The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

this is a great point, level only means one has been playing the game longer. It says nothing about the state of the roster - or even of troops. after all, spending is still probably the best predictor of how good a roster is (or at least, the available heroes = spending won’t guarantee hero levels :stuck_out_tongue: ) and even then, spending is no guarantee either


Level should give an indication of troops, low or moderate spenders don’t seem to focus on troops, while the map grinding is the best source of free troops… Although RNG does mess with you there too, the only reasons I don’t have a set of 29 Manas is it took 2 years 3 months to get the green and then magic troops came out and I decided I should max that instead of Mana so a focus shift with a long term view… Sure I could have leveled that green Mana by now but the magic troop is at 15.

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level may give an indication of troops, not always of course as you have pointed out - RNG is gonna RNG. I’m also curious if there are long-term players out there who’ve ignored their troops for one reason or another.

I’m not familiar with all the deals and items in shop, so don’t really know what is purchasable to speed up troop levelling. I do know ETTs and gems can be bought, and used to summon troops, so there you go…

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Oh I agree they can still be bought, I just don’t see happening too much outside of the largest spenders and those in top alliances. From my experience in 100-1000 alliances people spend on heroes, and in fact that can cause them to neglect troops cause they don’t have the resources to feed them.

There are a few ones with large troop depth not in top 100 alliances, but I haven’t seen that much… Usually my troop depth is towards the top of the group if I’m not in top 200 alliance.

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You have a nice roster, congratulation.
I am level 82, and
I dont think I will have as many maxed 5* heroes as you have in the next 6-8 months.
Here is my actual 5* Roster:

Happy gaming


Hey @Kilted,

Did you see the Soul Loan feature in the new Styx Tower? Different application of the same strategy to drive hero acquisition we were talking about with ToL, only this time it’s unusable classes. Probably why they did away with curses since Soul Loan achieves the same underlying purpose. Just thought you might get a kick out of that.

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I think it is interesting. Generally speaking there are enough different types of heroes to provide what you need for every class. It obviously was worse before when healers were almost all clerics. I remember that was an issue when it comes to the trials and couldn’t find a healer for certain class trials. It’s better now, and I’m just using healing as an example.

I bet newer players would have issues, but those who have been playing for a while shouldn’t find it too difficult… of course, I hope they handle costume and non-costume versions as separate.


Ran into the same issue with trials — especially with healers. At one point I ran Friar Tuck for some sort of healing in one of the monk trials. Also needed some firepower in another one, so I leveled a sniper in that class.

Agree that a certain point, chances are you’ll have a roster deep enough to handle things, so I should think this approach works best for mid-tier players and newer. That said, I think it can also apply to more experienced players, which is why so many events use time to factor into scoring and loot tiers. I guess for me the idea is to compete at that level, you don’t just need serviceable hero options in all the limiting aspects (color, class, etc.), you need good ones.


That’s what I did until I got Boldtusk’s costume. He’s still my healer for Monks. Heck for rogues, I’m using Frosty. Other than Brynhild, he’s my only Rogue healer. I do have a Paladin healer - D’Andre. I bet there will be some stages without Clerics, Druids, Wizards and Sorcerors as those are the main healer classes.


For one trial I still don’t have a healer after this long. I know one is rogue …. maybe the rogue/paladin? Rogue/ranger? Either of those I am healer-less. It was more of an issue prior, I got so used to limited roster I found a work around a while ago. That and emblem quests became fairly easy after a while.

CF2 is hours away, good luck all! I am debating using gem summons ASAP and coins later or doing it all at once at the end, which is my norm. First world problems I guess.



Yeah I saw that. Really interesting. I do like the gameplay idea more than curses, which have some aspect of luck. This seems more roster management instead which sounds fun and bonus that it’s only 50 levels. Really looking forward to giving it a shot.

Of course knowing my luck it’ll show up either when I’m on holiday or busy and can’t play for some reason…

The healers in trials was a pain for the ranger one. I used to use Red Hood until I got the costume for Rigard

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Rogue/Ranger is likely the one as I don’t think you have Rigard’s costume. I think he is probably the only Ranger option, which makes sense as the Ranger ability is kind of wasted on a healer for the most part. Paladins are also kind of rare as I can’t think of any Paladin Healers other than D’Andre, or Heimdall (did a quick look, By-Ulf is also a Paladin).

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It is now increased to 4 restricted classes.

The event now became too hard.
My F2P Rooster was only good until Impossible 20, but I have lost about 5-6 times between Impossible 10 and 20.
I have tried to do Impossible 21 about 5 times without luck. I can not event reach the boss stage with my limit broken max emblemed heroes :frowning:

So this event will most likely not completable for F2P.

Using non emblemed, and non limit broken Styx / Monster Hunter the event would have been completable, but I have ran out of flasks.
As I could reach until Impossible 24 with them.


challenge event 2 is off to a decent start for me.

6 coin pulls:

2nd Edd
2nd Candy
2nd Whacker

five 3*, one 4*, and three are completely new heroes. quite pleased!


Challenge festival 2, 19 pulls (9 coin pulls, 10x gem pull). Heroes not eaten:

1x Whacker ( I ate several, since I alreay have one LB and 20-nodes)
2x Noril
1x Maeve
1x Candy
1x Shrekok
4x Edd
2x Zhabog (the new 4* red bard sniper)
1x Ingolf

I’d really love 2x Maeve, so far only 1 sadly…at least I got both her and Noril, which is essential on the defense. The 4x Edd will immediately replace my 3x Balthazar for certain 3* tournaments, thankfully my Balthazars are unemblemed and not LB. Edd is superior to Balthazar, I’ve tested that on an alt where Edd is 18 nodes LB.

Not really excited about Candy since I got Rehkethre.

Not sure what to make of Zhabog. On one hand, his hit seems to be more powerful than Scarlett or Kelile’s. Oh the other hand, his stats (attack and defense) are way too low, especially attack. I guess at some point I could level one to test him, but as I see it, he will be only useful for certain 4* tournaments…


4 pulls:

  1. Candy - first one
  2. Eichelborg - second one
  3. Candy - second one
  4. Meave - first one

I really missed this purple 3 star. So I am happy :slight_smile:

I will have at least 2 more coin pulls.


You are really not that far away I see 35 maxed with 5 decent ones to max… I’m working on finishing #43, but I had some really good luck between February and June which greatly increased my 5* collection…

2 soul Exchange (lady of the lake, chameleon)
1 HA (Perseus)
7 Summons (quartz, Zagrog, silvaria, Kara, nyx, arfanias, aino)

That is 10 in a 4 month span so I was lower than your 35 at that point, February I was like level 86 to start it … Now 93.

Anyways interesting everyone looks at just heroes, don’t think anyone mentioned troops lol.

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I did my 3 pulls with saved coins and got

Zhabog I think will be interesting because his passive reduces the chance of revival by 50%, so he would be useful against those reviver teams. Pretty handy in rush war. That’s the way I see it. The fact that he’s a red sniper makes it a decent addition.

Edit: He also has the 5% mana regeneration… is that for everyone else if he is a lone bard, or just for him? It’s not clear.

Edit 2: Ah, re-read again, so orphan heroes not including him.


Idk but that makes things interesting with the costume bonus again for s1 heroes if you can setup the team right, s1 is supposed to get a family bonus so should be eligible.

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6 pulls in CF2:
2x Mauve

I would have picked almost any other four star than Ingolf (other than Marcel and Sanngrior who are the ones I have), but at least I did get a four star. I was a bit frustrated with the duplicates, but after realizing how few three stars there are, it isn’t that surprising.

I’ll have two more pulls. I would like to get Candy if no one else…