The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

@akionna @amrath @Muchacho @Noble_Weasel and apologies if I missed anyone

referring to discussions on Fura and Shadereave

Shadereave - highly recommend. besides the attack and crit buffs, that resurrection has been a game changer on Raid Tourneys, Titans… and the request class quest. behold. Shadey saved me after getting all my heroes killed due to lack of concentration (as usual, multi tasked while on a work call lol)

Won a war attack yesterday cause of Shadey too, he resurrected himself and Gormek. the two of them plus Azlar were my last heroes standing versus Kunchen and Onatel wings. Would have lost if Azlar were the only one left.

Fura - am struggling to find a place for her, as discussed above my Purple mono is full. I brought her along on a late war attack too, versus a Mother North tank. she fired once, reducing the healing (Mama fired before anyone died, go figure). then fell to some slash attacks and a Gregorion special. Jury’s still out, I don’t think one time is enough to give a verdict. Looking forward to the next 4* Raid Tourney and we’ll see…

I am thinking about bringing her to the Epic tier of Teltoc, but I usually go 3/2 (focus on completion rather than placing) so she has tough competition vs. Tibs, Proteus and Sabina. will report back…