The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

Maxed 3* will go a long way in today’s raid tournament. I will probably make and post videos of my tournament battles throughout the week to emphasize on the fact that 3* should get serious attention.

welcome @KrazyGlue ! hope you get more satisfaction and fulfillment from this game soon :slight_smile:

and congrats on Hel @Tess_01 excellent hero!


Day 1 of the tournament, nothing but S1 costumed heroes on the offense. Both videos here:

Will upload the next days as well. Just showing the raw power of the charge 6 hitters.

Edit: Incidentally I have several videos of my alts who are all with very very limited hero selections winning their 1 vs 1 wars. If there is enough interest, I may upload these as well for teaching purposes (a.k.a. what can we do in war when we have underpowered hero roster).


I see. For hard provinces, you may use battle items, but not sure about PvP. On titans, I think the majority of alliances can struggle on holy titans (since Panther is difficult to get), and green titans can be annoying too (doesn’t the 8*/9* green titan have a special skill which takes up more precious seconds than other colours?)

I suppose my playstyle is quite aggressive: I lean towards fast, and very fast heroes who can kill before I get killed. :rofl:

I think you are more considered with your team set ups, and work with a greater variety of mana speeds. You may be more concerned with hero durability (defence and HP), whereas I can be more focused on hero attack/tile damage.

For example, I emblemed my Proteus attack>def>HP path, because I wanted to increase his DOT specially for challenge events. I’ve never considered resetting him for def>HP>attack path.

I’d consider taking a break from levelling any heroes then. :wink: Since I usually level my heroes fast, I normally don’t have any levelling projects most of the time. :innocent:


Destroying limit broken blue teams, day 2 rush 3* tournament:

Omega red quest last stage with…a blue S1 4* team (4* reds die way too fast):



So after commenting about whoever the creative genius behind the decision to have Morlovia and Popeye the Sailor Arms Quest (thanks for that meme, @sleepyhead) on the same day to alliance mates (guess they could sell some flasks to those eager beavers who must finish the quest 5 minutes after they come out), it was time to get to work.

So just totally ignoring Morlovia for the time being, I dumped my current supply of WE into the Aether’s Quest. So a little unlike my usual approach to send Ice against Fire, I actually went mono Fire on this time, all the way through (much like how I finished the last 2 to 3 stages of the Aethers quests last month).

Boldtusk +20, Wilbur +20, Khagan maxed but not emblemed, Marjana +20, and Azlar +9 (who would have been higher emblemed had I not stopped and started giving emblems to Malosi).

So the boards, almost if on cue, was highly devoid of Red Tiles throughout my 5 stage journey. There was essentially not too much involved as I went offense oriented. BT is to heal and Attack up, Khagan, Marjana, and Azlar were damage output from the increased damage from specials. Even though the enemies are immune to defense downs, I still brought Wilbur for Def Up and SL (those mob still hit really hard). And not bringing any Ice heroes means that I don’t have to hit around the mob enemies that can cause Ice Reflect (I call those Little Mitsuko Orbs).

There was no real strategy involved with my line up, I just had to hit harder and faster than the enemy. Bringing Time Stops and Tornadoes help me up and them down. Sure, shuffling a Red Unfriendly board doesn’t do much, but getting mana up would mean I could cast a heal or Def up with Wilbur quickly. Brought some Bombs for Insurance, and Antidotes to get those DoT healed up.

I don’t have a problem dumping some battle items for quests such as this since I am looking for completion after all.

When it is all said and done, it is time to decide what to do with these new batches of Fire Aethers I got. Unlike the Ice Ones, which I am saving for Isarnia, there was no doubt in my mind who was going to get Limit Broken first. My dual every day usage champion duo, Boldtusk and Wilbur… So I LBed both of them without a second thought.

There is yet still room to grow for BT if I were to get his costume, but both of them could use the stat buff.

So, onto Morlovia when there is more WE.


nice offensive team @Shohoku79 ! yeah, also went mono Red on that Popeye Aethers quest (hee hee glad you liked the name, I really hate looking at Popeye Arms girl, she defies the laws of physics)

nice videos @Saros . I’m more of a reader than a watcher myself, but I do appreciate you sharing them

“A picture is worth a thousand words” (c)

Incidentally, today I start making videos of how to pass Ninja Tower with only S1 3* and 4*.

Some will be Limit Broken because I don’t have enough.

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These videos are nice, not just because they aim to give ideas and suggestions as to the how-to, but because they are challenges for you too! I started to wonder if I can finish it only with 4*, too? Why not, in fact?

On another note: dear FTP friends, who will you LB with these fireballs? I (in a pretty much hothead way) decided to go for Scarlett (intrigued me what will be her tile damage after LB-ed - LBn??? who knows), and also for titans, Guardian Falcon. I haven’t yet decided upon a 3*, but the most likely candidate is Hawkmoon.

The 5th stage of the quest was a nightmare for me. Quite literally. It was probably because I woke up in the middle of the night, and as usual in these cases, made a few quite questionable foggy-minded decisions. I did it finally using an ice team… twice failed with a red team, and the ice succeeds, ludicrous. In all three cases, there were ample ice tiles on the board, and somehow, LBed (LBn) Sonya was ready with her dispel when ice reflection came on. She is strong, that girl. She is now better than my Magni +6.

To each their own :wink:


This doesn’t work. It’s shown pretty clearly in my video. I also thought it should work (if targeting unprotected enemy), but it doesn’t. If opp is under their blue reflect, it cannot be dispelled by a blue ability such as Sonya’s. You need another color like Melendor or Sabina. However the cSonya’s cleanse is fine.

I prefer Limit Breaking a versatile, all-useful hitter. If I had (and used 5*) cMarjana, this would be my top priority. My GF has her which is why she didn’t break anyone but is waiting for that big fifth 5* fire aether to break her. In my case, I broke my two Scarletts and am waiting for another seven small aethers to break Boldtusk.

Edit: Incidentally I was able to complete stage 4 on an alt account and broke 18-emblemed Gormek. And let me tell you this - he’s meh even like that.

That being said, for someone who has already transitioned heavily into 5* and has decent 5* reds, probably limit breaking a good support hero like Boldtusk should be top priority.

I think it’s not wise to limit break red 3* since they aren’t as essential as blue 3* for example - you don’t have the elemental def down in red similar to Nordri. You also don’t have a gamechanging 3* like cGunnar who just obliterates whole enemy groups (and 3 blue tiles) with his special. Basically - you don’t need a LB red team to score better in events - unlike a LB blue team. I battled a LB Jahangir already, but frankly - better save your remaining Aethers for more 4* or 5* (in the future) to break.

Well, since quest finished, I cannot check. I might have been mistaken, and it just ended naturally exactly when Sonya fired… Okay, next time I’ll check it.

Re 3s. I second this, at least from an initial look at my own roster. Nordri is very key; among the Reds I struggle to pick one who’s that level. There are many good Red 3s, but not game-changing level IMO.

I’m currently struggling with my Red 4*s. Boldtusk is the one who comes to mind, as he’s my only Red healer besides Hawkmoon. Jury’s out, will still think about this…

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Perhaps Black Knight, simply for war defence. Even though I’m currently in a small alliance, one member of our current war opponent has an LB Elizabeth on war defence. And I would expect to see more LB heroes on war defence soon.

Having written that, I could consider BT, Falcon, Wilbur etc.

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I just went with the ones that I use the most: cGormek, cBoldtusk, and Bauchan, and cBoldtusk was stretching it, but I figure I’ll use him more while he is LB. I don’t have a 5* that I’ll consider at the moment. My choices are Zimkitha, J-F, Azlar, Elena, Marjana. They do their job as is, so I don’t see a need yet.


Glad I’m not the only one!

I broke BT before even finishing the quest. Dude goes everywhere with me; I even maxed a second one. I plan to do another four-star, and it’ll probably be Gormek, since he’s on all my red mono teams. Could go with Falcon, though. My Scarlett and Kelile don’t have costumes, so I’m less inclined to break them.

I had zero trouble using a mono blue team on the blue one, so I assumed the red one would be similar with my mono red squad. And it was through three waves or so. But in wave four, the board dried up of red tiles, and my heroes started dropping like flies. Fled before I even made a run at the bosses. Used a WE flask, as the quest is over in a few hours, and made it through, albeit with some health potions, antidotes (that burn damage is no joke), and a bomb attack. Didn’t pay attention that the enemies resist def down; should have switched in Marjana for Gormek. Even Wilbur would have been better for SL and def up. Next time.

Your logic is very sound. Naturally, I have more red rare aethers than any other, by virtue of having gotten 5 through war and raid tournament loot. Still, I think I will go ahead and break a few 3s. Agree with @Gartenerbsen that first will probably be Hawkmoon + costume, as she has the most utility. After that, I’m not sure, but thanks to a glut of emblems in their respective classes, I have Namahage and Nashgar at +20, and Azar and Jahangir at +18. Apparently, I aspire to dominate no-blue 3-star tournaments!

This is kinda where I am, and another reason that saving my rare, red aethers isn’t a great option. My candidates for five-star aethers, when enough of them come, are the four red classic legendaries and Yang Mai. None of them have costumes, although most have emblems. I don’t really know what any of them will necessarily do better after being limit broken than they do right now. Maybe Elena for titan damage?


Maybe, but it’s a pretty expensive cost. If I used her on defense or regular raids, it could be a useful investment, but she’s mainly a titan specialist, and only against green titans. I’ll use her in the odd raid for tile damage, but if there are minions, I use cGormek instead. Oh well, those aethers will probably sit for a while.



And for me it’s just because I can read at my own pace, my own time. I get the value of videos and movies, but I’d rather be given something to read so I can pause, reread, break it up in chunks etc. as needed :slight_smile:


There is a third to the brotherhood. I often lack the patience for the videos, although I admit they would be useful to learn from. (In my birth country, there is a saying that ‘a wise man learns from the misfortune of others’…)

I am probably too much used to processing the information through reading. When I was a kid, learning went mainly from books. Pedagogy and verbal classroom methods were a bit neglected. And I liked to read, anyway, it was much more interesting than just listen to a teacher who appeared to know barely more than was written in the schoolbooks, so they usually couldn’t present it in an interesting or enriching way.


I broke cScarlett, cHawkmoon, and Boldtusk. I have BT and Scarlett heavily emblemed and use them every day raiding, and cHawkmoon i use in tournaments all the time (she’s in my current defense for this tournament, and pretty sure i used her for most attacks too), and even sometimes in a red stack for war because BT #2 is only 3/60. she’ll get emblems some day, but i’m real short on Cleric emblems because…

Working on getting Malicna maxed (almost there! she’s 4/70-something) and then i’ll switch gears and actually level the LB heroes up. Saw a card of cScarlett +20 and she had over 1000 attack. :grinning:

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