindless attack, etc) - will not work.

Still, Wilbur is great because he gives your red team longevity with his def up and shared damage. Whether in other cases Scarlett drops dead by one shot from a last-level enemy, if Wilbur had activated she will survive pretty healthy.

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That’s who my target was last, and all previous, Corellia events. I have yet to own any Pirates heroes. Mana control in green had me salivating though.

Same, just looking for new heroes.

I have yet to successfully get a ninja troop. Just a few minutes ago, 9 tokens in; no ninja troops out. This one doesn’t really bother for whatever reason.

Correct. I am just looking for a solid neutral combo that I could leave except for a hero or two n a particular color. Maybe it’s not designed that way though when you have a limited roster.

I still don’t understand how they stole Gullinbursti’s delayed attack. That, by memory, has never counted as a buff elsewhere.

My concern with Wilbur would be the bosses stealing his D up and, possibly, his shared damage. It is good for your team, but aweful if it’s stolen.

My strategy was mana cutters and completely non-buffing heroes. I did not try this for blue, red was my first because it is admittedly a weaker color for me. Success this go was mixed, but mostly bad. I would like to not have to worry about anything being stolen. In blue they stole Raff’s HoT, that is a big HoT to over come :laughing:



Actually since I have Gullinbursti and have used him for a while, I can tell you it is a buff, but it’s a local buff shown by a little golden sword above the pig’s head and thus it’s pretty easy to miss.

Edit: That same Gullinbursti buff issue worsened my initial Hades hit by a lot, since in addition to Wu I activated Gulli a lot, and this resulted in Hades hitting his 10-damage reduction stack very fast.

And congrats on completing Mirage with so few items.

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So who has LB’d their 4’s so far? I am thinking I should, but am struggling with red and blue who to do. Literally every other color I have “sure bets” for LB.

From what I have gleaned when you complete one of the quest things you get enough to LB 2 4’s correct? Assuming that’s right, I am thinking:

Red -
Gormek +20 (no costume :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:). He comes on green titans and is my only red D drop. I find Teltoc boring and have Jackal so me getting Falcon is unlikely. If I get his costume (that has to happen eventually, right?) he becomes more useful as minion control is something my roster severely lacks beyond raw damage to kill them.

Boldtusk +20 w/ costume. He is solid and gets about as much play time as Gormek, possibly more situationally. I have started using Zim with him, who some times replaces him on easier things, but I don’t see him being outclassed by anyone soon.

Dark horse pick is Scarlett +19 (no costume). Sole reason is A value. My hesitancy is I have Marjana and Elena upcoming. Marjana replaces Kelile, but if I chose to incorporate Elena or my maxed Azlar not sure if Scarlett slides out. I would hate to LB a bench hero.

Not currently considered:
Colen +1 (no costume). I just don’t use him. If I want to burn everyone alive I bring Azlar

Kelile +19 (no costume). I would her as I am a big fan, but am about to start the Marjana I finally got.

Sonya +20 w/ costume. She is somewhat lackluster to me, but her dispel or cleanse option is too good to pass on her. She has gone from my #3 4* blue to probably #1.

Kiril +20 (no costume). He is my sole blue healer. What makes me hesitate is I am only 1 scope short from Raff ascending. Not sure I would utilize both heroes and Raff is a true healing monster.

Not currently considered:
Boril +1 w/ costume. He works fine how he is. He is rarely used. It would be a waste. When I riposte I largely take Cyprian and also have Elena coming.

Grimm +1 (no costume). Unfortunately for him Athena outclassed him and his emblems were needed elsewhere. If I hadn’t gotten Athena I think he would be up there with Sonya.

I still don’t full get it other than they keep leveling so all stats go up. I would love to hear what I am missing or the thoughts of my fellow F2Pers. Especially those who have done this already.