The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

Nice work @sleepyhead!

I’m going to use some of the holy trainers from SE for C-Viv. I don’t remember the last time I could feed seasonal event non 4* trainer heroes on-colour. :rofl:

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You are now Roc blocked!

Rock out with your Roc? out! :metal:


@Muchacho Noted you are considering pulls in SE, and searched for your roster from a previous time. :face_with_monocle:

So, in terms of 5* holy, you have all classic S1 (no costume) plus 1x HOTM:

  1. Joon +18
  2. Viv no emblems :cry:
  3. Justice no emblems
  4. Leo +20
  5. Ranvir +18

I don’t have a maxed Justice/Leo and no Ranvir… I think you have a pretty good 5* holy team - fast blind, finisher blind, cleanser + heal + def buff, big mana cut, and an attack buffer. :wink:

That written, taunt can be a game changer. I know from my experience with BK.

Thus, I don’t think you’re crazy to use EHTs for SE* specifically for more chances at Kara.

*I decided to save my EHTs specifically for the new seasonal event. As you probably already know, there’s only 1.3% chance of getting the HOTM, and a new seasonal event will offer more chances to get a new hero.

I used one EHT spontaneously on SE… Kailani. :sweat_smile:


Wow, that is diligent research @SamMe! I appreciate that thoughtfulness.

That is a dated set of pics, so some updates from your list (not many):

  • Joon +19
  • Leonidas +20
  • Ranvir +16 (he was +10 in the pic, not 18. He is also 2 short of going +17)
  • Vivica +7
  • Justice (have emblems available, but leaning towards Perseus)

Thanks, although I typically do NOT mono so they are rarely all on one team together. I have found I use more and different heroes when I don’t mono :man_shrugging:. I am also pretty not great at this, so maybe I shouldn’t be doing that. :laughing:

I think Kara could fill a role for me in a lot of situations. I am contemplating using gems this month, but would only have enough for two summons. Aside from EHTs I think I will have like 1 summon in S4. I did a lot of summoning, by my standards, this month. Most of it is already done. My last summonsed HotM was Malicna … it’s been a while.

If I did land any of the legendaries they could be useful though. If I get any of the 4’s they aren’t particularly useful in terms of being in my top teams, but I can cross them off the list and will dabble.

I can post an updated pic later, I have been a busy :honeybee: relatively speaking. Since no legendaries are blue I am happy, I am stacked in blue. That would be the last thing I need.

Any of the legendaries would be my first event 5* too. Plus they’re kind of bad now by current game standards so they will feel right at home with most of my weird and past their prime heroes :laughing:


Fat thumbs and auto”correct”.


Thanks for the hero update. Yay for some emblems on Viv. :+1:

Me too. I’d mainly use mono for challenge events and selected titans.

I suggest you consider saving your gems for upcoming Solstice Summon mentioned in this update:

Some people think it could like the Black Friday summon. :face_with_monocle: Based on the name alone, I guess it’d appear around 21 June. No details have been announced though.

I’m trying to save my gems for it, however I can always do with more hero slots… Good thing Soul Exchange is returning soon.

That Kalevala event includes a blue 5* average mana healer in beta. I appreciate my 5* healers, I’d just really like a non-slow one. That would probably sway you against that event, but I’d take at the early information threads to check some details. There will be new 3* and 4* too.

There is also a red 5* slow mana cutter who also does shared damage… Normally I don’t look at 5* closely, but since it is a new seasonal event where EHT can be used, I feel there is a slightly better possibility of getting a non-S1 5*.

I’d hope that you get one of the better seasonal 5* as your first. :wink:

Good luck with your decision and upcoming summons @Muchacho! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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Yes I will Roc you!
Thanks all for the gratulations.

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congrats and enjoy your new Roc!

and @SamMe . thanks! enjoy your C-Viv as well… and hope you get more on-color feedings in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

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First 4* of the season: :slight_smile:


Looks like a good one sleepy.


thanks @Kilted :slight_smile: I admit to being a tad biased these days, automatically thinking Average speed heroes will be a bit less useful… but the stats and special are good!

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I think we all here are hoping that you’ll get Kara. :+1: If you will use your EHTs on SE, maybe try Censure method? It won’t hurt, but it may help? Worked for me this time. From grey tokens I got Renfeld and Prisca back to back and then I did costume summons and after 3 pulls got Kara. Good luck!


Congrats on your Ptolemy @sleepyhead! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:
Thanks also for your hope I can get more on-colour feedings. :+1:

I got this one on my first pull from S5:


thanks @SamMe ! congrats on Jarif :slight_smile: I got him last month, will try him out in the next Buff Booster 3* tourney most likely :slight_smile:


Gratulation, a really good 4*!
He is used in war attack teams in my alliance.


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@sleepyhead Congratulations for pulling Ptolemy.
@SamMe Nice pulling also.

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My Season 5 epic hero collection has just received its’ first hero:


nice! enjoy your new hero!

Congrats on your Ahhotep @PlayForFun! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

You guys have gotta quit. You’re making me want to start S5 summoning. I gotta stay strong until August, 'cause that HotM looks really good in red, which is a weak color for me.

My summoning plan:

  • May - finish my S4 coins (24 pulls) next week looking for Kara and other as-yet-unobtained S4 goodies
  • June - break the bank on gems in the Solstice Summon, assuming it is a BF clone. Hoping to make it to my first-ever 30-pull; will apply Google credit ($8+) as necessary.
  • July - avoid any summoning; the HotM is ghastly awful, and I’ll need to rebuild from May and June
  • August - summon Kalevala with EHTs and S5 if necessary to try and the get the HotM

Wonder when Starfall is due again? Probably saving challenge coins for that.